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GD Colors: Black and Blue – Attire Rules, Violations, and Consequences (2024)

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What are the gd colorsAre you curious about GD colors? Learn about the strict code of attire and colors that GD members must follow, including consequences for violating the rules.

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Key Takeaways

  • Black and mainly blue are the colors of the Gangster Disciples.
  • Members are prohibited from wearing anything red or on the left side.
  • Members are required to wear anything with a bill or earrings on the right side.
  • The Gangster Disciples have a strict dress code and color scheme that members must adhere to.

GD Gang Colors and Attire Rules

GD Gang Colors and Attire Rules
When it comes to GD gang colors and attire rules, you need to be aware of the strict code that members adhere to.

The gang colors are black and mainly blue, while the attire rules dictate wearing anything with a bill or earrings on the right side.

Violating these rules by wearing anything on the left or any red attire can have consequences from the gang.

It’s important to understand and respect these guidelines in order to navigate within their territories safely.

Gang Colors: Black and Mainly Blue

Your colors are black and mainly blue.

Avoid wearing anything red or to the left side.

Violators may face consequences.

Attire Rules: Wearing Anything With a Bill or Earrings to the Right Side

Wearing anything with a bill or earrings to the right side is also a part of GD attire rules.

  • Bill meaning
  • Bill significance
  • Bill placement

Violations: Wearing Anything to the Left or Any RED Attire

In addition to the previous attire rules,

  • Wearing anything to the left
  • any red attire

    is also a violation.

Consequences: Possible Consequences for Violating the Attire Rules

Violating GD attire rules may result in consequences such as:

  • Beatings
  • Public humiliation
  • Banishment
  • Loss of privileges
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Jail time
  • Prison sentence

Strict Code: Adhering Strictly to Rules About Attire and Colors

Adhering to GD’s strict code about colors and attire is important to your reputation as a member.

GD Reputation and Approach

GD Reputation and Approach
When it comes to the reputation of GD, they’re often feared in certain areas due to their presence and influence.

Members of GD strive to avoid trouble but won’t hesitate to respond if provoked. Their motto is clear: don’t go looking for trouble, let it find you.

Additionally, GD members are known for their preference in carrying handguns such as 9mm and.45 caliber, mac 10s, knives, and shanks which emphasizes the dangerous nature associated with them.

Lastly, number symbolism plays a significant role within GD as they revolve around the number SIX with six laws that all members must follow.

Public Perception: GD is Often Feared in Some Areas

Members of the GD gang are often viewed with fear in certain areas, as their reputation precedes them.

Their territorial nature and history of violence contribute to this perception.

Approach: Members Avoid Trouble but Will Respond if Provoked

You avoid conflict, not start it.

Stand your ground, if necessary.

Avoid eye contact, if possible.

De-escalate, if possible.

Leave, if necessary.

Motto: Don’t Go Looking for Trouble, Let Trouble Find You

While you avoid trouble, don’t be afraid to fight back when provoked.

Avoid trouble.

Don’t be afraid to fight back.

Stay true to your roots.

Respect your elders.

Weapon Preference: Commonly Carrying Handguns, Mac 10s, Knives, and Shanks

You avoid trouble, but GD members carry handguns, mac 10s, knives, and shanks to defend themselves if provoked.

Number Symbolism: GD Revolves Around the Number SIX and Six Laws

GD’s reputation and approach is heavily influenced by the number SIX and the six laws members must follow.

GD Organization and Branches (Clicks)

GD Organization and Branches (Clicks)
As a graphic designer, it’s important to understand the organized structure of GD and its various branches or clicks. This knowledge will help you navigate the complexities of their laws and rules when creating designs that may intersect with their culture.

Some examples of these branches include:

  • BOS or BOSS
  • BGDN
  • IGD
  • BGD

Organized Structure: GD Has Laws and Rules

GD is highly organized with laws and rules, including various branches or clicks.

  • Laws are strict and enforced.
  • Members follow the rules and laws.

Branches: Various Branches or Clicks Exist Within GD

Within the GD organization, various branches or clicks exist, each with their own structure and set of rules.


Among the various branches or clicks that exist within GD, you can find examples such as:

  • BOS or BOSS
  • BGDN
  • IGD
  • BGD

GD Origins and Symbols

GD Origins and Symbols
GD stands for Gangster Disciple.

It started in Chicago, mainly on the South Side.

Symbols include the SIX Pointed Star, Playboy Bunny, Upward Facing Pitchfork, and Three-pointed Crown.

Acronym: GD Stands for Gangster Disciple

You’ve learned about GD’s branches and structure, now let’s talk about the acronym GD and its origins and symbols.

GD stands for Gangster Disciple, with main symbols including a six pointed star, playboy bunny, and pitchfork.

Origin: Started in Chicago, Mainly on the South Side

GD started in Chicago, mainly on the south side.

Here are 3 things you need to know:

  1. Founded in 1961
  2. Affiliated with the Black Panther Party
  3. Rivals the Vice Lords

Main Symbols: SIX Pointed Star, Playboy Bunny, Upward Facing Pitchfork, Three-pointed Crown

You’ll find the main GD symbols include the six pointed star, playboy bunny, pitchfork, and three-pointed crown.

GD Rivalries and Territory

GD Rivalries and Territory
GD is often at war with VLs (Vice Lords).

GD is known for being territorial and can be dangerous.

Members may resort to violence in territorial disputes.

Rivalries: Often at War With VLs (Vice Lords)

You’re often at war with VLs (Vice Lords), one of GD’s most prominent rivals. The rivalry is marked by territorial disputes, violence, and dangerous weaponry.

Territorial: Known for Being Territorial and Dangerous

When it comes to territorial conflicts, GD is known for their assertive nature and can be considered a force to be reckoned with.

  • Violent conflicts with VLs
  • Weapons and intimidation
  • Instilling fear in their enemies

Conflict Resolution: May Resort to Violence in Territorial Disputes

As a result of their territorial nature, GD members may resort to violence in disputes with rival gangs.

General Public Perception: Perceived as a Formidable Force in Certain Areas

Because of your territorial nature, GD is often perceived as a formidable force in certain areas.

  • Respected
  • Feared
  • Dangerous
  • Powerful

Weaponry: Equipped With Various Weapons Emphasizing Their Dangerous Nature

With your GD attire and weaponry, you’re sure to strike fear into the hearts of your rivals.

Your 9mm handguns, mac 10s, knives, and shanks will protect you from danger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main GD colors?

Black and mainly blue are the main GD colors.

You should adhere strictly to these colors and avoid wearing any red attire.

What are the GD attire rules?

You must adhere strictly to the GD attire rules, which include:

  • Wearing anything with a bill or earrings to the right side.
  • Avoiding red attire.

Violators may face consequences from the gang.

What are the GD branches or clicks?

GD has various branches or clicks, such as:

  • BOS
  • BGDN
  • SICC
  • IGD
  • BGD

What is the GD reputation and approach?

You avoid trouble, but will respond if provoked.

Your motto is: Don’t go looking for trouble, let trouble find you.

What are the GD rivalries and territory?

You might be familiar with GD colors, black and mainly blue.

GD is often at war with VLs, and is known for being territorial and dangerous.


So, those are the GD colors that members must adhere to. It’s a strict code, but it’s one that helps to keep the gang organized and united.

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