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Can Reimi Sugimoto See Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? (Answered 2023)

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Welcome! Have you ever wondered if Reimi, a character from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, can see Stands? She is a ghost who appears after being murdered, and there are many questions about her ability to interact with the supernatural.

In this article, we will explore the answer to that question in detail, as well as look at other related topics such as whether normal people can see Stands in Jojo or not, and how non-Stand users sense them.

Key Takeaways

Can reimi see stands?

  • Reimi from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a ghost who can see and communicate with Stands.
  • Stands can only be seen by Stand users, but some non-Stand users may be able to sense them.
  • Reimi’s ability to detect Stands is rare and is due to her large, violet-pink eyes.
  • Stands have unique abilities and can have a profound effect on non-Stand users, such as Reimi relying on her Point Reimi Stand ability for protection.

Who Can See Stands?

Reimi is able to see Stands that most people cannot, her large violet-pink eyes piercing through the darkness. Stand users like Rohan Kishibe and Yoshikage Kira possess incredible stand powers which allow them visibility of Reimi’s ghostly form in Ghost Girl’s Alley.

Through interaction with these stands, she is even able to manipulate Cube House – a materialized tesseract controlled by her autonomous stand.

Her limited memories are restored as Arrow Cross House when interacting with other stands, but they eventually fade away again once reuniting with Rohan and Koichi Hirose at last. It was their combined abilities that allowed Reimi’s spirit peace after finally finding justice for those murdered before her time.

This enabled the young girl to ascend into Heaven along with Arnold – the beloved dog who stayed loyally beside his master until the end of days.

Can Normal People See Stands Jojo?

can normal people see stands jojo?
No, normal people cannot see Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Stand Powers are exclusive to Stand Users and those with a special type of vision.

Reimi Sugimoto, Yoshikage Kira’s third victim, and Rohan Kishibe’s first friend, was one such individual who could sense the presence of Stands after she became a ghost stranded in Ghost Alley. Despite being dead, she could still interact with Ryōhei Higashikata and others from Morioh that had unique abilities related to their own Stands or otherwise supernatural powers granted by them.

As for everyday citizens without these gifts, however, they remain oblivious to the world of stands. This often allows for some incredible stand battles between users, as well as other strange phenomena related to them, like ghosts or invisible entities existing alongside regular humans unaware of their existence at all times.

Can Stands Harm Ghosts?

You may wonder if Stands can harm the ghostly Reimi, but her ethereal form is far too intangible to be affected. While she cannot be harmed by Stand powers, Reimi also cannot perceive them unless someone with a Stand ability can see or hear her.

This means that while she was alive and after her death, she was unable to detect any of the supernatural abilities in Morioh until Rohan and Koichi could communicate with her. Even when Shigekiyo Yangu’s soul appears before Ryohei Higashikata after his death, he still possesses his own unique perception as a ghost beyond stand invisibility or visibility limitations.

Ghosts and stands exist on different planes of existence which makes it impossible for either party to interact physically except through an intermediary like Penelope de la Rosa who has both Ghost immortality and Stand abilities at once in JORGE JOESTAR novel series where alternate realities are explored differently from Diamond is Unbreakable arc continuity storyline involving Kira’s stand ability being used against ghosts like Reimi Sugimoto.

Can Non-Stand Users Sense Stands?

can non-stand users sense stands?
Although only Stand users can truly detect Stands, Reimi’s empathy allows her to sense the presence of supernatural entities. She was even able to recognize the spirit of a ghost girl who had been killed by Yoshikage Kira before Rohan Kishibe and Koichi Hirose showed up with their Stands.

Even though she is unable to directly interact with them, Reimi has an understanding of how they work and their limits when it comes to interacting with other spirits or humans. She also understands that some people may be more sensitive than others when it comes to detecting Stands or sensing their effects on those around them.

Despite being invisible and intangible for most non-Stand users, Reimi’s BWH measurements were still visible as well as her dog Arnold during Stand sightings in Morioh Town; although both are ghosts now residing in Heaven after Kira’s demise.

Furthermore, she helped guide Jotaro Kujo through his journey while assisting him against Dio Brando in the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – proving that spirits like Sugimoto Reimi have a major role within this universe just like any living person would have if given similar circumstances.

Can People See Stands JoJo?

can people see stands jojo?
In the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, people with supernatural abilities are able to see Stand Users and their Stands. Reimi Sugimoto is one such character who can utilize her ghostly powers to perceive Stand usage and defend herself from them.

She has large violet-pink eyes that signify her Stand perception strengths while also highlighting her weaknesses as a spirit without a physical body.

Moreover, Reimi has access to special Stand Powers like becoming intangible at will, which she uses against villains like Yoshikage Kira in both the manga and live-action film adaptations of Diamond is Unbreakable set in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Additionally, she serves as an ally for Josuke Higashikata by helping him open Heaven’s Door during his battle against Dio Brando in volume 9 of the series.

This illustrates how Stands can be seen if you have certain spiritual power or knowledge; however, some remain invisible unless you possess specific divine capabilities bestowed upon characters throughout Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure universe.

What Stands Can Be Seen by Normal People?

what stands can be seen by normal people?
Moving on from the previous subtopic, this new one focuses on determining what stands can be seen by normal people.

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, stands are supernatural powers that manifest themselves as a physical entity in the form of an apparition or spirit. Depending on their strength and type, some stands may not be detectable to regular humans while others could be seen by anyone with a keen eye.

For example, Reimi Sugimoto had her stand which allowed her to become intangible at will; however, it was usually invisible unless someone with Stand abilities looked for it specifically. The same goes for Rohan Kishibe’s stand Heaven’s Door – although its effects were visible even to those without Stands (such as Chin-Length Light-Colored Hair).

Even so, there are other types of Stands where only certain individuals can see them, such as Killer Queen – Light Novel Jorge Joestar’s most powerful Stand ability which he couldn’t control due to his recent memory loss caused by Reimi’s own Stand Arrow Cross House.

To further understand:

  1. Stand Powers refer mainly to manipulating time & space, using telekinesis & precognition.
  2. The Effects of each differ based upon their usage, e.g., enhanced speed or increased strength.
  3. Different Types come about through different means such as bloodlines or unique items.
  4. The Strength determines whether a person needs another power/ability just to observe.
  5. Rohan Kishibe has several unseen yet effective abilities.
  6. Light Novel Jorge Joestar uses Killer Queen but gets overwhelmed.
  7. Reimi’s Arrow Cross House steals away memories.
  8. Can Reimi See Stands? Yes, sometimes limitedly so.

Can a Camera See a Stand?

can a camera see a stand?
You may not be able to see Stands with your eyes, but a camera can capture them. Stand power and strength are seen by Stand Users, as well as anyone else using the Alice Band W. This device, made famous by Rohan Kishibe in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR’s Body, allows for limited visibility of Stands.

It enables users to spot those that share their abilities or even take pictures of them.

With this technology, people like Koichi Hirose have been able to locate and identify any hidden Stand users in Morioh town who might be up to no good.

Can Gyro See Stands?

can gyro see stands?
Gyro has the power to detect and interact with Stands, just like Reimi. His Stand ability allows him to sense when someone is a Stand user or not. He can also manifest a powerful armor-clad horse that can fight in combat with other Stands and produce various effects on its own.

He wears Choker W, which further enhances his abilities by allowing him to read people’s expressions and predict their next move in battle. Additionally, he wears Platform Sandals W, which give him an edge over opponents during stand battles since they increase the speed of his movements exponentially.

With these items equipped, he can make short work out of most Stand users, even without having manifested his own Stand yet.

Furthermore, Pocky Horoscope gives Gyro insight into potential danger before it happens.

Are JoJo Stands Spirits?

are jojo stands spirits?
Discovering whether JoJo Stands are spirits or not is a mysterious journey, one requiring bravery and the willingness to explore fantastical realms beyond your wildest imagination!

Reimi Sugimoto from Diamond is Unbreakable had an ability that allowed her to interact with Stand users. She could see their Stands, communicate with them, and even use her own hands when necessary. Furthermore, she was able to determine Rohan Kishibe’s infant status by observing his skill data, which gave him support effect on himself.

This indicates that Reimi had some understanding of how Stand powers work, as well as visibility into the spirit world they inhabit – something most humans cannot do without supernatural abilities themselves.

While there has been no definitive answer about whether JoJo stands are truly spirits or not yet, it seems clear that those like Reimi have access far beyond what other humans can perceive.

Can Stands Effect Non Stand Users?

can stands effect non stand users?
Witness the supernatural powers of Stands as they can have a profound effect on non-Stand users. Reimi Sugimoto, a character in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is an example of this – while she may not be able to see or interact with Stands directly herself, her experience with them has been incredibly meaningful and influential.

As one who was murdered by Yoshikage Kira’s Stand Killer Queen before being resurrected as a ghost in Morioh Town’s Ghost Alley, Reimi relies heavily on Rohan Kishibe and Koichi Hirose’s Point Reimi Stand ability to make her presence known throughout the town.

She witnesses Shigekiyo Yangu’s spirit brought back through Heaven Ascension DIO from afar due to his proximity to Jotaro Kujo’s Star Platinum stand power, which allows him access into other dimensions that are otherwise closed off without it.

Indeed, even when not seen or heard by ordinary humans, Stands are still capable of making their impact felt upon those around them – including those like Reimi who cannot see them at all! Through cooperation between different kinds of people (including non-Stand users), these powerful forces can ultimately bring about positive change for everyone involved.

Can Stand Users See Souls?

can stand users see souls?
You won’t believe it, but Reimi can spot Stands even when they’re invisible to the naked eye! Her supernatural powers allow her to notice a Stand’s presence and detect their abilities. She is able to sense Stand Soul interaction and its effects on non-Stand users, such as the dripping sound that she heard coming from Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure.

As a 16-year-old girl of average height with a petite body, Reimi has been through many critical stages in life before her eventual demise at Kira Yoshikage’s hands. Yet she still retains this special power of being able to locate Stands even after death because someone with incredible courage like hers leaves an indelible mark in people’s lives – one that cannot be erased no matter how hard you try or where you go.

Even though we may not understand why destiny chose such an unfair ending for her, we can certainly recognize the strength within us all which will live on forever due to those who have gone before us like Reimi Sugimoto did during the Diamond Is Unbreakable arc.

What is a Stand Spirit?

what is a stand spirit?
Transitioning from the previous subtopic, Stands aren’t just a way to see souls; they can interact with one another and even power other Stand abilities. Reimi Sugimoto is an example of this as she utilizes her own Stand power—invisible to all without a Stand—to protect herself and Arnold’s Corpse from serial killer Yoshikage Kira.

Not only could Reimi sense his presence, but she also had the ability to become intangible at will in order for them both to evade him.

This stands testament that Stands are more than mere spiritual phenomena; they possess many unique powers such as seeing each other’s presences or interacting with objects in their environment:

  • Stand Power: A user’s stand has its own distinct supernatural ability which it uses independently of its user. For instance, when first introduced by Part 4 protagonist Josuke Higashikata, Crazy Diamond was able to repair broken items while simultaneously healing wounds on people nearby without any input from Josuke himself.
  • Stand Ability: When activated, these special abilities have various effects depending on what type of stand you possess—some might be capable of telekinesis while others may be able to create powerful blasts or force fields around themselves.
  • Stand Seeing: Some users are even capable of using their stands to perceive invisible entities like ghosts or spirits; this is how Koichi Hirose was ultimately able to save Reimi after spotting her ghostly silhouette during the story arc featuring Diamond Is Unbreakable’s first victims.

Finally, through courageously aiding Rohan Kishibe and Koichi Hirose throughout Morioh’s final battle against DIO Brando’s villainous reign over the town, Reimi contributed greatly towards ensuring the safety of those living there, including herself, despite being long dead prior to the events taking place.

This is a remarkable feat considering her lack of a physical body, which would have allowed her to use the most conventional methods of self-defense seen amongst other characters in the ‘Joestar Group’.

Do Non-Stand Users Know About Stands?

do non-stand users know about stands?
You’d be surprised to find out that even non-Stand users know about Stands, as if they were an urban legend – stories so wild you wouldn’t believe them unless you saw it with your own eyes! Reimi Sugimoto was one such character who had heard of the mysterious Stand Powers.

Despite her untimely death at the hands of Yoshikage Kira, she was aware of their existence and sought protection using them in Morioh’s hidden street.

Through a colored version of herself projected from her upper arms, Reimi interacted with Rohan’s parents on the night of her murder and saved his life when he tripped in front of a speeding car. Even after becoming a ghost bounded to Ghost Alley, she still remembered what Stand Powers could do for those who sought help from them.

It is this knowledge which enabled Koichi Hirose and Rohan Kishibe to finally discover Kira’s real identity and put an end to all his evil deeds once again through Stand interaction.

In light of Reimi’s story, it stands testament that even though we may not have access or control over supernatural abilities like Stands ourselves, understanding their power is enough to bring justice when needed most.

Can Stands Interact With Non-Stand Users?

can stands interact with non-stand users?
Moving on from the previous subtopic, let’s explore if stands can interact with non-Stand users.

In the 37th universe of JORGE JOESTAR, Reimi is an autonomous Stand controlled by Penelope de la Rosa. Cube House is a materialized tesseract controlled by her, and Arrow Cross House contains all of her lost memories.

This would suggest that Stands have some sort of interaction or perception, even if it isn’t visible to other characters in different universe iterations.

Reimi was one example, but there are also many other defeated characters who were able to land back in Morioh Town thanks to their Stands’ powers (e.

  • Koichi Hirose and Rohan Kishibe were able to see Reimi after obtaining stand abilities;
  • Shigechi could sense danger through his stand Harvester;
  • Josuke Higashikata used Crazy Diamond against DIO Brando;
  • The heroes all fought together using their powerful stands against DIO Brando at the end – this suggests a connection between stand users and those without them despite never having interacted before.

It appears then that although only certain people can perceive what others cannot due to active Stand ability use, important things such as emotions like joy or fear may be felt regardless of whether someone has access or not – making it possible for those with no power over existence itself to nevertheless understand something wrong is happening somewhere else beyond our realm.

Which Stands Can Be Seen by Non-Stand Users?

which stands can be seen by non-stand users?
You’ll be relieved to know that Reimi can notice certain supernatural beings, as she is able to detect Stands despite her ghostly state. Her large, piercing violet-pink eyes (blue in the manga) give her an uncanny ability of Stand perception.

In the Jorge Joestar Light Novel and even with Rohan Kishibe’s fortune-telling method, it was revealed that Reimi could sense a Stand user’s presence in Ghost Girl’s Alley before they had even arrived there.

This means that she has some form of awareness when it comes to interacting with non-Stand users and detecting Stands within close proximity – something which is very rare for those without any kind of power or special abilities like herself.

However, this rarely happens outside of Ghost Girl’s Alley and hence why so few people are aware of what Reimi can see through light eyes alone!


In conclusion, it is clear that Stand users are the only ones who can truly see Stands, though some non-Stand users may be able to sense them. In the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stands are a powerful force that can be seen only by those who have a Stand ability.

This is exemplified by the story of Reimi Sugimoto, a ghost who could only be seen by Stand users. To the average person, she was invisible, yet to Koichi and Rohan she was a powerful figure whose spirit could be seen and felt.

Reimi’s story is a testament to the power of Stands and the importance of Stand users in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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