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How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make Per Delivery in 2023? Factors and Tips to Increase Earnings (Answered 2024)

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How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make Per DeliveryYou’re on the hunt for extra cash.

Uber Eats offers that freedom to earn by delivering food in your city.

Wondering how much you can make per delivery?

Expect to pocket around $10 per trip.

But your earnings depend on factors like peak times, order size, and location.

Work dinner rushes in busy areas to maximize your hourly pay.

Grab this flexible opportunity and start earning.

Key Takeaways

  • Average income is $9-$16 per hour or $2,384-$2,534 monthly for Uber Eats drivers
  • Focusing on peak hours like weekends and rush times can increase earnings
  • Selecting deliveries with shorter distances and times can maximize income
  • Working in busier areas with more restaurants and residential neighborhoods leads to more deliveries

Factors Affecting Earnings

Factors Affecting Earnings
When determining how much you’ll make per Uber Eats delivery:

  • Consider peak meal times, order size, and restaurant wait times.
  • Larger orders and deliveries during busy dinner rushes typically result in higher payouts.
  • However, long wait times at restaurants can cut into potential earnings per trip.

Peak Times

Delivery demand spikes during peak mealtimes, increasing your Uber Eats earnings potential.

Strategically work Friday through Sunday nights when partying crowds order late meals.

Brave bad weather like rain or snow to benefit from order surges.

Cover big events drawing crowds who’ll need deliveries.

Align your driving schedule with Uber Eats peak times to maximize surge strategies, weather impact, night shift, weekend boosts, and event bonuses for the highest hourly rate.

Order Size

Often, the total payout increases for larger orders since you frequently receive higher tips.

By optimizing your delivery route during peak times, larger orders allow you to maximize earnings per hour.

Understanding when customers tend to order bigger meals helps develop an effective food delivery strategy aligned with customer preferences.

Focusing on larger orders during high-demand windows boosts your hourly pay as an Uber Eats driver.

Wait Times

You’ll spend more time waiting at restaurants when they’re busy, which cuts into the deliveries you can make per hour.

Efficiency strategies like calling ahead to check on order status can minimize wait times.

Coordinating with restaurants and using weather-appropriate vehicles like scooters, cars, or bikes also helps drivers maximize trips and earnings per hour.

Average Income Breakdown

Average Income Breakdown
When driving for Uber Eats, you can expect to earn between $9-$16 per hour depending on your market and trip volume.

On average, drivers make around $126 per day, $2,500 per month, and $37,000 annually in earnings before taxes and expenses.

Maximizing trips during peak hours is key to increasing your hourly and per-delivery payouts.


How regularly do you make $126.72 per day as an Uber Eats driver working 8 hours?

  • Driving efficiently during peak hours.
  • Selecting shorter trips and supplement with other delivery companies.
  • Strategically balancing time online between high-demand zones.


You earn an average monthly income ranging from $2,384 to $2,534.40 as an Uber Eats driver.

Higher pay rates in certain cities allow you to make $2,720 to $4,203.20 per month.

City Monthly Pay Range
Average $2,384 – $2,534
High-Paying $2,720 – $4,203

By optimizing your schedule around peak efficiency times and high-paying areas, while avoiding low-paying deliveries, you can maximize your monthly earnings insights as an Uber Eats driver.


You’d average between $37,102 and $61,009 annually as an Uber Eats driver, with the mean salary being around $48,645 per year.

Seasonal variations impact earnings like summer upticks.

Market trends influence driver supply and customer demand.

Weather limits deliveries reducing income potential.

Promotional spikes provide earnings boosts.

Increasing Your Earnings

Increasing Your Earnings

  • You can increase your earnings per delivery with some smart strategies.
  • Prioritizing short, quick trips, avoiding low-paying deliveries during peak hours, and focusing on busier areas with more demand can help maximize your income.
  • Using route planning apps and combining promotions when available also pays off.

Short Trips

Prioritizing short, quick trips can boost your earnings as an Uber Eats driver.

Focusing on deliveries with shorter distances and times between the restaurant and customer allows you to complete more orders per hour.

Carefully reviewing the estimated duration, distance, and payout before accepting a request enables you to strategically choose profitable trips.

Trip Duration Trip Distance Expected Earnings
15 minutes 2 miles $5
20 minutes 3 miles $6
25 minutes 4 miles $7
30 minutes 5 miles $8

Avoid Low-Paying Deliveries

During busier times, don’t accept deliveries with low payouts that’ll keep you occupied for long periods.

Strategically decline them to remain available for more profitable orders.

Prioritize peak hours when demand surges pricing boosts potential earnings.

Plan optimal routes targeting boosted zones on the driver app’s live map to maximize efficiency.

Busy Areas

Frequently focus your efforts on delivering in busier areas to increase your earnings as an Uber Eats driver.

Areas with lots of restaurants, office buildings, and residential neighborhoods often have more delivery requests during lunch and dinner times.

Positioning yourself in hotspots when demand surges due to bad weather or at night can also result in higher payouts per trip.

Using route optimization tools helps maximize orders and earnings.

Highest Paying Cities

Highest Paying Cities
Your best bet is to focus on delivering in cities like Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, and Dallas where Uber Eats driver pay tends to be highest.

These metropolitan areas have large populations and high demand for food delivery services.

More delivery requests mean more opportunities to earn income through base fares, promotions like Boost zones during peak times, and customer tips.

Compare payment summaries in the Driver app to find which city gives you the optimal blend of delivery volume, trip distance, and bonus pay.

Factor in cost of living when deciding where to drive.

Strategically work lunch, dinner, bad weather shifts, and referral promotions to maximize your earnings potential in a profitable metro region.

Getting Paid as a Driver

Getting Paid as a Driver
You’ll get paid for each delivery through either Instant Pay or weekly direct deposits to your bank.

With Instant Pay, you can cash out your earnings immediately after completing trips.

The weekly direct deposit allows you to aggregate earnings over a 7-day period before the bank transfer.

Instant Pay

After detailing the highest paying cities for Uber Eats drivers, let’s discuss how you’re paid as a driver.

You can get instant pay and transfer your earnings to your bank account right after completing a delivery. With instant payouts, you’ll have funds available immediately to cover gas, food, or other expenses.

Planning boost times into your schedule maximizes earnings.

Consider taxes when budgeting to avoid surprises come tax season.

Peak efficiency occurs when balancing short deliveries in high-demand areas.

Overcome challenges like wait times by multi-apping between orders.

Weekly Pay

Opting for weekly payments works best for treating Uber Eats driving as your side hustle.

With weekly payouts, you receive income stability, allowing better financial planning.

This payment option suits those not fully depending on Uber Eats earnings.

Consider tax implications too, setting aside funds to cover dues when tax season arrives.

Carefully weigh the payment options against your financial needs when deciding.

Requirements to Become a Driver

Requirements to Become a Driver
To start delivering for Uber Eats, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements:

  • Have an up-to-date driver’s license and vehicle registration.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Be over 18 years old.

You’ll need to submit an application via the Uber Eats website or mobile app and provide documents to verify your identity and driving eligibility.

Uber Eats conducts background checks to ensure driver safety and reliability.

Once approved, you can immediately start accepting delivery requests in the app and begin earning money right away.

There’s no long interview or extensive training process.

As long as you meet the basic criteria, have proper documentation, and pass the background check, you can quickly get on the road delivering food orders and earning income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the approval process like for becoming an Uber Eats driver?

To become an Uber Eats driver:

  • Submit an application via the website or app.
  • Provide your valid driver’s license, registration, insurance, and pass the background check.

Once approved, you can start delivering food and earning money right away.

Does Uber Eats provide any equipment, like bags or phones, to drivers?

Uber Eats doesn’t provide bags, phones, or other equipment to drivers.

You supply your own vehicle and phone when making deliveries.

Focus instead on choosing:

  • Busier zones
  • Peak times
  • Short trips

To maximize your income.

Are there opportunities for career advancement within Uber Eats, such as becoming a manager?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not currently offer opportunities for drivers to advance to managerial roles.

The work is focused on making deliveries as an independent contractor.

However, delivering with Uber Eats allows you to control your schedule and earnings.

Does Uber Eats offer health insurance or other benefits to drivers?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats does not currently offer health insurance or other traditional benefits to delivery partners.

As independent contractors, drivers must secure their own health insurance and benefits.

Focusing on maximizing earnings through promotions, peak times, and high tipping areas can help offset these extra costs that employees with benefits do not face.

How often does Uber Eats update its driver pay model and earnings calculations?

Uber Eats regularly reviews and updates driver pay to ensure it’s competitive, fair, and provides adequate earnings.

Specific details aren’t always shared publicly, but drivers can expect transparency around major changes impacting their income.

The focus remains on enabling flexible opportunities to earn supplemental funds conveniently.


Viewed through a new lens, delivering with Uber Eats offers flexible opportunities to supplement earnings.

While the average per-delivery income seems modest, working dinner rushes in busy areas allows you to optimize hourly pay.

And utilizing instant payout features means funds hit your account quickly.

Ultimately, savvy drivers can leverage peak times and location to turn Uber Eats into a fruitful endeavor.

With smart strategies, how much you make per Uber Eats delivery breeds possibilities.

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