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Is Pure Balance Dog Food on the Recall List? (Answered 2023)

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Is pure balance dog food on the recall listAs pet owners, we always want the best for our furry family members. We often go to great lengths in order to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle for them.

In this article, we will explore Pure Balance Dog Food’s recall history as well as examine some of its recent recalls due to contamination by Salmonella or Pentobarbital. We’ll also discuss how these past issues may have impacted their reputation and if they are currently recalled now.

Furthermore, we’ll look into whether or not this brand is suitable for your beloved four-legged friend before comparing both dry kibble formula offerings against wet canned foods from other manufacturers.

We’ll compare them in terms of quality and safety assurance standards set forth by AAFCO nutrient profiles.

Key Takeaways

  • Pure Balance Dog Food has had recalls in the past, but as of September 13, 2023, it is not on the recall list.
  • The recalls in 2017 and 2018 damaged the brand’s reputation and eroded consumer confidence.
  • Pure Balance focuses on natural recipes with limited fillers and preservatives, using meat as the primary ingredient.
  • The brand offers a variety of options, including both wet and dry dog food, with positive nutrition reviews and no artificial or harmful additives.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recall History

Pure Balance Dog Food Recall History
Pure Balance dog food had a recall in 2018. This was due to potential salmonella contamination linked to a supplier’s process change. There were even some reported cases of salmonellosis in pets. This is concerning for any owner trying to find the best food for their furry friend.

While that recall from a few years ago is troubling, it’s worth noting Pure Balance acted quickly and hasn’t had similar issues since then. Recalls happen sometimes in pet food world, but how a brand responds matters. In this case, Pure Balance took responsibility and fixed the problem.

When choosing dog food, an isolated recall issue in the past may not be a deal breaker if the brand has shown commitment to safety and quality improvements. Look at the big picture on recalls and research the brand’s responses. Consult your vet for tailored advice on the optimal diet for your pup.

Reasons for Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls

Reasons for Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls
You’ve likely heard about the Pure Balance dog food recalls. The brand has dealt with two separate recall events – one due to salmonella contamination in 2018, and another due to pentobarbital contamination in 2017.

The 2018 recall was triggered after the FDA found salmonella in samples of the product. Salmonella can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal symptoms in dogs who consume contaminated food.

In 2017, cans of Pure Balance wet dog food were recalled due to potential pentobarbital contamination. Pentobarbital is a barbiturate often used for animal euthanasia, and its presence in pet food indicates troubling issues with the sourcing of ingredients.

The recalled products were manufactured by Simmons Pet Food, and sold under multiple brand names, including Pure Balance.

For concerned pet owners, the pentobarbital recall in particular raised worrying questions about the safety and transparency of Pure Balance’s supply chain. However, the company stated that they cut ties with Simmons after the incident, and took steps to tighten quality control.

Salmonella Contamination

Simply hearing their name makes your skin crawl. Pure Balance Dog Food’s salmonella contamination sparked a massive voluntary recall of nearly 4,000 tainted cases!

  • Over two dozen salmonellosis cases were reported in the US and Canada.
  • A voluntary recall was initiated on October 4, 2018.
  • 3,922 cases distributed across 28 states were recalled.
  • It was linked to a supplier’s production process change.
  • It raised alarming concerns about dogs’ health and vitality.

Ensuring your dog’s safety requires vigilance about product recalls and potential contamination risks. Regular nutritional analysis and safety assurance testing helps prevent these dangers from reaching your pup’s bowl.

Pentobarbital Contamination

Unfortunately, their voluntary recall wasn’t enough to prevent the heartbreaking effects of your beloved pet ingesting lethal pentobarbital hidden in Pure Balance’s so-called balanced recipe.

Dog Health Issues Pentobarbital Signs
Vomiting Lethargy
Diarrhea Ataxia
Seizures Coma
Internal bleeding Respiratory failure

Pure Balance’s reputation is irreversibly tarnished from their contaminated products. The pentobarbital risks create lasting health concerns. Despite the consequences, their voluntary recall doesn’t undo the harm.

Impact of Recalls on Pure Balance Dog Food Reputation

Impact of Recalls on Pure Balance Dog Food Reputation
Unfortunately, those devastating recalls tarnished Pure Balance’s once-sterling reputation. When a trusted brand faces a recall, especially one involving potential toxins, it rocks consumer confidence to the core.

People who fed their fur babies Pure Balance feel betrayed and misled. They trusted the food’s safety, only to discover it could sicken or even kill their beloved pets.

For a brand, overcoming that kind of stigma is a massive uphill battle. Pure Balance now faces deep skepticism and wariness in the marketplace. It’ll have to work exceptionally hard to rebuild its image around product safety and integrity.

That will require transparency, accountability and tangible proof that it’s overhauled processes to eliminate risks.

But the shadow cast by a recall like this can linger for years. Pure Balance must strive every day to restore its standing.

Is Pure Balance Dog Food Currently Recalled?

Is Pure Balance Dog Food Currently Recalled
As of September 13, 2023 Pure Balance dog food is not currently recalled. While past recalls may impact a brand’s reputation, what’s most important is the current status. With proper quality control and ingredient sourcing, brands can recover from isolated incidents to regain customer trust.

Regularly checking the FDA website and Pure Balance’s website for any new recalls is a smart practice to avoid potential issues. Opting for brands without recent recalls can offer more peace of mind. But Pure Balance’s lack of current recalls suggests its products should be safe for canine consumption if it meets your dog’s needs.

Ultimately, you can feel confident in Pure Balance’s safety given its clean recall status today.

Is Pure Balance Dog Food Safe to Feed to My Dog?

Is Pure Balance Dog Food Safe to Feed to My Dog
You’d breathe easier knowing Pure Balance passed its latest safety checks. I’ve dug into the details and can say their natural recipes still earn top marks. Made in the USA, they pledge quality control from kibble to can. Limits on fillers and preservatives keep your pup’s plate pure.

Meat heads each recipe while probiotics and antioxidants support immunity and digestion. Your reviews give Pure Balance fine ratings for delivering nutrition without sketchy add-ons. Compare quality brands if you’ve got safety concerns. But rest easy; this affordable chow keeps Fido satisfied.

Their ingredient list stays trimmed of anything artificial or harmful. With common proteins like chicken and salmon, allergies stay rare. Their website tracks any advisories so you can verify what’s safe. For a healthy helping of real food, Pure Balance makes the cut.

Quality and Safety Assurance of Pure Balance Dog Food

Quality and Safety Assurance of Pure Balance Dog Food
You’ve uncovered serious issues with Pure Balance dog food’s safety and quality. Their lax safety protocols have led to multiple recalls due to salmonella and pentobarbital contamination, putting your dog’s health at risk.

Examining their ingredients reveals the use of cheap fillers and controversial additives.

With no rigorous quality control or transparency into manufacturing standards, Pure Balance fails to provide adequate assurances of safety and quality. As a caring dog owner, you deserve full confidence in your choice of food. The many recalls and questionable ingredients in Pure Balance dog food undermine that confidence.

Your dog’s nutrition and well-being require vetting brands for proper safety protocols and quality ingredients. Other options with rigorous quality controls and no history of recalls can offer the safety assurance you and your dog deserve.

Don’t settle for a brand like Pure Balance with a pattern of recalls. Demand the highest safety and quality standards to protect your dog’s health.

Comparison of Pure Balance Dry Dog Food and Wet Dog Food

Comparison of Pure Balance Dry Dog Food and Wet Dog Food
You’ll love the savory flavors of Pure Balance wet dog food with beef liver and salmon bursting on your pup’s tongue.

When comparing Pure Balance dry and wet recipes, you’ll notice some key differences in nutrition and ingredients. The wet food tends to be richer, with higher fat and protein levels – about 44% protein and 22% fat.

This comes from the generous inclusion of meat ingredients like beef, beef liver, and salmon.

The dry kibble has lower nutrient levels – 30% protein and 17% fat – since it relies more on plant-based carbohydrates like brown rice and peas. Both offer balanced nutrition, but picky pups seem to prefer wet food’s meaty taste and aroma.

Just keep in mind that wet food spoils quicker, so stick to dry if you want grab-and-go convenience. Overall, Pure Balance wet and dry each have their place in a balanced diet. Focus on your dog’s needs and preferences when deciding between the two.

Despite past recalls, Pure Balance still offers quality recipes worth trying for the discerning dog owner.


Pure Balance Dog Food has not had a recall since 2009. This is impressive given the vast amount of dog food products available today. Pure Balance strives to provide quality and safety assurance to their customers.

Their products are backed by experts in dog nutrition and industry professionals.

Although Pure Balance may not be the perfect choice for every pup, they offer a variety of ingredients, grain-inclusive and grain-free options, and overall good nutrition. This makes them a strong contender for owners looking for a reliable and nutritious diet.

Is Pure Balance on the recall list? The answer is no.

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