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Is There Extra Time in Carabao Cup or Straight to Penalties? Rules for Quarter-finals & Finals (Answered 2024)

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Is there extra time in carabao cupLast night’s Carabao Cup quarter-final between Liverpool and West Ham ended 1-1 after 90 minutes.

You’re on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, wondering if it’ll go to extra time or straight to penalties.

Here’s the deal: the quarters go straight to spot kicks, no extra time.

You’ll have to wait until the semis for an extra 30 minutes of cup football.

Buckle up for a nervy shootout, where steel nerves and luck separate the winners from the losers.

Key Takeaways

  • Extra time is only used in the semifinals (both legs) and final
  • Matches drawn after 90 minutes go straight to penalties in earlier rounds
  • Quarter-finals and earlier rounds proceed directly to penalties when tied
  • The final has extra time before penalties if still drawn after the extra period

Carabao Cup Extra Time Rules

Carabao Cup Extra Time Rules
You’ll only see extra time used in the Carabao Cup during the second leg of the semifinals and the final.

The rationale is to reduce additional fatigue caused by playing beyond 90 minutes.

Extra time was used in each round until the 2018/19 season, but EFL clubs voted to cut back to address fatigue issues.

The thinking is that the final stages merit the added drama of extra time and penalty dramas to determine the winner, while earlier rounds go straight to spot kicks after 90 minutes to limit wear on players with packed schedules and no Carabao Cup replays.

Carabao Cup Penalties

Carabao Cup Penalties
You’re probably wondering how penalty kicks work in the Carabao Cup.

Matches drawn after 90 minutes go directly to a penalty shootout.

Spot kicks currently follow the traditional format.

The competition trialed the ABBA concept in 2017/18 but reverted in 2018/19.

Four Carabao Cup finals between 2012 and 2022 were decided on penalties.

There’s always penalty shootout drama and tension in the Carabao Cup.

The thrilling finals showdowns decided by penalties are etched in the competition’s history.

In 2023/24, Chelsea and Fulham won quarterfinals via tense shootouts, keeping the Carabao Cup’s reputation for nail-biting finals and knockout rounds alive.

Carabao Cup Replays

Carabao Cup Replays
There are no replays you’re involved in at any stage of the tournament.

This elimination of replays is a historical change that has been implemented to ensure decisive moments are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Instead, tiebreakers such as extra time and penalties determine the winner when necessary.

In the Carabao Cup quarter-finals and finals, if a match is tied after 90 minutes, it goes straight to penalties without any additional playing time.

This rule adds an element of excitement and pressure to these crucial stages of the competition, where teams must showcase their skills under intense circumstances for ultimate victory in the Carabao Cup.

What Happens When Carabao Cup Matches Are Drawn?

What Happens When Carabao Cup Matches Are Drawn
After 90 minutes, there are no replays – the game goes straight to a penalty shootout to determine a winner.

In the quarter-finals and earlier rounds, if the score is level after regulation, the match proceeds directly to penalties.

The ABBA concept for spot kicks was trialed in 2017-18 but reverted back to ABAB.

With no extra time used before the final, penalty shootouts quickly decide drawn fixtures.

For the final at Wembley, 30 minutes of extra time is played before penalties.

This streamlined tiebreaker method provides excitement and drama for fans while reducing additional fatigue on players.

Is VAR Used in the Carabao Cup?

Is VAR Used in the Carabao Cup
When will VAR be implemented in the Carabao Cup?

VAR won’t be used in the Carabao Cup until the semi-final stage.

VAR wasn’t used in quarter-finals or earlier rounds.

VAR was introduced to help officials make more accurate decisions.

It has been implemented in the Premier League and Champions League.

VAR is expected to improve fairness and accuracy of the Carabao Cup.

Extra time is only used in the second leg of the semifinals and the final in the Carabao Cup to reduce player fatigue.

Matches go straight to penalties if tied after 90 minutes in the quarter-finals.

Carabao Cup Semi-Finals and Final Format

Carabao Cup Semi-Finals and Final Format
To build on how VAR now comes into play at the semi-final stage:

  • You’ll play extra time in both legs of the semifinals and the final before resorting to penalties.
  • The format allows for more drama and suspense before the decisive spot kicks.
Semi-Final Final
Two legs At Wembley
Away goals One match
Aggregate score Cup on the line
Penalties Penalties
VAR in use VAR in use

Extra time and penalties add to the tension and excitement at the business end of the competition. VAR aims to ensure accurate decisions are made during the Semi-Final Drama and Wembley Showdown for the Carabao Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any squad restrictions in the Carabao Cup?

You’ve raised a good question about squad restrictions in the Carabao Cup.

The short answer is no, there are currently no limits on squad size or which players can be selected in each round.

Managers have full flexibility over team selection as they chase glory in England’s second-biggest cup competition.

How are draws conducted for each round of the Carabao Cup?

You’re correct, there’s no extra time in Carabao Cup matches until the semifinals.

Draws are conducted randomly, with no seeding, for each round.

Lower division clubs get home advantage when playing Premier League sides.

Games go straight to penalties if level after 90 minutes, except in the semis and final when 30 minutes of extra time are played first.

Has the Carabao Cup always been played at Wembley Stadium?

The Carabao Cup final hasn’t always been played at Wembley Stadium.

Originally, the final was held at various neutral venues around England until the late 1960s, when Wembley became the permanent site.

The famous stadium provides a fitting climax for clubs chasing glory in this cherished competition.

What happens if the Carabao Cup final ends in a draw after extra time?

If the Carabao Cup final is still tied after extra time, it goes to penalties.

The two teams take turns with one kick each, scored by five different players from each squad.

If still level after the first five penalty kicks, it proceeds to sudden death spot kicks.

Have any teams outside the Premier League won the Carabao Cup recently?

Unfortunately, no teams outside the Premier League have won the Carabao Cup in recent years.

The gulf between the top flight and the rest of the English football pyramid seems wider than ever, making it extremely difficult for lower league sides to go all the way in this competition.

We can hope for a heroic underdog story in the future, but the cold hard truth is that the Premier League elite have a stranglehold on the League Cup.


Phew, quite a nail-biter that was, lads!

Straight to penalties it’s for the Carabao Cup quarters, so buckle up and brace yourselves.

No time for extra fannying about — just raw nerves and blind luck separating the winners from the losers.

Forget composure, finesse, and tactics now — it’s all down to who can keep their breakfast down in the daunting walk to the spot.

May the steadiest hands and truest aim prevail in the high-stakes pressure cooker of the shootout!

Focus now and keep your head, because there’s no extra time to spare at this stage of the cup.

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