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Is Chrisley Knows Best Filmed in Real Home? Find Out Here! (Answered 2023)

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Greeting friends and fans of the Chrisley family! Are you wondering if Chrisley Knows Best has been filmed in their real home? Well, buckle up as we take a journey to uncover all there is to know about where this famous reality TV family resides.

From Nanny Faye’s house in Nashville to Todd and Julie’s Belle Meade mansion – let us explore whether the show is actually shot on location or not! As always, with this entertaining bunch, expect plenty of laughs along with some unexpected discoveries.

Key Takeaways

Is chrisley knows best filmed in their real home?

  • The show Chrisley Knows Best is filmed at the Chrisley family’s real home.
  • The Chrisleys have faced financial struggles and have had to move locations multiple times.
  • Nanny Faye, Todd’s mother, plays a central role in the show and offers support during the family’s challenges.
  • The Chrisleys’ Tennessee mansion, located in a quiet suburban neighborhood, holds many cherished memories for the family.

Where is Chrisley Filmed?

Where is Chrisley Filmed?
You’re probably wondering where the show is shot. The Chrisley family’s reality TV series, ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ was originally filmed at their real home in Georgia, USA. However, due to financial struggles and other factors, they had to move locations and rent a different property.

As an affluent business family with multiple investments across the country, this wasn’t much of an issue for them as they could easily afford it.

The new rental house became a part of the series and served as their base while renovating homes in order to make money for themselves during tough times. Furthermore, when Todd Chrisley was put under home arrest, he also resided there, which made his wife Julie Chrisley more responsible than ever before.

All these elements combined have enabled ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ to continue its successful journey on television screens around America by producing entertaining content about an iconic American family tackling life’s problems together every day – something we can all relate to!

Did the Chrisleys Move 2021?

Did the Chrisleys Move 2021?
With their financial struggles, the Chrisleys have had to move again in 2021 – and we all know how much they love living it up! Unfortunately, this means more moving costs on top of what was already spent for home renovations and paying off tax debts from bank fraud.

Despite Todd’s house arrest due to tax evasion charges that were brought against him in the latest season of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, the family continues with their usual dynamic as seen growing up Chrisley throughout previous seasons.

However, although there may be setbacks at times for our favorite TV family, they always seem to pull through thick and thin together, which is why viewers keep tuning back in time after time.

Where is Nanny Faye’s House in Nashville?

Where is Nanny Faye
Experience the Chrisley family’s famous antics right from Nanny Faye’s house in Nashville!

Located at 602 Cartwright Drive, this is a property that has seen many family reunions and lively gatherings for the reality TV clan. It is located in an affluent neighborhood with plenty of real estate deals nearby, making it a convenient spot to call home.

Nanny Faye’s current abode was purchased by Julie’s Family Lifestyle LLC back in 2018 after they sold their previous home due to financial difficulties reported by the Daily Mail.

The large residence provides enough space for daughter Savannah and her husband Nic, as well as Todd, his wife Julie, and their five children Chloe, Grayson, Chase, Jackson, Kyle, and Lindsie, who all make regular appearances on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’.

The cozy yet luxurious vibe of this Southern mansion allows viewers a glimpse into how life can be if you live like the Chrisleys do – full of love, laughter, drama, laughs, tears, hugs, heartbreak, joy, surprises, twists, turns, plus endless amounts of entertainment!

Whether or not fans agree with some decisions made within this household, one thing remains true: This Nashville neighborhood will never be short on stories when it comes time for another season premiere!

What Town Do the Chrisleys Live In?

What Town Do the Chrisleys Live In?
Discover the town of Nashville, Tennessee that is home to the Chrisley family and witness their famous antics firsthand! Moving costs vary depending on the size and features of a house, but you can rest assured knowing the local schools are some of the best in the nation.

Todd Chrisley’s former mansion was located at 602 Cartwright Drive, where fans could watch his family live life like no other. With many house options ranging from small to large, there’s something for everyone when it comes to searching for your dream home in Nashville.

The Chrisleys don’t just provide entertainment through their show, Chrisley Knows Best, but they also give locals an insight into how much fun living in this Southern city can be, as well as what makes it so unique – culture, music festivals, and food tours, among other things! Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or simply visiting for vacation purposes, make sure to take advantage of all that this vibrant metropolis has to offer while getting up close with one of the most influential families around today.

How Does Chase Chrisley Make Money?

How Does Chase Chrisley Make Money?
Chase Chrisley is a well-known reality star who gained fame from his appearance on the show, Chrisley Knows Best. He has used his newfound celebrity to build an impressive financial portfolio for himself.

Chase’s money management and investing strategies have enabled him to accumulate wealth quickly.

From real estate deals to business ventures, he has proven that he knows how best to use his resources and maximize profits. In addition, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s family lifestyle allows viewers of the show a glimpse into their luxurious life as they share it with their fans every Thursday night.

Although there are no public records of Chase’s exact finances due to privacy laws, one can assume that thanks in part to utilizing sound financial planning methods – such as budgeting or establishing savings accounts – this young entrepreneur is set up for success now more than ever before!

Who is the Richest Chrisley?

Who is the Richest Chrisley?
You can anticipate that the Chrisley family is living large, as Todd and Julie’s youngest son, Chase, has built an impressive financial portfolio for himself. Not only does he make money through real estate deals and business ventures, but also from his appearance on the show Chrisley Knows Best.

With each episode showcasing their luxurious lifestyle and strong family dynamics, viewers not only get a glimpse into their lives but they also receive valuable advice about investing in order to accumulate wealth quickly.

Family patriarch Todd is no stranger to this either, having been accused of submitting false bank statements with regards to obtaining a new home loan recently. However, it appears by all accounts that the multi-millionaire continues to live lavishly due.

Does Todd Still Own the Juice Bar?

Does Todd Still Own the Juice Bar?
You’ll be surprised to learn that Todd still owns the Juice Bar, a business venture he began before Chrisley Knows Best aired. Despite facing unwanted attention from creditors in June of 2018 due to alleged false bank statements associated with obtaining a new home loan for his family’s former mansion, Todd has managed to keep the juice bar and turn it into a success.

Here are some key points about how:

  • When buying The Juice Bar LLC back in 2012, Todd quickly turned it profitable by offering fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies made with local produce.
  • In order to increase profits even further, he started catering events around town as well as selling merchandise featuring their signature logo designs.
  • With steady growth over time comes more money – so much so that The Juice Bar now brings in an impressive amount of revenue each year! As such, it’s no wonder why this is one area where Todd continues to invest heavily despite other financial burdens outside of what we see on TV.

Regardless if you’re team #Chrisleys or not, there’s no denying his entrepreneurial spirit when looking at all those successful ventures put together!

Where is the Chrisley’s House in Tennessee?

Where is the Chrisley
Experience the lavish lifestyle of the Chrisleys from your own home by visiting their Tennessee mansion, located in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

Touring this luxurious home provides an up-close look at all its incredible features and design inspiration.

From Julie’s family room to Todd’s living quarters, it’s easy to see why this house has become so popular with viewers of Chrisley Knows Best.

The interior decor brings good grief and nostalgia, as well as insight into how the Chrisleys have made memories together throughout their lives here in Nashville.

Even after Todd’s temporary financial setbacks due to his attorney’s alleged false bank statements that were used for obtaining a new loan on their former mansion, they still proudly call this place home.

With each area carefully crafted for every member of the family, it’s no surprise why these walls are filled with so much love!

Is Nanny Faye and Francis Sisters?

Is Nanny Faye and Francis Sisters?
Discover the special bond between Nanny Faye and her sister Francis, as seen on Chrisley Knows Best!

From their humble beginnings in North Carolina to the big issue Todd’s attorney caused them with their former mansion, this family has had many ups and downs. But despite it all, one thing remains consistent: Nanny Faye’s unwavering love for her younger sibling.

Francis is four years younger than Faye yet still manages to keep up with her elder sister’s spirit of adventure.

On top of that, however older she gets (Faye is now 80), she never stops playing an important role in Chrisleys’ involvement within the daily life of Nashville suburbia—which gives us viewers something beautiful to watch each week.

It’s no surprise why this unique relationship has become such an integral part of the show; after all, nobody knows more about unconditional love than a pair of siblings who have been through thick and thin together over decades.

Is the Chrisleys Scripted?

Is the Chrisleys Scripted?
The Chrisleys have been a staple in reality television for years, and viewers have grown to love the family’s off-the-wall antics. But is it real or scripted? Many fans of the show wonder if what they see on TV is genuine or staged.

While there are obviously some elements that are exaggerated for entertainment purposes, much of what we see on screen is true to life – including when it comes to where they live! Yes, the Chrisley family really does reside at their former mansion and continue living Julie’s lifestyle as seen throughout each episode—confirming that this show isn’t just fake but rather an accurate portrayal of their lives outside cameras too!

So despite all those questions about whether ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ was filmed in its real home – yes indeed it has been confirmed by producers time after time again; making us feel even more connected with this one-of-a kind modern classic every Thursday night!

Facts Reality Show Entertainment
Family Home True To Life Storytelling
Mansion Living

Exaggerated Elements For Entertainment Purposes
By combining these two facts together we can confidently say without any doubt that ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ truly reflects everything you need from a quality reality show: entertainment mixed with true stories told from a unique perspective only Todd & Co.

‘s could provide us passionate viewers week after week with no signs stopping anytime soon.

How Much is Chase Chrisley Worth in 2021?

How Much is Chase Chrisley Worth in 2021?
You can experience the luxurious lifestyle of Chase Chrisley, one of the stars from ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, as he reveals his estimated net worth in 2021. At just 24 years old, Chase has amassed quite a bit of wealth thanks to his career endeavors and financial savvy.

Despite some early struggles with debt and bankruptcy, he’s managed to turn things around with an increase in income after being featured on the hit show alongside family members like Todd and Savannah Chrisley! Additionally, since forming a relationship with Emmy Medders—who also serves as an executive producer for their spinoff series—his finances have flourished even further due to her salary contributions too!

Chase’s Career Financial Struggles Emmy’s Relationship Net Worth Increase Savannah’s Salary

How Much is Kyle Chrisley Worth 2020?

How Much is Kyle Chrisley Worth 2020?
Find out how much Kyle Chrisley is worth in 2020, including his surprising income from ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ and other investments! With a reported net worth of around $500,000, he’s exceeded many expectations for someone who just turned 30 years old.

Despite facing financial struggles early on in life, the reality star has managed to reach these milestones thanks to careful estate planning and smart tax strategies.

His wealth continues to grow with each passing year as his television career progresses – from guest appearances on various talk shows all the way up to starring alongside Todd Chrisley in their own spinoff series! Additionally, Kyle’s savvy business acumen has helped create opportunities outside of entertainment which have also contributed significantly towards increasing his overall earnings too.

From luxury cars and homes overseas; exclusive jewelry collections; collaborations with big brands like Reebok—it’s clear that this young entrepreneur isn’t slowing down anytime soon when it comes to making money moves!

What is Grayson Chrisley 2021 Worth?

What is Grayson Chrisley 2021 Worth?
Grayson Chrisley, the youngest of Todd and Julie’s children from ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, is a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Despite some financial struggles early on, Grayson has managed to amass quite a fortune over the years with an estimated net worth of around $200K.

His wealth comes mainly from his work as an actor and host on various television shows, alongside appearances at various events. He also runs several businesses, including clothing lines and investments in real estate.

The young millionaire has certainly made quite the luxurious lifestyle for himself, boasting assets such as luxury cars, exclusive jewelry collections, and homes overseas. All of these have been obtained through careful tax planning strategies, something that many celebrities opt for by taking advantage of loopholes offered by different countries’ laws! However, despite this, it seems that Grayson’s biggest challenge remains managing taxes due to being a non-resident.

This can be difficult, especially when dealing with multiple jurisdictions simultaneously.

Assets Wealth Sources Tax Issues
Luxury Cars Acting & Hosting/Events Non-Resident Status Complications
Jewelry Businesses (Clothing Lines) Multiple Jurisdictions
Homes Overseas Investment In Real Estate Loopholes In Different Countries Laws

Is Chase Chrisley Still With Emmy?

Is Chase Chrisley Still With Emmy?
You’ll be surprised to know that Chase Chrisley is still with his long-time girlfriend, Emmy Medders.

While Chase and Emmy have remained devoted to each other, the same cannot be said of Faye’s relationship. Furthermore, Kyle may not have found true love yet, but he can certainly rely on his wealth thanks to several investments in real estate.

Likewise, Savannah continues to benefit from her salary as an actress on ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ while Chloe often finds solace in her parents’ support system during difficult times.

Despite all these successes, both financially and romantically, one thing remains clear: there is nothing quite like finding your soulmate – something which Chase seems determined never to let go of, no matter what comes his way!

What is Savannah Chrisley Salary?

What is Savannah Chrisley Salary?
You won’t believe how much Savannah Chrisley earns for her work on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ – thousands of dollars per episode! Her financial success is thanks to the show’s immense popularity, as well as some savvy salary negotiations.

Aside from her television career, she also pulls in money through various other sources such as modeling and brand endorsements. With all these streams of income combined, it’s no wonder that Savannah has accumulated a net worth estimated at millions of dollars.

Savannah shows no signs of slowing down either; despite only being 22 years old, she already has an impressive list of accomplishments under her belt.

From magazine cover shoots to appearing on red carpets around the world – there’s nothing this young star cannot achieve if she sets out to do so!

Who is Chloe Chrisley’s Real Parents?

Who is Chloe Chrisley
Discover the truth behind Chloe Chrisley’s family roots and find out who her real parents are. Todd and Julie Chrisley, stars of ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ have custody of their granddaughter, Chloe. While it’s unclear why she was taken from her biological parents’ care in 2018, rumors suggest that divorce proceedings or financial troubles were involved.

Many fans wonder what happened to cause such a dramatic shift in the family dynamics?

The answer remains shrouded in legal issues, but some believe that Todd has been able to maintain sole custody due to his wealth and influence over court proceedings.

Divorce Rumors Custody Battle Financial Troubles Family Dynamics Legal Issues
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Where Do Chase and Savannah Live Now?

Where Do Chase and Savannah Live Now?
As the Chrisley family continues to move forward, their financial struggles have had a major impact on their home life. Chase and Savannah Chrisley have been living with Todd and Julie since before Chloe was taken into custody in 2018.

In recent months, however, they’ve moved out of the house due to tax implications that made staying there impossible for them.

The transition hasn’t been easy for either side. It has caused increased tension between Todd and Julie, as well as emotional turmoil within both siblings who were forced to leave behind what was once a comfortable home environment.

Despite this conflict, though, Chase and Savannah are making strides towards achieving financial independence while also learning important lessons about how money can affect relationships among loved ones.

3 Item Numeric List:

  1. Tax Implications
  2. Financial Struggles
  3. Family Conflict

Moving forward has meant finding ways around these obstacles so that everyone can get back on track financially without putting additional strain on their future relationship, which is already fragile from all of the changes occurring in such a short time span.

It will be difficult, but if they remain focused and maintain communication throughout each step of progress, then hopefully this journey will make them stronger than ever before!

Did the Chrisleys Sell Their House in Nashville?

Did the Chrisleys Sell Their House in Nashville?
Experience the emotional toll of Chase and Savannah Chrisley’s transition as they were forced to sell their beloved home in Nashville. The sale was a result of financial struggles that had been mounting for years, forcing the family to make tough decisions about their future.

For Chase and Savannah, this meant leaving behind Faye’s house, which had become a second home for them since Todd and Julie took them in before Chloe’s arrest. While it may have seemed like nothing more than an inconvenience at first, selling this property has taken an even greater emotional toll on both siblings who are now struggling with feelings of loss while simultaneously striving towards achieving financial independence from their parents.

Adding further confusion is speculation surrounding whether or not Chrisley Knows Best is actually filmed at the actual real-life residence – something that continues to be disputed by fans who believe it might be entirely scripted instead! Regardless, what we do know is that despite all these changes occurring within such a short time span, if Chase and Savannah stay focused, then hopefully they’ll come out stronger than ever before!

What Happened to Nanny Faye Chrisley?

What Happened to Nanny Faye Chrisley?
You’ll be amazed at Nanny Faye Chrisley’s remarkable journey, which serves as a metaphor for resilience and overcoming obstacles. After experiencing some financial issues, she became the target of media attention due to her family rift with Todd.

Despite this difficult period in her life, Nanny Faye bravely sold her estate and faced the situation head-on in order to get back on track financially.

This was just one example of many that demonstrate how determined she is when it comes to taking care of herself and those around her. Additionally, despite all these changes happening so quickly – from selling the home they’d grown up in as well as managing health concerns – Nanny Faye remained an unwavering source of strength for Chase and Savannah throughout their transition process.

As if that weren’t enough proof about how resilient this matriarch truly is! Ultimately proving that no matter what life throws your way, you can overcome any obstacle with courage, strength, and determination.

What is Nanny Faye’s Net Worth?

What is Nanny Faye
Nanny Faye’s incredible story of resilience has paid off, and her net worth stands strong as a testament to her determination and grit. After selling the family estate to get back on track financially, she used what was left of it, along with money from other sources such as daughter Savannah Chrisley’s salary from Chrisley Knows Best, son Todd’s Juice Bar business profits, Kyle Chrisley’s reality show earnings, and grandson Chase’s Emmy nomination winnings, to build an impressive portfolio.

Today, Nanny Faye is estimated to have a net worth between $500 thousand and 1 million dollars, with plenty more opportunities for growth on the horizon! This remarkable matriarch continues to prove that no matter what life throws your way, you can always conquer any obstacle with courage, strength, and commitment.

Did the Chrisleys Get Divorced?

Did the Chrisleys Get Divorced?
After many years of being married, the Chrisleys recently decided to get a divorce and go their separate ways. Undergoing such a major life event amid public scrutiny can be difficult for any family, but they have managed it with dignity and grace.

When deciding how to move forward with their separation, the couple had to consider various factors under divorce laws like custody agreements for their children as well as alimony payments between them.

They also had to navigate through some complex family dynamics in order to keep everyone involved happy while making sure each person’s needs were met in an equitable manner. To do so successfully, both parties agreed upon certain co-parenting strategies that would provide stability throughout this transition period in an effort to ensure everyone remains on positive terms going forward despite no longer being together romantically or legally bound by marriage vows anymore.

The Chrisleys have proven themselves resourceful when it comes to times of difficulty by displaying resilience even during challenging moments like these where there is usually heightened pressure from all sides—internally and externally alike—to make decisions that please everybody without sacrificing anyone’s best interests along the way, either directly or indirectly.

Why Do the Chrisley Not Talk to Lindsie?

Why Do the Chrisley Not Talk to Lindsie?
You may have noticed that the Chrisleys no longer talk to Lindsie, their eldest daughter. It is a situation that has caused public speculation and curiosity about what happened between them to cause such a rift in their relationship.

Many speculate it could be related to her decision not to appear on Chrisley Knows Best, while others claim there are deeper underlying issues involved beyond just television appearance status.

Despite many attempts by Todd Chrisley for reconciliation efforts with his estranged daughter over the past few years, communication barriers still exist among them which make any meaningful family dynamic difficult if not impossible at this time.

Additionally, some of these barriers also prevent any insight into Lindsie’s perspective regarding the situation as well as making her side of things hard for anyone else outside of herself or immediate family members from understanding fully what she might be going through or feeling internally about all this public attention towards her personal affairs in life.

Although it is uncertain when things will change between father-daughter pairings, one thing remains certain: The response from fans has been an overwhelmingly supportive one throughout the entire ordeal with many people hoping both parties come together soon and resolve whatever differences they may have had against each other so everyone can move forward positively once more—most importantly themselves included too!

Did the Chrisleys Go to Jail?

Did the Chrisleys Go to Jail?
Recently, rumors have been circulating that the Chrisleys were arrested and put in jail. The truth is complicated – while it’s true that Todd and Julie (Chrisley) were indicted on tax evasion charges by a grand jury, they eventually reached an agreement with prosecutors to avoid being incarcerated.

However, their children – Lindsie, Kyle, and Savannah – still faced the threat of going to prison due to their involvement in the financial fraud case.

Though this situation had caused some tension between family members at first when news first broke out about it all happening, these days everyone seems much more understanding about what went down back then, which has only strengthened relationships even further since then too—no matter how difficult things may seem during any given moment for those involved here now either!

Did the Chrisleys Own a Juice Bar?

Did the Chrisleys Own a Juice Bar?
You’ll be surprised to learn that the Chrisleys once owned a juice bar in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015, they opened up a franchise of juicing locations with the intention of giving healthy alternatives to their community.

Though it seemed like an ideal venture for them at first glance, there were several challenges associated with running this business.

Despite their best efforts, however, things didn’t work out as expected – eventually forcing them to close down all remaining locations by late 2017 due to its lack of profitability.

How Old is Nanny Faye From Chrisley Knows Best?

How Old is Nanny Faye From Chrisley Knows Best?
At 83 years young, Nanny Faye from Chrisley Knows Best is an energetic and endearing force in the show. She often finds herself right in the middle of her family’s squabbles and sibling rivalries, mediating between them to ensure that things don’t get too out of hand! With her unique parenting style based on love and support rather than rules or discipline, she has won over both fans and critics alike.

Nanny Faye is also a source of strength for the Chrisleys during their financial struggles as well as other difficult times throughout their lives.

The dynamic between Nanny Faye, Todd & Julie Chrisley can truly be seen when they are all interacting with each other – showcasing how important family values are even within this day and age despite any hardships that may come along due to generational differences.

  • Serving as a ‘second parent’ figure for Savannah & Chase
  • Offering sage advice whenever needed by anyone who needs help
  • Being there through thick and thin regardless of whatever else goes on around them

Nanny Faye provides much more than just entertainment value; she’s a role model showing us that you should never let your age define you nor hold yourself back from doing something because others aren’t sure if you’re capable enough – proving time after time how powerful unconditional love really is!


In conclusion, Chrisley Knows Best is definitely filmed in the family’s real home. The Chrisley family is worth over $20 million, with the wealthiest being Todd at $5 million. Although the family has had to relocate in 2021, they still own their home in Tennessee.

Nanny Faye’s house is located in Nashville, but her real age is unknown. The Chrisleys no longer own the juice bar, but you can still catch Chase, Kyle, and Grayson on the show and in other projects.

Despite rumors of the show being scripted, the Chrisleys maintain that is not the case. So, make sure to tune in and keep up with the Chrisleys as they continue to show us how to live our best lives.

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