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Hiya Vs Should I Answer: Which Robocall Blocker is Best? (Answered 2023)

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Should I answer vs HiyaYou’re aggravated by robocalls. You know they’re irritating and you want to block them – but you’re not sure which call blocker to choose.

We hear you. Comparing robocall blockers can be confusing when all you want is to stop the spam.

Should I Answer has advanced customization so you can really tailor it. But the catch? The setup is complex.

Hiya is a breeze – it’s already loaded with a massive spam database. But options are limited.

So which is best? That depends on your needs. If you’re an advanced user who doesn’t mind complexity, go with Should I Answer.

Now that you’ve got the details, you can stop worrying about those relentless robocalls.

Key Takeaways

  • Both apps use crowdsourced databases to identify and block robocalls and spam, but Should I Answer enables more advanced customization of blocking.
  • Hiya is simpler to set up, while Should I Answer requires more effort but provides more blocking options.
  • Political robocalls can be reduced but not fully blocked due to spoofing tactics.
  • Downloading is free, but subscriptions are needed for full functionality of advanced features like customized blocking.

Robocall Epidemic

Robocall Epidemic
Correction Epidemic

Finding an acceptable option with all the prevalent, irritating robocalls today can be a challenge. The daily bombardment of calls trying to sell cruises, loans, and timeshares is a nuisance we all must combat.

With leading scam locations like Columbus, Ohio receiving the most robocalls, no area is truly safe from this epidemic.


Robocalls plague your phone daily like mosquitoes on a muggy summer night. Local numbers light up as you dodge scam cruise deals and fake tech support. Spam calls come in waves, targeting your area code with pre-recorded messages. The pattern of robocalls exposes their shady intentions.

Each ring could be an unwanted intrusion instead of a friend. Stay vigilant against this endless swarm of fraudulent calls.


  1. The phone rings during dinner.
  2. You get a call just as you’re leaving work.
  3. Your favorite TV show is drowned out by ringing.
  4. A call wakes you up in the morning.

Robocalls have a persistent, disruptive intent, interrupting your routine with their incessant ringing.

Must Combat

You gotta fight those crooks harassing your phone.

Area codes Unknown numbers

Spoofed calls Spam callers ringing nonstop

Scam callers Disrupting your peace and quiet

Stay vigilant against these shady unknown callers. Block or ignore them. Report scams to the FTC.

Comparing Robocall Blockers

Comparing Robocall Blockers
Looking to stop robocalls? For Android users, Should I Answer and Hiya both block spam calls, but offer different advantages. Should I Answer has more powerful call blocking, while Hiya is simpler to set up across iOS and Android.

Should I Answer

With Should I Answer’s crowd-sourced database, you’re able to customize real-time call blocking for advanced protection against those endless robocalls.

  • Blacklist known spam numbers
  • Whitelist important contacts
  • Label calls by spam risk
  • Pick up and hang up on robocalls
  • See patterns of unwanted calls

Unlike Hiya’s more basic spam detection, Should I Answer gives you granular control over blocking the many variants of spam calls. With its real-time crowd-sourced reporting, you can stay ahead of the latest robocall tricks.


Let’s take a quick look at Hiya’s robocall blocking if you’re an Android or iOS user needing a simple plug-and-play solution.

Feature Description
Spam Detection Large database blocks known spam
Caller ID Identifies unknown numbers
Reporting Spam Easily report new spam numbers
Cross-Platform Available for Android and iOS

With its focus on simplicity, Hiya makes basic robocall blocking easy. While lacking advanced call handling, it offers a no-fuss way to reduce those endless scam calls on your smartphone.

Should I Answer Pros and Cons

Should I Answer Pros and Cons
Should I Answer provides the most advanced call blocking options as you seek solutions to block robocalls. However, this power comes with the cost of complexity – significant configuration is required to set up your filtering preferences.

Compared to simpler choices like Hiya, Should I Answer demands more effort to tailor blocking to your needs.

Advanced Blocking

If sophistication’s your thing, Should I Answer’s cutting-edge call blocking will let you filter and handle robocalls just as you would like. Its advanced machine learning models cleverly detect scam calls and unwanted spam texts, utilizing real-time crowdsourced data on this troublesome form of unwanted communication.

Combining smart AI with community knowledge, Should I Answer empowers you to block those irksome, harassing robocalls however you want.

Complex Setup

You’d have to invest some time configuring Should I Answer before it’ll effectively block those pesky robocalls.

  1. Decide anonymized, listed numbers
  2. Input existing contacts
  3. Filter device information
  4. Control home/mobile settings

Should I Answer empowers granular, customized call handling, yet expects a time investment. Savvy users gain improved scam call blocking, albeit through initial setup complexity.

Hiya Pros and Cons

Hiya Pros and Cons
When comparing Hiya to Should I Answer for blocking robocalls, Hiya’s main advantage is its simplicity and ease of use. With Hiya, you get a straightforward plug-and-play solution that starts blocking calls right away, without much configuration needed.

However, this simplicity comes at the cost of more limited options for customizing call blocking. Hiya relies primarily on its large spam database, with fewer ways to tailor filtering to your specific robocall patterns.

So Hiya offers an easy spam call solution, though advanced users may desire more control over call handling.

Simple and Easy

You’ll like Hiya’s plug-and-play blocking for straightforward robocall defense. With Hiya, stopping robocalls and scam calls is simple. No complex setup is needed – just download the app and Hiya starts blocking known spam phone numbers.

If you receive a suspicious call, you can easily report it to Hiya’s database. Unlike more advanced options, Hiya offers an effortless way to avoid scams and unwanted calls.

Limited Options

Don’t expect Hiya to match Should I Answer’s call blocking prowess. Unlike Should I Answer, Hiya has limited options for blocking unwanted calls. You cannot pick up calls and hang up on robocallers, or use real-time crowdsourcing.

Hiya focuses simply on identifying and blocking known spam numbers from its database.

Which is Better?

Which is Better
When it comes to battling robocalls, the choice between Should I Answer and Hiya comes down to your needs as a user. Should I Answer offers more advanced call blocking customization and real-time crowd-sourced spam reporting, making it a good option if you’re technically inclined and want granular control over handling robocalls.

However, Hiya provides a simpler plug-and-play solution that starts blocking calls right away, without much configuration required. So if you want an easy-to-use robocall blocker, Hiya may be your best bet. But for more advanced robocall blocking capabilities, Should I Answer is likely the better pick.

Should I Answer for Advanced Users

If craving intricate call blocking, Should I Answer can tailor robocall prevention to suit you. This Android app enables customized handling of calls flagged as spam. Set rules to silence, reject, or forward robocalls and scammers.

Pick up calls and hang up to waste spammers’ time. With real-time reporting of IRS scams and other pesky calls, Should I Answer adapts blocking to your area’s form of calls.

Hiya for Simplicity

Desiring a simpler plug-and-play robocall blocker for your mobile, Hiya fits the bill, just as David slew Goliath with a sling.

  • Effective robocall blocking
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Large spam call database

Hiya offers easy protection against those dozens of annoying scam calls. The app identifies and blocks robocalls and spam straight out of the box, preventing unwanted calls and potential monetary loss.

With its focus on simplicity, Hiya provides an accessible solution to combat the robocall epidemic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do these apps cost to download and use?

Both Should I Answer and Hiya are completely free to download and use with no hidden costs.

Do I need a subscription for all features or are some free?

You can use Hiya’s basic call blocking features for free. Should I Answer offers more advanced blocking options, but you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription to access those.

Can these apps block political robocalls and texts too?

You can block political robocalls and texts with either app. Hiya has a basic block list you can add numbers to. Should I Answer allows you to create advanced filters, like blocking calls from specific area codes during election seasons.

Just be cognizant that political calls may utilize spoofed numbers that regularly change, rendering them arduous to fully obstruct.

What happens if I get a robocall from a legitimate business like my doctor’s office?

You can whitelist numbers in Should I Answer and Hiya to allow calls from legitimate sources like your doctor’s office. Both apps let you add exceptions so important calls get through while still blocking unwanted robocalls.

Can these apps automatically block all unknown callers?

You can set both apps to automatically block calls from unknown numbers. However, legitimate calls may get blocked too. Configure the apps to allow contacts and customize settings based on your needs.


Getting inundated with robocalls day in and day out can make you want to toss your phone out the window. But don’t resort to such drastic measures just yet. As the saying goes, don’t get mad, get even.

With a robocall blocking app like Hiya or Should I Answer, you can fight back against the robocall epidemic and regain control over your phone.

Hiya’s simple plug-and-play approach makes it the best bet for quick and easy blocking across iOS and Android. Should I Answer offers more advanced customization for power users who don’t mind extra complexity.

No matter which one you choose, say goodbye to the robocall madness, and hello to peaceful days with a silent phone. There are solutions to end the robocall nightmare – you just have to pick the right robocall blocker for you.

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