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Lifetime Fitness Club Levels: Membership Options, Amenities & More (2024)

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What are the club levels at Lifetime FitnessThere are four different club levels available at Lifetime Fitness, each offering a range of amenities that will help you reach your health and wellness goals. From Digital Memberships for those just getting started to Diamond memberships for experienced gym goers looking for the best benefits, there is a perfect option for everyone.

With a Lifetime Fitness membership, you get access to exclusive on-site salon and spa services or group fitness classes like Barbell Strength or Strictly Strength. There are also discounts available on personal training sessions. So there are plenty of ways you can make the most out of what Lifetime Fitness has to offer.

The membership options include:

Digital Membership – A basic digital-only membership. This is a great option to start with for beginners.

Advantage Membership – Access to one club location and group fitness classes. Discounts on amenities.

Elite Membership – Access to all club locations, fitness classes, and amenities. Discounts on personal training.

Diamond Membership – Access to all clubs, classes, and amenities. Free guest privileges and the highest discounts.

So explore the amazing Lifetime Fitness membership options to find the right fit for your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • There are four club levels at Lifetime Fitness, each with various amenities: Digital, Advantage, Elite, and Diamond membership options.
  • The Signature membership offers nationwide access and premium amenities.
  • Kids Academy childcare services vary based on club level.

Membership Levels at Lifetime Fitness

Membership Levels at Lifetime Fitness
You’ve got the choice between their Digital, Standard, and Signature memberships that come with various amenities based on which level you pick.

The Standard membership includes gym access at your home club plus amenities like saunas, pools, classes and courts.

The Signature membership offers full nationwide access to all clubs, premium amenities like salons and spas, and VIP perks.

Membership tiers vary from budget-friendly Digital to premium Signature access. Pricing details, included benefits, and membership terms differ by location.

They also offer age-based memberships like Under 26 and 65 Plus discounts. Corporate partnerships and Medicare memberships are available too.

So review the membership levels to find the right fit and club access for your lifestyle and budget.

Membership Options

Membership Options
Experience the best of Lifetime Fitness with our membership options designed for every lifestyle. At Lifetime, you can choose between Digital for virtual-only access, Standard for weekday club use, or Signature for full club perks.

Digital Members

Bud, while a digital membership doesn’t include club access, it grants virtual workouts and nutrition tips for staying fit at home.

  1. Access to on-demand, livestream, and scheduled virtual classes
  2. Customized nutrition plans and cooking demos
  3. Curated wellness content and articles
  4. Member-only discounts on supplements and programs

The digital option allows you to tap into Lifetime’s expertise in fitness and nutrition without needing to visit the clubs.

Standard Members

Bud, your standard membership unlocks more club amenities for your wellness and vitality journey. Get full access to our spacious, well-equipped fitness floors. Enjoy our dedicated studios for cycling, yoga, cardio and more.

Plus access our pools, basketball courts, saunas and spas. Pricing varies but standard memberships offer great value. Unlock more amenities and support your health goals with a standard membership. Experience the community inspiration and expert coaching.

Our standard membership provides the space, equipment and classes you need to live healthy and strong.

Signature Members

Gain access to luxury amenities with a Signature membership. The pinnacle of fitness royalty awaits you. Lap pools, spas, salons, tennis courts—all included for an unparalleled experience. Delectable smoothies, executive locker rooms, priority reservations, and VIP valet service.

Top-tier training with elite trainers, advanced technology, and premium equipment unlike any other gym. A perfect paradise for on-demand adventure, tailored to your majestic self. Let your inner royal emerge.

Monthly Discounted Memberships

You’d save some money with the month-to-month plan. No long-term commitment comes with discounted pricing. Experience premium club access month-to-month without an annual contract. Pay only when you need to – take time off whenever with flexible plans.

Get member savings, discounted rates, and cost benefits each month. There are pricing options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Check out monthly discounted memberships at our various club levels for membership savings today.

Other Membership Options

Other Membership Options
As a lifetime athletics manager, I’d like to briefly discuss some other membership options we offer. At Lifetime, we provide health insurance discounts, corporate memberships, group rates, and senior citizen discounts that can help make joining more affordable for certain individuals.

Lifetime offers various membership options beyond our standard memberships, such as discounts for seniors, corporate employees, and groups to help make joining more accessible. We also have special rates for those with qualifying health insurance plans. These alternative memberships create flexibility and open up Lifetime to a wider range of potential members.

Health Insurance Discounts

You can save money on your membership if your health insurance offers fitness benefits. Some plans provide discounts on gym memberships, including premium clubs like Life Time. Check if your health insurance or employer offers a wellness program with fitness incentives.

These plans reward healthy habits like exercise with discounted rates. You could qualify for lower monthly dues or enrollment fees. Taking advantage of insurance fitness discounts makes joining more affordable, which helps you reach your goals.

Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships are available for companies seeking to provide employee subsidies through partnership.

  1. Discounted membership rates
  2. Custom wellness programs
  3. Onsite fitness challenges
  4. Employee engagement rewards

With corporate memberships, companies can invest in their workforce through fitness and wellness. Speak to a Lifetime representative today about subsidized memberships to boost employee morale.

Group Rates

However, arrangements are possible for group, team, or corporate rate discounts when joining together.

Membership Type Rate
Family (2 Adults + Kids) 10% Off
Seniors (65+) 15% Off
Corporate Varies

With membership options for every lifestyle, from singles and couples to families and seniors, we have a solution to help you achieve your goals on your terms.

Senior Citizen Discounts

You’re in luck, because Lifetime offers a 65 Plus Membership designed just for active adults aged 65 and older to stay fit with peers.

  • Reduced rates on memberships
  • Access to dedicated SilverSneakers classes
  • Special events and social gatherings

Foster community with those your age and unlock exclusive discounts with the 65 Plus Membership. Stay engaged both physically and socially with specialized programming from Lifetime that is tailored to your stage of life.

How to Make the Most of a Gym Membership?

How to Make the Most of a Gym Membership
You’d maximize a gym membership by taking advantage of all the included amenities like classes, equipment, and facilities to get a well-rounded fitness experience and see results faster. Studies show members who use a variety of offerings have higher retention rates.

Take advantage of group fitness classes. Try out different cardio machines. Lift weights and use resistance equipment.

Using all areas of the gym, trying new activities, and connecting with others will help you maximize your membership. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone leads to reaching fitness goals faster and living an overall healthier lifestyle.

Features of the Club App

Features of the Club App
The Lifetime Fitness club app offers innovative ways to connect with others and helpful tools to get the most out of your membership. With the app, easily book classes and services, receive notifications so you never miss a workout, and connect with friends and family who also have memberships to help keep each other motivated and accountable.

Booking Classes and Services

Make the most of your membership by easily booking classes and services on the club app.

Class Booking Service Reservations
Schedule classes Book spa treatments
Reserve workout spots Schedule personal training
Sign up for events Make restaurant reservations
Join challenges Schedule services like car washes

The club app allows you to take full advantage of membership benefits. Easily manage your schedule, book classes, and reserve services all in one convenient place.


Not getting notified of those killer deals could cost you hundreds on dues next year. The Lifetime app makes it easy to customize notifications so you never miss a beat on membership updates, new club alerts, and promotions.

Just log in and tap your profile picture to access communication settings. Choose notification preferences for membership, fitness tips, and club events. With the proper settings, you’ll stay on top of your membership and unlock serious savings before the September price increase.

Connecting With Friends and Family

Stay close to loved ones through the community features.

  • Connect with friends through group workouts and classes.
  • See family activity and progress.
  • Coordinate schedules and share achievements.
  • Bond through shared fitness journeys.

Signing Up for a Membership

Signing Up for a Membership
Ain’t life grand with 26 Under and 65 Plus memberships available at multiple locations for young’uns and elders to access specialty fitness programming with included amenities and personalized training tailored to their life stages.

Choosing the right membership level depends on your fitness goals and budget. Standard memberships offer solid bang for your buck with pool access and group classes, while Signature unlocks it all with extra perks like monthly credits for spa treatments.

Whichever you select, the sign-up process online is quick, and you’ll be on your way to sculptin’ that summer bod or strengthenin’ your joints before you know it.

When it comes time to renew, incentives like free months or waived fees are offered for early birds. So sign on up and start reaping rewards from the all-inclusive fitness community today.

Kids Academy and Childcare Services

Kids Academy and Childcare Services
You’re blessed with free childcare while you work out, hon. Lifetime Fitness offers Kids Academy childcare services with varying benefits depending on your club level:

  1. Digital Membership
    • 2 hours complimentary childcare per day
  2. Standard Membership
    • 4 hours complimentary childcare per day
  3. Signature Membership
    • Unlimited complimentary childcare
  4. Day Pass Membership
    • 2 hours complimentary childcare

Kids Academy provides a fun, safe environment for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Activities include arts & crafts, games, music, and more to keep your kids engaged. Additional childcare hours can be purchased if needed. Knowing your children are in good hands allows you to fully focus on your workout and self-care.

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes
As a fitness enthusiast, you’ve joined the right club with Lifetime Fitness! Our club offers fantastic group fitness classes like Barbell Strength, Shred, and Strictly Strength that will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.

With expert coaching and a supportive group environment, each energizing session will empower you to become fitter and stronger than ever before. The group fitness classes provide an excellent opportunity to improve your fitness in a motivating atmosphere with others.

Whether you’re looking to build strength and muscle, burn fat, or simply get in better shape, our world-class instructors will push you to new levels. Join the enthusiastic community and achieve your fitness aspirations with our diverse selection of classes designed to challenge your body and mind.

Barbell Strength

You’d sling iron at the Signature level’s crossfit box. Barbell presses build full-body strength and sculpt shoulders. Squats strengthen quads and glutes. Deadlifts increase power. Challenge your limits with high-intensity training and expert coaching.

Unleash inner strength at state-of-the-art weight rooms. Achieve goals with customized programming and equipment instruction. Hone form on racks and benches. Tone muscle using barbells and bumper plates. Safely progress with spotters.

Master foundational movements. Graduate to Olympic lifts. The Signature club empowers strong bodies and minds.


You would melt fat fast with Shred’s intense 30-minute metabolic conditioning class. Available with Onyx or Platinum club levels, this format blasts calories with high-intensity moves. Gain access to Shred classes, plus other weight loss programs and nutrition discounts.

Depending on your club level at Lifetime Fitness—Onyx, Platinum, Gold, or Bronze—outdoor pool access varies.

Strictly Strength

I would have enthusiastically boxed with Lorenzo if motivated muscle toning suited my slender silhouette. Strictly Strength offers weightlifting programs and resistance workouts focused on muscle building and strength training.

This class provides an intense bodyweight and free weight workout to build endurance and help you reach your fitness goals. The club levels at Lifetime Fitness provide programs for all levels and goals, so join Strictly Strength to maximize your strength training results.

Pool and Additional Amenities

Pool and Additional Amenities
Get comfy at the pool after your aquatic aerobics class with poolside amenities. Dive into refreshing pools at your designated club with your membership.

Enjoy lounge chairs, swim lanes, water slides, and more. Outdoor pool access may have restrictions or additional fees.

Membership provides access to amazing pools and amenities to complement your fitness routine. Experience the stunning pools and waterparks at Lifetime’s Signature locations. From family fun to lap swimming, make a splash with the spectacular aquatic options available.

Upgrade your membership to gain access to Signature club perks like water slides, lazy rivers, surf riders, and heated outdoor resort-style pools for year-round swimming.

Cancelling and Membership Holds

Cancelling and Membership Holds
With all the amenities available, it’s easy to maximize the value of your membership. Yet life sometimes gets in the way. You may need to pause your membership for a bit.

Whether traveling, injured, or deployed, you can suspend your membership for up to 6 months. Simply submit the request online or at the club ahead of time. Just keep in mind that terms continue applying and some fees may resume once reactivated.

With a little planning, you can easily freeze your membership when needed. Then you can pick back up where you left off.


From Digital to 65 Plus and Corporate memberships, Lifetime Fitness has something for everyone. With a membership, you can enjoy access to all of the clubs, classes, and services that Lifetime Fitness offers.

Whether you’re looking for a fitness plan to get started or just want to enjoy the amenities of the club, Lifetime Fitness has the membership for you. From the pool to the pickleball court, Lifetime Fitness provides amenities for all interests.

Plus, you can use the app to book classes and services, get notifications, and keep up with friends and family. With a Lifetime Fitness membership, you’ll be able to make the most of the clubs, classes, and services.

So don’t delay – join the club today! With a Lifetime Fitness membership, you’ll have access to top-notch fitness facilities and programming.

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