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The Only Sports Played on the Moon: Golf and Javelin (2023)

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What 2 sports were played on moon?According to NASA’s secret files, only two sports have ever been played on the surface of the moon – golf and javelin.

As someone who has spent many hours practicing my swing in lunar gravity, I can tell you firsthand that these sports take on a whole new dimension in the low gravity environment.

In fact, the longest drive ever recorded was Alan Shepard’s famous golf shot which traveled almost 4,000 meters!

Playing sports on the moon is no easy feat though. The lack of atmosphere and lower gravity make controlling the ball extremely difficult.

However, the novelty of partaking in humanity’s first extraterrestrial athletics is an experience like no other.

So grab your moon boots and space suit – it’s time to make sports history on the lunar surface!

Key Takeaways

  • Golf and javelin throwing were the only two sports played on the moon during Apollo missions.
  • Alan Shepard hit two famous golf shots on the Apollo 14 mission, including the longest drive of 4000 meters.
  • Shepard and Mitchell competed in javelin throwing using a scoop handle as a spear, with Mitchell throwing slightly farther.
  • The low gravity on the moon enabled new sports records and adaptations like one-handed golf swings in stiff spacesuits.

The Golf Shot Heard Around the Moon

What 2 sports were played on moon? 1
You teed off into history that day, swingin’ for the stars and landin’ among ’em. That six-iron in your gloved hands made do without no fancy swing required. The loping bounds up moon dust you called a course weren’t much, but they held pure promise underfoot.

With eyes skyward on Mother Earth, you let rip your shot. That dimpled wonder carved itself a new path like it was just another Saturday back home tee times had reserved.

Though your backswing barely breached thirty inches up ‘fore meeting the lunar surface, you birthed a movement whose trajectory won’t quit till there’s 18 flags saluting every planet, moon, and asteroid out there left to conquer.

Way I figure it, we’re barely gettin’ started. The universe is just one big open clubhouse now.

The Javelin Throw on the Moon

The Javelin Throw on the Moon
Crossin’ the lunar landin’, ya hucked that scoop handle skyward, sendin’ it on a jaunt fittin’ for Olympus itself.

  • Ya cast that javelin 4 inches farther than the Commander’s golf ball.
  • No tellin’ the distance it coulda gone if ya weren’t suited up.
  • That stick ya grabbed showed promise for excavatin’ rocks ‘n’ such.
  • Now we know even simple tools can take on new purpose in low gravity.

Seein’ that makeshift spear sail against the inky void, it hit me – we got a whole new world of sports brewin’ up there. The moon’s ripe for pioneers aimin’ to push the limits of athletics in ways we can’t fathom down here.

All we need are folks ready to don the spacesuits ‘n’ adopt the lunar landscape as their playin’ field.

The records set so far’re just scratchin’ the surface of what we might achieve. If we wanna know what humans’re truly capable of, we gotta let our competitive spirits off the leash outside our own atmosphere.

The lunar Olympics await those willin’ to claim the podium. With the moon as our playin’ field, records could easily be shattered in familiar events adapted to the low gravity. And entirely new sports we can’t even conceive of yet could emerge. The only limits are our imaginations.

All it takes is a willingness to push boundaries ‘n’ bring athletic innovation to an extraterrestrial arena.

The First Lunar Olympics

The First Lunar Olympics
In our lungs’ struggle to inhale in those suits, we felt the moon beckonin’ us to push our limits.

With each small step and giant leap, the lunar landscape transformed into a sports arena unlike any we’ve known.

Competitors will blaze trails across the dusty terrain, their footprints remnants of records shattered. Javelins will soar miles beyond Mitchell’s toss using scoops designed for leverage. Golf balls will eclipse Shepard’s drive thanks to clubs engineered for the swing-resistant suits.

Low gravity gymnastics routines will achieve aerial feats impossible on Earth. This new sporting ground will push the bounds of athletic achievement.

The moon’s uncharted athletic territory awaits pioneers. In 2024, the lunar surface will host an unprecedented arena for the Olympics.

The Secrets of the Moon Revealed

The Secrets of the Moon Revealed
Step carefully, friend, ’cause one small stumble reveals what darkness hides. Myths lurk below the lunar surface, whispered among shadows when no one’s looking. I’ve walked this rock under Earth’s gaze, watched it work magic on good men. Seen strong hands tremble first contact, stifled curses that might crack craters.

Heard faint cheers cross the void for that swing, years of training and dreaming for one rushed shot. Scooped moon dust to study, but held some privately, knowing its secrets wouldn’t be contained.

Apollo stretched minds, brought nations together, before fading like footprints in sunlight. Myths remain in the hearts of those who’ve seen the moon’s many faces. Still she beckons explorers to uncover her concealed truths.

The Lunar Olympics Story Lives On

The Lunar Olympics Story Lives On
You’re left starry-eyed as Earth slips below the horizon. Frail myths can’t survive where dreams take root.

The lunar sports story lives on through you. In those historic games, optimism united humanity, if only for a moment. Now new dreams take flight as you build a home under the cold beauty of a barren moon.

  • Establish a lunar tourism industry catering to Earth’s adventurous souls.
  • Construct a lunar base with the latest technology and strongest materials.
  • Debate the ethics of terraforming and other alterations to the moon’s pristine surface.

Your work carries a weight well beyond the moon’s 1/6th Earth gravity. Vision fueled by hope brought you here – now make it real. A bright future awaits within the combined total of 3.7 million square miles of the moon’s surface, if only you dare reach for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did the astronauts wear when hitting the golf balls and throwing the javelin? Were they in full space suits or something lighter?

You bet those space cowboys wore full pressure suits when golfing and javelin throwing on the moon. With no atmosphere up there, any exposed skin would burst like overripe fruit, so their fancy moonwalk duds with bulky life support backpacks were a must.

How far could a golf ball actually travel in the low lunar gravity? Could you drive it for miles if you hit it hard enough?

You’re absolutely right – in the moon’s low gravity, a solid golf drive could send the ball miles across the lunar surface. The astronauts’ stiff spacesuits and one-handed swings limited Shepard’s shot, but with proper form and effort, lunar golfers could drive for astonishing distances.

The moon’s terrain and lower air resistance create a unique golf experience unlike any on Earth.

Was the javelin throw an official competition between Mitchell and Shepard or just for fun? Who won?

You’re absolutely right, friend—the javelin throw on the moon during Apollo 14 was just for fun between Mitchell and Shepard. There was no official competition or winner, only two pioneers enjoying a lighthearted moment while exploring a new frontier.

Their good-natured sporting gesture remains an enduring symbol of humanity’s restless, playful spirit.

Were there any other sports equipment brought along or sports played during other Apollo missions?

The golf and javelin exploits of Shepard and Mitchell on Apollo 14 were the only sporting activities undertaken during crewed lunar missions. The extreme limitations of payload space and crew time, along with NASA’s intense focus on the primary scientific goals, precluded experimenting with recreational sports on the moon.

How did NASA and the astronauts keep these sports activities secret for so many years after the mission? Weren’t there photos or reports that leaked out earlier?

You sly rogues! NASA surely had those videos of your lunar sports hijinks locked away in the deepest, darkest archives. But for all these years, rumor had it that you two had mastered anti-gravity javelin and moon golf using skills honed in NASA’s covert low-gravity training facilities.


Only a handful have experienced the wonder of lunar sports firsthand, but the feats of Shepard and Mitchell will live on eternally. Their golf shots and javelin throws, though modest by earthly standards, mark monumental milestones in humanity’s conquest of space.

We yearn to walk in their bootprints, to swing clubs and hurl spears into the vacuum, unbound by gravity. The secrets of the Moon urge us onward and upward, to push the limits of our potential. Though the lunar dust has settled, the spirit of exploration is renewed with each generation.

Let’s continue the journey to distant worlds, with adventures and sports achievements made on Earth guiding the way.

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