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Airtel Auto-Renews Prepaid Data – Here’s How to Stop and Alternatives Full Guide of 2023

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In which time airtel data renewsYou open your eyes to the glow of your smartphone, eager to start your day. Scrolling through your usual apps, you notice your data has mysteriously renewed early.

You rack your brain trying to remember authorizing an early renewal but come up blank. That’s when it hits you – your wireless provider has changed their policy, automatically renewing accounts without consent.

Anger wells up inside, feelings of being taken advantage of. You realize you’re not alone – countless others are impacted too.

You can fight back against this injustice and choose services that empower consumers, not exploit them.

Key Takeaways

  • Airtel prepaid plans automatically renew expired data packs without consent at higher rates than pay-as-you-go billing.
  • Airtel postpaid plans shift to automatic renewals without customer permission, eating into data and wallet balances.
  • Automatic renewals happen regardless of whether data is used up or validity expires at 12AM.
  • Customers feel cheated by automatic renewals and want more control through notices and options before renewals happen.

Airtel Prepaid FUP Policy Updated

Airtel Prepaid FUP Policy Updated
I’m frustrated that Airtel auto-renews data without consent, charging Rs250 when I expected pay-as-you-go. It’s unfair I can’t choose or get what I signed up for. Airtel should respect my expectations and ask before renewing my data.

Monthly, Airtel prepaid data plans auto-renew expired data allotments by default. This charges Rs250 for 1GB lasting the remainder of the billing cycle. Many customers expect pay-as-you-go rates after data expires.

The auto-renewal feels wrong without explicit consent. Airtel justifies this as avoiding bill shock. However, pay-as-you-go was Rs314 per GB. The Rs250 auto-renewal is still a significant increase.

Airtel should match the new data validity to the price charged at renewal. Or they should begin a new billing cycle when auto-renewed data is consumed. Auto-renewals violate customer expectations and consent. Airtel should alert users before renewing expired data plans.

How to Get Unlimited Data on Jio?

How to Get Unlimited Data on Jio
You can reset your daily data limit by uninstalling and reinstalling the My Jio app.

Creating a new APN (access point name) profile on your phone can also provide unlimited high-speed data. Configure the APN settings manually instead of using Jio’s default profile to avoid data usage detection.

Connecting your Jio SIM to a VPN set to a server in another country can renew your daily high-speed allotment. The foreign VPN IP address masks your location and tricks Jio into providing you with new data limits.

Using these methods, you can block Jio from detecting your previous usage, mask your location to get new data, and reset the My Jio app’s limit counter to get unlimited high-speed data access.

Reset App Data

Bet your bottom dollar resetting that app data’s the key to hitting some sweet, blazing fast internet overage without getting throttled down to a crawl. Here’s the 411 – just head into Settings, tap Apps, find your data-munching app, hit Storage, then click Clear Data.

Now you can dive right back in and soak up them juicy GBs before your carrier throttles your throttle.

So go ahead – clear that data and enjoy the ride at full speed, partner.

New Access Point

Creating a new APN access point profile tricks Jio into providing fresh high-speed data again after hitting your daily limit. Navigate to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names on your Android phone.

Tap the plus icon, name the new APN, enter Jio’s APN details, and save. Then go to your mobile network settings and select the new APN. Jio will reset your data limit, thinking you are connecting from a new device. This bypasses their system to give you unlimited high-speed data daily.


Download a VPN and connect to a foreign server to trick Jio into giving you a new data pack. Using a VPN is incredibly easy and convenient. Just download a free VPN app like VPN Easy or VPN Everywhere, and connect to a server in the USA or Germany.

This will mask your location, so Jio thinks you’re abroad and grants a fresh daily data limit.

The speed increase from a VPN is an added bonus. When you hit your FUP data limit each day, connect your VPN, and you can keep browsing at full speed. Using a VPN is a handy trick for getting unlimited high-speed data on Jio, by constantly renewing your daily limit.

It works anywhere and lets you stay connected, making it perfect for those who work abroad or travel frequently.

Airtel Postpaid Plans Auto-Renewing

Airtel Postpaid Plans Auto-Renewing
I’m annoyed when Airtel auto-renews my postpaid data plan without permission. This stealth renewal eats into my data allowance and wallet, violating trust. I signed up for pay-as-you-go billing, yet Airtel shifts me to auto-renewal mode when data expires.

They justify avoiding bill shock, but don’t alert me or take consent. This data grab fuels a sense of helplessness. I must vigilantly track renewals via SMS alerts. But with endless spam, it’s easy to miss the renewal notice.

Pay-as-you-go was Rs3145 per GB. Auto-renew is Rs250 per GB – still a shocking increase. Airtel should match the auto-renewal validity period to the price charged. And they must respect customer choice – pay-as-you-go or auto-renew.

Stand up for your right to control data usage and billing.

Customer Concerns About Auto-Renewal

Customer Concerns About Auto-Renewal
You’ve been feeling frustrated with Airtel’s auto-renewal of your prepaid data plan. One minute you’re happily using data as usual, the next your speed is capped without warning. Airtel renews your plan by default when your data limit is reached, rather than letting you choose pay-as-you-go billing.

While Airtel claims this avoids bill shock, it doesn’t feel fair or transparent. You signed up expecting pay-as-you-go rates if you exceeded your limit, not a surprisingly high auto-renewal fee. Airtel should be clear about when and how your unlimited plan will renew during your billing cycle.

For now, keep a close eye on your data usage as you approach your limit and be prepared for your speed to suddenly drop. With unlimited plans, it’s not just about how much data you can use but also when and how it renews.

Alternatives to Auto-Renewal

Alternatives to Auto-Renewal
Airtel could give you a notification before auto-renewing your plan so you can choose whether to renew or switch to pay-as-you-go.

  • Usage alerts before hitting data limits to help avoid surprise charges
  • Auto-suspend data instead of renewal once limit reached
  • Payment reminders before start of new billing period
  • Allow booster packs to renew high-speed data without shifting billing plans
  • Match validity period to price when auto-renewing plans to be fair

Giving customers control through notices and options would ease frustration with auto-renewals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the new unlimited plans work with roaming?

You can use the unlimited Airtel prepaid plans while roaming, but the daily data limits and reduced speeds after the fair usage policy still apply. The unlimited data kicks in after you’ve reached your plan’s high-speed data cap, regardless of whether you’re on your home network or roaming.

So you’ll get unlimited data at reduced speeds when roaming, just as you would at home.

Can I check how much data I have used so far today?

Haven’t you been curious how much data you’ve used? Simply check your usage in the MyAirtel app or dial *121# anytime. This allows you to see your remaining high-speed allotment, ensuring you stay within limits before reduced speeds kick in.

Will my unused data rollover to the next day if I don’t use up my full daily limit?

On Airtel prepaid plans, unused daily data does not carry over or roll over to the next day. Your data resets to the plan’s full allowance at 12 AM daily. So it’s best to try to fully utilize each day’s data allotment, as any leftover data from the previous day will be lost when your new daily allowance kicks in at midnight.

Does the speed reduction after the FUP apply to calls and messages too?

No, the speed reduction after hitting the FUP limit only applies to mobile data, not calls or messages. Calls and messages work as normal even after you’ve exceeded your daily data limit and are now browsing at reduced 128kbps speeds.

The FUP policy is designed to provide unlimited but slower data connectivity after using up your high-speed data allowance.

Can I switch back to a non-unlimited plan if I don’t like the speed reduction?

You can easily switch back to your previous non-unlimited plan. Airtel provides flexibility to revert anytime through the Airtel Thanks app or website. This allows you to try the unlimited slower speed experience risk-free. If dissatisfied, you have the option to return to your prior daily limit plan.


Let these changes remind us that staying ahead in the data game requires constant vigilance. Telecom providers shape our connected experience, so examine the fine print closely. If the terms feel unfair, speak up or switch services. With a watchful eye and assertive voice, we customers can steer companies toward fairer policies.

Unlimited data arrives on one carrier today but could spread network-wide tomorrow if we make judicious choices.

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