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Is There Extra Time in Carabao Cup? Rules on Penalties, Replays and Format (Answered 2023)

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Is there extra time in carabao cupYou can’t wait for the Carabao Cup semi-finals, can you? Here’s a quick rundown of the format so you’re ready for extra time and penalties.

The remaining four clubs battle for a spot in the Wembley final, dreaming of glory and silverware.

It goes straight to 30 minutes of extra time, then penalties if needed. So expect drama under the lights as these heavyweight clubs leave nothing in the tank pursuing their shot at greatness.

Strap yourself in for a thriller – extra time awaits in the Carabao Cup!

Key Takeaways

  • Changes in Carabao Cup format since 2018-19
  • There is no extra time in the early rounds
  • The semifinal legs have extra time if still level after 180 minutes total
  • Extra time will be played in the final if the score is drawn after 90 minutes

Carabao Cup Format

Carabao Cup Format
You’re in for a treat – the Carabao Cup semis now go into extra time if level after 90 minutes! The format has evolved over the years. Extra time was once standard, but not anymore. Since 2018-19, matches go straight to penalties after 90 minutes to keep the action intense.

The only exception is the semifinal legs. Being a two-legged tie, extra time allows a decisive outcome after 180 minutes, before the shootout lottery. This format change happened quietly, so casual fans may not realize. Don’t be caught off guard! Tune into the upcoming semis on January 5th and 12th expecting an additional 30 minutes if needed.

With knockout stakes at the highest point yet, these fixtures will be cup classics.

Extra Time Rules

Extra Time Rules
After discussing the unique cup format, let’s turn our attention to the extra time rules in the Carabao Cup.

Unlike most cup competitions, extra time is no longer a part of the initial rounds in the Carabao Cup. Matches going into extra time used to be commonplace, but since 2018-19, the tournament has done away with it completely until the semifinal stage.

Now, any match that’s level after 90 minutes goes straight to penalties. An ABBA shootout format was experimented with briefly, but the traditional ABAB format was soon reinstated.

However, extra time returns for the semifinal ties. If the two-legged semis are level after 180 minutes across both legs, 30 minutes of extra time will be played before penalties if needed. This extra period was reintroduced for the final two rounds to help determine the champion.

So extra time’s only seen now in the Carabao Cup during the semifinals and final.

Penalties Format

Penalties Format
Since penalties now immediately follow full-time in early rounds, you’d best practice those spot kicks before your next Carabao Cup match. With the ABBA Penalty Format gone, the traditional sequential penalty shootout format is back.

Each team takes five kicks, alternating shots. If still level, sudden death ensues, continuing the alternating pattern. Remember – keepers can’t move off their line early, and stutter steps are prohibited when approaching the ball.

Study your opponents’ penalty tendencies for an edge in the Penalty Decider. With no extra time until the semis, steel your nerves and keep your penalty cool, as you may need to win the match from the spot.

The Penalty Procedure is unforgiving – a miss could end your Carabao Cup run. Master your technique now before entering the lion’s den.

No Replays in Carabao Cup

No Replays in Carabao Cup
Get going straight to penalties if Carabao Cup matches are level after normal time.

  • Eliminating replays increases fixture congestion.
  • Semi-final legs go straight to spot kicks if drawn after 90 minutes.
  • No extra time until the final creates penalty drama earlier.
  • Historical changes demonstrate competition evolution.

The Carabao Cup now skips extra time in all rounds except the final. If the score’s level after regulation, teams immediately take penalties to settle knockout ties. This forces penalty drama in the semis and provides a consistent, condensed format throughout the tournament.

Upcoming Semi-Finals

Upcoming Semi-Finals
With extra time returning for the semis, fans are eager to see how the matches play out. The upcoming fixtures pit rivals against one another, with Chelsea taking on Spurs and the Gunners facing Liverpool.

Though Erik ten Hag’s Man United crashed out, the semis feature the Premier League’s finest. Key players like Kane, Havertz, Salah, and Martinelli can decide games singlehandedly.

The stakes are lofty, with a trip to Wembley awaiting the victors. Tight contests will test the referees’ decisions. Whoever wins will gain momentum ahead of the final. Guaranteed drama in these blockbuster ties.

Final Format

Final Format
You’d see penalty shootouts if the Carabao Cup semifinal matches are level after regulation before extra time is reintroduced for the final.

  • The Carabao Cup final follows tradition with extra time if drawn after 90 minutes.
  • There are two 15-minute periods of extra time played if necessary.
  • It goes straight to penalties if still level after extra time.
  • The final is scheduled for Sunday, February 26, 2023 at Wembley Stadium.
  • The winner qualifies for the 2023–24 UEFA Europa Conference League.


The Carabao Cup is an exciting tournament, and fans have been mesmerized by the format which has evolved over the years. From no extra time in the first five rounds, to introducing it in the semifinals, the rules have been tweaked to perfection.

With no replays, and the ABBA penalty shootout format briefly experimented with before reverting to the traditional format, the games have been more thrilling than ever.

As Chelsea and Tottenham, and Arsenal and Liverpool face off in the upcoming semi-finals, there is sure to be extra time if the matches remain level after 90 minutes. To crown the champion, the final will be played over one match, with the winner qualified for the UEFA Europa Conference League.

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