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Is Pure Balance Dog Food Good or Bad for Dogs? Review 2023

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Is Pure Balance dog food bad for dogsYou love your dog like family and want only the best for them. That includes feeding them high-quality food with ingredients you can trust. You’re wondering if Pure Balance is a good option. The short answer is yes. Pure Balance meets your pup’s nutritional needs without breaking the bank.

Their recipes are formulated by animal nutritionists to give dogs complete and balanced nutrition. The first few ingredients are meat-based proteins like chicken and fish. There are grain-free options too.

Customers say their dogs thrive on Pure Balance. Read on to learn if it’s right for your four-legged friend.

Key Takeaways

  • Pure Balance recipes feature meat as the first ingredient and no corn or wheat, although some concerns exist about the quality of ingredients.
  • The brand provides wet and dry food options suitable for dogs in all life stages, with formulas catering to different needs.
  • While customer reviews tend to be positive, Pure Balance has not undergone independent testing for contaminants.
  • The food is competitively priced and exclusively available at Walmart as well as from select online retailers.

Pure Balance Dog Food Overview

Pure Balance Dog Food Overview
Pure Balance Dog Food is a Walmart exclusive brand manufactured in the US by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition experts. The line features both wet and dry formulas for dogs of all sizes and life stages, with protein-focused whole food ingredients including meat as the first ingredient.


You’re looking at chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, dried peas, chicken fat, barley, beet pulp, rice bran, flaxseed, sunflower oil, dried egg product, and chicory root as the key ingredients. This tells you real meat is prioritized, carbs come from brown rice instead of white, and problematic grains like corn or wheat are absent.

This is a solid mix of protein, fat, fiber and probiotics for balanced nutrition. Pure Balance ensures dogs get quality fuel with real meat as the first ingredient. With thoughtful selections catering to dog biology, pet parents see the benefits of improved energy and digestion.


So far we’ve covered Pure Balance’s ingredients. Now let’s look at where and how it’s made:

Manufacturing Quality Control Local Sourcing
Locally sourced within 10 miles Ainsworth pet nutrition experts oversee From farms within 10 miles
US-based facilities No recalls indicate strict protocols Supports local community
High food safety standards Rigorous testing for contamination Minimizes supply chain issues

Pure Balance dog food is manufactured domestically in facilities overseen by nutrition experts using ingredients sourced from nearby farms. This tight supply chain control supports quality and consistent nutrition for your dog’s health.

Product Line

After care from US-based experts, Pure Balance unveils nutritious offerings like the Performance Chicken and Brown Rice formula for fit pups.

  1. Adult complete nutrition dry foods like Chicken & Brown Rice
  2. Grain-free recipes with salmon or bison
  3. Small breed formulas for little dogs
  4. Wet foods in chicken, beef, salmon, and turkey
  5. Treats made with real chicken

Customers praise the product variety catering to different dog needs and life stages. Pure Balance offers balanced nutrition through quality proteins, fiber, and natural ingredients.

Pure Balance Ingredients and Nutrition

Pure Balance Ingredients and Nutrition
You’ll want to take a close look at the ingredient panels for Pure Balance’s Chicken and Brown Rice formula as well as their grain-free options. While Pure Balance meets basic nutritional requirements, there are concerns around some questionable ingredients that we should discuss further before determining if this food is right for your dog.

Chicken and Brown Rice Formula

Tasting that chicken and brown rice recipe reveals Pure Balance utilizes quality ingredients like whole chicken, avoiding cheap fillers that could upset your dog’s stomach. Nutritional analysis indicates adequate protein and fat levels for most dogs. While sodium selenite raises some concerns, the overall ingredient quality provides balanced nutrition.

With quality protein sources and digestible carbs, this formula supports your dog’s health and meets their dietary needs. Many customers report improved skin, coat, energy, and stool consistency after switching to this recipe.

Pure Balance’s commitment to wholesome ingredients at an affordable price makes this a nutritious choice.

Grain-Free Formulas

Your pooches can thrive on the brand’s grain-free options, including the Pure Balance Grain Free Chicken and Pea recipe. It’s formulated with excellent protein and fat sources, which rate it 4.5 stars.

While delicious, some studies link grain-free diets to canine heart disease, so analyze ingredients carefully. If your pup seems off, try alternatives with whole grains, like Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice.

Customer Reviews of Pure Balance

Customer Reviews of Pure Balance
As you assess Pure Balance dog food, consider the benefits and drawbacks reported by other dog owners. Feedback indicates most dogs thrive on Pure Balance with improved health, but some have become ill, which raises questions about quality control and ingredients.


You’d be crazy not to try Pure Balance dog food, as it improves your furry friend’s digestion and immunity without fillers or preservatives. As a canine nutritionist, I’ve seen that Pure Balance provides optimal canine nutrition.

The protein-focused recipes promote lean muscle mass, while probiotics and fiber aid healthy digestion. Dog owners report shinier coats, increased energy, and fewer allergy symptoms after switching their pups to Pure Balance.


As much of a barkin’ good time as it is, we would be remiss to ignore what Pure Balance’s detractors have to say.

  1. Some dogs developed gastrointestinal issues after switching to Pure Balance.
  2. Concerns exist over ingredient quality and sourcing transparency.
  3. There is a lack of long-term feeding trials to validate nutritional adequacy.

Despite these drawbacks, Pure Balance remains a cost-effective option for pet parents seeking quality nutrition without the premium price tag. With proper transition and monitoring, most pups tolerate Pure Balance well. However, doggos with sensitivities may require a more tailored diet.

Issues to Consider With Pure Balance

Issues to Consider With Pure Balance
Hi there. Before turning to Pure Balance as an option for your dog’s dietary needs, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind. The problem is that there is no independent testing for contaminants, and the food’s fat-to-protein ratio means it is classified as plant-based despite containing meat.

These are issues to consider when evaluating if Pure Balance is the right choice for your pet. There is a lack of third party oversight ensuring purity and safety. Additionally, although it includes some meat, the higher plant content categorizes it as a vegetable diet, which may not align with what some owners want for their dogs.

As you explore dietary options, be sure to research the brand’s standards, manufacturing processes, and nutritional breakdown to determine if it provides the quality and type of ingredients you feel are ideal.


While Pure Balance lacks independent lab testing for contaminants, as a pet parent you would want complete confidence in its nutritional purity. Without third-party analysis, we cannot fully verify the purity of ingredients or rule out heavy metals, toxins, or harmful bacteria.

As your furry companion’s health advocate, I would recommend choosing a brand that openly shares contaminant testing for total transparency.

Fat-to-Protein Ratio

Consume with care, friend. Excess fat found in Pure Balance can lead to canine obesity. That fatty 55:45 ratio is not balanced, and could pose long-term health risks. Dog nutrition is complex, but don’t fret – with some common sense, your pup can thrive.

Monitor portions, ingredients, and provide wholesome variety. There is not just one metric to judge; it’s the whole picture.

Feeding Recommendations for Pure Balance

Feeding Recommendations for Pure Balance
Transitioning from another dog food to Pure Balance can feel overwhelming, but taking it slow is the key. Start by mixing a small amount of Pure Balance into their current food, gradually increasing the ratio over 7-10 days.

This allows their digestive system to adapt to the new ingredients. Carefully follow Pure Balance’s feeding guidelines – they know their recipes best. Consider your dog’s age, breed, activity level, and any health conditions when determining portion sizes.

Monitor their weight as you transition. An occasional upset stomach is normal, but longer issues may mean slowing down. Be patient and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Pure Balance crafts quality recipes that fuel our furry friends.

Follow their expert advice, transition gradually, watch portions, and set your dog up for success.

Here are 4 tips for transitioning to Pure Balance dog food:

  • Go slowly – Mix a bit of the new food in over 7-10 days, slowly increasing the ratio.
  • Follow feeding guidelines – Check the bag recommendations based on your dog’s age, breed, activity level, and health.
  • Monitor weight – Weigh your dog weekly during the transition to ensure they aren’t gaining or losing too much.
  • Be patient – Some digestive upset is normal at first as their body adapts. But if it persists more than a few days, slow the transition down.

Following Pure Balance’s guidelines and transitioning gradually sets your dog up for success on their new diet.

Where to Purchase Pure Balance Dog Food

Where to Purchase Pure Balance Dog Food
Get Pure Balance from other retailers since Walmart’s exclusivity is limiting. Choosing the right dog food is vital for your pup’s health and life span. Though convenient, only buying Pure Balance at Walmart restricts price comparisons and inventory options.

Check indie pet stores, online sellers like Chewy or PetFlow, or big box spots like Petco and Petsmart.

Compare selection and pricing across multiple sources. Buying online offers home delivery but local shops build community. With some effort, you can likely find Pure Balance at competitive rates beyond Walmart.

This opens purchasing power, ensuring your dog gets the best nutrition at the best value.

Ultimately, taking time to shop around gives you and your furry friend total flexibility without compromise.


You’ve seen the pros and cons of Pure Balance dog food. While no food is ideal for every dog, this brand provides quality nutrition at a fair price. As a canine nutrition specialist, I’d suggest trying it out – particularly the Chicken and Brown Rice recipe.

Gradually transition to Pure Balance, observe for any digestive problems, and tweak as necessary. For many pups, this food could unlock health, though it may not work for all. With patience and care, Pure Balance can nourish your dog inside and out.

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