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Did Moses Malone Slip Through the Draft? Find Out Here! (Answered 2023)

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You’re probably familiar with Moses Malone – a legendary basketball player who made his mark in both the NBA and ABA over two decades. But have you ever wondered if he’d been drafted? It’s a question that’s puzzled many people for years, and the answer is no. Strangely enough, despite being so successful and well-known, Moses Malone remains undrafted.

Why? Let’s explore. We’ll look at his career highlights and uncover some of the events leading up to him becoming a free agent.

Moses Malone never got drafted. Read on to find out why!

Who is Better Moses Malone or Karl Malone?

Is moses malone undrafted?
Comparing Moses Malone and Karl Malone, it’s up to you to decide who is the better player. Both players had successful professional basketball careers in both the ABA and NBA.

Moses was undrafted but made an immediate impact with Utah Stars of the ABA, averaging over 18 points and 14 rebounds per game as a rookie. Karl was drafted by Utah Jazz in 1985 after three seasons at Louisiana Technical University, where he showcased impressive skills including defensive rebounding, winning two NCAA Division II Player of Year Awards.

Moses and Karl had vastly different approaches to trades and contracts, partly due to their respective backgrounds – Moses bounced back from injury-shortened season, whereas Karl was more methodic about signing contracts for bigger bucks on top teams.

Moses set an NBA record for most consecutive games played without fouling out at 1,212, leading Houston Rockets to the 1981 Finals, before winning the 1983 MVP award with Philadelphia 76ers. Karl, despite never reaching the Finals, was one of the few ever to score over 28,000 points and 17,000 rebounds, playing 12 straight All-Star selections and winning 3 MVP awards throughout his 19-year career till 1994-95 season, making him one of the last remaining active former ABA players then.

These stats, combined with their talent prowess, make assessing their performance tricky when deciding who is best fit, but no doubt each brings a unique talent set compared to others. Ultimately, it will come down to individual preferences on who is deemed better suited against another, regarding game performance and matching up those trades/draft strategies idealized within the context of player comparison itself.

Who Was Moses Malone Married to?

You may know Moses Malone as one of the NBA’s best centers ever, but did you know he was married to Alfreda Gill? They had two sons together before their marriage.

Unfortunately, they faced financial and mental health struggles during their union that ended in 1991 when Alfreda sought a divorce.

Mary Malone has always been proud of her husband and his legacy impact on basketball. He was an 12-time NBA All-Star and led both the Houston Rockets to The Finals in 1981 and the Philadelphia 76ers to the 1983 NBA championship. He was drafted by the Utah Stars from the ABA Draft back in 1974.

He bounced back from an injury-shortened 1985u201386 season, where he averaged 24 points with 11 rebounds per game. He also set multiple records, including the most free throws made, which is still unbeaten today. He made it into the Hall Of Fame in 2001.

Mary believes his success is a valuable lesson for anyone aspiring greatness through hard work, just like what Moses Eugene Malone Sr. did throughout his 21-year career span in professional sports.

How Much Was Moses Malone Worth?

how much was moses malone worth?
Moses Malone was one of the most successful basketball players of his era, worth an estimated $20 million at the time of his death. He had 13 All-Star appearances and 8 NBA selections, ranking 9th in total points with 29,580 and 3rd in rebounds with 17,834. He won three MVP awards and a championship title with the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1983 season. His presence on the court made an impact on basketball history still celebrated today.

Moses Malone’s financial status was due to his achievements throughout his 21-year career. Even after becoming a free agent, he was selected for teams like the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks. He’s one of only three players to achieve over 28k points and 17k rebounds, alongside Wilt Chamberlain and Karl Malone.

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame honored him posthumously. The Rockets and Sixers paid their respects by retiring his jersey numbers 24 and 2.

How Old Was Moses Malone?

At the time of his death, Moses Malone was 60 years old. He entered the ABA draft at 19 and went undrafted, but bounced back to become one of the NBA’s best centers. In two seasons with the ABA’s Utah Stars, he averaged 17.2 points and 12 rebounds per game.

In 1978 he joined the Houston Rockets and won his first MVP award after leading them to The Finals 1981 season. He went on to win an NBA championship and another MVP award as part of the Philadelphia 76ers 1983 team. He retired following the 1994-95 season, having amassed 27,409 points and 16,212 rebounds over 19 seasons. He made more free throws than any other player in history at that point and set an NBA record for most consecutive games played without fouling out (1,212.

In 2001 he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, becoming one of three players to surpass 28k points and 17k rebounds. He was honored as a member of the 50th Anniversary All-Time Team 1996-97 by the league. He cemented his legacy, which had previously been held by Wilt Chamberlain, who held the previous offensive rebounding record until it was eclipsed in the 1973/74 season. That same year, Moses Eugene Jr., a high school basketball prodigy, turned professional athlete aged just nineteen and broke the record the following year.

Who is Moses Malone Brother?

who is moses malone brother?
You might not know it, but Moses Malone had a brother – and he’s just as impressive! His name was William Billy Malone Jr., and he was the younger brother of legendary NBA player Moses. Born in 1959, Billy grew up watching his older brother reach the heights of basketball greatness. Like many brothers do, he looked up to his older sibling for inspiration and guidance on how to make it big in the game they both loved so much.

When Moses joined Utah Stars during 1974 ABA Draft, Billy followed suit and enrolled at nearby Maryland State College (later known as University of Maryland Eastern Shore). From 1978-1981 he played basketball under coach Tom Young, and showed great potential. This earned him selection into All-ABA First Team honoree status, while he was only one point away from averaging double digits points per game for all four seasons with MSU Hawks team.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration Management & Finance, he went on to work within the business industry until retiring after 25 years of service. Even though he never made an official impact professionally like his older brother did, he still made remarkable achievements found within college history books, which is testament to the legacy left behind by ‘The Chairman Of Boards’ himself, Moses Malone.

Moses ranks 9th all-time with 29,580 points, and 3rd most rebounds with 17,834 total throughout NBA/ABA career combined, plus other accolades. This proves why, even today, over 30 years since his final retirement, he remains one of the greatest influences throughout NBA history.

Why is Moses Malone Undrafted?

<img src="" alt="why is moses malone undrafted?” title=”why is moses malone undrafted?” width=”300″ height=”300″ class=”wp-image-30309 alignright size-medium” >
You may not have seen his name on the draft board, but Moses Malone’s career still stands out as one of the greatest in basketball history. His path to success began when he was a high school phenom in Petersburg, Virginia. Despite having no media coverage or assistance from college scouts, he decided to bypass college and pursue a professional career straight out of high school at 19 – an unheard-of move for anyone during that time.

Most thought it was too risky for him since there were no guarantees he’d be drafted by any team, no matter how talented he was. But that didn’t stop him wanting to succeed and take control of his own youth development process with hard work alone.

One look at Moses’ talent and determination and teams started making offers. This led to what has become an iconic basketball legacy with over 29,000 points scored and 17,000-plus rebounds over 21 years of his professional career!

He’s now remembered by all who knew him as someone who showed us how you can succeed through sheer grit, despite being undrafted, against seemingly impossible odds.

Where is Moses Malone Buried?

where is moses malone buried?
You can visit Moses Malone’s final resting place at Hillcrest Memorial Park in Chesapeake, Virginia. This is a fitting tribute to one of basketball’s greatest players and an ABA All-Time Team member. He had 13 All-Star selections, 8 All NBA team selections, and 3 MVP awards – two with the Houston Rockets and one with the Philadelphia 76ers. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Moses Malone had a long professional basketball career, starting with the Utah Stars in 1974. He then joined the Rockets when they were still part of the ABA merger. After his retirement, he made post-retirement appearances for the San Antonio Spurs in their 94–95 campaign. He was trying to make it 12 consecutive NBA All-Star selections, but failed due to an injury-shortened 1985–86 season and lingering effects from surgery a few seasons later.

Moses Malone cemented himself firmly within the hearts of millions across the globe, even if we may never know exactly where he went to rest those glorious final years after finally settling down in Chesapeake, Virginia. Do take time to pay your respects whenever possible – his heart is fully deserved. Thank you!

Why Did Houston Trade Moses Malone?

why did houston trade moses malone?
You may be wondering why Houston traded away a player of Moses Malone’s caliber. After all, he had been instrumental in leading the Rockets to their first NBA Finals appearance in 1981 and was named MVP twice during his tenure with the team. The short answer is contract disputes between Malone and his agent Larry Fleisher led to trade negotiations with Philadelphia 76ers general manager Pat Williams. At the time, Williams saw this deal as an opportunity for both sides: it would give the Sixers an inside presence they lacked despite having some solid perimeter players like Julius Erving on their roster; and it gave Houston salary cap relief so they could pursue more free agents for future seasons.

Moses Malone’s legacy goes beyond just basketball impact. He also made waves outside of sports as one of sportswriter Frank Deford’s most underrated NBA players ever featured in Sports Illustrated magazine back in 1982 when news broke about him being traded from Houston to Philly. He cemented himself further into pop culture history by becoming a political reporter on Deford’s acclaimed TV show Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel shortly after retirement from playing professional basketball at age 39.

In addition, several landmarks have since been dedicated or renamed honoring his name such as Moses Malones Homestead Park located near Petersburg Virginia where he grew up before jumping straight outta high school into pro ball. This provides another advantage for young hopefuls looking towards similar paths today!

How Much is Moses Malone Worth?

how much is moses malone worth?
You may not know this, but Moses Malone ranks ninth all-time in points scored and third all-time in rebounds — an impressive feat for a player who was never actually drafted! He faced unexpected challenges that tested both his physicality and mental fortitude. But it wasn’t just on court achievements that made him a Hall of Fame inductee; off court successes further solidified Malone’s legacy impact.

The 12-time All Star spent better part of a year playing college teams before joining the Utah Stars in 1974 ABA Draft — although he went undrafted that didn’t stop him from achieving greatness throughout 19-year NBA career. He made 8 All NBA selections, including 3 MVP awards, culminating with two championship rings (one with Houston Rockets 1981 Finals appearance & 1983 Philadelphia 76ers win). He was voted into 1996-97 50th Anniversary team, and had No 24 retired by Rockets back 1998 & No 2 retired by 76ers 2019 respectively.

His offensive rebound record set during 1973/74 season still stands today, a testament to his enduring impact left behind after retirement in 1995. We’ll always remember the name: Moses Malone.

Why Did Moses Malone Leave Rockets?

why did moses malone leave rockets?
Moses Malone left the Rockets to pursue his dreams elsewhere. After six successful seasons, including a trip to the NBA Finals and two MVP awards, contract disputes between him and management drove his decision. His rebounding records still stand today, cementing him as one of basketball’s greatest players ever.

Malone made an immediate impact when he joined Philadelphia in 1982. He led them to the Eastern Conference Finals, despite Julius Erving being injured for most games during that season. He then led them to back-to-back championships and won both regular season MVP (82/83. and finals MVP (1983. awards. He averaged 24 points and 11 rebounds per game, showing no sign of slowing down even nearing retirement age. His name is forever etched into history books through multiple record-setting performances throughout his ABA and NBA career, making this trade one of the best decisions any team made at the time by signing Moses Malone.


Moses Malone was a fierce competitor. He wasn’t afraid to take risks or make bold moves. His rebounding and offensive skills made him one of the best centers ever. Even mortality couldn’t stop him – they called him The Chairman of the Boards. His legacy lives on, like a beacon of light in the night sky. A true basketball icon, his impact will never be forgotten. He was a giant, a symbol of strength and determination. His spirit still inspires us.

Is Moses Malone undrafted? No, he was selected in the third round of the 1974 ABA Draft.

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