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Limitations of Shenron: Can’t Kill Stronger, Grant Same Wish Twice (2024)

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What are the limitations of ShenronUnlock the secrets of Shenron and discover the limitations that hold back this powerful Dragon from granting your every desire.

In a world where wishes can be fulfilled, you may find yourself wondering why certain requests go unanswered. Dive into the realm of Dragon Ball as we explore why Shenron cannot eliminate those stronger than its creator or grant the same wish twice.

Unveil these restrictions to gain a deeper understanding of what lies beyond Shenron’s mighty power.

Key Takeaways

  • Shenron cannot kill someone stronger than its creator.
  • Shenron cannot grant the same wish twice.
  • Shenron cannot revive someone who died naturally.
  • Shenron cannot change someone’s species.

Kill Someone Stronger Than Creator

Kill Someone Stronger Than Creator
You can’t use Shenron’s power to kill someone who’s stronger than the one who created him.

This limitation stems from the fact that Shenron’s power is directly linked to the capacities of his creator, whether it be Kami or Dende.

Therefore, if Goku were to summon Shenron and attempt to make a wish for someone like Buu, Vegeta, Frieza, or Cell – individuals known for their immense strength surpassing even Goku himself – he’d find his request futile.

It’s essential to understand that while Shenron possesses incredible abilities such as resurrection and granting immortality, he can’t overpower those whose power exceeds that of his creator.

Thus, killing someone stronger than their creator remains beyond the realm of possibility for this majestic dragon entity.

Grant Same Wish More Than Once

Grant Same Wish More Than Once
Now that we’ve explored the limitations of Shenron in terms of killing someone stronger than his creator, let’s delve into another restriction he possesses.

The dragon can’t grant the same wish more than once.

This means that if you were to use the Dragon Balls to revive Goku, for example, and then later try to bring him back again using the same wish, it would be impossible.

The dragon’s power is limited in this regard and can only fulfill a specific desire once.

So if you’d hopes of reviving Piccolo or Bulma multiple times through Shenron’s abilities, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible either.

Keep this limitation in mind when considering how best to utilize your wishes with the mighty dragon.

  • Revive Goku
  • Revive Piccolo
  • Revive Bulma
  • Revive Krillin
  • Revive Yamcha

Revive Someone Who Died Naturally

Revive Someone Who Died Naturally
After addressing the limitation of not being able to grant the same wish more than once, let’s now explore another restriction of Shenron: he’s unable to revive someone who’s died naturally.

While Shenron possesses incredible power and can restore life to beings that have been killed, this ability does come with its limitations. Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances where even Shenron’s powers fall short.

He can’t revive everyone who’s passed away from natural causes or bring back individuals who’ve been dead for an extended period of time.

Additionally, if someone has been killed by other dragons or gods in the Dragon Ball universe or by super powerful beings beyond their creator’s capabilities, they too can’t be revived through a wish made with the dragon balls and summoned Sheron.

Change Someone’s Species

Change Someone
Occasionally, Shenron can’t change someone’s species when granting wishes.

While the Eternal Dragon possesses immense power and can grant a wide range of requests, altering one’s race or species is beyond its capabilities.

Whether it be changing gender, appearance, size, or age, Shenron simply doesn’t possess the ability to modify an individual at such a fundamental level.

This limitation extends even to Namekians like Piccolo and Kami who are known for their regenerative abilities and unique biology.

Despite being able to resurrect individuals from death itself or grant immortality and eternal youth in some cases, changing someone’s species remains outside the realm of what Shenron can accomplish.

Thus we see that while powerful in many aspects,the limitations of Shenron prevent it from fulfilling certain desires related to altering one’s inherent nature.

Grant Unlimited Wishes

Grant Unlimited Wishes
You can’t make unlimited wishes with Shenron. As powerful as he may be, there are certain limitations to what he can do.

One of these limitations is that his power can’t exceed the power of his creator. This means that if someone stronger than the creator were to appear, Shenron wouldn’t be able to grant a wish to kill them.

Additionally, Shenron is unable to grant the same wish more than once. So if you’ve already been brought back from the dead using his powers, you won’t have another chance at resurrection.

Furthermore, while Shenron has the ability to revive multiple people at once, there’s a time limit on how long someone can have been dead for him to bring them back.

Shenron also lacks the capability of granting wishes that involve crossing dimensions or timelines and bringing those who ‘ve been dead for natural causes back alive.

Become the Strongest Without Compromise

Become the Strongest Without Compromise
Now, let’s explore the fascinating concept of becoming the strongest without compromise.

While Shenron possesses incredible power, he’s bound by limitations that prevent him from granting this particular wish. You see, Shenron’s abilities are directly linked to the capacities of his creator – whether it be Kami or Dende.

Therefore, he can’t exceed their power and grant someone invincibility beyond what they possess themselves.

Furthermore, while immortality can be granted by Shenron without drawbacks such as aging or disease,

achieving true strength requires more than just physical longevity. It involves honing one’s skills and pushing past personal limits through training and dedication.

Additionally, crossing dimensions or timelines falls outside of Shenron’s capabilities.

His purpose is to resurrect those who’ve died prematurely within a year timeframe but lacks the ability to traverse alternate realities.

In essence,

Shenron offers great power within its boundaries but becoming the strongest necessitates personal growth and evolution rather than relying solely on external sources like wishes from a magical dragon.

Remember: true mastery comes from within oneself.

Become a Super Saiyan

Become a Super Saiyan
To achieve the transformation of becoming a Super Saiyan, you can’t rely on Shenron’s power. While Shenron possesses incredible abilities to grant wishes, unlocking the legendary Super Saiyan powers requires dedicated training and immense strength.

  1. Train to become a super saiyan:

    The path towards achieving this status involves intense physical and mental training, pushing your limits beyond imagination.

  2. Unlock super saiyan transformations:

    As you progress in your training, you’ll unlock different levels of Super Saiyans forms, each increasing your power exponentially.

  3. Reach super saiyan levels:

    With consistent practice and determination, you can ascend through various stages such as Super Saiyan 1-3 or even surpass them with advanced forms like Blue or Ultra Instinct.

  4. Achieve super saiyan status:

    By mastering these transformations and harnessing their energy within yourself, one can finally achieve the coveted title of being a true Super Saiyan.

Affect Alternate Timelines

Affect Alternate Timelines
The Dragon Balls’ limitations include not being able to affect alternate timelines, as their power is restrained to the current timeline’s events.

Shenron, the dragon summoned by these mystical orbs, doesn’t possess the ability to create new timelines or travel between them. His powers are confined solely within the boundaries of one particular timeline.

This means that he can’t destroy a specific timeline or restore it if it has been altered in any way. Furthermore, Shenron lacks the capability to view alternate timelines and make changes accordingly.

While his power may be immense within his own realm of influence, it doesn’t extend beyond that singular timeline in which he exists.

Create New Timeline No
Destroy Timeline No
Travel Between Timelines No
Restore Timeline No

By understanding this limitation of Shenron and acknowledging its inability to affect alternate timelines, we can comprehend why certain wishes related to time manipulation are beyond its capabilities.

Wish for Destruction of Dragon Balls

Wish for Destruction of Dragon Balls
If you were to wish for the destruction of the Dragon Balls, Shenron would be unable to grant your request.

The Dragon Balls have a unique property that prevents their own destruction through wishes.

Even though Shenron possesses immense power and can fulfill various desires, destroying the very source of his existence is beyond his capabilities.

If someone were able to make such a wish, it would simply result in disappointment as the Dragon Balls can’t be destroyed through conventional means.

Furthermore, even if they were somehow destroyed by external forces or natural disasters, they’d eventually reappear after a certain period of time due to their inherent nature.

Change Dragon Ball’s Time Restrictions

Change Dragon Ball
By altering the time restrictions of the Dragon Balls, you could potentially manipulate their limitations and allow for more frequent summonings.

Imagine being able to go back in time and change the past, or alter the future to your liking. With modified time restrictions on the Dragon Balls, these possibilities become within reach.

You’d have unlimited opportunities to wish for more power, granting yourself an immense advantage over your adversaries. Additionally, you could resurrect someone who died long ago and bring them back into your life.

The ability to transcend temporal boundaries would provide a sense of liberation and control that’s unparalleled. By changing the rules surrounding Dragon Ball’s time restrictions, you’d unlock a new level of mastery over both space and time itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Shenron kill someone stronger than its creator?

Shenron can’t kill someone stronger than its creator. The Dragon Balls have limitations, and this is one of them. However, Shenron possesses numerous other abilities that can be harnessed to fulfill your desires for power and mastery.

Can Shenron grant the same wish more than once?

Shenron, the dragon from Dragon Ball, can’t grant the same wish more than once.

It’s like trying to squeeze an ocean into a thimble – impossible and futile.

Can Shenron revive someone who died of natural causes?

Shenron can’t revive someone who died of natural causes. This limitation is due to the Dragon Balls’ inability to reverse the natural cycle of life and death, as their power is primarily focused on granting wishes within certain boundaries.

Can Shenron change someone’s species?

Investigating the truth of a theory, it’s found that Shenron can’t change someone’s species. This limitation aligns with the objective and scientific nature of his abilities, ensuring clarity and precision in wish-granting.

Can Shenron grant unlimited wishes?

Shenron can’t grant unlimited wishes.

His power is linked to his creator’s, and he can only maintain his summoning for a set period of time.

Thus, there are limitations on the number of wishes he can fulfill.


Unlock the secrets of Shenron and understand why this powerful Dragon has limitations.

Despite its immense power, Shenron can’t:

  • Kill someone stronger than its creator
  • Grant the same wish twice
  • Revive someone who died naturally
  • Change someone’s species
  • Grant unlimited wishes
  • Make someone the strongest without compromise
  • Turn someone into a Super Saiyan
  • Affect alternate timelines
  • Destroy the Dragon Balls
  • Change their time restrictions
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