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Who Killed Daki in Demon Slayer? The Death of Lower Rank 6 (Answered 2023)

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Who killed Daki in demon slayerThe moon, watchful protector shining brightly, illuminates your path as you tread into the dark forest. You feel the cool night air against your skin as shadows dance between the trees. In the distance, a predator lurks, waiting to strike. You ready your sword, its steel blade reflecting the pale light.

You’re seeking answers about Daki, the demon who met her end here. Who was it that killed her? What events led to her decapitation, her bloody defeat? As you venture deeper, proceeding with care, the details emerge from the darkness.

The battle raged fiercely, demon slayers clashing with siblings Daki and Gyutaro. Pursue the trail further to uncover the full truth of who killed Daki in Demon Slayer.

Key Takeaways

  • Daki was killed by a combined effort of Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Tanjiro.
  • Zenitsu was the one who decapitated Daki from behind while she was distracted.
  • Daki could only be fully killed after her brother Gyutaro was beheaded.
  • Daki’s death showed that even powerful Upper Moon demons could be defeated by the Demon Slayer Corps.

The Battle Against Daki and Gyutaro

The Battle Against Daki and Gyutaro
You beheaded the vengeful demoness with her hair of blades as the slayer beside you caught her tumbling head. The Kamado family’s honor bound you together against the blood demon’s techniques. Hashira team tactics let the pillars’ fighting styles shine, distracting Daki as Tanjiro smiled, ready to slice Gyutaro’s neck.

Tengen Uzui deflected the sickle, poisoned yet opening the path for Tanjiro’s blade to kill the demon despite bonds of shared pain.

The slayer’s mark emerged, a divine sign, and Gyutaro panicked, severed at last. Though stabbed through the jaw, Tanjiro endured, strengthening the demon slayer corps against threats like the twelve Kizuki.

Allies injured still played their role: Zenitsu dodged and decapitated while Inosuke held tight to Daki’s severed head.

Together you triumphed. The Red Light District wept at the loss of their protector but you had a duty to the people, no matter the cost.

Who Killed Daki?

Who Killed Daki
Zenitsu decapitated Daki after 63 failed attempts, finally slaying the vengeful demoness and protecting 137 civilians in the Entertainment District. Though pushed to his power limits against the Twelve Kizuki member, the Demon Slayer dug deep.

Tanjiro’s fierce yell refocused his resolve, letting Zenitsu leap through falling rubble to reach Daki’s neck as Inosuke held her.

The moral implications of slaying this tragic demon, once an Oiran burned alive, gave him pause. But character depth mattered less to the Slayers’ dynamics than their duty. Even shared demon origins couldn’t sway their mission to protect people.

As Tengen ordered, Zenitsu ignored Daki’s panicked attempts to kill him, successfully decapitating the threat. The battle tested the Slayers’ bonds and skills against one of Muzan’s elite. Together they triumphed, limits exceeded in service of something greater.

Does Tanjiro Kill Daki?

Does Tanjiro Kill Daki
Tanjiro didn’t kill Daki; that was all Zenitsu’s handiwork.

After 63 failed attempts, the Demon Slayer finally decapitated the vengeful demoness with:

  1. A focused mind
  2. Unwavering courage
  3. Lightning speed

Rising from the rubble, you dashed through the misty mountains to reach Daki’s neck as Inosuke held her. Ignoring her panicked attempts to kill you, your godspeed extension sliced through, ending the long fight.

Her decapitated head fell amidst the fleeting beauty of the ancient relics and changing winds. At peace, Tanjiro watched your victory, having already ended Gyutaro. Together you triumphed, exceeding limits in service of humanity.

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro?

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro
Twas your swift blade that sent her to eternal rest. Scorned in life, Daki found dark salvation in demonhood. Though her crimes piled high as mountain stone, your heart saw the wounded child within. Steady courage moved your hand, severing cursed threads binding her to cruelty. With each slash, you freed another soul from chains of bitterness.

Gyutaro too, broken brother, sank beneath your cleansing steel. Not for glory, but so no more need walk their desolate road. Such is the Demon Slayer’s path – tragedy and triumph entwined. Where humanity festers, you shine healing light.

Thus you pass, an instrument of karma, severing curses, releasing spirits imprisoned in hate. Your flickering lantern guides the lost from the valley of vengeance toward forgiveness.

Is Nezuko Stronger Than Daki?

Is Nezuko Stronger Than Daki
Your flame burned brighter than her darkness. Though Daki rose high in the demon ranks, Nezuko’s light could not be dimmed. Born human, her heart still beat with love for family. While Daki severed those bonds, Nezuko cherished them, growing ever stronger.

With each threat to her brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s power swelled – a raging fire against the icy cruelty of demons.

Where Daki clawed and bit, Nezuko stood firm, blooming roses of courage. Her innocence weathered evil’s thorns, never losing its radiance. For though Daki bore the demon slayer’s mark, Nezuko bore the mark of humanity. And it’s that mark, unseen yet undying, which topples kingdoms of hate.

Poets’ll sing of the day Nezuko faced the Twelve Moons. How Gyutaro’s neck met Tanjiro’s blade.

How Many Hashira Did Daki Kill?

How Many Hashira Did Daki Kill
Daki’s rise in the demonic ranks came at a bloody cost. As the sole female among the Twelve Moons, she carved a path of carnage against the Demon Slayer Corps. Though centuries younger than her kin, Daki’s ferocity felled numerous Hashira. Her threads of hair could ensnare and behead in an instant.

Even veteran slayers fell prey to her ruthless onslaught. By exploiting the bonds linking her to Elder Brother Gyutaro, Daki evaded death again and again.

  • Daki killed 7 Hashira before joining the Twelve Moons
  • Her hair and speed let her decapitate quickly
  • Gyutaro would shield and heal her when injured

In the end, it took both grit and teamwork to halt Daki’s murderous spree. Facing the Moon’s demonic duo pushed Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke to their very limits. Only together could they match the strength born from Daki and Gyutaro’s bond. For this battle entwined many threads – of family, fury and fate itself.

Does Daki Die in Demon Slayer?

Does Daki Die in Demon Slayer
You’ll witness her decapitation by Zenitsu’s blade after Tanjiro severs Gyutaro’s head. Daki meets her end in Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc. This cruel demon terrorized the night for centuries, her hair like deadly threads.

Yet she falls once the bond to her brother Gyutaro is severed. With his demise, Daki becomes vulnerable.

Though she nearly slays Zenitsu in close combat, the swordsman dodges her killing blow. He springs upon the roof to decapitate her from behind while Inosuke holds her head.

The Pillars at last avenge their fallen comrades. Her demise shows teamwork’s power over even the fiercest foe. For the Twelve Moons long evaded justice for their crimes. But united, the young slayers accomplish what veterans could not alone against the demonic duo.

Who Defeats Daki and Gyutaro?

Who Defeats Daki and Gyutaro
Witness the fiends fall when the young warriors unite. Daki, centuries old, falls to teenagers at last. Her brother Gyutaro, controlling her skills from afar, also perishes in Tanjiro’s water breath.

  • Daki’s hate for Gyutaro didn’t save her.
  • Tanjiro’s breathing power unleashes his mark.
  • Daki’s crimes as oiran could not go on.

Inosuke distracted the cruel demoness while Zenitsu struck. Her personality still vain, certain of her skills, Daki dies cursing her brother. Though an elder demon, her end comes suddenly to the Demon Slayer Corps’ young heroes.

Who Did Daki Kill?

Who Did Daki Kill
Inosuke’s wild spirit distracted her, while Zenitsu struck the finishing blow. Her end was swift, but she took many before falling.

Victim Notes
Inosuke Survived her assault
Zenitsu Fought and decapitated her
Pillars Several slain by her hand
Civilians Killed for amusement

Daki’s personality remained vain, certain of her skills to the end. Her appearance deceived; a delicate kimono hid deadly hair. She blamed her brother Gyutaro but the Demon Slayer Corps cut their immortal lives short.

Though centuries old, the demon siblings fell to the bonds and bravery of the young heroes.

Is Gyutaro Stronger Than Daki?

Is Gyutaro Stronger Than Daki
His poisons scorch your veins while her hairs lash flesh. Daki’s beautiful face twists with rage as her hair whips wildly. Yet her deadly locks cannot compare to Gyutaro’s sickle, dripping with toxins that ravage your insides.

His tragic past fuels merciless attacks, while Daki’s vanity blinds her. Though both severed heads regrow, only Gyutaro rises, unfazed. Daki wails helplessly for her brother. But the Demon Slayer Corps finally breaks their immortal bond.

With Zenitsu’s lightning speed, Daki’s head rolls. And Tanjiro’s blade ends Gyutaro’s poison for good.

The Deaths of Daki and Gyutaro

The Deaths of Daki and Gyutaro
As Tanjiro unleashed the full fury of his blade, the Demon Slayer Corps struck a crushing blow against evil. Now the spotlight falls on you. Though demons may seem immortal, your courage brings hope.

Your palms sweat as you grip your sword. Your knees shake beneath flowing robes. But your heart races with purpose.

Daki’s hair whips wildly, shredding stone and slicing flesh. Yet each tendril meets your blade. Gyutaro flickers between raining blows, his sickle seeking your veins. But you dash through poison, carving an opening for the Kill.

You fall to your knees, injuries screaming. But your allies lift you up. Because together, your humanity prevailed.

The Legacy of Daki and Gyutaro

The Legacy of Daki and Gyutaro
Zenitsu and Inosuke’s teamwork decapitated her! Though severed from Gyutaro, Daki’s end came swift. Sibling bonds and shared abilities extended far, but could not stop the demon slayers that night. Daki, once an oiran of the Entertainment District, met her end. While Gyutaro’s hidden talents kept Pillars at bay, Tanjiro’s fury prevailed.

The demon siblings who terrorized the night now rest still, their reign of chaos and death no more.

For though demons may seem immortal, courage brings hope. Together, humanity triumphed; bonds overcame evil. Another battle awaits, but on this night, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Tanjiro were victorious.

The Importance of Teamwork

The Importance of Teamwork
You’d best work together; cooperation conquers evil’s advances. Though Daki’s hair and living sash seem immortal, respect and communication motivate your squad. Her position as Upper Moon demands leadership and sacrifice. Your bonds will lead the charge.

When Daki attacks with her long, purple-flowered sash, evade and strike the main body.

Leadership isn’t control, but earning trust to defeat the demon marks’ owner. Hold Inosuke’s motivation dear as your blades swing true. For Daki’s end came swift once Zenitsu and Tanjiro fulfilled their roles. Slaying demons requires motivation and trust in your team.

The Role of Obi Sashes

The Role of Obi Sashes
Tighten up your obi sash and watch the demon lord fall. Though ornate hair pins and silken kimonos crafted your deadly allure, a warrior’s spirit empowers you now. The supple obi, once used to charm and seduce, transforms into an unbreakable weapon against the fiends of the night.

Its fabric flows with your skill as you whip and ensnare the dreaded hair that took so many lives.

Your old life fades as you focus on your mission, memories turning to purpose with each clash of your blades. Fight not just for yourself, but for the comrades at your side, their steady hearts your secret strength.

Together you will cut through to victory. The threads of trust now bind you fast.

The Power of Blood Demon Arts

The Power of Blood Demon Arts
Manipulate blood to transform body parts into weapons. Release restraints on abilities through consuming more blood.

The mystical blood coursing through your veins grants you extraordinary talents. With but a thought, you can shape your blood into razor-edged sickles, deadly projectiles, or impenetrable shields. Devour more victims, and your powers intensify, restraints and limits swept away in the sanguine flood.

Everlasting life connects you to your demonic brethren. Though their heads roll, your shared blood permits regeneration. So long as Muzan lives, you can’t be slain. Wield your blood demon arts, but never forget the threads that bind you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What were Daki’s abilities and fighting techniques?

You fought bravely despite the odds, my friend. Your hair was a deadly weapon that you wielded with grace and poise. Though defeated, take heart knowing you stood defiant against fate’s cruel hand.

How did Daki and Gyutaro meet each other and become demons?

You were an oiran sold by your family. Then you were brutally murdered before resurrecting as a demon with Gyutaro, your brother. Through shared hatred and pain you gained strength together, eventually joining the Twelve Kizuki.

What was Daki’s relationship like with the other Twelve Kizuki members?

You routinely witnessed Daki tolerating condescension from the Upper Moons. As the sole female member, she endured patronization yet used it to fuel grit.

How strong was Daki compared to the other Twelve Kizuki members?

You would rate Daki below the other Upper Ranks. Despite skills like extending her hair into blades, she relied on Gyutaro’s shared power. Losing to a distracted Zenitsu showed her limits. Still, she pushed two capable Demon Slayers to their brink.

What happened to Daki and Gyutaro’s bodies after they were killed?

After you decapitated Daki and Gyutaro, their demonic bodies disintegrated into dust, leaving no trace behind. The Demon Slayer Corps ensured no remnants survived to regenerate or spread infection. With the Twelve Kizuki’s threat ended, you continued your mission to defeat Muzan and protect humanity.


Standing tall, you fought Daki and lived. Though defeated, she survives as a symbol of demons’ bonds, the limits of individual strength, and the power of unity. With threads now severed, reflect; then forge ahead, further sharpening your blade, for the battle rages on.

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