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Is Hyatt Part of Bonvoy? Key Differences (Answered 2023)

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Is Hyatt Part Of BonvoyExploring the differences between Hyatt and Marriott, it’s easy to see why travelers ask: Is Hyatt part of Bonvoy?

The answer is no.

Although these two hospitality companies have a number of similarities – both offer loyalty programs with perks and benefits for their many brands worldwide – they are separate entities.

World of Hyatt offers classic brands that provide time-honored hospitality for modern travelers while Marriott Bonvoy provides rewards and privileges to its members.

Let’s take a closer look at how these two compare in terms of loyalty programs so you can decide which one best fits your needs when traveling around the globe.

Key Takeaways

  • Hyatt and Marriott are separate hospitality companies with distinct loyalty programs.
  • There is no partnership or connection between Hyatt’s World of Hyatt and Marriott Bonvoy loyalty programs.
  • Hyatt focuses on upscale travelers with 22 brands known for their strong identities.
  • Marriott has 30 hotel brands, targeting various traveler demographics.

Hyatt Vs. Marriott: Understanding the Differences

Hyatt Vs. Marriott: Understanding the Differences
You have heard a lot about Marriott Bonvoy and World of Hyatt lately, trying to make sense of the differences and which is best for you. Though both programs have their benefits, it’s important to understand Hyatt is not actually part of the Marriott Bonvoy program and has its own distinct loyalty program called World of Hyatt.

Brand Identities and Target Markets

While you luxuriate in the oasis of Hyatt’s carefully curated brands, Marriott casts a wider net to rope in every traveler under the Bonvoy sun.

  • Marriott has 30 different hotel brands, targeting business travelers, families, and luxury experience-seekers.
  • Hyatt focuses on upscale travelers seeking fewer brands with strong identities.
  • With just 22 brands, Hyatt targets a niche audience that resonates with its positioning.

Though massive in scale, Marriott’s sprawl of brands lacks distinction. In contrast, Hyatt shines by perfecting a selective portfolio united by luxury service and experiences. Ultimately, travelers choose between breadth or depth when selecting their loyalty.

Standout Amenities and Services

You’ve got some great experiences to look forward to with Marriott, with signature services like their concierge level lounges and room upgrades. Both Marriott and Hyatt offer standout amenities to enhance your stay, though in different ways.

Marriott excels in luxury touches like top-tier spas and fine dining, while Hyatt focuses more on wellness and local experiences. Ultimately, the choice between these excellent hotel brands comes down to your travel priorities.

Marriott Hyatt
Luxury spas Wellness classes
Fine dining Local experiences
Concierge service Unique food and beverage

Comparing Hyatt and Marriott: Loyalty Programs

Comparing Hyatt and Marriott: Loyalty Programs
Have you ever wondered how the loyalty programs of Hyatt and Marriott compare when it comes to member perks and benefits? While Marriott Bonvoy offers valuable rewards and privileges through their program, World of Hyatt is highly regarded for the generous benefits provided, especially at the top-tier Globalist status.

For instance, Hyatt Globalists enjoy complimentary breakfast, space-available suite upgrades, free parking, and more at all Hyatt brands. Marriott’s comparable benefits are more restricted. Further, Hyatt requires fewer elite qualifying nights to reach top status and has lower annual fees for its co-branded credit card.

Ultimately, both programs have strengths, but Hyatt tends to edge out Marriott for top-tier elite treatment and perks.

World of Hyatt: Perks and Benefits

With World of Hyatt, you’ve got access to premium perks like suite upgrades and free nights that make it easier to indulge in unforgettable travel experiences.

  • Generous lounge access
  • Milestone rewards like suite upgrades
  • Discounted rates and upgrades for elite members

As a Globalist, you’ll enjoy top-tier benefits like confirmed suite upgrades, free night awards, and more.

Marriott Bonvoy: Rewards and Privileges

Though Marriott Bonvoy offers a wide range of benefits, the value of Hyatt’s elite status perks is hard to beat. But for now, let’s focus on Marriott Bonvoy and the tempting rewards and privileges their loyalty program provides.

From five Elite Tiers to Points Conversion and Breakfast Benefits, Marriott Bonvoy loyalty members can take advantage of Milestone Rewards, Credit Card Perks, and partnerships across the hospitality industry.

Their expansive loyalty program offers privileges for travelers seeking rewards through hotel stays.

Hyatt and Marriott: a Snapshot of Their Hotel Brands

Hyatt and Marriott: a Snapshot of Their Hotel Brands
You’re likely familiar with the major hotel chains Marriott and Hyatt, but may not know the range of brands they each offer. While Marriott boasts 30 distinct brands spanning luxury to budget, Hyatt’s 20 more intimate brands present unique experiences including all-inclusive resorts and destinations.

Hyatt Hotels: a Brief Overview

Hyatt Hotels: A Brief Overview

You avoid hotel brand blindness and gain unique experiences with Hyatt’s distinctive properties like Park Hyatt and Miraval spas. From boutique luxury to all-inclusive resorts, Hyatt’s 20 brands stand out in the hospitality space.

Though smaller than Marriott, Hyatt punches above its weight with generous loyalty perks and elite status benefits that engender guest loyalty across its 1,150+ hotels worldwide.

Marriott Hotels: a Snapshot

Let’s dive into Marriott’s large portfolio of 30 brands now. For global travelers, Marriott has 30 unique brands with over 7,000 properties in 131 countries. There is immense brand diversity, from classic luxury to modern lifestyle hotels.

The loyalty program offers points equivalent to airline miles, credit card perks, and elite status benefits. Sustainability is also a focus – they aim for net-zero emissions at hotels by 2050.

Is Hyatt Part of Bonvoy? Exploring the Connection

Is Hyatt Part of Bonvoy? Exploring the Connection
You might be wondering if Hyatt participates in Marriott’s Bonvoy loyalty program, and the answer is no—while both are major hotel chains, Hyatt actually has its own completely separate loyalty program called World of Hyatt.

Even though Hyatt and Marriott are competitors in the hospitality industry, this doesn’t mean there is any kind of partnership or connection between the World of Hyatt and Bonvoy programs.

Hyatt’s Relationship With Marriott Bonvoy

While Hyatt offers its own valuable loyalty program, it does not formally participate in Marriott Bonvoy. As competitors in the hospitality industry, Hyatt maintains its own World of Hyatt program. There is no direct relationship, partnership, or points transfer between World of Hyatt and Marriott Bonvoy.

The two operate as separate hotel loyalty programs under different corporate umbrellas.

Clarifying Misconceptions About Hyatt and Bonvoy

Unfortunately, Bonvoy and Hyatt don’t intermingle despite being leading hotel loyalty programs – they operate completely independently. Misconceptions arise regarding Hyatt’s affiliation with Bonvoy since both offer generous rewards like free nights, milestone perks, and elite status.

However, Hyatt has no connection to Marriott’s massive loyalty program. The two compete in the hotel space with very different branding, footprints, and loyalty structures. Exploring their key differences clarifies any false assumptions about Hyatt being part of Bonvoy.

Location and Availability: Considering the Reach of Hyatt and Marriott

Location and Availability: Considering the Reach of Hyatt and Marriott
When choosing between Hyatt and Marriott, consider their locations and availability first. Hyatt operates over 1,000 properties globally across 70 countries, while Marriott boasts over 7,000 hotels in 130 countries—that’s why you’ll likely find more Marriott options for your travels.

Footprint of Hyatt Hotels

You’ll find Hyatt hotels and resorts in over 1,000 locations across 70 countries, though their footprint doesn’t compare to mammoth brands like Marriott. With just 20 distinct brands, Hyatt focuses on providing luxury experiences in diverse destinations.

From snowcapped mountains to tropical beaches, Hyatt hotels let you enjoy your travels in style.

Marriott’s Global Presence and Brand Portfolio

Feel Marriott’s extensive reach as you lounge in over 7,000 properties across 131 countries, experiencing its diverse 30-brand portfolio. From budget-friendly options like Fairfield Inn to luxurious Ritz-Carlton stays, Marriott caters to all travel styles with its vast global footprint and brand diversity.

The breadth of price points and amenities satisfies corporate travelers, families, couples—anyone seeking quality hotels worldwide.

Price Points and Hotel Categories: Factors to Consider

Price Points and Hotel Categories: Factors to Consider
When comparing Marriott Bonvoy and World of Hyatt, focus on the loyalty program benefits and credit card perks offered. Although Hyatt provides greater elite status value, Marriott has more extensive hotel brand options and additional flexibility through credit card points transfers.

Loyalty program benefits.

Discover heaven in paradise through unparalleled comfort, indulgent pampering, and unforgettable experiences when you immerse yourself in Hyatt’s top-tier loyalty program. The World of Hyatt program delivers tremendous value via suite upgrade awards, free night redemptions, discounts, and elite perks reserved for Globalist members.

Credit card perks.

Maximizing rewards with the right travel credit cards in 2023 allows you to earn valuable points and perks for both Marriott and Hyatt brands. The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card offers 6X points on eligible purchases at participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels, and 15 elite night credits.

The World of Hyatt card gives you 4X points on Hyatt purchases plus one free night each account anniversary at a category 1-4 property. When choosing a card, consider your travel patterns for the best ongoing point earnings to maximize elite status and redemptions.

Hotel brand offerings

You’ll love the unique experiences offered across Hyatt’s 20 brands.

  • Andaz: Boutique lifestyle hotels
  • Grand Hyatt: Sophisticated luxury
  • Park Hyatt: Elegant luxury
  • Hyatt Regency: Full service for business/leisure
  • Hyatt Place: Comfortable for productivity
  • Hyatt House: Spacious accommodations with kitchens

Hyatt Hotels offer a wide variety of unique accommodations to meet the needs of all types of travelers. Whether you are looking for sophisticated luxury, comfortable productivity, or spacious accommodations with full kitchens, Hyatt has an option to fit your style and budget.

With 20 diverse brands across the globe, Hyatt aims to create memorable experiences tailored to each guest.

Guest Experiences: Loyalty and Revisit Rates

Guest Experiences: Loyalty and Revisit Rates
When choosing between Hyatt and Marriott, consider the guest loyalty and revisit rates for each brand. Although Marriott’s Bonvoy program has millions of members, Hyatt focuses on providing top-tier experiences that keep Globalists returning time and again.

Guest Loyalty and Revisit Rates at Hyatt

Compared to Marriott Bonvoy, you get outsized loyalty perks and higher revisit rates at Hyatt.

Hyatt Guest Benefits Revisit Rates Guest Satisfaction
Generous loyalty perks 70%+ High satisfaction scores
Complimentary breakfast Top tier Warm hospitality
Suite upgrades Industry leading Memorable experiences

Targeting discerning travelers, Hyatt delivers an exceptional loyalty program driving higher revisit rates and guest satisfaction.

Guest Loyalty and Revisit Rates at Marriott

You’re racking up points fast with Marriott’s generous loyalty program. The expansive Marriott Bonvoy program rewards you at over 7,000 properties worldwide. Earn points on stays, with co-branded credit cards, and through partners. Redeem for free nights, room upgrades, experiences, merchandise, and more.

Hyatt may offer more elite benefits, but Marriott’s footprint can’t be beat for domestic and global travel.

Making the Choice: Hyatt or Marriott?

Making the Choice: Hyatt or Marriott
Making the right choice between Marriott Bonvoy and World of Hyatt depends on your travel habits and brand loyalty. Examine the elite status tiers, redemption values, and hotel locations to determine if Hyatt’s smaller footprint yet generous rewards outweigh Marriott’s vast global presence and airline transfer partners before committing to one program.

To make the best decision, first look at the elite status tiers offered by each hotel chain. Marriott has more tiers, starting with Silver Elite status and going up to Titanium Elite status. Hyatt, on the other hand, has fewer tiers – Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist.

However, Hyatt’s top-tier Globalist status is considered more rewarding than Marriott’s Titanium status in terms of luxury perks.

Next, compare the redemption values. World of Hyatt points are often worth more than Marriott points when booking free nights. Hyatt also offers better value on cash and points bookings. Marriott does have more locations to use points, but Hyatt loyalty can pay off more per point.

Finally, look at each brand’s hotel footprint. Marriott has a much larger global presence with over 7,000 properties. Hyatt is smaller with about 1,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. Make sure Hyatt has enough locations for where you want to travel and earn points.

In summary, Hyatt rewards loyal guests handsomely through elite status perks, point value, and brand partnerships. But Marriott’s network is vast. Weigh program generosity against locations and airline transfers thoughtfully when choosing between the two.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Hyatt and Marriott

Finding the perfect hotel match requires weighing your travel goals against brand values to inspire reconnection. When choosing between Hyatt and Marriott, first prioritize loyalty criteria, elite perks, credit card and points transfer benefits.

Then consider your brand preferences and travel patterns to maximize rewards. Aligning your travel style with a program’s strengths cultivates enduring satisfaction.

Personal Preferences and Travel Patterns in Decision-making

Ultimately, your personal travel habits and brand loyalty will steer you toward the program that best suits your needs. Think through your destination choices, brand loyalty, loyalty status goals, and rewards preferences.

Families may lean toward Hyatt’s all-inclusive resorts while road warriors could prefer Marriott’s corporate deals. Match your travel patterns and priorities to maximize rewards. Consider elite perks at your preferred brands before committing long-term.


With over 7,000 properties in 131 countries, Marriott Bonvoy is one of the largest hotel brands in the world. However, Hyatt, with over 1,000 properties in 68 countries and 26 brands, including an all-inclusive resort experience, is also substantial.

Regarding loyalty programs, World of Hyatt provides generous perks and benefits, while Marriott Bonvoy offers rewards and privileges. Ultimately, the answer to Is Hyatt part of Bonvoy? is no. Both loyalty programs have unique advantages, so consider your travel patterns and brand loyalty when choosing a program.

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