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Explore the Colors of Gangster Disciples & Vice Lords Full Guide of 2023

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Exploring the colors of Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords is a fascinating journey into a world that has both inspired and intimidated many. From the blue hues of GD to VL’s signature red, these gangs have their own unique color schemes that represent an entirely different culture from what you may be used to.

For those seeking insight into GD’s history, symbols, rivalries, and affiliations – this article will provide answers to some common questions about the iconic group.

And so much more! So come with us on this exploration through gangland colors – we guarantee it’ll be eye-opening!

Key Takeaways

What are the gd colors?

  • Gangster Disciples’ colors are blue and black, symbolizing loyalty and strength.
  • GD has a longstanding rivalry with the Crips and Bloods gangs.
  • GD focuses on education reform and community service projects.
  • Black Disciples, a subtype of GD, wear distinct colors of black and red.

What Are the Gangster Disciples Colors?

What Are the Gangster Disciples Colors?
You’ll find the Gangster Disciples colors to be blue and black, an interesting pairing that will draw your eye. This color combination is symbolic of the gang’s history, leadership structure, and symbols.

GD members often wear clothing with these colors or display them in other ways as a sign of their affiliation with the group. The regular price for a member of GD includes items such as a February birthstone open ring or gold fleur de lis leverback earring.

These pieces are made specifically for Gangster Disciples members and can be seen at events where they gather to celebrate their culture together.

Blue stands for loyalty while black signifies strength – both values held highly by those who align themselves with this historic organization founded in 1968 on Chicago’s South Side streets by Larry Hoover.

It is believed that since then more than 50 thousand people have become active members of GD across several states throughout America, making it one of the largest gangs still operational today.

Whether you choose just one element or combine them all into one look, knowing what each color represents allows you to express yourself authentically without sacrificing style.

Are GDS Crips?

Are GDS Crips?
No, Gangster Disciples are not Crips. In fact, they have a long-standing rivalry with the Crips and other gangs that goes back decades. This is evidenced by their symbolism, which includes blue and black colors to represent loyalty and strength, respectively.

GD members often wear clothing or jewelry, such as an open ring or fleur de lis leverback earring, featuring these hues to signify their allegiance.

Their lifestyle also involves maintaining peace amongst each other while striving for change within society at large through education reform initiatives and community service projects like voter registration drives.

This shows how different they really are from the criminal activities of rival groups like the Crips, who promote violence instead of progressivism among their members.

Even though both organizations share similar goals when it comes to creating safe environments for African Americans living in urban areas, there’s no denying that Gangster Disciples operate under a more positive ideology than those embraced by many gangs, including The Bloods & The Crypts.

They put emphasis on self-improvement rather than crime, offering discounted sale prices on items such as heart-shaped pendants made out of black onyx oval faceted beads surrounded with diamond oval faceted stones.

This allows them to express themselves authentically without sacrificing style while still adhering strictly to specific rules set forth since 1968 when Larry Hoover founded GD Chicago’s South Side streets.

What Are Vice Lords Colors?

What Are Vice Lords Colors?
The Vice Lords, another gang with deep roots in Chicago’s South Side, have a distinct set of colors that differentiate them from the Gangster Disciples. Their primary color is red, symbolizing power and strength within their gang culture.

They also use purple to represent royalty, blue for loyalty, and green for wealth.

These colors are often incorporated into clothing or jewelry, such as genuine garnet earrings at a regular price. However, discounted sale prices can be found on items like eight-ball posse rings, which signify that the wearer is an official member of the organization known officially as Brothers Of The Struggle (BOS).

GD members may look different from VL members due to their respective beliefs about how they should dress.

Who Are the 3 Kings of Gd?

Who Are the 3 Kings of Gd?
You’ve likely heard of the 3 Kings of GD: King David, King Solomon, and King Ben. These founding members are symbols of power, symbolizing strength in the Gangster Disciple culture. Each king has their own set of beliefs and practices that have been passed down through generations.

They all wear a red right earring to signify loyalty to GDs, as well as carry MAC-10s with them at all times! The Three Kings also use IGD slang, which is exclusive only for members within this gang faction, so be sure not to misuse any words if you come across one!

The colors associated with these kings are purple, representing royalty, blue for loyalty, and green for wealth.

With these powerful figures leading by example, it’s easy to see why they hold such an important place in Gangster Disciples history.

Are BD and GD Rivals?

Are BD and GD Rivals?
You may have heard that Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples are rivals, but they actually have a long history of cooperation. Exploring the rivalry between them gives insight into gang mentality, representation, and dynamics.

Conflict resolution has brought unity among members in both gangs to combat outside threats.

Both sides recognize each other’s authority by wearing their distinct colors: purple for GDs and blue for BDs.

Jewelry items like genuine amethyst earrings or aquamarine hexagon nuggets often feature these two colors together as symbols of solidarity against common enemies.

Diamond cube-shaped accessories also represent wealth stemming from mutual economic success despite different backgrounds or beliefs about life on the streets!

Gangsters Disciples & Black Disciple’s relationship is an example of how peace can be achieved through understanding one another regardless of differences in opinion, economics, or social standing – something we should all strive to achieve beyond gang warfare!

Is Folk a Crip?

Is Folk a Crip?
Folk Nation, also known as Folks, is an alliance of street gangs that includes Crips. They are devoted to a lifestyle of brotherhood and loyalty. Their beliefs include upholding respect for members and their communities while maintaining strong economic success through drug-dealing activities.

GDs and BDs have been allies since the 1990s when they united against outside threats from other gangs in Chicago, like the Vice Lords or Latin Kings.

Folk culture is characterized by its own language – signifying hand signs such as throwing up one’s set (gang) colors instead of verbal communication, which can be interpreted differently depending on who is listening!

Is Folk a gang? Technically, yes, but it has more unity than most traditional gangs out there due to its alliances with different sets like GDs & Crips, whose differences often cause rivalries elsewhere around the world!

Regularly priced items, such as 14k gold round end caps, feature both colors together, representing solidarity between these two groups despite opposition from outsiders or even within their own ranks at times.

What Does BOS Mean in Gd?

What Does BOS Mean in Gd?
Gang members often use the acronym BOS, which stands for Brothers On Same, to express their shared loyalty and solidarity between GDs and BDs. Both gangs have a history of standing together during times of struggle, making them a powerful force in many cities across the United States.

They also share similar beliefs, including respect for one another, economic success through illegal activities, codes of conduct like not snitching on fellow gang members, slang such as ball meaning an eight ball posse or IGD meaning insane gangster disciple, and symbols such as 14k gold round end caps that represent unity despite opposition from other gangs.

Regularly priced items feature both colors together, while sale prices offer purple & blue birthstones symbolic of strength held by these two groups even when faced with internal conflicts within their ranks at times.

While most outsiders view BOS simply as a symbol representing brotherhood between two distinct sets, it is much more than that – it represents power derived from unified action amongst all those who bear its name!

What is Gd Stand For?

What is Gd Stand For?
You’ll often see GD standing for Gangster Disciples, a powerful street gang that has been active since the 1970s. Its members have crafted their own culture and beliefs: respecting each other, striving for economic success through illegal activities, not snitching on fellow gang members, and standing together despite opposition from other gangs.

GDS meaning is further expressed in slang like ‘ball,’ meaning an eight ball posse, or IGD, meaning insane gangster disciple. Symbols, such as 14k gold round end caps, also signify unity among the group. Regularly priced items feature both colors purple and blue birthstones, symbolic of the strength held by these two groups, even when faced with internal conflicts within their ranks at times.

From codes of conduct to shared values and language – GDS stands for more than just brotherhood between two distinct sets but rather power derived from unified action amongst all who bear its name!

Which Way Do Gd’s Wear Their Hats?

Which Way Do Gd
You often see GDs wearing their hats sideways, providing a visual representation of the unified action amongst all who bear its name. Wearing hats with style is an important part of GD hat etiquette. Disciples hat trends have changed over time to reflect different eras and styles.

Gang colors explained include blue birthstones for unity among members, in addition to purple for solidarity when faced with internal conflicts within their ranks at times. GD symbols explained also feature 14k gold round end caps, symbolic of strength held by two groups even when there are disagreements between them.

Regular priced items showcase both these colors, but sale price offers additional savings if you’re looking to rep BOS too.

What Rappers Are GDS?

What Rappers Are GDS?
Many rappers have embraced the GD lifestyle and proudly display their loyalty to the gang in their music. Rappers’ Gang Ties are evident by references to GD belief systems, hierarchy structure, and even slang terms like ball for an eight ball posse or IGD (Insane Gangster Disciple).

Popular artists such as Chief Keef often rap about life within a gang’s walls while also promoting unity through catchy hooks that carry messages of peace between different factions. This has a great impact on other aspiring young people who can relate to similar struggles experienced by those living with gangs day-to-day.

The regular price items showcase both blue birthstones for unity amongst members, plus purple for solidarity when faced with internal conflicts – symbols of strength held together despite differences between them all! Additionally, Boss Brothers Of The Struggle merchandise is available at sale prices, which further expresses this meaning: Standing united no matter what opposition they may be faced with from society alike!

So show your pride in being part of something greater than yourself today – wear your hat sideways and rep BOS wherever you go!

Is Larry Hoover a GD or BD?

Is Larry Hoover a GD or BD?
Larry Hoover is a controversial figure in the gang community, as some view him as a Gangster Disciple (GD) and others see him as a Black Disciple (BD). Depending on who you ask, his life could be seen from any of these perspectives: GD loyalty to its structure, BD belief systems, or even strategies for success he developed using both gangs’ ideologies.

His impact has also been felt through merchandise, such as regular-priced items that feature blue birthstones representing unity amongst members and purple symbols for solidarity when faced with internal conflicts – powerful messages held together despite differences between them all! Additionally, Boss Brothers Of The Struggle apparel at sale prices emphasizes standing united against opposition they may face in society alike.

For those inspired by Larry Hoover’s life story, it will mean different things – respect among rival factions with IGD (Insane Gangster Disciples) uniting them all under one banner; real strength built upon GD strategies combined with BD beliefs; pushing boundaries while staying true to their roots; loyalty above everything else no matter what obstacles are thrown your way… All this can be found within each piece of clothing bearing BOS insignia – wear yours sideways today and rep where you come from proudly!

Was Larry Hoover a Black P Stone?

Was Larry Hoover a Black P Stone?
No, Larry Hoover was not a Black P Stone; rather, he was an inspiration to many for his ability to unite rival factions with IGD under one banner, just like a conductor leading the orchestra in perfect harmony.

He promoted unity within GD and BD by wearing both symbols – the black diamond oval faceted double drill GS emblem signifying loyalty no matter what differences were present. His influence on gang culture is also seen in merchandise, such as clothing featuring blue birthstones representing solidarity, and purple playboy bunny logos indicating strength when faced with opposition.

Additionally, Boss Brothers Of The Struggle apparel encourages standing together against any adversity they may face – it’s about staying true to your roots while pushing boundaries at the same time! Ultimately, Larry Hoover’s legacy lives through those who embrace his vision of unification – respect among gangs despite different beliefs based on GD strategies combined with BD ideologies resulting in real power that comes from within each individual member.

Are Crips Under 6?

Are Crips Under 6?
You may be familiar with the Crips, but not necessarily what it means to live Under 6. Being part of this gang is a way of life, and loyalty is key. Its members are united by their common struggles against society’s oppression and hardship.

The different branches that make up the Crips, such as Eight Tray Gangster and Rollin’ 30s Original Harlem Godfathers, all have their own preferred weapons, from machetes to 9mm handguns.

Despite being rivals on some levels with Bloods or Folks gangs, they still remain one big family in terms of values when it comes down to treating each other right and always having each other’s backs, regardless of regular or sale price tags!

Although their culture has evolved over time since 1969 when they formed in Los Angeles, California, many say that GD stands for Gangsta Disciples even now – an acronym which further demonstrates how unified this group remains despite differences among them.

Is Piru a Blood?

Is Piru a Blood?
Yes, Piru is a Blood gang. As the old adage goes, blood is thicker than water, and this rings true for all of the members of this notorious street gang.

The term Piru comes from an acronym which stands for ‘People in Red Uniforms’. This emphasizes their commitment to each other and unity amongst themselves despite being rivals with Crips or Folks gangs across LA.

They have well-defined codes of conduct that must be followed by its members – such as loyalty to one another no matter what regular or sale price tags are involved! It also includes respect among peers along with strong symbolism like IGD (Insane Gangster Disciple) which was used on many occasions throughout history when they faced off against rival gangs like Bloods & GDs.

With so much at stake between these groups – it’s easy to see why they remain united under their common values, even if it means going up against some of the most well-known street gangs in America today!

Are Folks Gd?

Are Folks Gd?
Folk gangs are often considered rivals to GDs, so it’s important to understand their relationship and how they interact with each other.

Folk gang members have a different set of symbols than those associated with the GD life, which can lead to a lot of confusion for the general public. The IGD symbol is used by both sides as an identifier and reminder that they stand together despite their differences.

Despite this shared symbolism, there is still tension between them due to varying views on regular price tags versus sale price ones – meaning loyalty among peers may be compromised when money comes into play! However, many Bloods & Gds have found ways around these issues in order for them all to remain united under common values regardless of what happens outside within rival gangs or societies at large!

Can a Blood Be Woo?

Can a Blood Be Woo?
Though Bloods and GDs often have differing opinions on issues, it is estimated that nearly one-third of active gang members are considered to be Woo in both groups.

Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords may come from different backgrounds, but they share a common set of symbols associated with the GD life, including Larry Hoover’s legacy. Both gangs also agree upon fundamental principles like regular price tags versus sale prices, as well as weapon carriers being respected by all their peers regardless of affiliation.

Additionally, bosses should remain neutral colors so as not to attract unwanted attention or conflict between other gangs! The GD lifestyle has grown over time due to its ability to stay true to these values despite any differences between Bloods & Crips, which will help ensure continued success going forward into future generations!

What is a Gd Set?

What is a Gd Set?
You can easily identify a GD set by its colors, which are usually black and blue. GDs also have their own symbolism, lingo, and literature that helps to define them. From the infamous ball-eight posse to the IGD insane gangster disciple movement, there is a long history behind each individual element.

The gang’s fashion is an important part of their culture, with certain items being reserved only for members, such as hats or hoodies featuring GD imagery.

Regular prices versus sale prices were originally used to distinguish between Bloods & Crips gangs, but now it serves as an essential rule amongst all Bosses (or Brothers of Struggle).

What Does Thats on BD Mean?

What Does Thats on BD Mean?
That’s on BD is a phrase used by Gangster Disciples to show respect and admiration for someone or something, usually accompanied with the signature black and blue colors of GD. Understanding BD requires knowledge of its history, beliefs, gang structure, as well as symbols like regular price versus sale price.

These symbols were initially used to distinguish between Bloods and Crips gangs but now serve an essential role amongst all Bosses (or Brothers of Struggle).

From the infamous ball-eight posse to IGD-insane gangster disciple movement, each element has been carefully selected over time due to its relevance in representing loyalty, strength, and power — values that Hoover’s legacy still honors today! Hats or hoodies featuring GD imagery are reserved only for members, while certain items remain exclusive regardless of centuries-long changes.

Through this symbolism, the Gangsters continue their united front even through rough times while striving towards greater liberation from oppression.

What is Gd and Its Types?

What is Gd and Its Types?
You can learn more about Gangster Disciples by understanding its types and the associated symbols and colors. GD gangs are divided into several ranks, each with their own symbol to represent loyalty, strength, and power.

The regular price is the OG members, while the sale price represents those who have joined later. There’s also a three-ball posse, which honors Hoover’s legacy of unity amongst all members regardless of age or time period changes in the gang structure.

IGD stands for Insane Gangster Disciple Movement – it is dedicated to creating an environment free from oppression through empowering individuals within this brotherhood for liberation and mastery over their fate!

Ball eight refers to hand signs used among GDs as part of communication and expression when words aren’t enough.

Lastly, Bosses (or Brothers Of Struggle) identify themselves wearing hats or hoodies featuring GD imagery – exclusive items reserved only for true blue disciples who live by these powerful values every day!

Are Black Disciples Folks?

Are Black Disciples Folks?
Yes, Black Disciples are a part of the GD movement, and they often identify themselves with certain colors to show their allegiance. The BD’s leadership structure is based on five main principles: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.

Their history dates back to the early 1960s when David Barksdale formed it as an offshoot of another gang known as Supreme Gangsters (SG).

Furthermore, there are three distinct aspects that make up BD culture—regular price loyalty; sale price recognition; and ball-eight posse commitment.

Additionally, IGD or Insane Gangster Disciple Movement supports liberation through empowerment for all members regardless of age or time period changes in the gang’s structure.

All this makes them strong contenders for true blue followers who have found solace in belonging to one family committed towards achieving common goals together!

What Are Black Disciples Colors?

What Are Black Disciples Colors?
The Black Disciples are a powerful gang uniting people through their core values of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. They use symbols such as hats/hoodies featuring GD imagery to honor Hoover’s legacy and recognize each other with regular price loyalty and sale price recognition.

Ball-eight posse commitment is also part of the BD culture along with IGD or Insane Gangster Disciple Movement, which fosters liberation for all members regardless of age or time period changes in the gang’s structure.

Knowing Street Etiquette, Lingo & Hand Signs is essential to being accepted into this group that stands strong behind its beliefs while giving power & mastery to those who seek it!


In conclusion, the Gangster Disciples colors are black and blue, while Vice Lords colors are black and gold. The Three Kings of GD are King Larry Hoover, King David Barksdale, and King Shorty Freeman. GD and BD are rivals, however Folk is not a Crip, but they are associated with GD.

BOS stands for Brothers of the Struggle and GD stands for Gangster Disciples. GD members traditionally wear their hats to the side, and some of their famous rappers include Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Larry Hoover was a GD, not a BD, and he was also a Black P Stone. Crips are not under 6, and Piru is a Blood.

Folks are not GD, but they can be Woo. A GD set is a group of individuals that are unified for a common purpose. That’s on BD is an expression of respect, loyalty, and solidarity. GD is a criminal organization with different sub-types such as the Black Disciples.

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