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When Does Stiles Become a Werewolf? (Answered 2023)

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In which season does stiles become a werewolfImagine the excitement of witnessing your favorite character’s transformation into a werewolf. Well, in MTV’s Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski goes through just that! In this article, we’ll delve into the moments leading up to his epic metamorphosis and explore how it impacts his journey throughout the series.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as we uncover when exactly Stiles becomes a werewolf in this captivating supernatural drama.

Key Takeaways

  • Stiles’ transformation into a werewolf occurs in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.
  • His transformation is a result of being bitten by the Beast, leading to enhanced strength and heightened senses.
  • Stiles experiences significant character growth and resilience in the face of his newfound powers.
  • The possession by the Nogitsune in Season 3 further impacts Stiles’ psyche and relationships.

Stiles Stilinski’s Werewolf Transformation

Stiles Stilinski
Stiles’ transformation into a werewolf occurs during Season 3 of Teen Wolf, marking a pivotal moment in his journey. As the lovable sidekick turned hero, Stiles Stilinski undergoes an evolution that showcases his inner strength and resilience.

It’s through this transformative experience that he not only gains supernatural powers but also faces immense struggles along the way.

The catalyst for Stiles’ metamorphosis comes in the form of the Nogitsune, an ancient Japanese spirit possessing him with its malevolent influence. This dark presence amplifies both his physical and mental abilities while pushing him to the edge of darkness.

Throughout Beacon Hills, viewers witness Stiles grappling with these newfound powers as he fights to regain control over himself.

Despite all odds stacked against him, it’s ultimately sacrifice that paves the way for both liberation and understanding within our beloved character’s arc. In embracing his role as a werewolf hunter willing to lay down everything for those he cares about most deeply – including risking losing himself entirely – Stiles leaves behind a legacy defined by courage and selflessness.

In season 3 of Teen Wolf lies one unforgettable chapter wherein upon witnessing alluring power bestowed upon our favorite underdog hero we’re reminded how even amidst struggle true greatness can emerge from unexpected sources like Beacon Hill’s very own resident human yet extraordinary teenager: none other than Mr.

The Events Leading to Stiles’ Transformation

The Events Leading to Stiles
To understand the events leading to Stiles’ transformation into a werewolf, you must first delve into the circumstances surrounding his encounter with supernatural creatures.

In Season 3 of Teen Wolf, Stiles finds himself possessed by a dark entity known as the Nogitsune. This possession takes a toll on him and leads to significant changes in his character arc throughout Season 3B.

Here are four key events that set off this transformative journey:

  1. The Nogitsune Possession:

When Stiles becomes host to this malevolent spirit, he’s consumed by its darkness and begins exhibiting erratic behavior.

  1. Season 3 Events:

As tensions rise within Beacon Hills due to various supernatural threats, including Alpha packs and Darach sacrifices, Stiles struggles with maintaining control over the Nogitsune’s influence.

  1. Void Stiles Emerges:

Gradually losing himself in the grip of evil, an alter ego known as Void or Dark emerges from within him – a manifestation that embodies all his fears and insecurities.

  1. Aftermath Impact:

Even after defeating the Nogitsune, its presence leaves lasting scars on both Stiles’ psyche and relationships with those around him.

These season-long developments ultimately pave way for one of Teen Wolf’s most memorable character arcs – showcasing not only how far someone can fall under such circumstances but also their capacity for resilience amidst darkness.

Season 3 the Nogitsune Possession

Season 3 the Nogitsune Possession
During the Nogitsune possession in Season 3, Stiles succumbs to the dark entity’s influence. The malevolent power of the Nogitsune takes hold of our beloved character, leading him down a treacherous path filled with chaos and despair.

As Stiles falls deeper into darkness, his friends desperately try to save him from this nefarious force that has taken root within his very soul.

The Nogitsune’s influence over Stiles is palpable – he becomes cunning and manipulative, using his newfound powers to sow discord among those closest to him. This possession not only tests Stiles’ loyalty but also puts strain on relationships formed throughout previous seasons.

Stiles’ transformation during this time showcases an evolution in both character development and narrative direction for Teen Wolf. With Lydia Martin by his side as one of the few who sees through the facade created by the Nogitsune’s control, their bond deepens even further.

In Season 3 of Teen Wolf, we witness a thrilling exploration into supernatural forces taking hold of our favorite characters—particularly with regards to Stiles being possessed by none other than Nogitsune himself causing havoc wherever it goes! It’s intriguing how these external influences can shape someone like Stile; turning them against their friends or making them do things they’d never normally consider doing under normal circumstances- all while still maintaining some form empathy despite everything else happening around them at once.

Stiles’ Transformation in Season 3B

Experiencing a profound transformation, Stiles enters Season 3B as a new and formidable force.

After being possessed by the Nogitsune in season 3A, Stiles’ journey takes an unexpected turn as he deals with the lingering effects of his possession.

While not becoming a werewolf himself, Stiles gains unique powers that prove to be both a blessing and curse.

His transformation brings about heightened senses and increased physical strength, allowing him to hold his own against supernatural threats alongside his friends.

However, these newfound abilities come at great cost – struggling with inner darkness brought on by the Nogitsune possession.

As Season 4 approaches, it remains uncertain how this transformation will continue to shape Stiles’ role within Beacon Hills’ supernatural world.

With Derek Hale’s departure from the show after Season 4’s conclusion looming ahead, one can only wonder if Stiles will step up to fill the void left behind or forge his own path entirely separate from werewolves altogether.

Staying true to its unpredictable nature,

Teen Wolf keeps viewers guessing when it comes

to what lies ahead for our beloved characters.

Will they succumb or rise above their transformations? Only time will tell…

The Aftermath of Stiles’ Transformation

The Aftermath of Stiles
As the moonlight faded and Stiles’ transformation came to an end, his life was forever altered. The aftermath of becoming a werewolf brought forth a myriad of challenges that tested not only his physical strength but also his emotional resilience.

Stiles struggled to reconcile this new identity with the person he used to be, grappling with feelings of fear and uncertainty as he navigated through uncharted territory.

  1. Stiles’ Struggles:

The weight of being a werewolf weighed heavily on Stiles’ shoulders as he grappled with controlling newfound powers while managing everyday teenage struggles.

  1. His Adaptation:

With each passing day, Stiles began adapting to his supernatural abilities, slowly gaining confidence in harnessing the power within him.

  1. Friendship Dynamics:

His transformation also had significant implications for friendship dynamics; some friends embraced this change wholeheartedly while others struggled to understand or accept it.

Through these werewolf challenges emerged remarkable character development for our beloved protagonist. As we witnessed Sheriff Stilinski’s unwavering support and Malia Tate’s unexpected connection with him post-transformation, it became evident that even amidst darkness, there were glimmers of hope and growth awaiting young Mr.

Stylish himself – proving once again that true strength lies in embracing one’s unique journey rather than succumbing to its adversities or limitations.

Stiles’ Role as a Werewolf in Season 4

In the aftermath of his transformation, Stiles takes on a significant role as a werewolf in Season 4. This unexpected turn of events brings forth an evolution in Stiles’ character, as he navigates the challenges and responsibilities that come with newfound powers.

Previously known as the lovable human sidekick to Scott McCall, Stiles steps into his own by embracing his inner wolf and using it to aid in their supernatural battles. However, it isn’t without struggles; Stiles grapples with balancing his human instincts with his new abilities while still maintaining control over himself.

Despite these obstacles, he proves himself invaluable to the pack through acts of bravery and strategic teamwork alongside Deputy Stilinski. Stiles’ legacy lives on through both supernatural strength and unwavering loyalty.

Stiles’ Journey in Season 5

During Season 5, as a werewolf, Stiles continues to navigate the challenges and dangers that come with his supernatural abilities.

From being possessed by the Nogitsune in Season 3 to becoming a fully-fledged member of Scott’s pack in Season 4, Stiles’ journey has been one of growth and self-discovery.

In this season, he faces new struggles as he grapples with the repercussions of his actions while under control of the Dread Doctors.

His relationships are put to the test as secrets unravel and trust is questioned among friends.

Despite these challenges, Stiles proves himself invaluable through his unwavering loyalty and quick thinking contributions to solving complex mysteries plaguing Beacon Hills once again.

As we delve deeper into Stiles’ evolution throughout this series recap, it becomes clear that each obstacle only strengthens him on his path towards liberation from darkness and understanding his own power within.

Stiles’ Absence in Season 6

You missed out on Stiles’ presence in Season 6 of Teen Wolf.

After his transformative journey in the previous season, fans were eager to see what would become of Stiles and how he’d continue to evolve alongside Scott McCall and the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, viewers were left disappointed as Dylan O’Brien’s busy schedule led to his limited availability for filming.

However, this absence allowed for a unique storytelling opportunity that ultimately added depth and intrigue to the narrative. As an FBI agent investigating supernatural phenomena such as ghost riders, Stiles’ legacy loomed large even in his physical absence.

Although fans eagerly awaited Stiles’ return throughout Season 6, they couldn’t deny that it was a testament to O’Brien’s talent that audiences still felt his impact despite not being physically present.

Stiles’ Return and Final Season

After Stiles’ absence in Season 6, he finally makes his return in Teen Wolf’s final season, bringing with him a renewed sense of determination and the skills he acquired as an FBI agent. Fans were overjoyed to see their beloved character back on screen, ready to take on whatever challenges awaited him.

Here are four reasons why Stiles’ return is one of the most anticipated events of the final season:

  1. Closure: The fans have been eagerly waiting for closure regarding Stiles’ storyline since his departure.
  2. Werewolf Transformation: Will we finally see Stiles undergo a werewolf transformation? This has been a long-standing question among viewers.
  3. Nogitsune Possession: How will his previous experience with being possessed by the Nogitsune play into his character arc this season?
  4. Season 3B Transformation: Many fans consider Season 3B to be one of Teen Wolf’s best storylines. They hope that Stiles’ return will bring back some nostalgic elements from that time.

Stakes are high as we witness how these factors come together in what promises to be an epic conclusion for both Teen Wolf and our beloved character, Stiles.

Stiles’ Legacy in Teen Wolf

As we bid farewell to Stiles in the final season of Teen Wolf, it’s impossible not to reflect on his enduring legacy.

From his first appearance as Scott McCall’s best friend and sidekick, Stiles quickly became a fan favorite with his sharp wit and unwavering loyalty. But beyond his humor, Stiles’ influence extended far deeper into the show’s narrative fabric.

Throughout the series, we witnessed remarkable character growth as he transformed from a somewhat bumbling teenager into a formidable ally and leader in the supernatural world. His friendships were steadfast pillars of support for fellow characters who faced their own trials and tribulations.

Stiles’ impact was felt not only within the confines of Beacon Hills but also within our own lives as viewers. His ability to blend humor with genuine compassion created an emotional connection that resonated deeply with audiences around the globe.

So let’s celebrate Stiles’ friendship, recognize his significant contributions to Teen Wolf’s storyline through meaningful character growth and appreciate how effortlessly he injected much-needed levity into even its darkest moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Stiles become a werewolf?

Stiles becomes a werewolf in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.

After being bitten by the Beast, he gains:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Heightened senses
  • An extended lifespan

This transformation adds another layer to Stiles’ character arc and keeps viewers hooked.

What are the powers that Stiles gains after being bitten?

Stiles becomes a werewolf in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.

After being bitten by the Beast, he gains:

  • Enhanced strength and reflexes
  • Heightened senses
  • An extended lifespan

This transformation adds a whole new level of power to Stiles’ character.

When does Stiles turn evil and become possessed by the Nogitsune?

In Season 3, Episode 11, Stiles turns evil and becomes possessed by the Nogitsune. This pivotal moment in Teen Wolf showcases Dylan O’Brien’s acting skills on a whole new level, leaving viewers captivated and craving more.

How does Stiles become a chimera?

Stiles becomes a chimera in Season 5, Episode 3, Status Asthmaticus.

Donovan Donati bites him in self-defense, causing Stiles to gain new powers and abilities.

This adds another layer of complexity to his character and the overall Teen Wolf storyline.

What is Stiles’ role as a werewolf in season 4?

In season 4 of Teen Wolf, Stiles’ role as a werewolf takes an unexpected turn.

Instead of embracing his newfound powers and wreaking havoc,

he becomes the ultimate team player, using his wit and intelligence to aid Scott in defeating their latest enemy.


In the thrilling supernatural drama, Teen Wolf, Stiles Stilinski undergoes a captivating transformation into a werewolf. His journey spans multiple seasons, with his transformation occurring in Season 3.

After being possessed by the Nogitsune, Stiles experiences the aftermath of his transformation and embraces his newfound abilities in Season 4.

Throughout the series, Stiles’ role as a werewolf and his journey in Season 5 showcase his growth and resilience. Though absent in Season 6, Stiles returns in the final season, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Teen Wolf.

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