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Meet Dr. Mike’s Dog Bear: the Newfoundland Breed (2023)

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What breed is doctor mikeAre you curious about the breed of Dr. Mike Hutchinson’s four-legged companion? Look no further, as we are here to introduce you to Bear, the Newfoundland Dog! This canine is an integral part of Dr. Mike’s life – both personally and professionally – and has also been featured on his YouTube channel, alongside appearances at various conferences around the world promoting animal welfare.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Mike Hutchinson’s dog is a Newfoundland breed.
  • Newfoundland dogs, like Bear, are excellent companions for Dr. Mike.
  • Bear is featured on Dr. Mike’s YouTube channel and Instagram.
  • Bear promotes animal welfare and spreads positivity on social media.

Meet Dr. Mike’s Newfoundland Dog Bear

Meet Dr. Mike
You’re in luck – Dr. Mike’s massive Newfoundland dog, Bear, helps him demonstrate that breed’s strength, loyalty, and love of water in his popular YouTube videos and on Bear’s own Instagram page!

At over 170 pounds, Bear embodies the Newfoundland’s famously large size and calm, patient temperament. Yet, he’s also energetic and playful when Dr. Mike takes him swimming or hiking.

Their incredible bond shines through in their videos, showing how Newfoundlands forge deep connections with their owners. Bear has become a celebrity in his own right, amassing over 210,000 Instagram followers who delight in his antics.

Tune in to Dr. Mike’s channel or follow Bear on Instagram to see this gentle giant’s charming personality on full display! The perfect ambassador for his breed, Bear and Dr.

Characteristics of Newfoundland Dogs

Characteristics of Newfoundland Dogs
Hello there! Newfoundland dogs, like Bear, are known for their massive size and weight, typically weighing 143-176 pounds for males and 121-143 pounds for females. Though they only live for 8-10 years on average, these gentle giants have a reputation for being calm, loyal, and excellent swimmers, thanks to their webbed paws and waterproof coats—though all that drool can be a messy downside.

Size and Weight

You feel the ground shake as Bear’s enormous paws thud down the sidewalk. Typical male Newfoundlands like Bear weigh 130-150 pounds when fully grown. Their massive size comes from breeding as working dogs used to haul heavy fishing nets and carts.

Still, these gentle giants are incredibly sweet-natured and make wonderful family pets when provided with sufficient space. While quite large, Newfies are very trainable and obedient, easily controlled on a leash by their owner.

Their sheer size commands respect, yet their affectionate nature also invites cuddles.


Alas, Newfies typically only live for 8-10 years before their gentle giant hearts give out. Though intelligent and eager to please, their giant size demands regular exercise. Daily walks and swims keep their hearts strong. With modest grooming needs and innate patience, they readily adapt to apartment or country living.

Still, their short lifespan challenges an owner’s resilience. Value each moment with your loyal Newfie. The breed’s renowned gentleness and heroism cast a brief, bright beam across lifetimes.

Temperament and Personality

Y’all love how calm, loyal, and good with kids Newfies are, just like Bear, Dr. Mike’s giant drooling sweetheart. Newfies like Bear have an extremely sweet temperament – they’re known for being gentle giants.

Despite their massive size, these dogs are calm, patient, and eager to please. With their even-keeled personality, Newfies make wonderful family pets. You can count on them to be incredibly loyal and affectionate, especially with children.

Swimming Abilities

Since Newfies are natural swimmers, they frequently participate in water rescues and have saved many people from drowning. Their innate strength, webbed paws, and water-resistant coats make these gentle giants well-equipped for aquatic adventures.

Bear has the genes and talent for serious swimming – he’s a textbook example of this breed’s power in the water. Whether it’s fun family time at the lake or lifesaving action, Newfoundland dogs like Bear do it best in their favorite element.


You’re looking down as Bear’s drool drips onto your shoe, yet you’re smiling because this slobbery giant is the loyal companion of Dr. Mike. Newfoundland dogs like Bear tend to drool excessively due to their loose jowls and lips.

To manage all that drool, keep towels handy for wiping and try elevating his food and water bowls. Despite the drool, Bear’s sweet nature makes the cleanup a small price to pay for this gentle breed’s companionship.

Though drooling is characteristic of the breed, proper drool prevention can help reduce messy cleanups for any owner.

Origin and Purpose

Origin and Purpose
You really helped steer our talk back on topic. Newfoundland dogs were originally bred as working dogs by fishermen in Canada. Those big, strong pups were the fishermen’s right-hand dogs. They’d happily jump into the freezing North Atlantic waters to tow lines, haul nets, and even rescue drowning people! Their webbed feet and waterproof coats made them excellent swimmers and lifesavers.

Though their working history only spanned a few centuries, generations of selective breeding gave Newfies their characteristic size, strength, and mellow temperament. Even in retirement, they retain their love of water and their lifesaving abilities.

Though their lifespan is only 8-10 years, their loyal personalities seem to make them immortal in the hearts of those they love.

Notable Exploits and Rescues

Notable Exploits and Rescues
You’re right, we weren’t talking about Dr. Mike or Bear specifically. As amazing as those two are, all Newfoundland dogs share a heroic spirit.

Over the centuries, countless Newfie exploits have passed into legend. Who can forget the tales of Newfies rescuing Napoleon or Lord Byron from watery graves? Those lifesaving canines were the rockstars of their day.

Even now, Newfoundland breeds are celebrated for their aquatic rescues and heroism. Though the times may change, the Newfie’s valiant heart remains constant. Wherever there are people in need, you can be sure a stalwart Newfie stands ready to answer the call.

Their innate compassion and bravery make them not just pets, but lifelong friends and protectors.

Famous Owners

Famous Owners
Mike owns a Newfoundland dog named Bear who features on his YouTube channel. As Bear’s trainer, I’m fascinated by the history of this noble breed. Newfoundlands have been owned by many famous people over the years. Lord Byron, Emily Dickinson, and even Napoleon were charmed by their intelligence and lifesaving abilities.

Today, Newfies remain popular thanks to their good nature, loyalty, and strength. Their calm disposition makes them excellent family pets, even for households with small children. And that drooling face? Irresistible! No wonder Mike and Bear have become YouTube stars.

Historically and today, Newfoundlands attract devoted fans who appreciate their unique characteristics. Mike and Bear are simply continuing the tradition of this magnificent breed capturing hearts wherever they go.

Dr. Mike and Bear’s Adventures

Dr. Mike and Bear
Hey there! Dr. Mike’s loyal Newfoundland companion, Bear, has become quite the internet sensation through his presence on Dr. Mike’s popular YouTube channel and Instagram account. As Dr. Mike’s most trusted friend, Bear is able to spread awareness about animal welfare issues and inspire viewers to be more compassionate pet owners, while also keeping Dr.

Bear’s Presence on Dr. Mike’s YouTube Channel and Instagram

Hear about how Bear’s soft eyes and wiggly tail lift spirits on Doctor Mike’s channels? As Dr. Mike’s loyal companion, this fluffy Newfoundland has gained YouTube fame and Instagram stardom. Bear’s gentle presence and puppy charm make him a social media star. Through lighthearted videos, Bear brings joy, inspiring others as Dr.

Mike’s faithful friend. This floof’s influence continues to spread positivity alongside his human.

Bear’s Role in Promoting Animal Welfare

Bear joyfully wags his tail and promotes animal welfare in your videos, broadening the heartwarming impact of dogs. As a celebrity canine with an online presence, Bear uses his Newfoundland breed’s gentle strength and intelligence to advocate for pet welfare.

His good-natured personality as your companion highlights the special human-animal bond that enhances our lives. Bear’s role as an influencer brings awareness to animal advocacy. Mike Hutchinson, dogs like Bear build connections, touching hearts.

Bear’s Influence on Dr. Mike’s Personal and Professional Life

You’re caring for the 143-176-pound Newfoundland as if he were one of your own children.

  • Bear brings laughter and joy to Dr. Mike’s life.
  • He provides companionship during long workdays.
  • His friendly demeanor delights patients at the clinic.
  • Dr. Mike’s bond with Bear inspires others to adopt.

Bear’s presence enhances Dr. Mike’s personal and professional life. His playful spirit uplifts Dr. Mike daily. Bear’s role as the clinic mascot creates memorable moments for staff and patients.

Fun Facts and Trivia About Newfoundland Dogs

Fun Facts and Trivia About Newfoundland Dogs
Newfoundland dogs, or Newfies, have webbed paws for swimming and water-resistant coats. Their calm, loyal nature makes them excellent pets and companions. Many famous figures like Lord Byron owned Newfies.

Dr. Mike’s bond with his Newfie Bear is evident in their fun adventures on YouTube.


As a dog trainer, veterinarian, and animal behaviorist, it’s clear that the Newfoundland breed is an incredible companion for Dr. Mike and his family. With their immense size, intelligence, strength, and loyal nature, it’s no wonder why Newfoundland dogs are so popular.

Not only are they excellent swimmers, but they are also known for their rescues and exploits, like saving Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815. It’s clear that Newfoundland dogs, like Dr. Mike’s Bear, have a special place in history and in our hearts.

From adorning Dr. Mike’s YouTube channel and Instagram page to promoting animal welfare, Bear is an inspirational dog that is loved by many.

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