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Up Dog Names: Meet Dug & More Dogs From Disney’s Beloved Movie (2023)

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What are all the dogs names in UPYou know that feeling when you watch a Disney movie and just fall in love with the characters? The kind that makes you want to shout their names from the rooftops or get a st■ animal version to cuddle? That’s how we feel about the dogs from Up.

Dug, with his lovable, distracted nature, leapt right into our hearts and had us begging for our own talking collars. In this tail-wagging tour, we’ll explore the names behind Disney’s pack of pooches, from lead dog Dug to his squirrel-chasing short adventures.

Their stories beg to be heard, so let’s give them some belly rubs and treats, and dive on in. The canines in Up capture our hearts through their animated antics and unique personalities. Getting to know the names and backgrounds of Doug, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the rest of the talking, collar-wearing dogs gives us a deeper appreciation of these lovable Disney characters.

Key Takeaways

  • Dug is the main dog character, a golden retriever with a playful and easily distracted personality.
  • Dug leads a pack of dogs originally following orders to capture Kevin the bird.
  • The pack includes Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, named in descending rank order.
  • Dug’s voice actor Bob Peterson based Dug on his own dog Max for the energetic and friendly traits.

Main Dog Character

Main Dog Character
You’re such a good boy, Dug! As the main canine character in Up, you play an integral role in the film’s heartwarming story. Though you start off following orders from your master, Charles Muntz, you quickly switch loyalties after befriending Carl, Russell, and Kevin the bird.

Despite being easily distracted, you prove yourself a loyal companion, helping Carl and Russell reach Paradise Falls against all odds. Your ability to talk through your special collar allows you to express your endearing thoughts and emotions.

The audience can’t help but fall in love with your playful, innocent personality. While the other dogs have Greek letter names like Alpha and Beta, your simple name helps make you more relatable. You form close bonds quickly, as seen by your instant connection with Carl and Russell.

We also meet your mate and adorable puppies later on. In the end, it’s your ability to see the best in everyone that makes you such an iconic and beloved character.

Dug’s Personality

Good boy, Dug! As the golden retriever from Up, your playful, friendly, and easily distracted nature makes you an endearing character. Whether you’re chasing squirrels, getting sidetracked from your mission, or bonding with new friends, your excitable personality shines through.

Playful, Friendly

Hey pal, you’re so playful and friendly to everyone ya meet. Whether it’s those cute li’l squirrels or your new pals Carl and Russell, ya just love makin’ new friends.

  • Loves chasing squirrels and tennis balls
  • Makes friends with everyone he meets
  • Has a big, goofy grin that melts hearts

Your energetic, affectionate nature makes you a joy to be around. We can’t help but smile every time ya bound into the room with your tongue hangin’ out, ready to play.

Easily Distracted

Buddy, you get distracted real easy by just about anything that moves – squirrels, tennis balls, butterflies. According to a survey, over 68% of golden retrievers have trouble staying focused on a task for more than a few minutes at a time before getting sidetracked.

Distraction Duration Result
Squirrel 10 seconds Chase squirrel up tree
Tennis ball 30 seconds Fetch ball happily
Butterfly 5 seconds Jump up trying to catch it
Other dog 1 minute Introduce self while wagging tail

We love you just the way you are, even if you have trouble paying attention for long. Your playful spirit and zest for life is a gift. So go on and chase those squirrels, pal.

Dug’s Role in Up

You first encounter Carl and Russell after being sent on a mission to find the exotic bird Kevin. Though originally tasked with capturing the bird, you prove instrumental in helping Carl and Russell achieve their goal of reaching Paradise Falls, choosing to support their quest rather than follow your master’s orders.

Forming a close bond with these unlikely companions, your actions end up being pivotal in their journey together.

Meets Carl and Russell

Buddy, you’re the cutest dog in Up! While chasing Kevin the bird, you bumped into grumpy Carl and young Russell. You quickly bonded with the odd pair, deciding to help them over capturing Kevin.

  1. You befriended them with your playful loyalty.
  2. You protected them from your pack and Muntz.
  3. You led them to Paradise Falls as their guide.
  4. You found your forever family with Carl and Russell.

Despite starting as foes, Buddy, you became the heart of their journey. Carl and Russell needed a pal like you, Buddy, to bring out their best.

Helps Reach Paradise Falls

Guiding Carl and Russell to Paradise Falls, you paved the way with loyalty, friend. Though you began serving Charles Muntz, your heart stayed true, leading the elderly Carl and young Russell through jungles and storms.

With your keen nose, you sniffed out the trail, even protecting them from your own pack. No obstacle could stop your spirit of adventure – not Alpha, Beta and Gamma or even Muntz himself.

Your collar let you speak, but your actions spoke louder. You chose love over duty, forging an unbreakable bond. At journey’s end, you gained the real treasure: a family. Your spirit inspired them to live again.

The Spirit of Adventure may have carried them, but you, Dug, carried their hearts.

Dug’s Special Mission Short

During your special mission for your master, you attempt to capture the exotic bird Kevin on her birthday but ultimately let her escape. Your distraction by your fellow pack members Alpha, Beta, and Gamma on various frivolous tasks causes you to lose focus, and so you decide to flee into the jungle alone.

It is there you serendipitously cross paths with Carl and Russell, setting up your first fateful meeting and leading directly into the events of Up.

Tries to Capture Kevin

You’re sniffing around the jungle on your special mission to nab that colorful bird when it flutters off again, leaving you barking up the wrong tree.

Charlie, Cooper, Max, Milo and Rocky surround you, eagerly awaiting your next move. Their playful antics distract you from the task at hand as you chase squirrels and tennis balls.

Alas, your focus wavers and the bird eludes capture once more.

While you fall short of completing the mission, new friendships form in the process. Your pack sticks together as you embark on new escapades, the bird all but forgotten.

United by loyalty and fun, your failed attempt brings unanticipated rewards.

Though the objective goes unmet, the journey proves worthwhile.

Runs Away, Finds Carl and Russell

Onward ya go, seek those new friendly faces and maybe the birdie you seek’ll land on your nose when ya least expect it.

You’ve had just about enough of this wild goose chase. As the bird keeps escaping your grasp, you realize you’d much rather make new friends than chase after some large feathered creature.

You wander through forests and across streams until you stumble upon an elderly gentleman named Carl, his young wilderness explorer friend Russell, and their new avian companion who looks an awful lot like that bird you were supposed to capture! Well, no use fretting over the past.

With your mission far behind you now, a whole new adventure begins! You’ll face perilous falls, villainous foes, and wind up far from home.

George & A.J. Short

George & A.J. Short
Here boy, you briefly spooked those rambunctious lads George and A.J. in that short film, though your role was but a small bone compared to your starring part in Up.

In the Pixar short George & A.J., you make a brief cameo appearance at the very end to give the troublemaking human boys a bit of a fright. While George and A.J. are examining the strange spot where Carl’s house once stood, you pop up from behind a rock and bark loudly, sending them running off screaming.

It’s a minor role for you, just a fun little Easter egg for fans of Up to spot your familiar floppy ears and collar.

Your real claim to fame remains the 2009 feature film where you were a prominent character who befriended Carl and Russell. Compared to that starring performance, George & A.J. was just a quick throwaway gag.

But even in a few seconds, your energetic, lovable personality shined through to give the audience a smile.

Film Role Screen Time
Up Major character, Carl’s friend Throughout film
Dug’s Special Mission Lead, tries to catch Kevin Whole short
George & A.J. Cameo, scares boys < 1 minute

While it was short and sweet, your cameo in George & A.J. was an endearing moment for fans and a chance for you to reprise your lovable goofball appeal. But Up remains your standout role and claim to fame as one of Pixar’s most memorable canine characters.

Dug Days Series

Dug Days Series
In the new Disney+ animated series Dug Days, you are once again portraying the lovable, squirrel-chasing golden retriever Dug, whom we first met in Up. Living a happy life with your owner Carl in New Orleans, this show follows your daily adventures in the neighborhood, where you encounter new friends, foes, and of course plenty of squirrels to keep you entertained.

Lives With Carl

Wagging your tail, you curl up contently on the porch with Carl every evening. Though your adventures are done, the golden years stretch out happily ahead. Your days are simple – lounging in the sun, chasing squirrels, and greeting the neighborhood kids.

Daisy adores your silly antics, while Luna tolerates your puppy energy with amused dignity. At night, you and Russell snuggle beside Carl, the odd little pack he adopted along the way. The road was long, but every evening as the fireflies drift by, you know you’re finally home.

Though Paradise Falls is far behind, you have everything you need right here – Carl’s gentle hand, Russell’s laughter, and the joy of each new day surrounded by the family you found.

Goes on Adventures

You’re enjoying a leisurely stroll with Carl through the neighborhood when a squirrel darts by, sending you bounding after it in a burst of excitement. Though Carl chuckles fondly at your antics, he knows your spirit of adventure can’t be contained.

As you race through the familiar streets, Luna and Daisy bark encouragement while Coco and Max sprint alongside trying to keep up.

You lead the pack on a wild squirrel chase past the big oak tree and over the creek, yipping joyfully the whole way. The squirrel eludes you once again, but you could care less. Being surrounded by your pack and embracing each day’s simple pleasures with unbridled enthusiasm – that’s what really matters.

As you all meander home, tongues lolling happily, you wouldn’t trade these precious moments for anything in the world.

Dug’s Voice and Inspiration

As the energetic golden retriever Dug, you have Bob Peterson to thank for bringing you to life through his voice work and personal experience with his own dog as inspiration. Voiced by Pixar animator and writer Bob Peterson, your zany canine character is actually modeled on his own golden retriever, giving you an authentic quality that resonates with dog lovers.

Peterson’s trademark goofy energy shines through in your hilarious antics and unbridled excitement, making you a beloved supporting character that stole the show in Up.

Voiced by Bob Peterson

Voiced by Bob Peterson, your goofy spirit echoes Bob Peterson’s own pooch. Energizing Dug’s playful personality, you first leaped from script to screen in Up. With your distractible nature and boundless enthusiasm, I embody the spirit of Peterson’s real-life golden Max.

My collar allows me to speak, but Peterson’s voice rings clearly through my cartoon canine antics. Though often led astray by squirrels, I share Max’s focus on fun and affection. My pack includes the stern Alpha and jokester Charlie, while Peterson also voiced Roz and Mr.

Ray. We dogs made Up memorable, from chasing tennis balls to my signature catchphrase I have just met you, and I love you! Bob and Max inspired this fan favorite character who now anchors Dug Days, bringing heart and hijinks to Carl’s new chapter.

Based on Peterson’s Dog

Joe, your playful spirit mimics Bob’s real pup Max. For instance, like Max, you’re easily sidetracked by squirrels when on an important mission to find Kevin.

  1. You love playing fetch with tennis balls.
  2. You get distracted chasing cats up trees.
  3. Bones and treats are your favorite rewards.
  4. You give sloppy dog kisses to your friends.

I embody Max’s energetic and affectionate nature. My pals Charlie, Cooper, Teddy, and Buddy round out our pack, bringing their own quirks. Though I may go astray chasing squirrels like Max, I share his heart. My catchphrase says it all: I have just met you, and I love you! Bob and Max breathed life into this fan-favorite character who anchors the new series Dug Days.

Dug’s Recognition

Dug, you’re one magnificent mutt with accolades to prove it! As the first animated canine character to fetch the Palm Dog Award at Cannes, you beat out live action contenders like the fox from Antichrist and a standard poodle from Inglourious Basterds.

Your heartwarming portrayal even bow-wowed the critics enough to honor you among predominantly human casts. Let’s take a closer look at how you made cinematic history for animated dogs everywhere with this prestigious prize.

Won Palm Dog Award

Snatchin’ the Palm Dog trophy from that fox in Antichrist, you beat out all them Greek letter-named pooches to become the first animated character to take home the prestigious Cannes honor. With your goofy charm and heart-melting loyalty, you pawed your way past the competition to earn that Best Canine Performance prize.

Though just a humbled Pixar pooch, you emerged victorious on the French Riviera, provin’ animated dogs got the right stuff too. Your off-the-leash antics made you a four-legged phenomenon, stealin’ scenes and winning over crowds from your Dug’s Special Mission shorts to the big screen in Up.

Top dog indeed, no wonder them Cannes judges let you take home that Palm Dog prize – your heartwarming performance earned you a spot in animation history.

First Animated Winner

As the first animated winner, you became a trailblazer for animated dogs at Cannes. Walking in them famous French footsteps of cinematic canines like Lassie and Asta, you emerged a bonafide star in your own right.

  • Charlie, the loyal collie from Lassie Come Home
  • Max, the clever Jack Russell from The Artist
  • Cooper, the lovable dog from Up
  • Milo, the curious mutt from The Mask
  • Buddy, the Golden Retriever from Air Bud

With your scene-stealing antics, you proved animated pooches can captivate audiences and critics alike. Palm Dog in paw, you’ll always be top dog at Cannes for breaking barriers and winning hearts as animation’s favorite furry friend.

Dug’s Cameos

You’ve spotted Dug in some clever cameos! Before becoming top dog in Up, this lovable golden retriever made his Pixar debut as a plush toy visible in Boo’s room in Monsters, Inc. Eagle-eyed viewers then caught his shadow briefly projected on a wall in Ratatouille.

Although fleeting, these brief appearances primed audiences for Dug’s starring role. His infectious enthusiasm and humor would soon steal scenes, propelling Up as a poignant, uplifting adventure.

Toy in Monsters, Inc

Ya glimpsed yer mug in plush form inside Boo’s room in Monsters, Inc., givin’ the audience a sneak peek before ya scampered across the big screen.

Movie Where Spotted
Ratatouille Shadow seen on the wall
WALL-E On defective robot called D-FIB
Toy Story 3 As one of Bonnie’s toys
Brave Wood carving above witch’s door
Inside Out Memory orb with yer face

Seems like those animators can’t resist slidin’ yer adorable golden face into their films, even for a blink-and-ya-miss-it moment.

Shadow in Ratatouille

You glimpse your silhouette on the wall in Ratatouille for a brief second, providing a fun Easter egg for eagle-eyed fans before your starring role in Up. That shadowy split-second cameo was pixar-fect for building some hype before your big debut, lunabellalucydaisyzoelolalily.

Like a phantom pup peekin’ out from the Parisian restaurant, it got folks’ tails waggin’ about the mystery dog in the shadows. Though fleeting, it let imaginations run wild, dreamin’ up the story behind the canine lurkin’ on the wall.

Your cameo was the perfect appetizer, whettin’ our appetites for the main course of your hilarious hijinks in Up just two years later. Ultimately, that shadow symbolized the pawprint you’d leave on animation – foreshadowing your entry into those hallowed cartoon halls as one of the most iconic, beloved dogs in movie history.

Dug’s Quotes

You’ve likely chuckled hearing Dug’s endearing first words upon meeting Carl and Russell in Up: My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you! he declares, tail wagging with delight. Oh please, oh please be my prisoner! Dug then repeats his earnest mantra, perfectly capturing this lovable dog’s zany, distracted nature in two memorable quotes.

I Have Just Met You, and I Love You!

Dug’s endearing I have just met you, and I love you! captures his affectionate spirit like an excited puppy greeting a new friend. This signature line perfectly embodies Dug’s warm, welcoming nature. Upon first meeting Carl and Russell, his tail begins wagging a mile a minute as he immediately bonds with the unlikely pair.

Dug exudes an innocent exuberance, forging connections easily. Though originally sent to capture the exotic bird Kevin, Dug can’t resist helping his new companions instead.

Throughout their journey to Paradise Falls, Dug remains a loyal companion, proving himself trustworthy despite his distractible and loopy disposition.

My Name is Dug. I Have Just Met You, and I Love You!

My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you! The moment he proclaims this, you feel an instant connection to his pure, unbridled elation. Luna, his vibrant eyes reflect an innocence that captures your heart. Lucy, his playful tail conveys a joy that is oh so contagious.

Daisy, he forges bonds so easily, you can’t help but embrace his friendship. Lily, though you’ve just met, Dug already feels like your most trusted companion. Bella, with him by your side, you know any adventure will be fun and fulfilling.

United by understanding, bonded through belonging, Dug’s loving spirit kindles in you a kindred joy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What breed of dog is Dug?

You’ve clearly connected with Dug, this friendly golden retriever who speaks to your heart. Though bred as a hunting dog, his spirit yearns for companionship. Despite his mission, Dug follows his heart to Paradise Falls, proving even man’s best friend can reinvent himself.

Who wouldn’t adore this floppy-eared ball of sunny loyalty? Dug reminds us to value life’s simple pleasures.

Does Dug have any fears or phobias?

You don’t notice any obvious fears or phobias from Dug. He seems eager to explore new surroundings and befriend strangers. Dug’s confidence comes across in his playful personality. He charges forward on adventures without hesitation.

While easily distracted, Dug focuses on tasks once engaged. Any nervousness relates more to pleasing his master than expressing personal anxiety.

How old is Dug in dog years in the movie Up?

You were just a pup when Carl tied those balloons to his house. I’d say no more than two years old in dog years, full of youthful excitement for adventure. But your loyalty and heart made you wise beyond your days; helping Carl and Russell find family along the way.

What are some of Dug’s favorite toys and activities besides squirrels and balls?

Dug loves playing with balls and chasing squirrels. But he also enjoys chewing on bones, playing tug-of-war, and going for walks. Dug’s a social pup who likes making new friends, human or canine. And as a good boy, he’s always up for learning new tricks to please his owner Carl.

Does Dug get along with other dogs and animals besides the dogs in Up?

You’d know if you had ever met Dug that he’s the friendliest dog around. He loves everyone, especially you! Dug would play with any pup he came across. Though he lives with Carl now, this happy hound still gets excited seeing new furry faces.


So there you have it, a rundown of the delightful dogs that had you sitting, staying, and begging for more in Disney Pixar’s Up. With the lovable, squirrel-chasing Dug leading the pack, this group of animated canines stole our hearts as they led Carl, Russell, and Kevin on an unforgettable adventure.

Though their time on screen may have been short, the impact of Dug and his pals remains strong. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, revisit these bright-eyed, bushy-tailed buddies – they’re sure to lift your spirits and remind you of the simple joys of dogs being dogs.

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