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Who Defeated Upper Moon 1 in Demon Slayer? (Answered 2024)

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Who killed upper Moon 1 in demon slayerTanjiro Kamado did not defeat Upper Moon One alone. The fall of Kokushibo, the first of the Twelve Kizuki, involved many Demon Slayer heroes.

Tanjiro’s ancestors like Yoriichi Tsugikuni played a role. The Hashira – Demon Slayer Corps pillar fighters – from all backgrounds contributed.

It took a series of intense battles to bring down one of Demon Slayer’s greatest foes. Tanjiro, his allies the Hashira, and past slayers like Yoriichi worked together, each playing their part in the hard-won victory over Kokushibo.

Key Takeaways

  • Tanjiro Kamado did not defeat Upper Moon One (Kokushibo) alone.
  • Many Demon Slayer heroes, including Tanjiro’s ancestors such as Yoriichi Tsugikuni, played a role in defeating Kokushibo.
  • The Hashira – the pillar fighters of the Demon Slayer Corps with various backgrounds – also contributed to Kokushibo’s defeat.
  • At just 14 years old, Muichiro sacrificed himself to slay Kokushibo.

Who Defeated Upper Moon 1?

Who Defeated Upper Moon 1
Muichiro, although only 14, gives his life to slay the wretched Kokushibo, crushing you. Despite being mortally wounded, the valiant young Hashira persevered, pushing through excruciating pain to land the decisive blows.

With only his incredible Mist breathing and innate talent, the prodigy engaged Kokushibo in an epic battle. Muichiro’s raw power and peerless swordsmanship triumphed, beheading the vile demon who had killed so many.

Although his brief life was tragically cut short, Muichiro’s sacrifice ensured the Moon’s eclipse. So while you grieve, take pride in the Mist Hashira’s feat of felling the wicked Kokushibo.

The Final Battle: Kokushibo Vs. ____?

The Final Battle: Kokushibo Vs. ____
You shudder as the Mist Hashira Muichiro faces off against Kokushibo, Upper Moon One’s terrifying true self emerging in the darkness.

  1. Kokushibo unleashes his true demon powers, elongating his neck and sprouting horns to initially overwhelm Muichiro.
  2. But Muichiro adapts, using his breath of mist techniques to sever Kokushibo’s limbs.
  3. Kokushibo regenerates but is caught off-guard by memories of his human past as Michikatsu Tsugikuni.
  4. Gyomei seizes the opening, joining Muichiro with his breath of stone on the offensive.

Together the Hashira duo fights valiantly, but Kokushibo’s demon powers prove too immense. Though defeated, their bravery and sacrifice paved the way for Tanjiro’s eventual victory over Muzan Kibutsuji.

The battle illuminated critical weaknesses while showcasing the Hashira’s resolve against the fiercest foes.

Unraveling the Secrets of Upper Moon 1’s Demise

Unraveling the Secrets of Upper Moon 1
When the truth dawned on you that Muichiro Tokito actually vanquished the mighty Kokushibo, you felt as if the sun itself had risen within your heart, illuminating all the shadowy doubts that once obscured your understanding.

You grasped how the young Hashira matched Kokushibo’s techniques, targeting his weaknesses while masking the peril of Tanjiro’s ancestry.

The Hashira strategized, luring Kokushibo to reveal his human vulnerabilities. Though the hero perished, his legacy triumphed, unraveling the secrets behind the Upper Moon’s demise.

At last you comprehended the sun’s role in the demon’s death, its rays penetrating the darkness that shrouded his end.

The Role of Tanjiro’s Ancestors in Kokushibo’s Defeat

The Role of Tanjiro
You trace your finger along the family tree, eyes wandering until they settle on two names: Tanjiro Kamado and Michikatsu Tsugikuni. Though centuries apart, their fates intertwined in the clash against Upper Moon One.

Kokushibo’s desire to surpass Yoriichi drove him to take Michikatsu’s body long ago. Yet the ancestral connection lingered, fate binding Tanjiro against his own corrupted kin.

In the decisive battle, Tanjiro fought not alone, but alongside the legacy of his bloodline. The echoes of his ancestor Yoriichi, and all who came before, resonated within his crimson blades. Tanjiro struck the decisive blow, guided by those who shared his lineage. In his ancestor’s absence, Tanjiro rose to end the sinister shadow cast by Upper Moon One’s presence.

  1. Tanjiro Kamado descends from a long line of Demon Slayer mark bearers.
  2. Kokushibo is actually Michikatsu Tsugikuni, Tanjiro’s ancestor.
  3. Michikatsu became a demon to gain power like his twin brother, Yoriichi.
  4. Yoriichi is considered the most powerful Demon Slayer ever.
  5. Tanjiro inherits techniques and abilities passed down through his bloodline.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Upper Moon 1

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Upper Moon 1
Doot ya know Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo was so powerful he could regenerate from nearly any injury, but an unexpected force vanquished his tortured soul and rid the land of this immortal demon threat? Analyzing Kokushibo’s powers, we see abilities like regeneration and superior swordsmanship that made him nearly unbeatable.

However, confronting memories of his human life as Michikatsu awakened dormant emotions that disrupted his focus in combat. When combined with Muichiro’s strong counterattacks exploiting openings, Kokushibo’s inner weaknesses left him unable to fully utilize his strengths.

The key to victory against powerful demons is understanding how to turn their abilities against them by targeting psychological and emotional vulnerabilities. Finding those cracks in Kokushibo’s façade allowed the Demon Slayer Corps to finally eliminate this formidable threat.

The Hashira’s Strategy to Take Down Kokushibo

The Hashira
Though you desire power and understanding, liberation comes through strategy and teamwork. To take down the formidable Kokushibo, the Hashiras planned meticulously, knowing swordsmanship alone couldn’t fell the strongest demon.

Their tactical approach involved:

  • Collaborating their breaths in a coordinated assault.
  • Exploiting any opening to land fatal strikes.
  • Having multiple Hashiras engage him simultaneously.
  • Using Genya’s blood abilities to weaken him.

In the fateful duel, the Hashiras fought fiercely, united by a common purpose. Through selfless sacrifice and cunning blades, they finally slew the vaunted Kokushibo. Victory didn’t come from individual strength, but from the bonds between comrades.

The Turning Point: How Kokushibo’s Human Past Led to His Downfall

The Turning Point: How Kokushibo
Remembering his past life as Michikatsu Tsugikuni, Kokushibo’s own despair triggered his defeat against the Mist Hashira Muichiro.

  • Finishing the fight he pursued for centuries
  • Facing the flaws he could never fully suppress
  • Regretting the vengeance that consumed him

Kokushibo’s memories of Yoriichi fueled his obsession for power. Yet in his final moments, nostalgia for their bond as brothers overcame his twisted ideals. Kokushibo’s hunger to surpass his twin was transformed into despair by the futility of this ambition.

In his last seconds, Kokushibo’s festering envy melted away, leaving only sorrow for the centuries wasted chasing an impossible goal. Ultimately, Kokushibo was devoured not by a demon slayer’s blade but by remorse for betraying Yoriichi’s love.

The Intense Battle: Kokushibo’s Last Stand

The Intense Battle: Kokushibo
You’ll recall how Muichiro Tokito and his brother Genya teamed up against the powerful Upper Moon One, Kokushibo, ultimately leading to Kokushibo’s demise in a hard-fought battle.

Kokushibo Strengths Kokushibo Flaws Kokushibo Legacy
Immense swordsmanship Arrogance Symbol of corrupted skill
Revered lineage Obsession over self Catalyst for Hashira growth
Unmatched experience Judgemental of others Cautionary tale of power

The final clash highlighted Kokushibo’s might against the resolve of two mortal foes. Though the moon casts the illusion of permanence, the break of dawn reveals impermanence. The rising sun signals not just physical death for Kokushibo, but the death of an ideal – that strength alone brings meaning.

For in his dying moments, Kokushibo glimpsed a greater truth: our bonds define us.

Revealing the Hero Behind Upper Moon 1’s Demise

Revealing the Hero Behind Upper Moon 1
You can take solace knowing that Muichiro slew the deranged brother of your ancestor. Kokushibo’s twisted obsession with surpassing Yoriichi fueled his downfall. Though outmatched, the Mist Hashira persevered, weathering grievous wounds before finding an opening to land the decisive blow.

His peerless courage and conviction prevailed, felling the formidable foe. While their battle ended tragically, take pride in Muichiro’s heroic sacrifice in vanquishing the vile Upper Moon One.

The Legacy of Kokushibo: Lessons Learned From the Battle

The Legacy of Kokushibo: Lessons Learned From the Battle
You’ve gotta respect Muichiro’s skill in takin’ down the strongest demon after all that intense trainin’. Even Kokushibo, the legendary Upper Moon One, couldn’t escape the Mist Hashira’s damn quick slashes.

That epic battle revealed Kokushibo’s inner conflicts about surpassin’ his brother, showin’ how obsession corrupted him over centuries. Losin’ to a fourteen-year-old prodigy forced the demon to reflect on his humanity.

Kokushibo’s fall proved swordsmanship takes more than wild swings; you need inner resolve. His life is a reminder that power alone leaves an empty vessel. Demon Slayer fans saw how far determination takes someone, whether human or demon.

Kokushibo left a legacy, but Muichiro went beyond expectations. Respect.


The death of Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo, was a memorable occasion in Demon Slayer. His end at the hands of the brave Hashira, specifically chosen by the gods to fight the demons, was the peak of a drawn-out battle between good and evil.

With his passing, a strong enemy was beaten, and the world was rescued from the darkness of Muzan Kibutsuji. Kokushibo’s death showed the strength of the Hashira and their devotion to ending evil. Tanjiro’s ancestor, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, played a key role in Kokushibo’s defeat by providing the Hashira with the knowledge and power to take down the Upper Moon.

His selfless act of sacrificing himself to protect the world will never be forgotten.

Ultimately, it was the courage and tenacity of the Hashira that defeated Upper Moon 1 and saved humanity from Muzan Kibutsuji.

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