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What Brand of Hot Dogs Does the Varsity Serve? Taste the Iconic Frankfurters! (Answered 2023)

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What Brand Of Hot Dogs Does The Varsity Use?Are you looking for a taste of an iconic American experience? The Varsity is the place to go! This iconic spot in Atlanta has been serving up hot dogs since 1928, and they have become famous for their mouth-watering frankfurters.

Key Takeaways

  • The Varsity serves 100% beef hot dogs sourced from local suppliers.
  • The Varsity has its own exclusive chili recipe for their hot dogs.
  • Premium ingredients sourced from Atlanta and the surrounding areas are used for their hot dogs.
  • The Varsity’s signature drink is the Frosted Orange shake.

What Are Ted’s Hot Dogs Made Of?

What Brand Of Hot Dogs Does The Varsity Use? 1
You’ll find Ted’s Hot Dogs made of 100% beef with two miles of them produced daily at The Varsity, a family-owned establishment since 1928.

This legendary chili dog tastes like no other and is served up on paper plates with chopped onions on the side.

Not only do they make their own hot dogs, but they also have an exclusive chili recipe which goes great as a topping for any meal item!

For those who love onion ringing, this eatery has perfected it – making sure that the breading can be thick and doughy when needed.

If you’re feeling adventurous, then try out one of their fried pies – faves being apple over peach!

Plus, there’s always something special to enjoy: like a Frosted Orange shake made from vanilla soft serve plus house-made Varsity Orange soda!

So if you’re looking for classic flavors or want to explore meat options outside Oscar Meyer grocery store dogs, The Varsity will tantalize your taste buds while providing amazing hospitality in its 87-year legacy.

What is the Heavy Dog at the Varsity?

What is the Heavy Dog at the Varsity?
Curious about what The Varsity has to offer? Look no further than their classic chili dog served on paper plates with chopped onions, made from two miles of 100% beef hot dogs daily.

But if you’re looking for something else, try the Heavy Dog – an extra-large version of the traditional chili dog topped with house-made scratch chili and onion rings.

Don’t forget to add one of their famous fried pies – apple is favored over peach – and a Frosted Orange shake that combines vanilla soft serve ice cream and house-made Varsity orange soda.

Whether it’s an old drive or a game day at Georgia Tech, visiting The Varsity is sure to make your experience unforgettable!

Is USA Cheer Owned by Varsity?

Is USA Cheer Owned by Varsity?
No, Varsity does not own USA Cheer. USA Cheer is a non-profit organization that promotes cheerleading and team dynamics across the country. It was founded in 2004. USA Cheer provides a safe competitive environment for athletes of all ages to participate in cheer and dance competitions throughout the U.

S. They also provide resources for parents to become more involved with their children’s activities related to cheering on teams at various levels of competition. The organization’s mission is focused on safety measures while fostering growth within each participant’s performance abilities.

This is achieved through consistent practice and skill development drills under the guidance of professional coaches.

Though The Varsity has been featured multiple times on Food Network’s Diners Drive Ins & Dives show and Travel Channel’s America’s Craziest Places series, its popularity stems from serving up classic chili dogs with special orange shakes since 1928.

What Kind of Oil Does the Varsity Use?

What Kind of Oil Does the Varsity Use?
Experience the Varsity’s legendary classic chili dogs with a crunchy, flavorful coating fried in their secret oil recipe! But what type of oil makes these chili dogs so special? The Varsity uses a blend of canola and vegetable oils for their frying process.

This is to ensure that the perfect balance between flavor and crispness is achieved every time.

They also compare brands from different suppliers by tasting tests before making a decision on which one to use. Their cooking methods involve careful temperature control, allowing them to get consistency across all batches they make throughout the day.

And don’t forget about those famous orange drinks! These delicious beverages are made using an exclusive house-made syrup created by mixing up various ingredients like lemons and oranges along with other flavors too secret even for us!

Whether you’re enjoying some chicken salad or having a great time on football Saturdays – The Varsity has it all covered without sacrificing quality or taste! So come down today and try out this amazing experience yourself – you won’t regret it!

What’s a Heavy Dog at the Varsity?

What’s a Heavy Dog at the Varsity?
Take a bite of the Varsity’s delicious Heavy Dog – an exclusive chili dog topped with mustard, onions, and their signature house-made chili. The hot dog ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, and the onion ring breading is always cooked to perfection.

Fried pies come in several flavors, including apple and peach, while you can also enjoy an iconic Varsity Orange soda or one of their orange cream popsicles!

The famous chili has been served at this fourth-generation family business since 1928 when it was founded by octogenarian Aunt Libby’s grandfather, Frank Gordy.

So what are you waiting for? Come down today to experience this amazing taste sensation firsthand that will leave your mouth watering for more!

What Brand of Hot Dogs Does TEDS Use?

What Brand of Hot Dogs Does TEDS Use?
Have you ever wondered what kind of hot dog The Varsity uses for its famous Heavy Dog? Well, the answer is that they use local suppliers sourced from Atlanta and the surrounding areas. They’re committed to providing only the best quality ingredients for their customers.

The onion ring breading is always cooked to crispy perfection, so it’s definitely worth a try!

The Varsity has been serving up classic favorites since 1928 when it was founded by Frank Gordy, and now his family continues this venerable institution as its fourth-generation owners. With over 300 gallons of chili made from scratch daily, along with an array of condiment options – such as mustard, onions, or even cheese – there’s something here for everyone who loves fast food culture.

And while regional variations may come into play across Georgia locations in Athens, Alpharetta, Norcross, etc.

What Are Franks Hot Dogs Made Of?

What Are Franks Hot Dogs Made Of?
Discover the unique taste of Frank’s Hot Dogs, made with premium ingredients sourced from Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Enjoy a classic hot dog that’s been served since 1928 when it was founded by Frank Gordy.

With their blend of spices and herbs, you’ll know why this is one hot dog that always comes out on top. Not only are Franks’ certified to be delicious, but they also provide essential nutritional benefits like high protein content and low fat content as well.

When you visit The Varsity to get your favorite frankfurter fix, you can experience an old-fashioned greasy spoon feel combined with Mel’s Dinner-style cooking techniques – all in one place! Whether it’s chili dogs or just good ol’ American-style franks, the quality speaks for itself at this specialty eatery.

So venture over today to taste history in every bite – because no other hotdog quite captures the essence like Franks do!

What is the Orange Drink Called at the Varsity?

What is the Orange Drink Called at the Varsity?
Try the Varsity’s famous Frosted Orange shake, made with creamy vanilla soft-serve and house-made orange soda for an unforgettable treat!

From its unique flavor to its iconic yellow doors, it’s no wonder this original recipe has been around since 1928 when founder Frank Gordy opened The Varsity.

A Georgia Tech dropout and Home of the Glorified Steak at the University of Georgia, his signature creation is a must-try for all chili dog connoisseurs.

With every sip, you can taste the deliciousness that comes from combining two classic flavors – sweet oranges and rich ice cream.

This combination provides a bold yet smooth sweetness that makes it hard to resist taking another bite or sip!

Whether you’re visiting one of their eight locations or shopping at their online store, be sure to try out this tasty combo for yourself!

The ingredients:

  • Vibrant orange flavor
  • Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve
  • House-Made Varsity Orange Soda

Who Owns the Varsity?

Who Owns the Varsity?
You’ll be impressed by the family-owned and operated nature of The Varsity, as it has been since its founding in 1928 – with Frank Gordy’s daughter Nancy Simms serving as CEO, his grandson Gordon Muir as president, and great-granddaughter Ashley Weiser as marketing director.

It’s no wonder why this restaurant is a regular stop for President Barack Obama when he visits Georgia! What makes it even more special is that the best part of any meal at The Varsity comes from their rich founder history: classic chili dogs served on paper plates with chopped onions on the side.

Two miles of hot dogs are made daily, along with 300 gallons of chili made from scratch each day.

So next time you’re looking for an original recipe that will leave your taste buds satisfied, look no further than The Varsity!

What is the Varsity Orange Drink?

What is the Varsity Orange Drink?
Sip the signature Varsity Orange drink, a heavenly mix of vanilla soft-serve and house-made orange soda that will tantalize your taste buds.

This is just one of many delicious offerings from The Varsity, a family-owned and operated restaurant since 1928.

From their scratch-made chili to their fried pies and salad offerings, they make sure every dish is up to par with brand names you know and love.

Not only do they offer two miles’ worth of hot dogs daily, but also 300 gallons’ worth of chili made from scratch each day!

What’s more? Real french fries accompany every meal, along with lots of onion rings waitin’ for ya too!

But let’s not forget the most important part – the chili dog – where it all began at The Varsity over 87 years ago!

So on your first visit, don’t miss out on this institution in Atlanta, Georgia; savor what makes it so special: classic hotdogs served on paper plates alongside chopped onions as an added bonus.

Now that sounds good enough for President Barack Obama when he visits Georgia too!

What is a FO at the Varsity?

What is a FO at the Varsity?
Treat yourself to a FO – the Varsity’s classic fried onion rings breaded with their signature doughy batter.

Don’t forget to compare prices while you’re at it – they’re surprisingly affordable and nutritious too! Perfect for accompanying any hotdog style or having on its own, this is one snack that won’t leave anyone disappointed.

Plus, with full credit going back to founder Frank Gordy (1904-1983) and his progeny Nancy Simms as CEO, Gordon Muir as president, and Ashley Weiser as marketing director, you know what kind of quality is behind each bite.

And don’t forget all the fun facts associated with The Varsity’s North Avenue location alone: it covers more than two acres, can accommodate 600 cars, and 800 people inside – now THAT’S impressive!

So make sure not to miss out on this institution in Atlanta when visiting Georgia next time — savor what makes it so special: classic FOs served alongside chopped onions, just like President Barack Obama would if he visited here too!

Who is the Owner of Varsity Cheer?

Who is the Owner of Varsity Cheer?
Enjoy the family-owned and operated Varsity Cheer, spearheaded by founder Frank Gordy’s (1904-1983) daughter Nancy Simms as CEO, grandson Gordon Muir as president, and great-granddaughter Ashley Weiser as marketing director.

As one of the nation’s premier cheerleading teams, Varsity Cheer has decades of experience in athlete support. They provide assistance with competition rules, uniform requirements, and game strategies.

Varsity Cheer has been offering a unique take on modern cheering since its creation during the height of the disco era.

From their famous chicken salad sandwich at Florida State University to their neat place near Grandon Gordon Muir’s office in Atlanta, there is something for everyone! They have also become an integral part of many community events around Georgia, such as football games or parades.

What is the Most Popular Hotdog Brand?
Experience the classic chili dog made with Varsity’s most popular brand of hot dogs, served up on paper plates with chopped onions on the side.

Enjoy these delicious dogs in a variety of flavors and combinations that’ll make your taste buds dance!

From traditional recipes to winning combinations like Dogs vs Cats, there’s something for everyone at this Hot Dog Paradise.

A local favorite since 1928 when Frank Gordy opened his first stand near Georgia Tech, Varsity has been serving up their famous chili-dogs ever since.

Now managed by Gordy’s progeny Nancy Simms (CEO), Gordon Muir (President), and Ashley Weiser (Marketing Director).

With an average daily crowd between 25,000 – 30,000 people during a Georgia Tech football game alone, it’s clear why locals love their hotdog heaven so much.

So if you’re looking to join in on all the flavorful fun – come down to The Varsity today!

Is Varsity a Brand?

Is Varsity a Brand?
Come bask in the 87-year history of The Varsity, a beloved Atlanta institution that has been family-owned and operated since 1928. It offers classic chili dogs made with their most popular hot dog brand. The North Avenue location has over two acres dedicated to car parking alone and seating for 800 people inside.

Since its inception by Frank Gordy near Georgia Tech University way back when, 300 gallons of chili are still made from scratch daily using top-quality ingredients like fresh onions (a ton thereof!) and potatoes (2 ½ thousand pounds!).

As time marches on through fickleness as is her nature, The Varsity continues to grow. It boasts eight locations throughout the Athens area, including Norcross & Kennesaw, plus Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Terminals C & F.


The Varsity is a unique and beloved restaurant that has been around since 1928. As the family of founder Frank Gordy continues to operate it, The Varsity remains a staple of Atlanta’s culture and cuisine.

From its classic chili dogs and heavy dogs to its famous Orange Drink and Frosted Orange shake, The Varsity stands out as a symbol of the city’s history, as well as a destination for visitors and locals alike.

With its long history and unique offerings, The Varsity is like a warm hug from a close friend, welcoming you with some of the best hot dogs around.

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