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Are the Hodgetwins Living in Las Vegas? (Answered 2023)

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Do The Hodgetwins Live In VegasBorn on September 17th 1975 in Martinsville, Virginia to Christine Hodge and Raish Lee Hodge, Kevin and Keith were raised with traditional American values despite financial challenges. After completing their high school education at American Intercontinental University with degrees in Accounting & Finance, they decided to pursue a career online which eventually led them down the path of becoming YouTube stars.

The Hodgetwins now enjoy massive success both on Youtube as well as other social media platforms.

While the Hodgetwins often create content set in Las Vegas for comedic purposes, they do not actually live there full time. The brothers primarily reside in Pensacola, Florida. However, they do travel frequently to Vegas for work opportunities.

Some key facts about where the Hodgetwins live:

  • They grew up and went to school in Martinsville, Virginia
  • Currently their main home base is in Pensacola, Florida
  • They regularly visit Las Vegas for shoots, events, and comedic sketches
  • The brothers have never officially lived full-time in Las Vegas

So while Sin City serves as an entertaining backdrop for their channel, the Hodgetwins’ real home and personal lives remain in Pensacola. Their travels to Vegas are temporary but provide engaging content for their devoted fanbase.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hodgetwins moved to Las Vegas in early 2019 and have built a custom home there.
  • They were attracted to Las Vegas by the lower taxes and the benefits of the Vegas lifestyle.
  • The twins enjoy the diverse shooting locations in Vegas, and their content has evolved since the move.
  • Actively involved in the community, the Hodgetwins engage in local events and charity work in Las Vegas, connecting with local YouTubers as well.

Hodgetwins’ Current Residence

You’re interested in learning where the Hodgetwins currently live. Having moved from Virginia to Las Vegas, Nevada in early 2019, the Hodgetwins now appear to reside in Nevada based on their social media posts and videos.

Where Do the Hodgetwins Live?

You’d be surprised to learn that the internet-famous Hodgetwins have called Las Vegas home since early 2019, having moved from their longtime residence in Virginia. The YouTube personalities and fitness gurus relocated to pursue new opportunities.

They embraced the Vegas lifestyle and built a custom home to accommodate their growing families. Despite their hometown change, the Hodgetwins remain connected to their Virginia roots while enjoying the perks of a glamorous new address.

Their millions of loyal followers can still connect with the stars daily, though their location may be different.

Did the Hodgetwins Move to Las Vegas?

You must’ve felt an influx of excitement learning that the entertaining Hodgetwins made their new home right in the bright lights of fabulous Las Vegas! The dynamic duo decided to relocate for these key reasons:

  • To pursue new entertainment opportunities
  • To enjoy the vibrant Vegas lifestyle
  • For a change of scenery from Virginia

The Hodgetwins’ relocation to Las Vegas opened up new possibilities for their comedy careers while allowing them to soak in everything Sin City has to offer.

Reasons for Moving to Las Vegas

There are plenty of reasons the twins may have picked Vegas as their new home base. It offers cost savings with no state income tax, endless entertainment options, and a lifestyle change. Family reasons likely played a role too, though details on that are scarce. Job opportunities abound in Vegas, especially in comedy and entertainment.

Overall the city aligns well with their goals and interests. The twins clearly felt it was the right move for this stage of their lives.

Hodgetwins’ Previous Residences

Prior to their move to Las Vegas, the Hodgetwins lived in Martinsville, Virginia, where they grew up as children in a traditional American family. They later moved to Los Angeles to pursue YouTube fame before settling down in Las Vegas in early 2019, seeking a change.

Hodgetwins’ Childhood Home

Born and raised in the cradle of rural Virginia, you brushed shoulders with poverty but never let it pin you down. Your childhood home rests amid the rolling hills and hollows of Martinsville, where kin folk dwell and ghosts of history haunt the land.

Though barefoot, with holes in your pockets, the strength of family filled in the gaps. Your brother Tim taught you about respect, while Rosalyn showed you compassion. Nurtured by elders, the seeds of ambition took root, destined to blossom far beyond the red Virginia clay.

Hodgetwins’ Residence in Los Angeles

After hustling in L.A. for years, the twins finally had enough of the glitz and glamour and headed to Vegas for a fresh start. The Hodgetwins uprooted from Virginia to live in Los Angeles, pursuing their comedy dreams on the West Coast.

California living meant more opportunities but also big-city headaches. Compared to chaotic L.

Hodgetwins’ Residence in Virginia

You’re walking the same Virginia streets where the Hodgetwins’ journey began, before their YouTube fame lifted them outta poverty like a rocketship to the stars.

The Hodgetwins grew up in Martinsville, Virginia and lived there for decades before movin’ to pursue careers in comedy and social media.

  • Located in Martinsville, Virginia
  • A modest home reflectin’ their humble upbringin’
  • Near family members still residin’ in the area
  • Filled with memories from their childhood and adolescence

The Hodgetwins have come a long way from their Virginia hometown, but it’ll always be where their incredible story started.

Hodgetwins’ Lifestyle in Las Vegas

Since moving to Las Vegas in 2019, the Hodgetwins have adapted to the flashy Vegas lifestyle while taking advantage of the city’s resources to create content. Though initially drawn by the lower taxes, the brothers now reap benefits from Vegas’ hotels, venues, and pools for filming comedy and fitness videos as well as connecting with fans.

Adjusting to Life in Las Vegas

Entertainment: Endless shows, clubs, events. Con: Can get expensive.

Food: Amazing restaurants, buffets. Con: Hard not to overindulge.

Housing: Lots of options from high-rise to suburban. Con: Competitive market.

Community: Sports leagues, volunteering. Con: Meeting new people takes effort.

Overall: Exciting, fast-paced lifestyle. Con: Can be overwhelming initially.

The twins are finding their groove in the vibrant city.

Influence of Las Vegas on Content Creation

Because Las Vegas offers diverse shooting locations and entertainment, it has inspired the Hodgetwins to try new ideas for their comedic skits and political commentary. Their YouTube videos now showcase the lively Las Vegas backdrop, from hotel pools to the Strip.

This urban environment sparks their creativity, leading to fresh humor productions and podcast episodes discussing current events.

Benefits of Living in Las Vegas

Enjoyin’ the warm desert breeze and year-round summer in Vegas while you turn it into comedic gold, brother! With endless entertainment options from world-class shows to nightclubs, a lower cost of living compared to LA, and plenty of job opportunities, Vegas offers the Hodgetwins endless laughter and livelihood to keep creating that hilarious YouTube content.

From partying on the Strip to hiking Red Rock, there’s always something fun going on in this lively city.

Hodgetwins’ Community in Las Vegas

The Hodgetwins have become an integral part of the Las Vegas community since moving there in early 2019. They frequently interact with locals at community events, have connected with several Vegas-based YouTubers, and stay involved in local happenings around their new hometown.

Interactions With Local Community

You’d hear the twins cracking jokes with folks at the local butcher shop as they pick up meat for the grill. Engaging the community, the Hodgetwins attend events like neighborhood watch meetings and school fundraisers.

Their down-to-earth personalities allow them to connect with locals of all backgrounds. Though busy with work, they make time for charity drives, mentoring youth, and promoting small businesses.

Involvement in Local Events

The Hodgetwins stay engaged with the Vegas community by participating in cultural festivals, charity initiatives, and neighborhood development projects. Their involvement in local politics and community engagement helps bring positive exposure.

The twins represent their new hometown well by connecting with locals at events.

Connections With Other Las Vegas-based YouTubers

You’ve likely bonded with other content creators in Las Vegas, forming a tight-knit community that collaborates and supports each other like a family. Finding collaboration opportunities through local meetups allows for sharing creative ideas and engaging with the community.

Connections with Vegas-based YouTubers like Trent Shelton facilitate content crossovers, leveraging each other’s audiences and experiences.

Hodgetwins’ Future Plans in Las Vegas

There are unconfirmed reports that the Hodgetwins are considering expanding their YouTube channels while pursuing new opportunities in Las Vegas. Even though details are scarce, it seems the famous YouTube duo may have ambitious long-term goals that could allow them to build on their success in the entertainment capital of the world.

Expansion of YouTube Channels

You gotta be focusin’ on expandin’ them YouTube channels now that you’re in Vegas. With the rise to fame, focus on channel growth through content diversity, audience engagement, and strategic monetization.

Look into collaborations with influencers to boost viewership. Evolve the content without compromisin’ your vision. You have the opportunity to take the channels to new heights. Stay true to your roots while adaptin’ to this next chapter in Vegas.

Potential Endeavors in Las Vegas

Learning ways to leverage your talents in a new city takes an open mind, just like a storm cloud ready to unleash its raindrops wherever the wind blows. With their move to Las Vegas, the twins have an opportunity to expand their entertainment ventures and community engagement.

The city presents unique lifestyle changes and business possibilities through live comedy shows, motivational speaking, and connecting with new audiences open to their political commentary and conservative views.

The Hodgetwins can tap into new entertainment and African American supporters in Las Vegas, advancing their brand in exciting directions.

Long-term Goals and Ambitions in Las Vegas

You seek long-term goals and ambitions in Las Vegas aligned with furthering your careers and maintaining a desired quality of life. With aspirations like career expansion through entertainment ventures, community involvement, real estate investments, and focusing on family, the Conservative Twins can turn Las Vegas into a long-term residence that enables reaching new heights.

The city offers opportunities to grow the Hodgetwins brand and establish roots while pursuing meaningful objectives.


The Hodgetwins have proven to be a shining beacon of hope for those looking to overcome their circumstances. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they have crafted a successful career on YouTube, with a net worth of $5 million and a loyal following of 2.

59 million subscribers. Their journey from poverty in Virginia to the bright lights of Las Vegas is both an inspirational story and a reminder that anything is possible. With the move to Las Vegas in early 2019, the Hodgetwins are now living the high life, proving that the American Dream is still alive.

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