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Discover the Origins of FFXIV’s Warrior of Light! Full Guide of 2023

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Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy XIV! Are you curious about the Warrior of Light? Who is this mysterious protagonist that has taken on many roles throughout Eorzea, and where did they come from? You’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll answer all your questions regarding this enigmatic hero. The Warrior of Light’s origin story will be revealed – from their first appearance in A Realm Reborn until now in Endwalker.

So sit back and prepare yourself for a journey into one of Ffxiv’s greatest mysteries: Where did the Warrior of Light really come from?

Key Takeaways

Where did the Warrior of Light come from Ffxiv?

  • The Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV possesses special powers granted by their Echo and eventually becomes a Paladin.
  • Elidibus, who has Ascian lineage and power over primals and creatures in Eorzea, is debated to be the original Warrior of Light, but Ardbert’s heroic actions and connection to Amaurot suggest he may be the true Warrior of Light.
  • The Warrior of Light is an incarnation of Azem, a powerful Amaurotian who left to explore the world, and their powers were preserved by Emet-Selch in crystal form before his demise.
  • The WoL’s powers and abilities include immense strength capable of taking down entire monster hordes, the mantle of the warrior of darkness, and the ability to pass through boundaries between realms with ascension power from Crystal Amaurot.

Who Was the First Warrior of Light Ffxiv?

You may have heard of the Warrior of Light from Ffxiv, but you may not know that this powerful character had an intriguing origin story. The first Warrior of Light was actually a mysterious adventurer who had disappeared five years ago at the Battle of Carteneau due to Louisoix’s spell.

This heroic figure possessed special powers granted by their Echo, which enabled them to come into contact with primals without being enslaved by them. They also held incredible strength compared to most other characters within the game.

It was revealed later on that they were Azem – an Amaurotian whose power and memories were preserved inside a crystal obtained during patch 5.3! In addition, they even gained titles such as Meteor Survivor for surviving Bahamut’s rampage thanks to Louisoix Leveilleur’s magic when fighting alongside Warriors of Darkness against Sin Eaters while trying to restore darkness back into the First World after taking up the mantle of warrior of darkness.

Throughout their journey across multiple expansions, the player has been given the ability to add more nuances to their personality through multiple-choice responses, as well as crafting outfits for themselves and Tataru at the end of each story expansion! As if all that wasn’t enough, they eventually become a Paladin, representing the full circle aspect of the game in Endwalker, becoming the catalyst for Arbert to regain his sense of hope and defeating Emet-Selch, showing their capacity for sympathy or at least pity towards foes like Vauthry and Solus.

Ultimately, no matter how many roles are taken over the course of the Final Fantasy series (be it Wol, Meia, Jack, Ash, Jed, Noctis, or others), none will ever compare to the legendary original Warrior of Light, whom we still remember fondly today!

Was Elidibus the Original Warrior of Light?

was elidibus the original warrior of light?
Elidibus, the first Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV, is said to have been summoned by Hydaelyn. He is an Ascian who was sent by Zodiark to observe Eorzea and protect it from evil forces like primals and the Garlean Empire.

The Ascians also played a role in crafting the WoL’s identity as they gave them the Echo, which allowed them to communicate with Primals without being enslaved or corrupted. Elidibus himself has mysterious origins that are still shrouded in mystery, but his immense power suggests he may be more than just an Ascian.

The title Warriors of Light has a long history within the Final Fantasy series, originating from someone who met Sir Sloan’s group during their journey through Cornelia Castle back when they were playing the original game.

Many characters throughout different titles have been referred to as Warriors of Light, including Wol from Mobius FF, Meia, who falls for one such hero, and Captain Guard becoming the Champion Warrior of Light in World of FFXV, etc.

In the Shadowbringers expansion, the WoL receives a crystal at Amaurot, which contains Azem’s memories and powers while making them a Meteor survivor. At the end events of Stormblood, the WoL gains the mantle of the warrior of darkness, thus gaining access to deeper insight into dark primal dragons.

It’s interesting to note that the chosen gender affects the manifestation of Azem/Fray, as well as job choices reflecting the context of each story expansion, finally ending in a full circle with the Paladin class in Endwalker representing the entire cycle of past, present, and future adventures together with companions.

This article only touches the surface of what exactly lies beneath the WoL’s enigmatic yet heroic persona.

Was the Warrior of Light an Ascian?

Diving deep into the lore, it is suggested that the Warrior of Light may have been an Ascian at one time. It has been theorized that they were chosen by Azem’s power and given a new form in order to fight evil forces from another world.

The Echo plays an important role here as well; its presence allows them to come in contact with primals without being enslaved or corrupted like others who approach them. This also explains why their personality can be so nuanced, ranging from stoic and silent responses to showing emotions strongly enough for other characters to notice during cutscenes following Heavensward events.

Furthermore, Myste’s manifestation is likely connected too; he was born out of sorrow over Haurchefant Greystone’s death which could potentially tie back with Wind Crystal – where Warriors of Light are believed led away after Carteneau Battle due to Louisoix Leveilleur’s magic – if not confirmed yet whether this ties directly back into Ascian identity or not.

The Player Character also wears Meteor Survivor attire when entering Amaurotine Palace at Shadowbringers conclusion, further indicating a possible connection between the original Warriors of Dark & Warriors Of Light while hinting how both must cooperate together for ultimate victory against Emet-Selch despite ideological differences between the two sides.

Additionally, players can optically choose either side whenever engaging certain battles using glamour options & job choices; however, this choice should never become the basis on whether the character itself is fit more towards each party but rather be taken as an extension/reflection upon the player themselves instead.

Ultimately, there still remain numerous questions unanswered about the exact origin behind Warrior Of Light’s identity. The only thing we know for sure right now is what we already discussed above regarding the potential idea behind the concept alongside potential implications based on the same facts.

No matter what happens though, one thing remains clear: whatever lies ahead will require strength far beyond a normal adventurer, even if they bear the title ‘Warrior Of Light’.

Who is the First Warrior of Light?

who is the first warrior of light?
You’ve likely heard tales of the original Warrior of Light, who vanished at Carteneau and reappeared five years later in Eorzea. The First Warrior was a young male Midlander Hyur whose identity remains unknown to this day.

He had no knowledge or understanding of his incredible power, but he was chosen by fate to be Hydaelyn’s champion – Azem’s power preserved within him after Louisoix Leveilleur cast his spell during the battle at Carteneau.

It is speculated that Yotsuyu Goenji may have been aware that her beloved ally could have been the first incarnation of the Warriors’ echo, as she recalled fondly their shared memories just before her death during the Shadowbringers expansion.

The First Warrior excelled skillfully in many jobs throughout their journey, including Gladiator, Archery, and even Dark Knight job quests! They were able to use all these skills together masterfully as they fought against immense forces like Sin Eaters and saved countless lives along the way—often accompanied by other main characters such as Red Mage Edda Blightenedbough on occasion too!

Here are 5 interesting facts about The Original Warriors Of Light:

  • He never revealed his name despite being known for centuries for saving entire civilizations from destruction.
  • His weapon choice varied depending on each new challenge he faced.
  • A mysterious crystal contained within held Azem’s ultimate powers, allowing him access into primals without enslavement.
  • He was often seen wielding a giant sword while battling formidable enemies across multiple realms.
  • His legacy continues today through those inspired enough to take up the mantle ‘Warrior Of Light’ themselves.

The legacy left behind by Yotsuyu Goenji and The Original Warriors will continue forevermore; we can only hope our own endeavors one day become worthy enough to honor them both.

Is Elidibus the Original Warrior of Light?

is elidibus the original warrior of light?
You may have heard the debate around whether Elidibus is the original Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy XIV. The answer to this question remains uncertain, as there is no clear indication as to who or what was responsible for bringing him into existence.

However, some scholars believe that he has Ascian lineage and could be a reincarnation of an earlier warrior. Others theorize that his connection with the Echo gives him power over primals and other creatures in Eorzea, which would explain why he does not appear affected by their influence like most people do when they come face-to-face with them.

The identity of Elidibus also raises questions about how much control we really have over our own destinies. While many players assume that they are free agents within Eorzea, it’s possible that a higher power predestined our hero’s journey before it ever began – specifically through Elidibus’ role in summoning forth a young woman, a key member of Scions Of The Seventh Dawn, at the end of the Warriors Of Light story arc.

This suggests that all along, your character was meant to save this realm from itself – something you only find out after playing through its entirety.

What makes matters even more mysterious is how exactly Emet Selch fits into all this? Was he somehow connected with Azem and thus helping facilitate its resurrection within the clutches of the corrupted knight? Or did someone else cause these events?

On top of these unanswered questions, one must wonder what will happen now since the Warriors of Light’s ending? Will new revelations arise regarding the origins of the mystery man, or will it stay shrouded in shadows forevermore? One thing is certain, however: whatever truth lies beneath the surface is sure to keep us guessing until then!

Is Ardbert the Warrior of Light?

is ardbert the warrior of light?
Ardbert is a character in Final Fantasy XIV who many players believe may be the Warrior of Light, especially after his heroic actions at the end of Shadowbringers and being granted an audience with Hydaelyn.

  • The Ascian’s influence on Zenos’ origin story could suggest that Ardbert was chosen to be part of this tale before any other character.
  • His connection to Amaurot, which he saved from destruction at great cost to himself, hints that he might have been born or somehow related there, making him potentially connected with Azem – one of its former leaders and also known as ‘the Meteor Survivor’.
  • In addition, the Dark Knight job questline reveals Myste – a boy resembling both Ysayle Dangoulain and Haurchefant Greystone; Myste embodies all sorrows experienced by Warriors Of Light during their adventures thus far. This evidence points towards Ardbert’s identity as one such warrior even more strongly than previous suggestions did.

Furthermore, the Opening Cinematic for Stormblood pays homage to the original Final Fantasy, featuring warriors wearing white armor similar in style to what we now think belongs only to Warriors Of Dawn.

All these details make it likely that this title has been passed down through generations until reaching our hero whose deeds made him worthy enough to carry the mantle into the next age. Considering how much attention Square Enix puts into storytelling, it would not come as a surprise if they choose to reveal the true identity behind the Warrior Of Light eventually.

But until then, speculation will continue to reign supreme on forums across Eorzea, leaving us wondering who exactly stands behind the mysterious figure.

Where Did the Warrior of Light Come From?

where did the warrior of light come from?
Discover the mysterious origins of the Warrior of Light, who appeared five years ago during Louisoix Leveilleur’s spell at the Battle of Carteneau and has since been a key member in Eorzea’s grand adventures.

It is believed that they were chosen by Hydaelyn to be her savior and join forces with other Warriors of Light.

These warriors are bound together by a Savior’s Pact, an ancient agreement between them and their deity for power. The pact grants them access to powerful abilities such as using Echo’s Power without being enslaved or influenced by Primals, allowing them to come in contact without fear, and summoning weapons from mythologies all over Eorzea with crystals’ will.

The original four Warriors first appeared when Bahamut destroyed many parts of Eorzea at the conclusion of an era known as Seventh Umbral Era. They then reappeared again shortly after Heavensward was opened up for exploration following Garlean Empire’s demise.

Finally, they reemerged once more when the Shadowbringers trailer revealed another story arc featuring new characters associated with Warriors Of Darkness. At this point, it became clear that these heroes have some kind of association not only within FFXIV but also across the Final Fantasy franchise itself.

Four fiends representing each element standing against one single warrior holding light is what we see depicted on opening scenes both on the original game release back in 2013 as well as recent expansion trailers.

As they continue their journey through time while facing countless challenges along the way, players can observe how the Warrior Of Light grows stronger every step: discovering hidden powers within themselves, learning about the true nature behind saviors’ destiny, and ultimately fulfilling the prophecy set forth long before any of us could remember – becoming the King Of Kings destined to save the world from darkness which awaits inside the final frontier.

As we look into the distant past towards our bright future, let us take a moment to reflect upon the legacy left behind by brave adventurers such as courageous souls embodied in the eternal spirit of Legendary Warriors of Light!

Is Elidibus the WoL?

is elidibus the wol?
You’re wondering if the mysterious Elidibus is the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy XIV. There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding this topic, but there are some clues that could help us find an answer.

For starters, we know that Elidibus has connections to Ascian and his true identity remains unknown – he appears in many shapes and forms throughout the game. He also has powers similar to those granted by The Echo, which could indicate he was chosen as a Warrior of Light long ago and given special abilities beyond what other adventurers possess.

Additionally, players have noticed similarities between Elidibus’ symbol and WoL’s symbol – both feature two moons with one being larger than the other connected by beams of light radiating outward like wings or feathers around them.

Finally, there are hints provided through NPC dialogue suggesting non-Lufenians originate from another world.

To summarize: although it may not be explicitly stated whether or not Elidibus is actually WoL himself (and we won’t truly know until Patch 5.4 arrives!), there seem to be enough evidence pointing toward him having ties closely linked to life as an adventurer in Realm Reborn.

Especially considering all these factors combined together with his Ascian connection and Echo power abilities! A few key points can shed more light on this mystery, including Elidibus’ origins, Ascian connection, true identity, Echo powers, WoL symbol, and the life of an adventurer and warrior of warriors.

Is the Warrior of Light an Amaurotian?

is the warrior of light an amaurotian?
You find out that the Warrior of Light is actually an incarnation of Azem, a powerful Amaurotian who left to explore the world. This revelation sheds light on many mysteries surrounding your character’s Ascian origins and their abilities as a WoL.

Azem was one of fourteen members in the Convocation, tasked with preserving Amaurot’s civilization through their Crystal legacy. However, unlike his peers who remained secluded within their paradise, Azem yearned for adventure and exploration beyond what he knew.

Through Emet-Selch’s machinations during Shadowbringers’ events, you regain some memories from your past life as him – including how Noctis Lucis Caelum played a role in it! You also learn about Azem’s powers which were preserved by Emet-Selch in crystal form before his demise at your hands; this explains why you are significantly more powerful than most other characters in FFXIV.

As an incarnation of both Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s power though originating primarily from Zodiark (the continent where Midlander Hyur originates), you possess immense strength capable enough to take down entire monster hordes alone or fight off gods like Bahamut himself! The main characters throughout each expansion have all come together under different circumstances but ultimately united against common foes such as Sin-Eaters or Garlean Empire threats- all thanks partly due to your intervention!

In conclusion, becoming aware that the Warrior Of Light is truly an incarnation of ancient Amaurotians helps players understand better how they became so strong even when compared with other heroes seen across Final Fantasy games’ history.

It also reinforces just how important they are not only within FFXIV lore but potentially future franchise installments too since now we know there may be others holding similar legacies waiting out there somewhere.

Is WoL Ascian Ffxiv?

is wol ascian ffxiv?
Uncovering the mystery of the Warrior of Light’s connection to Ascian Ffxiv, you’ll be taken on a journey through Eorzea and beyond. The Warrior of Light is central to this story as they are both the main character and Azem’s reincarnation.

The Echo has granted them powers that have allowed them to fight against powerful enemies such as Nanamo ul Namo and Vauthry while still retaining their free will.

Myste, an entity created from Haurchefant Greystone’s sorrow combined with Ysayle Dangoulain’s memories, also plays an important role in exploring this mystery. Myste was once part of Louisoix Leveilleur who cast a spell during Carteneau which caused Warriors Of Light all over Eorzea to disappear for five years until reappearing at A Realm Reborn events when playing original version characters data were transferred into relaunch version one.

The Dark Knight job questline later delved into the adventurer’s psyche, uncovering more questions about the Warrior of Light’s origin than answers, resulting in the player being given the ability to add nuances to the character’s personality by making multiple-choice responses.

The final battle between Emet Selch and Arbert reveals the underlying truth behind the Warrior of Light’s travel across the space-time continuum, connecting it with the mysterious ascension power obtained from the crystal Amaurot during patch 5.

3 events. This power allows the Warrior of Light to pass through boundaries between realms, traveling much easier than before, and allowing adventurers to go wherever needed to help restore balance against darkness or evil forces threatening the world order.

As a result, these travels brought many changes to the Warrior, ultimately becoming a Paladin, representing the full circle aspect of the game’s ending in the Shadowbringers timeline.

The Bravely Default series, featuring a foursome chosen to save Ouroboros, further reinforces the idea of heroes traveling to different worlds to save people from danger without fear of failure or death.

Is Zenos an Ascian?

is zenos an ascian?
Discover if Zenos is an Ascian by exploring his role in the events leading up to Heavensward. He appears as a villain with mysterious motivations and immense power, leaving many wondering about his origins and true identity.

The novelization of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers reveals that Zenos is one of the Ascians, a group of warriors from Amaurot whose history stretches back millions of years ago.

Ardbert’s role was to lead them against their enemies, which led him to be reborn through generations until eventually being chosen by Emet-Selch at last for completing his mission. Even though Ardbert himself has no memory prior to becoming WoL again for saving Eorzea this time around, his actions were crucial to the story.

The trailer released during A Realm Reborn version showed us glimpses into the Ascians’ past life in Amaurot before they were sealed away due to betraying Hydaelyn’s will. However, we can only guess what happened after that point in time since it hasn’t been properly explained yet.

At least not until Endwalker when we get more insights into our heroes’ backstory, including both Ardbert and Zenos’.

What remains certain is that despite having different goals regarding Eorzea’s fate, both are just trying their best to fulfill their destiny like any other character within the FFXIV universe. This requires each individual to make tough decisions along the way, sometimes without knowing the full consequences ahead.

It’ll be interesting to see how all these revelations shape up in the next expansion, especially considering the final confrontation between WoL/Ardbert on one side and Zenos on another. Who knows, maybe then we’ll finally learn the truth behind the latter’s Ascian origins? We may never know or come close to understanding the true identity of all the characters involved in the story.

However, collecting the pieces together should still provide enough satisfaction for anyone looking to gain closure as the series reaches its end someday in the far future.


Your journey as the Warrior of Light has been nothing short of extraordinary. You were chosen by the crystals to restore balance to the realm and have fought against the Flood of Light and the Sin Eaters, making you a true champion of Eorzea.

You have faced all sorts of challenges, from the darkness of your own psyche to the depths of the First. You have even taken on the mantle of Warrior of Darkness, and with it, the power to make a difference.

Your bravery and courage have inspired countless people, and you will be remembered for generations to come. As a beacon of hope in times of despair, you have been the light that guided Eorzea out of the shadows.

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