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Who is Older? Guy or Kakashi? Learn the Answer and More About These Two Iconic Naruto Characters (Answered 2024)

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Who is older Kakashi or guyWondering who is older, Guy or Kakashi? Learn the answer and more about these two iconic Naruto characters, including their birthdays, ages, and more!

Key Takeaways

  • Guy was born in 571.
  • Kakashi was born in 576.
  • Therefore, Guy is older than Kakashi.
  • Kakashi is one year older than Guy.

Who is Older?

Who is Older
Wondering who’s older, Guy or Kakashi? Learn the answer and more about these two iconic Naruto characters.

Guy was born in 571.

Kakashi was born in 576.

So Guy is older than Kakashi.

Guy’s Age

Guy’s age is a topic of curiosity for fans of Naruto. He was born on October 17th, 1939, which makes him 29 years old during the Fourth Shinobi War.

He grew up in a small village called Takigakure, where he trained under his father, Might Duy.

After graduating from the Academy, Guy became a Genin and was assigned to Team Guy alongside Kakashi Hatake and Might Duy.

Kakashi’s Age

Kakashi is one year older than Guy.

With his tall frame and silver hair, Kakashi stands out among the crowd. His height adds an air of authority to his presence, making him a formidable ninja. And who could forget that iconic scar across his left eye? It serves as a constant reminder of the battles he’s fought and the sacrifices he’s made for his team.

But it’s not just Kakashi’s physical attributes that make him unique. His Sharingan, passed down from Obito Uchiha, grants him incredible powers and allows him to see through illusions with ease.

And then there’s his mask – always covering half of his face like a mysterious veil.

Despite their differences in age and appearance, Guy and Kakashi share a deep bond forged through years of teamwork and friendship. They’ve overcome countless challenges together while protecting their loved ones – including Rin Nohara – proving that true strength lies in unity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Kakashi when he becomes friends with Guy?

Kakashi and Guy become friends when Kakashi is a kid, around 9 or 10 years old.

They bond over training and missions.

Their friendship grows stronger as they support each other through life’s challenges.

Did Kakashi and Guy grow up together?

No, Kakashi and Guy aren’t the same age.

Kakashi is older than Guy by a few years.

Are there any significant age differences between Kakashi and Guy?

Guy is 8 years older than Kakashi, but they’re still close friends.

How long have Kakashi and Guy been friends?

You’ve been friends since childhood, and you’ve been through thick and thin together.

Did Kakashi or Guy become a ninja first?

Guy became a ninja before you, but you were made a Jonin before he was.


To settle the age-old question of who’s older, Guy or Kakashi, the answer is Kakashi.

While Guy is vibrant and full of youthful energy, Kakashi is the elder of the two.

These iconic Naruto characters have captivated fans with their unique abilities and dynamic personalities. Whether it’s Guy’s powerful taijutsu or Kakashi’s mastery of the Sharingan, their age difference adds an interesting dynamic to their epic battles.

So, Kakashi takes the title of the older ninja in this fierce rivalry.

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