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Fatui Harbinger: Which One is Childe? (Answered 2023)

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Which Fatui Harbinger is ChildeWith over 11 Fatui Harbingers and multiple names associated with each of them, it can be hard to keep track. But the one who stands out amongst them is Childe – an enigmatic figure shrouded in mystery.

To answer this question, we must delve into the world of Teyvat and explore which Fatui Harbinger is Childe.

Key Takeaways

  • Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is the 11th Fatui Harbinger and possesses a Hydro Vision and Electro Delusion.
  • He is an expert in blade and bow combat and can switch between different stances in his gameplay mechanics.
  • Childe adds mystery to the story of Genshin Impact with his enigmatic nature and hidden personal goals.
  • He plays a key role in the game’s storyline and subplot, connecting various plot threads and likely to continue influencing the story in future chapters.

The Identity of Childe’s Fatui Harbinger

The Identity of Childe
You’re Tartaglia, the sly Fatui Harbinger known as Childe, ranked 11th of the diplomatic deceivers. Pulcinella, a mentor within the Fatui, welcomed you into the fold. Now an adoptive member loyal to the cause, you lead the Fatui’s Geo division.

Among the eleven Harbingers, you alone wield both a Vision and a Delusion – twin powers granted by your patron goddess. Though your harmless appearance belies your awesome strength, your Harbinger name rings clear as day: Tartaglia, the boastful soldier.

Despite lingering enmity, the promise of divine rule compels your allegiance. Together, the Fatui shall pry authority from false gods’ grasps, heralding a new age of mortal supremacy across Teyvat.

The Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact

The Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact
wield great power and influence in Teyvat. Arlecchino, Columbina, Pantalone, Pierro, and Pulcinella are key figures among the eleven Harbingers, each possessing unique abilities that serve the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa’s plot to overthrow the Divine.

While the individual goals of the Harbingers remain somewhat mysterious so far, they have already shaped the story significantly. The Traveler’s journey will likely reveal more about these complex characters as it continues to unfold.


You’ve heard Arlecchino bears a grudge and has a connection to La Signora.

  • Arlecchino oversees an orphanage where children become Fatui agents.
  • Her grudge with Signora hints at internal Harbinger dynamics.
  • She may have recruited and trained Childe before his Harbinger role.

Arlecchino’s commedia dell’arte name suits her cunning nature in Genshin Impact’s lore.


You must admire Columbina for her captivating singing that even instills wariness in Tartaglia. She wields mystifying talents, harboring secrets that elude even cunning Childe’s grasp. What role might her melodies play in the Fatui’s bid to overturn divine authority? Her voice may conceal an instrument of control, part of intricate internal dynamics among the formidable Harbingers vying for supremacy over Teyvat.


Parallel to Columbina’s singing talents, Pantalone resembles Baizhu while overseeing the Fatui’s finances through an extensive trade network. With immense influence, he balances motives between personal gain and the Fatui’s goals.

His connections and history hold key insights into characters like Scaramouche, Childe, and the mysterious inner workings of the Fatui Harbingers.


Man! As a leader, Pierro finds himself with a lot on his plate.

  • Strategizing Harbinger recruitment
  • Maintaining Harbinger hierarchy
  • Overseeing missions and operations
  • Connecting with Khaenri’ah
  • Managing eleven personalities

With his de facto leadership of the mysterious Fatui Harbingers, Pierro holds immense responsibility. His powers likely rival archons, given his rank, Snezhnayan authority, and potential ties to fallen Khaenri’ah.

Leading the Harbingers’ shadowy goals requires intense strategy. Yet Pierro’s veteran status proves he has long managed such intrigues.


Pulcinella welcomed you into the Fatui’s fold, though his motives remain obscured. As the strategist who secured Snezhnaya’s standing, Pulcinella wields considerable power through government office. Yet beneath his commedia dell’arte guise lies a shadowy will. What designs does this harbinger hold for you, for the Fatui, for Teyvat itself? Delve deeper, if you dare.

The Role of Childe in the Fatui

The Role of Childe in the Fatui
You’d know Tartaglia as the cunning Harbinger who dons the alias Childe. Beneath his carefree exterior lies unbridled ambition. Though only Number Eleven among the Fatui Harbingers, Childe seeks ever more power.

His loyalty remains with the Tsaritsa, for whom he relentlessly seizes whatever she desires. Yet make no mistake- this is no selfless act. The greater his service, the greater the reward he expects.

Combat comes naturally to Childe. Few can match his mastery of blade and bow. Do not be fooled by his youth – he earned his Delusion through blood. While his past remains obscured, his Snezhnayan roots run deep. He clings to family as his sole vulnerability.

Even among the Harbingers, Childe stands apart. His ambitions may one day outstrip his loyalty. For now, he bides his time, playing the Tsaritsa’s game. But this agent of chaos no doubt has schemes of his own.

Childe’s Connection to Other Harbingers

You turn the page, diving deeper into the shadowy world of the Fatui Harbingers. Though they present a unified front, you suspect hidden agendas swirl beneath the surface. Especially for Childe, the dynamic eleventh of their ranks. Despite his youth, he clawed his way up the hierarchy through talent and audacity.

You ponder his uneasy alliances with fellow Harbingers like the capricious La Signora. What schemes has he hatched with shadowy seniors like Pierro? Is he a pawn or player in the great game for power the Tsaritsa directs? For now, Childe’s role remains layered in mystery.

But each ripple reveals more of the enigmatic truths beneath. You itch to pierce the veil and expose his motivations.

If anyone can shed light on the Harbingers’ hidden agendas, it is the cunning young Childe.

Childe’s Family and Relationships Within the Fatui

You’ve developed an extremely close bond with Pulcinella since he treats your family like his own flesh and blood. It’s heartwarming how he dotes on your siblings when visiting, bringing exotic gifts and regaling them with fantastical tales.

Your father sees Pulcinella as an honorary uncle, valuing his counsel and including him in family affairs. This familial connection makes you devoted to the Fatui’s cause, even more than loyalty alone.

You’d lay down your life to protect those who’ve embraced you as kin. The bonds of brotherhood forged in service and sacrifice transcend usual allegiances.

Though the Fatui’s internal politics breed mistrust, your found family is real. The Tsaritsa, Gnosis, and divine ambitions feel abstract next to those whose love and presence nurture your soul. For them, no task is too arduous, no trial too severe. To serve family is life’s purpose.

Childe’s Vision and Delusion

As Tartaglia, the eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers, you wield both a Hydro Vision and an Electro Delusion gifted by the Tsaritsa. Your Vision awakened while training in the Abyss, granting mastery over hydro and ranged attacks.

Though already powerful, the ambitious Tsaritsa granted you an even rarer Delusion to further enhance combat abilities.

This Delusion allows entering a Foul Legacy state, transforming into a monstrous form with amplified speed, strength and Electro powers. While incredibly strong, this unstable transformation taxes the body. Still, persisting in pursuing greater power to someday surpass fellow Harbingers like Dottore, Arlecchino and even the mighty Capitano.

For now, serving the Tsaritsa loyally, carrying out her commands alongside peers like Sandrone and Pierro. By continuing honing the Vision and Delusion, may yet achieve the ultimate goal of standing above the gods themselves.

Childe’s Combat Prowess and Abilities

Listen up, Childe’s no pushover when it comes to fighting. As the eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers, he’s earned his reputation as a fierce combatant. Childe wields the power of Hydro through his Vision, creating blades of water and striking with fluid martial arts.

But he also uses a Delusion granted by the Tsaritsa, letting him draw on Electro as well for even greater strength. Between his twin blades and bow, Childe adapts his fighting style to any situation.

His true power emerges in his elemental burst, Foul Legacy: Fervorous Rendering, where he taps into his Abyssal powers. Massive claw arms erupt from his back as Childe becomes a whirlwind of savage strikes.

So in battle, underestimate this Hydro Fatui Harbinger at your own peril. Childe’s mastery of multiple elements and fighting forms makes him a formidable foe.

Childe’s Involvement in the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser

You’re right, the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser did show Childe welcoming you as Tartaglia, ranked eleventh among the Fatui Harbingers. His flashy voiceover and visuals provided early clues about the mysterious Fatui.

Though his motives seemed unclear, Childe’s Harbinger connections indicated he had a major role in Genshin Impact’s subplot. The teaser highlighted Tartaglia’s flashy combat, foreshadowing how he could challenge the traveler.

Yet it also showed his charisma, hinting there was more to this Fatui agent. While Tartaglia’s involvement remained secret, the teaser made it clear this playful Harbinger had a big part in the story ahead.

Childe’s Personal Goals and Ambitions

Childe’s personal goals and ambitions are truly driven to make a name for himself outside his family’s legacy. As the eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers known as Tartaglia or Childe, he’s consumed with ambition despite his youth.

While outwardly loyal to the Fatui’s cause and the Tsaritsa’s decrees, he harbors a hidden agenda to gain strength and notoriety. His aspirations go beyond service, seeking personal glory through combat and conquest.

This has led him on audacious missions, like infiltrating the party of the Raiden Shogun in Inazuma. Though tempted by the power of Delusions, he prides mastery of his Vision and weaponry above all. His rivalry with Il Capitano spurs him to surpass his fighting reputation. As a playable character in the Genshin Impact manga, his complex motivations intrigue those seeking understanding of the Harbingers’ true nature.

Yet none can predict where his unchecked ambition may lead against the gods themselves.

The Impact of Childe’s Character in Genshin Impact

The Impact of Childe
You’d be lost without the mystique Tartaglia brings to the story. Unraveling Childe’s enigmatic nature has kept players engaged for months. His complex motivations and unique ties to both Mondstadt and Snezhnaya generate endless theories about how events will unfold.

Childe’s gameplay mechanics as a stance-switching, hydro-infused melee fighter complement his dynamic character.

The anticipation around when he’ll reappear keeps interest alive during content droughts. Childe connects various plot threads, driving speculation on how he’ll influence relations with other Harbingers and nations.

Despite being lower ranked, Childe has left an outsized imprint due to his memorable personality. While questions linger about his endgame, Childe’s mystique will likely captivate for many chapters to come.


Childe is the infamous eleventh Fatui Harbinger, Tartaglia. He was adopted into the Harbingers by Pulcinella and is now a powerful figure with a Delusion and Vision of his own. His ranking number is eleven, and he looks up to the formidable Capitano. With his newly found power, Childe is one of the major players in the Genshin Impact lore.

So if you’re looking for the true identity of the eleventh Fatui Harbinger, look no further – it’s Childe.

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