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Will the Emperor of Mankind Return? Signs of Awakening & Worries of Enemies (Answered 2024)

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Will the Emperor of Mankind ever returnImagine a universe where the fate of mankind rests in the hands of an ancient deity. Will the Emperor of Mankind ever return? Signs of awakening and worries from enemies have sparked curiosity across galaxies.

Through intercepted chatter, miraculous events, and even Guilliman’s communication, whispers abound that the Emperor may be stirring from his slumber on the Golden Throne.

Join us as we delve into these intriguing signs and explore what they could mean for humanity’s future.

Key Takeaways

  • The possibility of reviving the Emperor lies in human technology like STCs or dormant AIs.
  • Signs of the Emperor’s awakening are seen through miracles, unexplained phenomena, intercepted chatter, and psychic visions.
  • The Emperor has communicated his desire for the Inquisition to continue defending mankind.
  • Enemies of the Emperor fear his resurrection and the potential threat it poses to their control.

The Emperor’s Return

The Emperor
As you ponder the possibility of the Emperor’s return, several avenues emerge for consideration.

Current human technology seems insufficient to revive him, as the Golden Throne requires constant sacrifices and its mechanisms are beyond repair.

However, other sources such as ancient STCs or xenos technologies may hold potential solutions.

The question remains whether these paths can truly bring back the Emperor without his cooperation or if humanity must find another way to navigate its future without him.

Current Human Technology

Can current human technology bring back the Emperor of Mankind? Unfortunately, it seems unlikely.

The Golden Throne, which sustains him, requires constant sacrifice and is plagued by failures beyond repair.

However, there may be hope in other sources of human technology such as STCs (artificial intelligences with vast knowledge) and dormant AIs like Speranza.

Alternatively, xenos technology from Eldar or Dark Eldar could hold the key to healing the Emperor’s body.

But without his cooperation or resistance against healing attempts, humanity faces an uncertain future.

Other Sources of Human Technology

If you want the Emperor of Mankind to return, you should consider exploring other sources of human technology.

One such source is the STCs (Standard Template Constructs), which hold vast amounts of human knowledge at their peak.

The Speranza, a ship with a dormant AI, also possesses advanced technology that could potentially aid in bringing back the Emperor.

Additionally, there are possibilities within Eldar knowledge and Dark Eldar Haemonculi expertise that may offer insights into healing the Emperor’s body.

Xenos Technology

Xenos technology holds the potential to bring back the Emperor of Mankind, awakening him from his current state.

  1. Eldar followers of Ynnead brought back Roboute Guilliman.
  2. Dark Eldar Haemonculi should have the knowledge to heal the Emperors body.
  3. No other xenos faction that would have the knoweldge or psychic power to revive the Emperor.
  4. There’s no known way to heal him without his cooperation as he may resist any attempts or not want it at all.

Xenos technology, with its alien origins and mysterious powers, has long been a subject of fascination and speculation within humanity’s quest for power and control over their own destiny. In recent years, there have been whispers among certain circles about how this exotic technology could potentially hold clues on how to bring back none other than The Emperor himself.

Here are four key reasons why Xenos technology might just be able to resurrect The Emperor:

  1. Eldar followers of Ynnead: These enigmatic beings possess ancient knowledge and powerful psychic abilities that allowed them to successfully revive Roboute Guilliman, one of The Emperor’s loyal Primarchs.
  2. Dark Eldar Haemonculi: Masters in flesh-crafting arts,the dark eldar haemoculi possess an intricate understandingof biology,making them possible candidates for healingtheEmperor’sdecaying form.
  3. Exclusive expertise: Amongst xenos factions,it is unlikelyany otherspossessthe requiredknowledgeorpsychicpowerstoachieve sucha monumental featas bringingbackTheEmperor.
  4. CooperationofTheEmperor needed:The possibilityexists that evenwithalltheknowledgeandtechnologyintheworld,the awakeningofTheEmperorisdependentonhis ownwillingnessandcooperation.Ifhe resiststreatmentorbelievesthat hisdeath is necessaryforhumanity’ssurvival,then no amountof Xenos technologywillbeable to bringhimbackfromthebrink.

While the idea of The Emperor’s return may seem like a dream come true for many, it’s important to approach this topic with caution and measured expectations. The challenges and complexities involved in harnessing xenos technology are immense, and there are still many unknowns that need to be explored before any concrete conclusions can be drawn.

Nonetheless,the mere possibilityof revivingTheEmperor throughxenostechnologyopensupnewavenuesforhopein humanity’sstruggleagainsttheswarmsof darkness.The prospect of having their powerful leader back at the helm fillsmanywithasenseoftrepidation,but alsoanunderlyingdesireforclosureandunitythatonlyTheEmperorcanprovide.

For now,humanitymustwait,buthopeful eyeslooktothefuture,pavingthewayforthepotentialreturnoftheir belovedemperorto restoreorderinthedarkness.

Signs of the Awakening

Signs of the Awakening
You may be wondering what signs have been observed that suggest the Emperor of Mankind is awakening.

The Miracle of the Saint’s Wall, where a crumbling structure was suddenly restored to its former glory, and sightings of golden eagles and other unexplained phenomena are just some examples.

Intercepted chatter from various sources also hints at whispers about the Emperor’s awakening.

Additionally, those who possess psychic abilities have reported receiving visions through the Emperor’s Tarot cards, further indicating his presence.

Finally, Guilliman himself has communicated with the Emperor in a way no other living being has for thousands of years.

These signs all point towards an undeniable truth: something significant is happening within the realm of humanity’s greatest hope – its fallen leader.

Miracle of the Saint’s Wall

Continuing from the previous subtopic, let’s delve into the signs of awakening with a remarkable event known as the Miracle of the Saint’s Wall.

Located on Baal in Ultramar, this wall has stood against countless enemies for centuries. However, after the opening of Warp rift Ciatrix Maledictum and Lion El’Jonson’s return, strange phenomena have occurred around it.

Astropaths report hearing whispers and feeling an intense presence emanating from within.

Could this be a sign that the Emperor of Mankind is awakening? Only time will tell.

Golden Eagles and Other Phenomena

You may witness golden eagles soaring through the skies, a sight that holds deep significance in the awakening of the Emperor.

These majestic creatures serve as a symbol of his power and presence. Their origin is shrouded in mystery, their numbers increasing across various locations.

Sightings of these magnificent birds are seen as an omen, igniting hope among those who yearn for the return of the Emperor to lead humanity once more amidst whispers from ancient times and tales from Horus Heresy.

Intercepted Chatter

As you listen in on intercepted chatter, signs of the Emperor’s awakening become increasingly apparent.

The source of this chatter seems to be chaos entities themselves, discussing the possibility and implications of the Emperor’s return.

However, the exact meaning and effect of this chatter remains unclear.

It’s unknown whether it signifies a true awakening or if it’s merely speculation and rumors.

In response to these uncertain whispers, there are ongoing investigations within the Imperial Palace to uncover more information about this potential eventuality.

Emperor’s Tarot and Visions

Through the Emperor’s Tarot and powerful visions, you gain insight into the signs of his awakening.

  • Visions of the future: The tarot cards reveal glimpses of what’s to come, offering a glimpse into potential outcomes and events that may shape the Emperor’s return.
  • Meaningful symbolism: Each vision carries its own symbols and messages, allowing those who interpret them to uncover deeper truths about the Emperor’s power and destiny.
  • Visions of victory: These prophetic images often depict triumphant battles, united armies marching forward in glorious conquest, fueling hope for a victorious future under the reign of mankind’s savior.

Guilliman’s Communication

Continuing from the previous subtopic, delve into Guilliman’s Communication (Signs of the Awakening) as his interaction with the Emperor provides further evidence of his return.

Guilliman, being the only living being to have spoken with the Emperor in 10,000 years, shared their conversation. The words exchanged between them remain a mystery to us mortals. However they were said and whatever was discussed must have had a profound effect on Big E’s awakening and plans for humanity’s future.

The Emperor Speaks

The Emperor Speaks
Now it’s time to delve into the intriguing topic of ‘The Emperor Speaks’.

One significant piece of evidence is the report from the head of the Inquisition, who claims to have communicated with the Emperor. This revelation raises countless questions and opens up a realm of possibilities for humanity’s future.

Additionally, Guilliman himself has had a conversation with his father after being resurrected, making him one of only living beings in 10,000 years to speak directly with the Emperor. These moments shed light on an awakening within this enigmatic figure and leave us wondering what lies ahead for mankind in Warhammer 40K.

Head of the Inquisition Report

The next significant piece of evidence supporting the Emperor’s awakening comes from a report delivered by the head of the Inquisition, who’s known for their unwavering dedication to uncovering and protecting humanity.

The report confirms that this esteemed individual has had direct communication with none other than the Emperor himself.

What did the head of the Inquisition report? They revealed that during their conversation, the Emperor expressed his desire for them to continue their tireless efforts in defending mankind against its enemies.

It’s clear that this encounter has left a lasting impact on both parties involved, as rumors circulate about what happened to this brave leader after such an extraordinary meeting.

Guilliman’s Conversation

In Guilliman’s conversation with the Emperor, you witness a rare and momentous event as the Primarch becomes the only living being to have spoken directly with his father in over 10,000 years. The purpose of this conversation was to seek guidance and clarity on the current state of affairs within the Imperium.

During their exchange, Guilliman asked questions about his role in leading humanity and received answers that left him both enlightened and burdened. This profound conversation has had a tremendous impact on Guilliman’s resolve and determination moving forward, as he now carries not only his own aspirations but also those bestowed upon him by his father.

Worries of His Enemies

Worries of His Enemies
As we delve into the worries of his enemies, it’s clear that factions such as Ku’gath and Mortarion are increasingly concerned about the possibility of the Emperor awakening and regaining power.

The chaos-infested forces fear what a resurrected Emperor could mean for their hold on the galaxy. They know that with his return, there would be a significant shift in power dynamics – one that could potentially tip the scales in favor of humanity’s survival.

Daemons tremble at the thought of facing an awakened Emperor, knowing full well that their existence may be threatened by his might.

These concerns among enemy ranks highlight not only their recognition of his immense power but also reveal a growing divide within Chaos itself. While they exploit vulnerabilities in human society to sow discord and despair, deep down they can’t help but harbor hopelessness against an adversary like him who once shattered empires with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can the Emperor of Mankind be brought back to life?

To bring back the Emperor of Mankind, you must explore various avenues.

Consider human technology like STCs or xenos knowledge from Eldar or Dark Eldar.

However, healing the Emperor without his cooperation remains a challenge.

Is there any hope for the Emperor’s return without his cooperation?

Without the Emperor’s cooperation, hope for his return may seem bleak. However, there’s a glimmer of possibility.

Eldar followers of Ynnead resurrected Roboute Guilliman, and Dark Eldar Haemonculi possess knowledge that could heal the Emperor’s body.

Can xenos technology or other human technology be used to revive the Emperor?

Xenos technology or other human technology may hold the key to reviving the Emperor.

Eldar followers of Ynnead and Dark Eldar Haemonculi possess knowledge that could heal his body.

The answer lies in their hands.

What is the current state of the Emperor’s physical body?

The current state of the Emperor’s physical body is a rotting carcass kept alive by faith, technology, and sacrifices.

His revival remains uncertain as his cooperation is necessary for healing and he may resist or believe his death is crucial for humanity’s survival.

How important is the Emperor’s return for the future of humanity in Warhammer 40,000?

The Emperor’s return is crucial for humanity’s future in Warhammer 40,

Like a dormant volcano, his awakening would unleash unimaginable power and bring hope to those who desire control over the galaxy.


In this vast universe, the fate of mankind hangs in the balance, its future uncertain. Whispers and signs have ignited hope that the Emperor of Mankind may be awakening from his slumber on the Golden Throne.

From intercepted chatter to miraculous events, the evidence is mounting. Even Guilliman’s communication hints at the Emperor’s return.

As enemies grow restless, humanity awaits with bated breath, wondering if their savior will indeed come back to guide them towards a brighter future.

Will the Emperor of Mankind ever return? Only time will tell.

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