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Rare Ghost Tri Pitbulls: Coloring, Size, Breeds, and Finding This Unique Color Bully (2023)

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What is a ghost Tri pitbullAs iconic as a wolf howling at the moon, ghost tri pit bulls are solid, yet gentle. You’ve finally found your loyal companion, one who’ll stand beside you like a shadow. Ghost tri pit bulls are rare treasures blending the best qualities of bully breeds into a tri-colored coat.

Despite their intimidating appearance, they crave connection. With proper care and training, ghost tri pit bulls become devoted protectors. Treat them with patience, never punishment. Show them belonging, and they’ll give understanding in return.

Key Takeaways

  • Rare tri-color coat with white, faint black, and tan markings due to recessive genes.
  • Just thousands exist in the U.S. and are in high demand by pitbull enthusiasts.
  • Require experienced owners to provide proper training and socialization.
  • Loyal and intelligent but need structure, exercise and positive reinforcement.

What is a Ghost Tri Pitbull?

What is a Ghost Tri Pitbull
You’d be wise to research this rare breed before bringing one home, as their protective nature demands an experienced owner ready to train them properly.

The ghost tri pitbull is a striking dog with a mostly white coat featuring faint black markings and tan points. Their unique tri-color pattern comes from recessive genes carried by both parents. While thousands exist in the U.S., they’re still considered rare compared to the typical pit bull.

Their aggressive instincts and strong prey drive require plenty of early socialization and training. Providing enough exercise and stimulation is also key to prevent behavior issues.

With an experienced owner willing to put in the work, the loyal ghost tri can make an excellent companion. But these dogs are not for novice owners, so be sure you’re prepared to meet their needs before making this rare breed part of your family.

How Rare Are Ghost Tri Pitbulls?

How Rare Are Ghost Tri Pitbulls
They’re looking at a very special dog when you come across a ghost tri pitbull. Let’s take a closer look at why these striking pups are so uncommon.

These stunning pups stand out for their distinctive tri-colored coats of white, faint black, and tan. Their unique look comes from a recessive gene, meaning both parents have to carry it for a ghost tri to result.

  • Limited breeding programs for ghost tri pitbulls
  • Just thousands estimated to exist in the U.S.
  • Other coat colors like blue or merle even harder to produce
  • High demand from pitbull enthusiasts fuels price
  • Recent interest has increased their popularity

While interest is growing, ghost tri pitbulls are still an uncommon find. Their one-of-a-kind coats make them a highly desired, and pricier, variety for lovers of this loyal breed.

What Causes the Ghost Tri Coloring?

What Causes the Ghost Tri Coloring
The faint tan points you see on that mostly black coat come from the incomplete dominance of the dominant black gene. This results in a tri-color pattern with white, faint black, and tan markings. Only dogs that inherit the recessive tri-color gene from both parents will display this distinctive look.

The tri-color gene simply allows the tan points to show through. Ghost tri pitbulls are still purebreds, just a more rare variety. While thousands exist nationwide, limited breeding makes them hard to come by. But their one-of-a-kind coats make ghost tri’s a special find for any pitbull lover.

Typical Size of Ghost Tri Pitbulls

Typical Size of Ghost Tri Pitbulls
Hey friend, typical ghost tri pitbulls weigh about 30-60 pounds, though the size can vary quite a bit between males and females.

  • Size depends on dominant temperament traits from pitbull bloodlines.
  • Desirable pattern with partial black fur on mostly white coat.
  • Weight and height vary for each individual dog.
  • Males tend to be slightly bigger than females overall.

While there’s no standard size for ghost tri pitbulls, you can expect most to fall within that 30-60 pound range.

Identifying Pitbull Breeds and Types

Identifying Pitbull Breeds and Types
Here friend, identifying different pitbull breeds can be tricky for even the most seasoned dog lovers. With proper training and socialization though, pitties can be some of the most loyal companions you’ll ever meet, regardless of their kind.

While head shape is one clue, you can’t always rely on physical features alone to pinpoint the exact pitbull breed. Some of the most recognizable breeds include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

But at their core, they all share that classic pittie personality – tenacious, smart, and dedicated to their people. If you adopt a rescue, chances are you won’t know the details of their breeding.

Breed doesn’t determine the amount of love in a dog.

Rare Pitbull Coat Colors and Patterns

Rare Pitbull Coat Colors and Patterns
Let’s dive into some of the rarest and most unique coat colors and patterns seen in pitbulls. You may be familiar with the classic black, brown, or grey pit coat. But have you heard of stunning shades like merle, blue fawn, and lilac? These rare beauties are gaining popularity among pitbull lovers who appreciate their unique aesthetic.

Understanding the genetics behind these coat variations can help explain why they’re so uncommon in the breed. Regardless of their coloring, any well-socialized pitbull can make a loyal companion when matched with the right owner.


You’d be amazed at how merle pitbulls are some of the rarest, with their unique coats looking like someone took a paintbrush of blues and grays to color their fur. Their distinctive merle pattern comes from the incomplete dominance of a recessive gene, making this coloration a uniquely patterned breed of dog.

Blue Fawn

Blue fawn pitbulls display a delicate interplay of muted grays and blues in their coats, an effect of inheriting two dilute genes that softly tone down the solid black.

  • Warm gray and taupe hues
  • Subtle blue-gray patterns
  • Distinctively muted appearance

The particular breed’s bully variety exhibits this combination of colors when the dominant black allele is modified by two dilute genes, resulting in the blue merle red nose coloration we see.


You’ll marvel at the rare lilac pitbull’s lavender sheen. Her unique tricolored coat displays an eye-catching color combination of pale purple and tan points. This color combination makes her colored coat really stand out. Lilac pitbulls have a recessive gene that dilutes the black pigment, resulting in this stunning yet delicate lavender hue.

Most Expensive Pitbull Breeds

Most Expensive Pitbull Breeds
The White Rhino Pitbull is considered the most expensive bully breed, with thousands more dollars than other pitbulls due to the rarity from limited breeding.

  • Features ghost tan points and shades of blue in its coat from rare genetics.
  • Traces ancestry to quality American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines.
  • Gentle nature despite intimidating appearance.
  • Stands out as a unique pitbull due to extremely limited breeding.
  • Can cost over $10,000, while other pitbulls are typically $500-1,000.

Breeders intentionally limit litters to maintain exclusivity, driving up demand. For pitbull fans seeking the rarest of the rare, the White Rhino commands a premium price.

Traits of a Purebred Pitbull

Traits of a Purebred Pitbull
You can spot a purebred by its consistent blocky head shape, fallin’ within expected weight range, an’ verified pedigree papers. True blue pitbulls sport that unique bully look – stocky muscle on a medium frame with a broad skull.

Their eye-catchin’ color combination sets ’em apart too. That distinct pattern of white, fawn, an’ blue coats makes for an eye-catchin’ appearance compared to the average brindle or black pit. When ya find that unique blend of traits from snout to tail, ya’ve likely got yourself a purebred pitbull.

The best way to know for sure is them pedigree papers though, showin’ its color combination breed goes back generations.

Health Issues in Pitbulls

Health Issues in Pitbulls
Hip dysplasia causes arthritis and lameness, requiring medication or surgery. Skin allergies to food or environment cause itchy rashes. Heart conditions like pulmonic stenosis can lead to fainting. Eye issues like cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy cause vision loss.

Though pitbulls may encounter some health issues, they’re quite resilient pets. With proper care, diet and exercise, these loyal dogs can live a full 10-12 years by their owners’ side. Regular vet checkups help spot potential problems early. When cared for thoughtfully, pitbulls thrive and bring years of devotion.

Finding a Ghost Tri Pitbull Breeder

Finding a Ghost Tri Pitbull Breeder
With such a rare mixed breed like the ghost tri pitbull, finding a responsible breeder is key. You’ll want to locate breeders who focus on health and temperament over cashing in on trendy fur colors. Don’t let the allure of their snowy coats steer you wrong – this distinct coloring should never outshine the pitbull’s excellent potential as a family pet.

Reputable breeders perform extensive health screens and care deeply about placing pups in loving homes. Beware backyard breeders just breeding for profit, as they often sell dogs with inherited conditions.

The initial price of a pup may seem high, but it pales next to the additional costs of health issues down the road.

Take your time researching breeders, and you’ll end up with a wonderful new ghostly addition to the family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the temperament of ghost tri pitbulls?

Properly socialized and trained ghost tri pitbulls can be loyal companions. However, their prey drive and dog aggression mean they require experienced owners able to provide structure, exercise, and training from puppyhood.

Their protective instincts necessitate close management around strangers and other dogs.

Are ghost tri pitbulls good family dogs?

Despite their guarding instincts, ghost tri pit bulls can be great family dogs with early socialization and training. Their loyalty and desire to please make them very responsive to positive reinforcement methods.

Supervision is still needed around unfamiliar dogs and children. Firm, experienced leadership allows their energy and protectiveness to shine as devoted companions.

Do ghost tri pitbulls make good guard dogs?

You bet they do! Their protective nature and alertness make ghost tri pit bulls excellent guard dogs. Early socialization and obedience training are key to curbing aggression and ensuring they distinguish between real threats and false alarms.

Rewarding wanted behavior helps reinforce their guarding instincts appropriately.

How much exercise does a ghost tri pitbull need per day?

As the owner, ensure your ghost tri pit bull receives 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. Activities like running, hiking, and playing fetch burn energy and keep them physically and mentally healthy.

What kind of training is required for a ghost tri pitbull?

As their owner, begin training and socializing your ghost tri pit bull early and consistently. Use positive reinforcement such as food rewards and praise. Avoid punishment. Teach basic obedience commands.

Socialize them at a young age to ensure good behavior around people and other dogs.


Having a Ghost Tri pit bull as your companion is an incredible experience. Though finding one may seem like a ghostly pursuit, when that rare bully comes into your life, you’ll treasure your unique bond.

Their mystifying coats make them vanish like phantoms, but their loyalty and protection are as real as it gets. Embrace the chance to share your home and heart with these spectral pups. You’ll discover the living, breathing devotion of a true friend – one whose ghostly aura only makes your relationship more mysterious and magical.

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