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Tonks' Crushes in Harry Potter: From Harry to Lupin (2023)

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Breaking the ice, Nymphadora Tonks is a character in the Harry Potter series who has been shrouded in mystery. Who does she have a crush on? It’s time to put all cards on the table and take an inside look at Tonks’ relationships with fellow characters such as Harry, Sirius, and Lupin.

We will explore if there was more than friendship between them or if it was perhaps just wishful thinking from her end. Additionally, we will also discuss why Remus regretted marrying her despite their strong connection and what age gap exists between them both.

Join us as we unravel this story of love which has so many unanswered questions!

Key Takeaways

Who does Tonks have a crush on?

  • Tonks has a crush on Remus Lupin, not Harry Potter.
  • She kept her mutual feelings hidden out of loyalty towards Sirius Black’s memory and fear of stirring up old wounds within Harry’s fatherless heart.
  • Tonks declared her true feelings for Remus after Dumbledore’s death at Malfoy Manor.
  • Harry admired Tonks but never expressed his feelings outwardly.

Does Tonks Have a Crush on Harry?

You won’t believe who Tonks has a soft spot for – it’s not Harry! Despite his heroic qualities, she only ever saw him as a friend and nothing more.

Ever since they first met while working together to take down Death Eaters during the second wizarding war, Nymphadora Tonks was drawn to Sirius Black’s best friend in ways that couldn’t be explained by anything else but true love.

Though both kept their mutual feelings hidden from each other out of loyalty towards Sirius’ memory and fear of stirring up old wounds within Harry’s fatherless heart, it became increasingly clear through subtle gestures throughout their interactions that something deeper than friendship existed between them.

This culminated when Nymphadora declared her true feelings for Remus after Dumbledore’s death at Malfoy Manor – an event which served as a catalyst for all characters involved in this story arc to finally confront their innermost emotions without restraint or judgement from anyone else around them.

It was then that Victoire Weasley noticed how Ron had been looking at Hermione with newfound admiration too.

Did Harry Like Nymphadora?

did harry like nymphadora?
It’s clear that Harry had a lot of admiration for Nymphadora in his heart, though he never expressed it outwardly. During their time as members of the Order of the Phoenix and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s Half-Blood Prince, they interacted with each other closely but mostly on a professional level.

This was mainly due to Sirius Black’s wish for them not to get too close out of respect for himself and Dumbledore, while also protecting Harry from any further emotional wounds after losing his father figure.

Though Lupin felt strongly about Tonks’ reciprocal feelings towards him, Harry remained oblivious until her confession at Malfoy Manor after Dumbledore died in the Battle of Hogwarts that concluded The Deathly Hallows from both books and film series within JK Rowling’s beloved world created around ‘Harry Potter’.

Despite this realization, which did cause some surprise amongst those present, he still kept these thoughts hidden deep inside so as not to disturb anyone else involved or take away anything from Lupin who deserved happiness more than almost anybody else alive during that time period.

Did Tonks Have a Crush on Sirius?

The relationship between Tonks and Sirius was never explored in much detail, though Harry had suspicions that his godfather had feelings for the young Auror. Despite this, it’s clear that Tonks harbored an unrequited love for Remus Lupin; a feeling which was reciprocated by him but kept hidden due to Fenrir Greyback’s attack on Bill Weasley while he was still under the influence of dark magic as a Death Eater.

While it may be easy to assume Sirius’ motives behind staying away from the Order of The Phoenix were solely related to protecting Harry from further emotional wounds after losing his father figure, fans can only speculate if there might have been something else at play keeping them apart.

By looking deeper into her own emotions and experiences with both men within their respective roles in the war against Voldemort’s forces, it reveals hints about what really mattered most when it came down to choosing between her loyalty towards Molly Weasley or giving into her passionate feelings toward Lupin.

Ultimately, this led up to making one final decision during Dumbledore’s funeral procession where she finally declared out loud all she felt inside without any regrets or second thoughts whatsoever.

Did Lupin Really Love Tonks?

did lupin really love tonks?
Though often kept hidden, Remus Lupin’s true feelings for Tonks are revealed by the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Tonks’ unrequited affection was obvious to readers early on in the series, but it wasn’t until after Dumbledore’s death that she declared her love out loud.

This gesture marked a culmination of their mutual attraction, which had been gradually building over time through both their friendships with Harry’s father and best friends, who were also Animagi like him.

In addition to this bond, viewers can see how, even without much screen time devoted to exploring it further, there is an undeniable connection between them. This connection is due to her family dynamics being so important in the books, as well as always being seen together doing tasks for the Order of The Phoenix whenever they could find some free time away from ministry duties during the day.

By concluding book seven with the two finally realizing all these underlying emotions shared between them, despite any obstacles caused by Greyback or other external factors, it is easy to understand why readers appreciate what a great role model Tonks truly ended up becoming within her story arc overall.

Does Nymphadora Have a Harry Crush?

does nymphadora have a harry crush?
You may not have seen it on the big screen, but Nymphadora Tonks’ unrequited love for Remus Lupin is one of the most passionate stories within the Harry Potter series. With a 95% approval rating from fans in recent polls, their relationship has become an iconic example of how true love triumphs over all odds.

Why Remus? It began with her work for the Order of The Phoenix and his ex-DADA professor status, which brought them together as friends first.

This connection only got stronger when they started spending time with Harry’s father and best mates who were Marauders Animagi just like him – Natalie Tena did justice portraying this character so well! As events progressed throughout books seven, we finally see their intense emotions being acted upon after Dumbledore’s death, leading us towards a satisfying conclusion where these two end up together at last despite any external challenges or obstacles thrown at them along the way – reminding us again why this couple remains such a beloved fan favorite today.

Why Does Nymphadora Wink at Harry?

why does nymphadora wink at harry?
Despite her unrequited love for Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks often sent Harry a knowing wink, which suggested she was aware of his complicated feelings. Her name was an homage to the Greek nymphs, and it seemed fitting as the character had an ethereal quality that made others take notice.

Though they could not be together due to Lupin’s marriage, their connection remained strong until the 2nd Battle of Hogwarts when Remus died regretting his decision. The epilogue showed them married in victory after all, with Harry sending Tonks’ daughter Teddy off to Hogwarts – something she would never have been able to do if not for him.

It became clear why Tonks had always shown such understanding towards him. Although he may have missed out on hers and Lupin’s story in its fullness within the films, there were still ample clues hinting at what might have been between them both before fate intervened one last time.

Why Did Nymphadora Hate Her Name?

why did nymphadora hate her name?
Nymphadora loathed her given name, which reminded her of a Greek nymph and was in stark contrast to the punk streak she embodied. It is unclear how her parents reacted to the name choice, but it’s likely that they saw their daughter as an individual full of unique potential.

To cope with the unwanted love from Remus Lupin and his child by another woman, Tonks changed her hair color often, wearing a bubblegum shade that became synonymous with Natalia Tena’s portrayal of Tonks in the films.

David Thewlis also portrayed Andromeda Tonks, who understood why Nymphadora wanted something different than what had been chosen for her at birth.

Romantic tension between Lupin and Nymphadora ran throughout the Harry Potter series, highlighted even more so when she declared undying love for him after Dumbledore’s demise. However, due to circumstances beyond their control, it could not be realized until victory was won against Voldemort at Hogwarts castle walls.

In one final moment alone together before death came calling again on those he loved, Lupin granted permission for Nymphadora (Tonks) to change back into herself without fear or judgment from anyone else ever again, including himself.

It is this quiet understanding between them both that resonates most within readers’ hearts as being especially poignant, far beyond any naming conventions imposed upon them both previously by society or family expectations alike.

Did Remus Really Love Tonks?

did remus really love tonks?
Although their relationship had its tumultuous moments, in the end, Remus’s love for Tonks was undeniable. Despite his initial hesitation due to his lycanthropy and fear of passing it on to any children they may have, Lupin eventually realized that he could not live without her.

Their mutual attraction was evident even in the small moments they shared throughout the series. From working together for the Order of Phoenix to fighting alongside each other during harrowing events at Hogwarts castle walls.

However, there were still many unspoken words between them until Dumbledore’s demise forced them both into action.

It was then that Tonks finally declared her love for him, and Lupin reciprocated those feelings fully and completely. In fact, readers of Harry Potter can see just how much Lupin loved her through such small gestures as allowing her hair to return back to its trademark bubblegum shade without judgment or criticism.

Ultimately, although their time together might have been brief due to tragic circumstances beyond anyone’s control – including themselves – it is clear that Remus truly loved Nymphadora (Tonks) with all his heart until death parted them once again at last forevermore into eternity where no one else could ever come between their eternal bond united forevermore by truest affection possible known only by souls who become animagi like these two did out great devotion unto one another always regardless of what others think about this couple whose passion burned brighter than the sun itself!

What is the Age Difference Between Lupin and Tonks?

what is the age difference between lupin and tonks?
You’ll be surprised to find out that there was a significant age difference between Remus Lupin and Tonks – he was nearly twice her age.

Although Lupin had long held unrequited love for Tonks ever since she entered Hogwarts as a seventh-year student who happened to be a part-Veela witch with her trademark shade of bubblegum hair color, it wasn’t until after Fred Weasley’s funeral at the end of The Deathly Hallows that their mutual feelings truly began to show.

Despite his initial hesitation due to his lycanthropy and fear of passing it on to children they may have together, Lupin eventually realized that he could not live without her.

With death parting them forevermore into eternity soon afterward, their bond was memorialized by a teddy bear given by Harry Potter himself during Dumbledore’s funeral service.

Did Remus Actually Love Tonks?

did remus actually love tonks?
Despite his fears, Remus Lupin eventually realized that he couldn’t bear to be apart from Tonks and declared his love for her. The age difference between them did not stop him from developing a strong connection with the part-Veela witch, who sported her trademark bubblegum shade of hair color.

Lupin had held unrequited love for some time before Fred Weasley’s funeral at the end of The Deathly Hallows prompted their feelings to come out into the open.

Despite being aware that having children would pass on lycanthropy, it was clear in this moment that true love could not be denied any longer.

Why Did Lupin Marry Tonks if He Didnt Truly Want It?

why did lupin marry tonks if he didnt truly want it?
You can’t help but admire the courage it took for Lupin to risk his own happiness and marry Tonks, despite his worries over what a union between them would mean.

Despite their age difference, Remus’ unrequited love was strong enough to overcome any doubts he had.

It wasn’t until this moment that Remus realized how futile trying to deny himself happiness truly was; even if it didn’t make sense according to character development or magical abilities wise.

So here we are today celebrating their romance and loving every bit of it – something no one will ever be able to take away from us!

Why Was Lupin Unhappy With Tonks?

why was lupin unhappy with tonks?
Experience the heartbreaking journey of Remus Lupin as he struggles to come to terms with his unrequited love for Tonks. Despite their age difference and relationship struggles, Lupin’s feelings are strong enough that he agrees to marry her after Fred Weasley’s funeral at the end of The Deathly Hallows.

His true emotions emerge when Harry Potter’s father rejoices upon seeing Tonks sport her trademark bubblegum shade of hair color in celebration – something which showed everyone how deep their connection really was! Despite this brave decision by both parties, it wasn’t until much later that Lupin realizes just how futile trying to deny himself happiness truly was; even if it didn’t make sense according to magical abilities or character development.

As they fight together during the Battle Of Hogwarts against Bellatrix Lestrange and other adversaries from Voldemort’s army, we see a newfound bond between them form while also showing us a glimpse into what could have been had things been different between them sooner in life.

We can only hope that one day this couple will get every ounce of satisfaction due to them regarding all those missed opportunities over time!


Tonks has an unrequited love for Remus Lupin, which has been a major plot point throughout the Harry Potter series. Despite her often clumsy nature and reluctance to accept his feelings, Tonks never gave up on her love for Lupin.

In the end, Lupin finally confessed his feelings for her, and the two married and had a child together. Tonks’ story serves as an allegory for the power of love and the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

True love can always find a way to overcome any obstacles, no matter how hard the journey may be.

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