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Find the Dimensions of Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106 Full Guide of 2023

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What are the dimensions of a Kenmore refrigerator Model 106It is often said that knowledge is power, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to purchasing a Kenmore refrigerator. Knowing the dimensions of a specific model can make all the difference in whether or not it will fit in your space.

So, if you’re considering buying a Kenmore refrigerator Model 106, understanding its size beforehand is key.

In this article, we’ll look at how to find out the exact measurements of your fridge as well as explore some standard sizes for different models from Kenmore’s range. This way, you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs and home layout.

Key Takeaways

Knowledge is crucial when purchasing a Kenmore refrigerator, particularly Model 106. Proper dimensions can be found on labels, paperwork, or by contacting the manufacturer. Standard sizes for Kenmore models range from 18 to 30 cubic feet. Model 106 dimensions include height, depth, and width measurements.

How to Find the Dimensions of a Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106?

How to Find the Dimensions of a Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106
Finding the dimensions of your Kenmore refrigerator model 106 begins with locating the model number, typically on a label inside the unit or on paperwork from the original purchase. Once you have the complete model number, search online databases or contact the manufacturer directly to obtain the height, width, and depth measurements.

Finding the Model Number

Let’s take a peek at that serial number sticker inside your fridge or check the receipt to identify the model number.

  1. Examine the label inside the refrigerator or freezer compartment.
  2. Check the back or side panels for a sticker with the model details.
  3. Review any paperwork like receipts or warranty information.
  4. Search online using the first few digits of the serial number.
  5. Call the manufacturer’s customer service line for assistance.

The model number is the key to finding the dimensions of your Kenmore 106 refrigerator. You can use online resources, manuals, or contact the manufacturer directly with the model number.

Using the Model Number to Search Online

Now search online using the model number to determine the dimensions. Once you locate the model number, search online databases, manuals, or company websites. Input the full model number for best results. Compare multiple sources to verify size accuracy.

Precisely measure the refrigerator cavity yourself if online sources vary.

Resource: Sears Parts Direct

Details: Search the database by model number for specs.

Resource: Appliance Parts Pros

Details: Input the model into Part Finder for dimensions.

Resource: Repair Clinic

Details: Lookup by model provides a size overview.

Resource: PartSelect

Details: Model number lookup shows measurements.

Resource: User Manuals

Details: The production manual will list exact sizing.

Resource: Manufacturer Website

Details: Official dimensions for specific models.

Thorough online research using the model number will provide the most precise sizing and capacity data for proper replacement selection and seamless installation.

Contacting the Manufacturer for Information

You can contact Kenmore with your model and serial number for exact size specifications. They can look up dimensions in their database using the unique information on the label inside your fridge. While you have them on the phone, check warranty coverage. Manufacturers often list manuals on their websites as well.

If your model is discontinued, explore sizing alternatives or cabinet modifications for a good fit.

What Are the Standard Sizes of Kenmore Refrigerator Models?

What Are the Standard Sizes of Kenmore Refrigerator Models
The Kenmore 253 is 18 cubic feet, suitable for medium households, while the Kenmore 106 offers 20.6 cubic feet with adjustable storage. The Kenmore 363 provides 21 cubic feet of space with a stylish finish and storage, the 795 model is 22.

1 cubic feet with energy efficiency and flexibility, and the large 596 model is 25 cubic feet with a French door design. Top-of-the-line Kenmore Elite models range from 25-29.9 cubic feet for the most versatile and spacious options.

Kenmore Model 253

Check out the 18 cu. ft Kenmore 253, a medium-sized fridge great for average households. At only about 18 cubic feet, the Kenmore 253 refrigerator offers reliable cold storage for small to medium-sized households without excessive bulk.

Kenmore Model 106

With recessed handles for a cleaner look, the side-by-side Kenmore Coldspot 106 hits the sweet spot at 20.6 cu. ft. of cold storage for most households. Finding the model number inside helps determine dimensions like 32 W x 68 H x 34 D.

Narrow spaces may require a Norcold N replacement. Compatibility confirmation for Airstream installation avoids cabinet modification. Kenmore model 106 refrigerators suit most with good performance, durability, and sufficient storage.

Kenmore Model 363

Our lovely Kenmore 363 offers serious style and supreme convenience that will make your kitchen truly shine. With sleek finishes and advanced storage, this spacious 21 cu. ft. beauty keeps foods fresher longer.

Its flexible design fits most kitchens, yet leaves you wanting more. Consider replacing your old 106 with this brilliant star.

Kenmore Model 795

You’re upgrading to the energy-efficient Kenmore 795 for all the flexible storage you need. With a capacity of 22.1 cubic feet, this spacious French door model is Energy Star rated. The 795 fits well in most kitchens. Consider professional installation if your cabinet space is limited.

Kenmore Model 596

Their stylish French door layout opens up abundant storage possibilities. With a 25 cu ft capacity, Kenmore 596 models are a versatile and spacious choice.

Kenmore Elite Models

Let’s go over Kenmore Elite Models.

  • Modern design
  • Advanced features
  • Spacious capacity
  • Energy efficiency

The high-end Kenmore Elite refrigerators boast innovations like French door styling, advanced storage solutions, and customizable temperature zones for optimal food preservation.

How to Determine the Dimensions Without the Model Number?

How to Determine the Dimensions Without the Model Number
Knowing the fridge type is crucial for estimating its size without a model number. To determine the cubic feet manually, calculate the interior dimensions in inches (length x height x depth), and then divide by 1728 to convert cubic inches to cubic feet.

Estimating the Size by Fridge Type

Dost thou know the typical capacities for varying Kenmore fridge types can help thee estimate the size sans a model number? For instance, top-freezer models often boast capacities around 18 cubic feet, while side-by-side models, like the Kenmore 106, tend to hover around 20.

6 cubic feet. French door models can reach 25 cubic feet or more. Use these average capacities as a starting point when estimating the size of thy Kenmore refrigerator, especially when considering cabinet alterations or compatibility with a Norcold N model.

Manual Calculation for Size Estimation

To estimate the size of the mentioned Kenmore refrigerator model (106) without relying on the model number, employ a manual calculation approach. Use the formula: size = measurements (Length x Height x Depth) divided by 1728. This method, known as dimensional analysis, allows you to calculate the refrigerator’s volume.

Multiply the dimensions and divide by 1728 to get the size in cubic feet, providing you with a precise estimate of the appliance’s dimensions.

What Are the Specific Dimensions of Kenmore Model 106?

What Are the Specific Dimensions of Kenmore Model 106
Delving into the specifics of Kenmore Model 106 dimensions, you’ll find essential measurements, including the height with and without hinges, depth with and without handles, as well as the average residential sizes for this model.

To grasp the storage capacity, you can also learn about the straightforward volume calculation method applicable to Model 106 refrigerators.

Height With and Without Hinge

Curious about the hinge situation? Well, with the hinge, you’re looking at a height of 66 ¾ inches, but without it, it’s 65 ⅞ inches. The hinge plays a crucial role in adjusting the overall height of the Kenmore refrigerator model 106.

This consideration becomes especially important when fitting the refrigerator into spaces with specific height limitations. Whether you’re dealing with cabinets or other constraints, understanding the hinge impact is essential for a seamless installation process.

So, keep the hingeless dimensions in mind as you plan the perfect spot for your French door model.

Depth With and Without Handles

Explore the refrigerator’s design by envisioning how the handles seamlessly integrate, as the depth adjusts to accommodate the handles, giving you a streamlined aesthetic without compromising on functionality.

The Kenmore Model 106 has a depth of 33 â…ž inches with handles and 32 â…› inches without handles. These dimensions are crucial for installation considerations and ensuring the interior layout fits your needs.

Whether you opt for a handleless design or not, understanding handle depth is essential for a perfect fit.

Average Residential Sizes for Model 106

Discover the typical sizes that Model 106 refrigerators feature in residential settings: an average height of 90 to 180 cm, a width ranging from 55 to 65 cm, and a depth spanning 60 to 75 cm. Consider your space while taking into account cabinet compatibility, potential alterations for Airstream cabinets, and the comparison with the Norcold N model.

Volume Calculation for Model 106

Sure thing! Calculate the fridge’s size by multiplying its width, depth, and height, then divide by 1728 for cubic feet.

What Are the Benefits of Recessed Handles?

What Are the Benefits of Recessed Handles
Unlock the essence of sophistication and convenience with handles that nestle seamlessly into the Kenmore refrigerator Model 106’s surface. These recessed handles not only adorn it with a contemporary touch but also simplify your cleaning routine.

The advantages of recessed handles extend beyond aesthetics. They align with modern handle design trends, offering a sleek and unobtrusive look. Cleaning becomes a breeze as there are no protruding handles to collect dust or grime.

Ergonomic handle considerations ensure comfortable and effortless use while maintaining a minimalist appearance.

Moreover, handle-free appliance aesthetics are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. They provide a clean and seamless look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

In summary, the benefits of recessed handles on the Kenmore Model 106 refrigerator encompass both style and practicality, making it a wise choice for those seeking a blend of sophistication and ease in their kitchen appliances.

Is the Kenmore Model 106 Suitable for Most Households?

Is the Kenmore Model 106 Suitable for Most Households
Get a clear picture of whether the Kenmore Model 106 suits your household’s needs. This refrigerator model is well-suited for a wide range of households due to its energy efficiency, storage flexibility, and easy installation requirements.

With various design options available, you can choose the one that complements your kitchen aesthetics. The Kenmore 106 employs advanced cooling technology to keep your food fresh for longer periods, ensuring safety and reducing wastage.

Its dimensions, including a height without hinges of 65 â…ž inches and a width of about 32 inches, make it a convenient choice for most kitchens.

Whether you’re looking for ample storage, modern design, or efficient energy consumption, the Kenmore Model 106 is designed to meet the diverse needs of households, providing you with both control and peace of mind.

How to Ensure Level Placement for Proper Coolant Circulation?

How to Ensure Level Placement for Proper Coolant Circulation
To ensure proper circulation of coolant, make sure that the refrigerator is placed on a level surface. An uneven placement might disrupt the cooling process and affect its performance. A balanced refrigerator contributes to optimal coolant flow, enabling the cooling system to function efficiently.

  • Use a Bubble Level: Place a bubble level on top of the refrigerator and adjust its position until the bubble is centered.
  • Check for Uneven Flooring: Before placing the refrigerator, ensure the floor itself is even. If the floor is uneven, consider using shims or adjustable feet to achieve a level surface.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically check and readjust the refrigerator’s level to maintain its proper placement and cooling efficiency.

By paying attention to level placement, you’re not only optimizing the coolant circulation but also ensuring the long-lasting performance and energy efficiency of your Kenmore Model 106 refrigerator.

What is the Capacity of a Side-by-Side Kenmore Coldspot Model 106?

What is the Capacity of a Side-by-Side Kenmore Coldspot Model 106
Explore the voluminous storage capability of the side-by-side Coldspot model 106 as you calculate its capacity by multiplying its width, depth, and height, then dividing by 1728 for cubic feet.

This efficient refrigerator boasts a substantial capacity of 20.6 cubic feet, making it an ideal choice for households seeking versatile storage solutions. Its side-by-side design offers convenience and accessibility, allowing you to organize your groceries with ease.

Keep in mind that while the Coldspot model 106 maintains consistent dimensions for height, width, and depth, slight variations may exist due to manufacturing considerations. Ensure proper installation to optimize its cooling efficiency and maintain its storage versatility.

With its impressive features and ample capacity, the Kenmore Coldspot model 106 is a reliable choice for those seeking a high-performing refrigerator.

What Are the Features of Kenmore Model 106?

What Are the Features of Kenmore Model 106
Sure, I’d be happy to help! When considering the features of Kenmore Model 106, you’ll find a refrigerator that excels in various aspects. It boasts commendable performance and durability, ensuring reliable cooling for your needs.

Its energy efficiency is a standout feature, helping you save on utility bills while contributing to a greener environment. Moreover, the model offers ample and well-organized storage capacity, accommodating your groceries and essentials with ease.

Performance and Durability

Discover the remarkable longevity and exceptional functionality of this appliance, offering impressive reliability and top-notch performance over the years. Its robustness ensures effective cooling, while its dimensions perfectly fit most households, providing enduring benefits in terms of performance and durability.

Energy Efficiency

When considering the Kenmore 106, you’ll appreciate its impressive energy efficiency. This not only translates to cost savings but also aligns with environmental conservation measures. The appliance meets modern energy efficiency standards, aided by features like LED lighting, making it a prudent choice for the environmentally conscious.

Sufficient Storage Capacity

Get ready to be impressed by its ample storage capacity. Adjustable shelving and interior organization ensure storage flexibility, optimizing space for food preservation. The Kenmore refrigerator model 106 offers sufficient storage capacity, allowing you to calculate the refrigerator size for your needs, even with a top freezer design.

Considerations for Replacement and Installation

Considerations for Replacement and Installation
Now, let’s delve into the crucial considerations for replacement and installation when it comes to your Kenmore refrigerator Model 106.

First and foremost, the shift from an original 32-inch width to the current 33-36-inch range poses an immediate challenge. This change may necessitate alterations to your kitchen cabinets to accommodate a wider refrigerator.

Additionally, if you’re contemplating a replacement with the Norcold N model, you must confirm compatibility with your cabinet opening, which stands at 29 inches in width. This is particularly relevant if you’re dealing with limited space, such as in the case of an Airstream Globetrotter with a Dometic refrigerator.

In such instances, professional installation might be your best bet to ensure a seamless fit while maintaining proper airflow and coolant circulation.

These installation challenges are crucial to address before making any final decisions about the replacement of your Kenmore 106 refrigerator.


Astoundingly, the world of refrigerators is vast, and Kenmore models are no exception. With the right knowledge, you can easily determine the dimensions of a Kenmore refrigerator Model 106. To find the model number, look inside the fridge label, warranty card, receipt, manual, or package box.

You can then use the model number to search online, contact the manufacturer for information, or estimate the size by fridge type.

Model 106 has a height of 65 â…ž inches without hinges and 66 Âľ inches with hinges. The depth is 32 â…› inches without handles and 33 â…ž inches with handles. Additionally, the side-by-side Kenmore Coldspot model 106 has a capacity of 20.

6 cu.ft. It offers good performance, durability, energy efficiency, and sufficient storage.

As a result, you can make an informed decision when it comes to replacing or installing a Kenmore refrigerator Model 106.

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