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Who Killed Tara in SOA? Uncover the Tragic Love Story of Jax and Tara. (Answered 2023)

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We all remember the heartbreaking scene in Sons of Anarchy when Tara Knowles was killed.

In this article, we’ll explore how Tara died on SOA as well as who did it and why they committed such an act. We’ll also take a look at Jax’s reaction to her death, Abel knowing Gemma killed his mother, and why she had to leave him in the first place.

Join us as we delve into this tragic event that changed everything for Jax Teller forever!

Who Kills Tara Soa?

In Sons of Anarchy, tragedy strikes when Tara Knowles is fatally stabbed by Jax’s mother Gemma, in a desperate attempt to keep Tara from taking her sons away and leaving Charming. Gemma resorted to killing Jax’s beloved wife even if it meant destroying their relationship forever.

She was driven by love for her son and fear that he would leave the club life she so desperately wanted him to stay in.

Jax was devastated upon learning of Tara’s death. However, there were still unanswered questions surrounding the event. For example, why did Juice help cover up the crime? How did no one find out about this until later on? The aftermath of this shocking event had unforeseen consequences that changed SAMCRO forever and left many members questioning their loyalty within the club.

This act ultimately set up an emotional shift for Jax, which led him down a dark path towards his own demise at series’ end.

How Does Jax Find Out Who Killed Tara?

How does Tara die in SOA?We discover the heartbreaking truth of who killed Tara as Jax’s investigation into her death unravels. After 11 years apart, Tara returns to Charming and rekindles her relationship with Jax Teller; however, their reunion was not without complications.

Gemma was highly suspicious of Tara due to her leaving so many years ago and because she had a toxic past relationship with an ATF agent in Chicago. This fueled a power struggle between them that ultimately led to Gemma killing Tara out of fear that she would take away SAMCRO from the club.

Jax goes through immense grief when he finds out about his wife’s death at the hands of his own mother. Juice Ortiz helps cover up evidence, which leaves more questions than answers for both him and Gemma.

Unresolved issues remain as we are left wondering why exactly did it have to be this way? Jax is left grappling with unresolved feelings towards himself, his mother, and how these events changed everything he ever thought he knew about life in Charming forever; leading us directly into our next topic – Why Was Tara Killed In Sons Of Anarchy?

Why Was Tara Killed in Sons of Anarchy?

why was tara killed in sons of anarchy?Jax and Tara’s tumultuous love story reaches a heartbreaking conclusion when Gemma takes matters into her own hands, resulting in an unexpected and devastating loss.

After 11 years since their high school sweetheart days, Tara returns to Charming with the intention of keeping Jax from his violent lifestyle as part of the Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO). This plan creates moral conflicts between them that leads to a power struggle over control at times where both parties are willing to do whatever it takes for what they believe is best.

Unforgiving revenge drives Gemma’s decision making when she learns about Tara’s attempt at betrayal by going against SAMCRO rules; leading her to stab Tara repeatedly in the head with a carving fork.

The mental trauma this causes not only Jax but also those around him serves as proof of how intense family bonds can be within society and its implications on social behavior even though it may lead down destructive paths like this one did.

How Does Tara Knowles Die?

how does tara knowles die?We witness the tragic death of Tara Knowles, a high school sweetheart and mother of two, at the hands of Jax’s own mother Gemma in Sons Of Anarchy. The motive behind her murder revolves around Tara’s desire to take her sons away from Charming to save them from being influenced by SAMCRO’s violent lifestyle.

This plan threatened not only Gemma but also Juice Ortiz who assisted with covering up evidence for his own selfish reasons:

  1. To protect himself
  2. To prevent Jax learning about it
  3. To maintain club loyalty
  4. Because he was scared

After all these years together, we see how much this news affects Jax as he reacts with grief and disbelief over what has happened – an unsolved mystery that will forever haunt him as well as viewers alike whose hearts were broken when they heard the outcome.

Does Jax Know Who Killed Tara?

does jax know who killed tara?We all wondered if Jax ever found out who killed Tara. It was a tragedy that shook not only the fans of Sons of Anarchy, but media outlets around the world as well. Gemma had her own motives for killing Tara and in doing so brought an end to their tragic love story.

As soon as Jax learned about his mother’s actions, he went into a rage, unable to comprehend why she would do such a thing and how it completely destroyed his plans for providing security to Tara and their children by taking responsibility for a deal with law enforcement that would have landed him in jail for 25 years.

While Juice Ortiz helped Gemma cover up the crime, we can never fully understand what drove her or even know how much Jax knew about it at any given point before learning the truth himself – leaving some unanswered questions behind regarding this horrible act despite its profound impact on both characters’ legacies in television history forevermore.

Moving on from this dark moment, we now turn our attention towards understanding exactly how Tara dies in Soa.

How Does Tara in Soa Die?

how does tara in soa die?We explore whether Jax knew who ended Tara’s life in Sons of Anarchy. Clay Morrow, the former president of SAMCRO had a motive to kill Tara: She was going to expose his criminal activities and take away the club from him.

Jax reacted with shock when he heard about her death and blamed himself for not being able to protect her.

The legacy left behind by Tara is one that will never be forgotten in Charming: Her courage, strength, and determination are an example for all women struggling against adversity.

We transition into exploring why they killed off such an important character on SoA – what were their motives?

Why Did They Kill Tara on Soa?

We chose to kill Tara on Soa as part of the deliberate storytelling choice by showrunner Kurt Sutter, which ultimately set up Jax’s own surprising fate in the show’s seventh and final season.

Tara had a strong motivation to protect her sons from Charming’s violence, while Gemma felt guilt over what she viewed as an act of betrayal. This quickly escalated into tragedy when Gemma learned about Jax’s plan; believing that if he took responsibility for his deal with law enforcement then it would destroy SAMCRO and take away their chance at redemption.

In a fit of rage, she stabbed Tara repeatedly in the head with a carving fork—an act that devastated both fans and media alike due to its suddenness and brutality. The death was also deeply personal for Jax who experienced grief unlike ever before: not only had he lost his lover but also his best chance at freedom from SAMCRO’s lifestyle once-and-for-all.

Consequently, this devastating event cemented an emotional shift within him that eventually lead him towards an unexpected endgame—one that forever changed Sons Of Anarchy’s tragic love story between two star crossed lovers separated by circumstances beyond their control.

Without question then, killing off Tara was undoubtedly one of SOA’s most pivotal moments since it allowed us all too witness just how powerful love can be despite preordained limitations or expectations placed upon us all throughout life itself.

How Did Abel Know Gemma Killed Tara?

We’ve been wondering how Abel knew Gemma took Tara’s life, and the answer lies in a surprising anachronism that hooked us from the start.

Abel was witness to his father Jax’s grief over Tara’s death, as well as Gemma’s motives which she had discussed with Clay prior to killing her. Not only did he hear his dad screaming about what happened but he also saw him crying so this is when it all started connecting for him.

He then developed tactics of being sly and observant to gain further evidence against his grandmother by sneaking around SAMCRO meetings looking for clues about who killed his mother without raising suspicion or getting harmed himself – something we can’t help but admire!

Even though there were hints throughout Season 6 regarding Tara’s demise thanks to Jax’s grief-stricken reactions towards it, they weren’t enough until Abel confirmed them through clever detective work that ultimately led up towards the truth of what really happened on Sons of Anarchy.

We understand why Kurt Sutter made a deliberate storytelling choice such as this one because its emotional impact truly resonates even today.

Who Kills Tara in Sons of Anarchy?

We uncover the identity of the person responsible for Tara’s fateful demise in Sons of Anarchy. In Season 6, Episode 13, Gemma Morrow (Katey Sagal) is revealed to be the one who killed Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam) beloved wife and mother to his sons Abel and Thomas.

This tragic act was driven by her motives to avenge Tara Knowles’ attempts at betraying SAMCRO while simultaneously protecting Jax from law enforcement as well as from himself – a fate which he ultimately met in the show’s seventh season finale.

The grief that ensued following this event caused an immense emotional impact on both viewers and characters alike; leaving questions unanswered about what could have been had she not been taken away so prematurely from those she loved most dearly including her husband, children, family members, and friends who all felt her legacy acutely after such an unexpected tragedy.

How Does Tara Die on Sons of Anarchy?

We watch in sorrow as Tara’s life is tragically taken away like a candle snuffed out by the wind. Throughout their seven season journey, Jax and Tara had experienced many obstacles; nonetheless, they managed to build a strong bond of mutual trust and love.

But when Gemma discovers that Tara was attempting to betray SAMCRO to the authorities, her anger leads her down an irreversible path. She grabs hold of a carving fork from the kitchen countertop and stabs it repeatedly into Tara’s head until she passes away.

Not only did this tragic event take away one of Soa’s most beloved characters, but it also left us with unanswered questions regarding what could have been if circumstances had led them down another road.

It wasn’t just Jax who felt grief over his loss; rather, all fans were heartbroken by this unexpected turn of events which still has an impact on our lives today – even beyond Sons Of Anarchy’s finale episode ending six years ago.

As we reflect back on how far they’ve come together since high school sweethearts reunited after an 11-year absence, up until this fateful moment, Tara leaves behind not only two sons but also a legacy for us all that will never be forgotten.

Why Does Tara Leave Jax?

We’ve been left wondering why Tara would ever leave Jax, her high school sweetheart and father of their two sons.

In the pilot episode of Sons of Anarchy, after an 11-year absence, she returns to Charming as a respected medical doctor.

After rekindling their relationship and having two children together, it seems unlikely that she’d want to part ways with him again; however, there was something else at play in this heartbreaking story behind her departure from Jax’s life – Gemma’s motive for wanting them apart.

Fueled by jealousy over the bond between Tara and Jax, Gemma sought out a way to end their relationship permanently which ended up leading up to one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in TV history: when she killed Tara with a carving fork before Juice Ortiz unsuspectingly helped cover up her crime.

The tragedy resulted in immense grief on behalf of both media coverage and viewers alike who had watched these characters grow during all seven seasons prior — yet they could not prevent what happened next nor anticipate how far Gemma would go with covering up plots surrounding his unwitting accomplice being involved too.


We’ve come to the end of Jax and Tara’s tragic love story. Tara was killed by Jax’s own mother, Gemma, in a moment of rage.

Gemma was outraged when she learnt of Jax’s plan to take responsibility for a deal with law enforcement to give Tara freedom to take their sons away from Charming.

In the end, Tara’s death served as a painful, yet powerful symbol of Jax’s emotional and mental shift which ultimately led to his own demise in the show’s seventh and final season.

Her death was a gut-wrenching reminder that love can be both beautiful and cruel, like a butterfly with broken wings.

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