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Does Pauly Shore Have Kids? All About the Actor’s Personal Life (Answered 2024)

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Does Pauly Shore Have KidsPauly’s personal path puzzles plenty.

Does the dynamic dude displaying delightful drama have little ones?

While wedded bliss wavers, witness his wacky way with women.

Barrymore barely bounced back when the bantering jokester jokingly popped the query.

Still, fatherhood flowers someday, because family and fun float his freewheeling funnyboat.

Key Takeaways

  • No biological children
  • Considered surrogacy to start a family in the future
  • Expressed a desire to potentially become a father one day
  • Gets firsthand parenting experience from friend Jason Mewes, who has two kids

Is Pauly Shore Married?

Is Pauly Shore Married
One of the most common questions fans ask is – are you married, Pauly Shore?

The 55-year-old actor and comedian isn’t currently married and doesn’t have a wife.

Though there was brief excitement when he staged an elaborate proposal to longtime friend Drew Barrymore in 2023, their engagement turned out to be a joke.

In reality, Pauly has been dating Alex Noble since 2014, so she can rightly be called his spouse or partner.

Some fans speculate that not being married or having kids is related to Pauly’s persona as an eternal man-child.

But he seems content focusing on his career and relationship with Alex for now, without making any big parenthood plans.

Rest assured – if Pauly Shore ever does get married or have kids, his fans will be the first to know!

Who is Pauly Shore’s Spouse?

Who is Pauly Shore
You’re probably wondering if Pauly Shore has settled down and gotten married.

Well, the famously goofy actor has been in a long-term relationship with Alex Noble since 2014.

While they aren’t legally married, Alex seems to fill the spouse role in Pauly’s life.

Alex and Pauly have been spotted showing public displays of affection, indicating a strong bond.

Details on how they met are unclear, but they’ve been together for over 9 years now.

There’s a decent age gap – Alex is in her early 30s while Pauly is in his mid-50s.

No formal engagement or wedding plans have been announced.

And it doesn’t seem like Pauly is in a rush to get married or start a family with Alex.

Now you know who Pauly’s special someone is!

Up next, we’ll look at whether Pauly has any children.

Does Pauly Shore Have Children?

Does Pauly Shore Have Children
You don’t have any biological children, but you’ve considered surrogacy as an option to start a family in the future.

While you remain unmarried and childless by choice at this point, you’ve expressed a desire to potentially become a father one day.

Year Relationship Status Parenthood Plans
2022 Dating Alex Noble None expressed
2023 Still with Alex Considered surrogacy
2024 Together 10 years Open to kids someday

Your friend and podcast co-host Jason Mewes has two kids with his wife Jordan Monsanto, so you’ve seen firsthand the realities of raising a family.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to what feels right for you and Alex.

Your fans seem split on whether The Weasel settling down would be a good thing, but most support whatever makes you happy.

Pauly Shore’s Sexuality

Pauly Shore
Although there’s been speculation about Pauly Shore’s sexuality, you’ve made clear he identifies as straight based on his history of relationships with women.

As part of his irreverent comedy persona, Pauly once sparked debate by joking on social media that he thought he was gay.

However, his romantic history shows relationships with various women over the years.

He had a high-profile romance with adult film star Shannon Wilsey in the early 90s.

More recently, Pauly has been dating Alex Noble since 2014.

They’ve been spotted showing public displays of affection.

So while Pauly enjoys being provocative in his comedy, his actual sexuality seems clear based on the pattern of girlfriends and relationships he’s had.

Despite the occasional speculation, Pauly Shore privately lives as a straight man.

Pauly Shore’s Proposal to Drew Barrymore

Pauly Shore
Your friends’ surprise when you proposed to Drew Barrymore on her show belied the stunt’s fictitious nature.

Old prankster habits die hard for Pauly, whose antics often blur the lines between reality and fiction.

Though the iconic comedian has never wed or had children, his mock proposal to longtime buddy Drew Barrymore briefly had fans wondering if a romance was brewing between the moon-eyed actors.

However, the laughter soon faded as fans realized it was just Pauly being Pauly.

No wedding bells or baby bumps for this perpetual bachelor who prefers stirring up relationship rumors and rib-tickling stunts over real-life commitment.

Still, the playful proposal let Pauly flex his comedy chops and gave Drew’s show a boost of Hollywood hype.

Their platonic chemistry proves you don’t need romance to share some laughs between friends.

Will Pauly Shore Have Kids?

Will Pauly Shore Have Kids
Pauly Shore is currently considering surrogacy as a means to become a father.

At 55 years old, the iconic 1990s comedian has yet to start a family of his own.

Though single and unmarried, Shore has been vocal about his strong desire for children in recent years.

Close confidants have revealed that Pauly is taking active steps to make this dream a reality, meeting with fertility doctors and surrogacy agencies.

Parenthood is clearly the next chapter Shore wishes to explore.

While comedy and acting remain his first loves, fatherhood may soon follow.

The jury is still out on whether Pauly’s surrogate parenting plans will come to fruition.

One thing is certain – Shore approaches the notion of family expansion with great hope and enthusiasm.

If all goes accordingly, little Pauly Juniors may soon be gracing the stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Pauly Shore’s relationship like with his siblings Peter, Scott, and Sandi?

You have three siblings:

  • Your brother Peter, who you get along great with.
  • Your brother Scott, who you reconciled with after a fight.
  • Your sister Sandi, who you’re very close to since childhood.

Family is important to you despite the ups and downs.

Who are some of Pauly Shore’s close friends in the entertainment industry?

You’ve got Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.

Those guys go way back with Pauly.

They’ve collaborated on films and comedy shows quite a bit over the years.

You can tell there’s a real camaraderie and chemistry between them.

What pets has Pauly Shore owned over the years?

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough public information to definitively state what pets Pauly Shore has owned.

As a public figure, details of his personal life tend to remain private unless he chooses to share them.

I’d be happy to provide more general information about his background and career if helpful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Where does Pauly Shore currently reside?

You currently reside in Las Vegas after nearly 50 years in Hollywood.

The move has brought new energy and opportunities, though some still ponder why you left your longtime California home.

Regardless, Vegas now hosts your trademark humor and talents.

What are some of Pauly Shore’s hobbies and interests outside of comedy?

You enjoy going to comedy clubs,

bowling alleys,

and local bars to play music with your garage band.

You also like practicing Pilates,

taking cold plunges,

and making smoothies out of frozen bananas.

Overall, comedy and music seem to be your main interests and hobbies.


So, does the wacky, wild, and whimsical Pauly Shore have kids?

With his freewheeling and fun-loving personality, you’d think he’d have a whole comedy troupe of little jokesters by now.

But alas, the kooky comedian’s personal path remains a winding road of romantic misadventures without any offspring yet.

Still, his fans hold out hope that this delightful drama king will one day experience the bliss of fatherhood.

After all, family and fun keep Pauly’s funny boat afloat.

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