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Are Julia Michaels and JP Saxe Still Together? (Answered 2023)

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Is jp saxe and julia michaels in a relationshipYour breath catches in your chest as you ponder the thought: are Julia Michaels and JP Saxe still together? The two have been one of music’s most beloved couples, and when they dropped their stunning collaboration on If The World Was Ending, it felt like hearts around the world had been set afire.

But now, after three years of dating, sources close to them confirm that they’ve split.

What happened between these two star-crossed lovers?

And how is each navigating life since then?

Let’s dive deep into this heartbreaking story for answers!

Is JP Saxe and Julia Michaels in a relationship no more?

Key Takeaways

  • Julia Michaels and JP Saxe ended their three-year relationship.
  • Their creative collaboration began when Julia Michaels direct messaged JP Saxe.
  • Signs of trouble in the relationship emerged through cryptic social media posts and lyrics.
  • Confirmation of their breakup came from posts on social media and unreleased breakup songs.

Who is Julia Michaels?

Who is Julia Michaels
Julia Michaels is a talented singer-songwriter who co-wrote the breakup anthem If the World Was Ending with her now ex-boyfriend JP Saxe, whom she met after sliding into his DMs. Possessing raw vocal power and a confessional songwriting style, she broke out with her 2017 single Issues.

Her acclaimed EP Nervous System and full-length album Not In Chronological Order followed, showcasing her knack for vulnerable lyricism.

Throughout her rapid rise, she’s lent her writing talents to hits for Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and other pop stars. Her creative union with Saxe yielded emotional duets like If the World Was Ending, though their romantic relationship ultimately ended.

Still, the intimacy they forged through music endures as a testament to the depth of human connection.

Who is JP Saxe?

Who is JP Saxe
You’d know JP Saxe as the singer-songwriter who co-wrote that heartbreaking song with Julia Michaels.

  1. JP first gained popularity with his 2017 debut single, Changed.
  2. He’s since released his debut album, Dangerous Levels of Introspection in 2021.
  3. His soulful pop music explores vulnerable themes of relationships and heartbreak.

With their partnership, Saxe and Michaels perfectly captured the melancholy of modern love. Though their relationship ended, their intimate lyrics speak to those seeking deeper connections. As artists, they’ve proven adept at turning personal pain into resonant works. Even amid split rumors, their music endures.

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe Relationship Timeline

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe Relationship Timeline
Julia Michaels and JP Saxe had a romantic relationship that inspired their music collaboration. Let’s take a look at the timeline of their relationship, from the start as songwriters to their breakup that sparked new songs.

How Did They Meet?

Your heart fluttered when Julia slid into JP’s DMs, igniting a creative spark that led to musical magic. Their first contact opened the door to an artistic camaraderie between the singers. During a fateful songwriting session, they discovered a shared passion for telling relatable stories through music.

This meeting marked the beginning of both a creative partnership and romantic relationship.

When Did They Start Dating?

Constantly you find yourself falling head over heels for that special someone you just met, as Julia Michaels did with JP Saxe after only 9 magical days together.

  • Their relationship kickstarted after writing together.
  • It deepened through the pandemic.
  • It led to them moving in as a couple.

Their songwriting chemistry sparked a fast-moving romance that flourished despite the pandemic’s challenges. United creatively and personally, Julia and JP took the ultimate relationship step by cohabiting, though their love proved short-lived.

Moving in Together

While reminiscing, their old couch reminds you of cuddling and bonding during an intimate phase of cocooning together.

Relationship Milestones Intimacy Growth
Moving in together Cuddling on couch Bonding through quality time
Shared home Listening to each other’s music Understanding each other more deeply
Cohabitation Cooking together Experiencing life changes together

Moving in marked an exciting new chapter, letting JP and Julia nurture closeness.

Collaborations Between Julia Michaels and JP Saxe

Collaborations Between Julia Michaels and JP Saxe
Michaels and Saxe’s musical collaborations blossomed into a relationship, so it’s poetic that the fissures in that romance spilled out in the lyrics they composed together. The two have directed their heartsick songwriting talents toward one another now.

Songs They Wrote Together

You’d ache hearing those heartrending lyrics they penned together. As a musician power couple, their shared music accomplishments were the envy of their peers. Their songwriting chemistry produced creative collaborations like If The World Was Ending.

Though they made beautiful music, some of their most poignant artistic expression remains unreleased.

Influence on Each Other’s Albums

Drawing from each other’s wells, you’d find their albums were influenced by their creative partnership.

  1. Lyrics inspired by the other
  2. Melodic ideas shared during sessions
  3. Emotional resonance from their relationship
  4. Social media posts hinting at a breakup

Though the details remain unclear, their music undeniably shows a deep artistic connection.

Signs of Trouble in the Relationship

Signs of Trouble in the Relationship
Signs of trouble in the relationship emerged as small cracks surfaced. Odd lyrics and cryptic posts hinted at inner unrest between the melodic masterminds. Fans sensed the closeness had fractured as their muses mirrored the growing divide.

Behind the breakup ballads was once an intertwined intimacy that inspired their collaborative genius. Now the anguish of loss and regret flowed freely into lyrics exposing their unraveling bond.

At first just glimmers of gloom – suggestive lines that left devotees apprehensive. But the veil was lifted when Saxe and Michaels stopped hiding their heartache. A bittersweet serenade surfaced, with devoted ears lamenting the severed songwriting soulmates.

Yet even as the relationship ruptured, their bond lived on through poignant music born from the ashes of their passion.

Confirmation of Breakup

Confirmation of Breakup
Your heart breaks readin’ their socials, knowin’ it’s over between the singers you loved together.

  1. Postin’ breakup lyrics
  2. Announcin’ split songs
  3. Movin’ on separately

After three years together, Julia Michaels and JP Saxe have called it quits based on hints dropped across their socials.

Michaels shared snippets of an unreleased breakup anthem while Saxe posted verses from his new single When You Think of Me. Reps haven’t confirmed, but fans see the writing’s on the wall. Looks like this musical power couple’s no more, with career-defining albums incoming.

While the timeline’s fuzzy, their songwriting split bodes rough days ahead.

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe’s Solo Careers

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe
Julia Michaels and JP Saxe’s Powerful Solo Work

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe’s powerful solo work showcases emotive songwriting and vulnerable performances, though the musicians have parted ways romantically. Their individual careers continue highlighting heartfelt lyrics and raw sincerity on stage.

While no longer a couple, Michaels and Saxe’s separate artistic journeys demonstrate a shared gift for candid expression through song. Fans can anticipate further poignant tracks from each artist, as they follow their own creative paths.

Julia Michaels’ Discography

You’re blown away by Michaels’ powerful voice that roars like a lion across her emotionally charged 2017 EP Nervous System and 2021 album Not in Chronological Order. Her discography reveals immense artistic growth from relatable lyrical confessionals to bold pop anthems enriched by collaborative songwriting.

JP Saxe’s Discography

You’ve crafted breakthrough melodies and honest lyrics exploring heartache and introspection across your discography as a rising pop artist.

  • Writing relatable songs about relationships and heartbreak
  • Earning songwriting awards and nominations
  • Collaborating with artists like Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez
  • Drawing inspiration from musicians such as John Mayer and Jason Mraz

While reflecting on relationships and emotional struggles, the introspective songwriting resonates with audiences through its authenticity.

Reactions to the Breakup

Reactions to the Breakup
After news broke of JP Saxe and Julia Michaels’ split, reactions poured in from fellow artists and fans. Maren Morris showed Michaels support in the comments, while fans praised her raw expression, though many felt saddened by the end of the relationship.

Support From Other Artists

It looks like Maren Morris showed some love for Julia Michaels in the comments after news of the breakup emerged, offering a supportive hand during what’s likely an emotional time for her fellow artist.

Positive friendships among singers often blossom within the bounds of the industry. Displaying compassion and backing public creative expression aids in navigating tumultuous transitions.

Fan Reactions

Heartbroken, you watch the emotional outpouring from fans who ache over losing the musical magic Julia and JP created together. They mourn the end of a musical partnership that produced emotional pop hits. Looking beyond lyrics, fans feel the raw intimacy in their harmonies, seeing themselves in the music.

Impact of the Breakup on Their Music

Impact of the Breakup on Their Music
As you discover this breakup, reflect on its impact by untangling their relationship as it unfolds through songs. While their romance blazed during the COVID-19 lockdown, new lyrics offer bittersweet perspectives on what drew them together and pulled them apart.

The lyrics provide insight into the passion and heartbreak of their relationship, from its exciting beginnings during quarantine to its unfortunate dissolution. Examining the poetry and emotion of their songs allows a glimpse into the couple’s intimate moments and the complex feelings that emerge when two people part ways.

Though details remain scarce, the raw honesty of these musicians’ latest work suggests a whirlwind connection coming to a difficult end. Still, their music gives hope that beauty can be found even amidst the ache of loss.

Breakup Songs and Lyrics

Of course you’re analyzing the heartrending lyrics and messages in their freshly penned breakup ballads. Their breakup songwriting unleashes raw emotions through painfully honest lyrics. Social media hints foreshadowed these intimate musical expressions of inner turmoil from their split.

The creative aftermath of their breakup inspires powerful songs reflecting on their relationship’s demise.

Reflections on Their Relationship

You’ve been feeling nostalgic as those late nights playing music together come flooding back, though the melody is now bittersweet. Their shared songwriting reflected an emotional journey from creative synergy to songs like All Your Exes and Dangerous Levels of Introspection.

The not in chronological order album captured the highs of their pandemic romance and lows of the breakup that fueled their upcoming breakup songs.

Speculations About Their Current Relationship Status

Speculations About Their Current Relationship Status
Regardless, their social media posts sound like two talented people moving on. Fans eagerly speculate about their tumultuous relationship status, reading into each poetic word and lyrical hint on Instagram.

Are they friends or foes now, collaborators or competitors? Every reaction video analyzes their body language in past appearances for clues. Some fans hold out hope for a reconciliation, while others sense irreconcilable differences emerged.

Yet their bond through emotionally vulnerable songwriting remains, whether or not recoupling’s in the cards. Maren Morris’s supportive comments suggest industry peers emphasize their musical gifts during this transitional time.

Ultimately their future creative pursuits, separately or together, will reveal truths about their he said/she said relationship.


Julia Michaels and JP Saxe were in a three-year relationship that recently ended. The two musicians met during a songwriting session, which led to their hit If the World Was Ending. They released solo albums and songs about the breakup, hinting at the problems they faced.

It’s been challenging for fans following their breakup. Although they haven’t publicly addressed their status, it’s clear the end of their romance has impacted them deeply. Still, fans can find solace knowing their honest, emotional music continues despite no longer being together.

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