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Can 17 Year Olds Stay in Hotels Without Adults? (Answered 2024)

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Can 2 17 Year Olds Stay In A HotelYou’re seeking freedom on your next adventure, yet concerned rules may hinder your plans.

Although hotels have policies, don’t let age limit your exploration.

With proper preparation, two 17-year-olds can discover new places together.

Just confirm parental consent, review identification requirements, and choose family-friendly lodging.

Let this guide ease your travel worries, so you can focus on making memories.

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Key Takeaways

  • Parental consent, usually in a notarized form, is typically required for 17 year olds to check into a hotel without an adult.
  • Government-issued photo ID is mandatory to verify age when 17 year olds check in without an adult chaperone.
  • State and local laws on minimum accommodation age vary, so research relevant regulations at your destination before booking.
  • Age policies differ internationally – contact hotels directly to learn requirements for 17 year old guests without adult supervision.

Hotel Age Policies for Minors

Hotel Age Policies for Minors
As a hotel manager, I must inform you that most hotels require guests under 18 to have a parent or legal guardian present at check-in.

Even with parental consent forms, 17-year-olds typically can’t stay alone due to liability issues and local laws.

You’ll need to check specific hotel policies, but expect age limits and restrictions on unsupervised stays for minors.

Check-in Age Requirements

You’ll generally need to be 18 to check in on your own.

Some hotels allow 16-17 year olds with parental permission.

Double check specific hotel policies before booking.

Be aware of any legal restrictions based on your location.

Have ID, credit card, and signed consent forms ready at check-in.

Follow safety precautions and inform your parents of your plans.

To check into a hotel as a 17-year-old, you’re often required to provide parental consent.

Types of Consent:

  • Notification Form:

    • Signed by parents
    • Includes emergency contacts and instructions
  • Notarized Form:

    • More formal proof of parental consent
  • Signed at Check-In:

    • Parent signs form authorizing stay upon arrival
  • Phone Authorization:

    • Parents approve stay over the phone at check-in

      Additional Requirements:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of emancipation (if applicable)

    Tips for a Smooth Check-In:

  • Be prepared with the proper documentation.
  • Understand hotel policies.

Identification and Documentation

Identification and Documentation
As a hotel manager, I must advise that:

  • When 17-year-olds check in without an adult, we’ll require government-issued photo ID to verify age.
  • Additionally, a notarized parental consent form is mandatory, outlining emergency contacts and authorizing the unsupervised stay.

These precautions protect both our hotel and underage guests in accordance with laws and best practices.

ID Verification at Check-In

You’re required to show ID when checking in as a minor at most hotels.

Many will ask to see your government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify your age before handing over the room key.

This ensures the hotel is complying with local laws regarding accommodation of minors.

Bring proper ID and any necessary parental consent paperwork to facilitate a smooth check-in process.

Focus on family-friendly hotels willing to host responsible 17-year-olds.

With preparation, research, and parental approval, international travel is possible even as an independent minor.

You’ve permission forms from parents requiring emergency contacts and instructions for 17-year-olds staying at hotels alone.

Notarized parental consent verifies you meet accommodation legal requirements.

Hotels need parental authorization protecting them and you.

Review hotel booking tips on forms—some need signing upon arrival.

Inform parents of your itinerary so they consent and assist if issues arise during your independent yet supervised stay.

State and Local Laws

State and Local Laws
As a hotel industry lawyer, I must advise that laws on minor accommodation vary significantly across states and localities.

Where you attempt to book rooms can impact policies on unsupervised 17-year-olds.

Some states restrict stays by unaccompanied minors, so hotels in these areas tend to strictly enforce adult supervision requirements.

If you’re under 18, research relevant local and state laws thoroughly before making reservations.

Laws on Minor Accommodation

Some states restrict where and how unaccompanied minors can stay in hotels within their borders.

You’re wise to research relevant laws before you book.

Local statutes may dictate parental consent requirements, minimum booking or check-in ages, and adult supervision policies.

Hotels in regions with strict oversight of minor accommodation tend to rigorously enforce rules on registering and housing travelers under 18 sans guardians.

Verify your destination’s applicable regulations so you can confirm your booking complies.

Location Impacts Policies

Certain states restrict where you’re allowed to stay as an unaccompanied minor.

Areas with stricter supervision laws for under 18s will enforce adult accompaniment hotel policies without exception.

Before booking, research relevant regulations in your destination as age limits and legal considerations vary significantly across states, countries, and even locally between accommodation options.

Alternative lodging may provide more flexibility.

International Travel Considerations

International Travel Considerations
When booking accommodations abroad, you must research age limits and policies at your destination.

These can vary greatly depending on the country and hotel; some have lower minimum ages while others enforce strict supervision rules.

Contact specific hotels before you travel to learn their requirements for 17-year-old guests without adult chaperones.

Age Limits Vary by Country

Since age policies for hotel stays by minors vary significantly across different countries, you’ll need to thoroughly research the local laws and common hotel practices before you book accommodations as an unaccompanied 17-year-old traveler.

Some countries have lower age limits, while others have stricter policies.

Carefully check business hotel chains which tend to enforce adult supervision rules more strictly than family-oriented hotels.

Where cultural views frown on unsupervised teen travel, hotels reflect that in rigid age requirements.

Vet both legal age limits and hotel policies in your destination country before booking.

Research Local Hotel Policies

  1. When you’re traveling internationally, research each hotel’s specific policies regarding minors before you book your stay. Confirm age limits and restrictions through direct inquiries.
  • Booking regulations for underage travelers
  • Required parental consent paperwork
  • Identification needed at check-in
  • Accommodation policies for unaccompanied minors

Booking Tips for 17-Year-Olds

Booking Tips for 17-Year-Olds
As a hotel manager, I recommend getting written authorization from your parents before attempting to book a room.

Focus your search on family-friendly hotels and chains with experience accommodating unaccompanied younger guests.

You should also be prepared to provide a credit card or cash deposit when you check-in.

Get Parental Authorization

So, you’ll want to get explicit permission from your parents before attempting to book any hotels. This will allow you to provide authorization forms or make payments if required.

Have your parents review reservation details and co-sign any rental agreements. Be transparent about all legal and financial obligations.

Reassure hotels that you have full parental consent, as many have policies requiring minors to furnish notarized approval forms, credit card pre-authorizations, or phone consent from a legal guardian upon checking in.

Focus on Family-Friendly Hotels

  1. Target hotels with:
    • Pool and recreation areas for kids
    • Adjacent rooms for parents
    • Group discounts
    • Managers amenable to minor policies
  2. Research chains like:
    • Best Western
    • La Quinta
    • Holiday Inn
  3. When calling, clarify:
    • Age limits for unaccompanied minor guests
    • Consent form requirements
    • Payment guarantees needed to book

Checking in as a Minor

Checking in as a Minor
As a hotel manager, I must advise that minors be prepared to provide:

  • Valid identification
  • Necessary parental consent forms

When checking in without an adult, these documents confirm that you meet age requirements and have permission to stay unsupervised.

Failure to furnish proper credentials could result in denial of accommodation.

Be Prepared to Show ID

When you’re checking in as a minor without an adult, you’ll need to be prepared to verify your age with a valid government-issued ID.

Hotel staff are required to comply with accommodation laws and will request proof that you meet the minimum age requirements set forth in local statutes.

Bringing proper identification confirms your eligibility to occupy the room alone and allows staff to provide a safe, lawful stay.

Have Required Forms Available

If you’re a 17-year-old checking into a hotel without an adult:

  • You’ll need to have any required parental consent forms available when you get to the front desk.
  • Hotel policies mandate signed permission statements authorizing your solo accommodation.
  • Keep forms on-hand for verification alongside your photo ID.
  • Check-in staff must confirm your age and documented consent procedures before issuing room keys.

Adhere to protocols allowing minors brief, supervised stays so you avoid reservation cancellations.

Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations
When staying in hotels without adult supervision, you must take precautions:

  • Travel with a trusted friend.
  • Inform your parents of your exact itinerary.
  • Check in with them regularly.

Remaining aware and acting responsibly will help ensure your personal safety.

Travel With a Friend

You’ll want to stay safe when traveling without adults, so:

  • Travel with a friend.
  • Having a fellow teen companion provides company, security in numbers, and shared responsibility.

Split costs on budget-friendly accommodations like hostels that take minors.

Stick together, especially at night, and keep parents updated on your itinerary and hotel bookings.

Traveling solo as a minor involves risk, so a trusted friend can ease concerns.

Inform Parents of Itinerary

You should inform your parents of your complete itinerary when traveling as an unaccompanied minor.

Keep them updated on your accommodations, daily plans, and contact information so they know your whereabouts and can reach you in case of an emergency.

  • Share detailed daily itineraries.
  • Provide all lodging addresses and phone numbers.
  • Send your parents photos of your accommodations.
  • Check in with parents regularly.
  • Have a backup emergency contact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the penalties if a hotel finds out minors stayed without proper permission? Hotels may revoke reservations, charge no show fees, notify authorities, or ban guests from the property.

If discovered, we:

  • Revoke reservations
  • Charge no-show fees
  • Notify authorities
  • Ban guests

This protects other patrons and deters future violations.

However, we aim to treat all guests respectfully, even when enforcing policies.

Can minors book adjoining or connecting rooms without an adult? Most hotels do not allow minors to book connecting rooms, even with parental permission.

Regrettably, as a minor, you cannot book connecting rooms alone.

Our policy requiring adult supervision aims to protect you while upholding local laws.

Your safety is our priority.

Are there any hotel loyalty programs with age exceptions? Major hotel loyalty programs like Marriott Bonvoy do not provide age exceptions to standard policies.

Unfortunately, major hotel loyalty programs do not provide exceptions to standard age policies for members.

As private businesses, hotels can implement age restrictions as they see fit.

Earning status does not override published check-in age requirements.

How can parents monitor or restrict in-room purchases? Parents can set spending limits, decline minibar access, and request detailed folios. Hotels may also ban pay-per-view or room service.

Let limits be freedom’s friend!

Talk with the front desk to restrict your teen’s budget.

Do hotels allow 16-17 year olds to check in past curfew? Hotels with curfews often do not allow minors to check in after curfew, even with parental permission. Late check-ins may require an adult.

Unfortunately, our late night check-in policy prohibits guests under 18 from checking in past curfew without an accompanying adult.

While we aim to accommodate families, we must uphold policies that ensure minors’ safety when traveling unsupervised.

We suggest booking early arrivals or making plans for an authorized guardian to check-in late arrivals.


While lodging policies may seem limiting, ingenious explorers recognize wisdom in rules.

With forethought, 17-year-olds can craft excellent excursions.

Verify regulations, acquire documentation, and choose family-friendly accommodations.

Embrace this adventure, but temper eagerness with prudence.

Focus not on restrictions, but on building character and virtue.

Let laws guide, not hinder.

Approach travel as an opportunity for growth, and create memories that uplift.

With care and conscience, a hotel stay for 17-year-olds indeed makes possible a journey of lifelong value.

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