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What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV? Find Channels for Bally Sports South, West & Midwest (Answered 2023)

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What channel is bally sports on directvYou’re searching for the channel number to watch Bally Sports on DirecTV? You’ve come to the right guide. We’ll give you a quick overview of where to find Bally Sports South, West, Midwest, and others on DirecTV’s channel lineup.

Discover the regional sports networks that carry your favorite MLB, NBA, and NHL teams. Get game schedules, live scores, and expert commentary. Secure the CHOICE package or above to gain access. Use your zip code on DirecTV’s website to locate the channels available in your area.

Key Takeaways

  • Bally Sports South is on channel 646 with the CHOICE package or above on DirecTV.
  • Bally Sports West is on channel 692 with the CHOICE package or above on DirecTV.
  • Bally Sports replaced Fox Sports on DirecTV with the same channel numbers as before.
  • Bally Sports Ohio is only available on DirecTV STREAM, not satellite.

Where to Watch Bally Sports South

Where to Watch Bally Sports South
Bally Sports South is available on channel 646 on DirecTV if you have the CHOICE package or above. You can stream Bally Sports South by logging in with your DirecTV credentials on their website or mobile app and find your specific channel by searching with your zip code on the DirecTV website, but access requires at least the CHOICE package subscription.

Channel 646 on DirecTV With CHOICE Package or Above

You can catch Braves, Hawks, and Hornets games on channel 646 with the CHOICE package.

  1. Watch Atlanta teams like the Braves, Hawks, and Hornets.
  2. Get highlights, scores, and analysis.
  3. Access is included with the CHOICE cable package.
  4. Also shows some Grizzlies and Hurricanes content.

Channel 646 on DirecTV gives you access to Bally Sports South and local teams when you have the CHOICE package or above.

Stream With DirecTV Login on Website, App

Look here – access Bally Sports South by logging into the website or mobile app with your DirecTV credentials.

App Bally Sports App
Login DirecTV username and password
Devices Smartphone, tablet, computer, TV

Stream live games and shows by signing in with your DirecTV login details on the Bally Sports website or mobile app.

Find Channel With Zip Code Search on DirecTV Website

After entering your home address on the DirecTV website, astonishingly, over 98% of viewers can effortlessly find Bally Sports regional channels and never miss a game. With just a zip code, you can quickly access the local channel guide that displays available regional sports from Bally Sports, formerly known as Fox Sports.

Verify that your account has the correct package, and then contact support if necessary to start watching your favorite regional team games today.

CHOICE Package Required for Access

Having the CHOICE package gets you access to Bally Sports South on DirecTV. The CHOICE package unlocks Bally’s regional broadcasts like Braves games across local Southern markets. Without it, fans can’t watch their hometown team legally on cable. But streaming remains an option for out-of-market enthusiasts.

Regional networks carry local broadcast rights that cable providers bundle into certain packages. So having CHOICE opens more consumer viewing options, though some like Bally Sports Ohio need streaming.

Where to Watch Bally Sports West

Where to Watch Bally Sports West
For access to Bally Sports West, tune to channel 692 with DirecTV and the CHOICE package or higher. You can also stream Bally Sports West by using your DirecTV login credentials on the Bally Sports app or website after finding your regional channel lineup with a zip code search.

Channel 692 on DirecTV

You’ll find Bally Sports West on channel 692 with your DirecTV subscription.

  • Watch LA sports teams like the Angels, Clippers, Ducks, and Kings.
  • Access live coverage and analysis for your favorite local teams.
  • Don’t miss a game with the continuous sports action on Bally Sports West.
  • Stream games through the Bally Sports app by logging in with your DirecTV credentials.

Bally Sports West offers in-depth regional sports coverage that is only available with your DirecTV CHOICE package or above. Tune in for live games, behind-the-scenes access, and expert commentary on Southern California’s premier teams.

Stream With DirecTV Login

You can stream Bally Sports West by simply logging in with your DirecTV account info on their website or mobile app, bringing the electrifying action of the LA Angels and Clippers right to your device.

Device How to Stream
Website Login to
Mobile App Download app and login
Smart TV Install app and login
Chromecast Cast from mobile app
Game Consoles Install app on Xbox/PlayStation and login

Accessing Bally Sports West on the go or on your home devices is quick and easy with a valid DirecTV login. Tune in to all the live games and shows through the website or mobile platforms.

Shoot, check the DirecTV website for Bally Sports West’s channel location by entering your neighborhood zip.

  1. Head to
  2. Click on Find Your Channel
  3. Enter your Zip Code
  4. Search for Bally Sports West

With just a few clicks, you’ll have that channel number. Now kick back, relax, and enjoy the games.

CHOICE Package Required

Having the proper package is imperative, my friend, as the CHOICE package is required for accessing Bally Sports West on DirecTV. Don’t miss out on the Angels, Clippers, Ducks, and Kings – upgrade now to enjoy games and shows with friends.

The CHOICE package unlocks streaming on mobile, stats coverage, talk shows, and docs too.

What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV?

What Channel is Bally Sports on DirecTV
On DirecTV, Bally Sports has replaced the previous Fox Sports regional networks while retaining the same channel numbers. For example, Bally Sports South is now on channel 646 instead of Fox Sports South, and Bally Sports Midwest has replaced Fox Sports Midwest on channel 671.

The rest of the Bally Sports regional networks also match the previous channel numbers for Fox Sports.

Bally Sports South Replaces Fox Sports South on 646

Bally Sports South now occupies channel 646, retaining the Fox Sports South slot. Access Atlanta Braves, Hawks, Hornets, and Grizzlies games in HD without any changes. Although the name switched, your regional sports network remains unchanged. Keep cheering for your hometown teams with the CHOICE package or above.

While streaming options may vary, enjoy reliable live access on channel 646. Regional blackouts apply based on location.

Bally Sports Midwest Replaces Fox Sports Midwest on 671

You’ll catch the Cardinals and Blues on channel 671 now that Bally Sports Midwest has replaced Fox Sports Midwest.

  • Watch exciting Cardinals games.
  • Keep up with the latest Blues updates.
  • Stream wherever you go with your DirecTV login.
  • Catch every thrilling moment in stunning HD.

The acquisition provides local fans with the same great regional coverage under a new name. The viewing experience remains the same, delivering all your favorite Midwest team action to St.

Others Match Previous Fox Sports Numbers

The other regional Bally Sports networks retain the same channel numbers as their previous Fox Sports counterparts.

Network Channel Region
Bally Sports Arizona 686 Arizona
Bally Sports Detroit 657 Michigan
Bally Sports Florida 639 Florida
Bally Sports Great Lakes 672 Cleveland, Cincinnati

The transition to Bally Sports from Fox Sports did not change the channel location for most networks, so viewers can still find their favorite regional sports coverage in the same place. Expanded streaming options provide more accessibility despite some blackout restrictions.

How Can I Watch Bally Sports Midwest?

How Can I Watch Bally Sports Midwest
Bally Sports Midwest, which carries the Cardinals, Blues, Missouri Valley, and Saint Louis games, can be accessed with the CHOICE package on channel 671 in HD. To watch Bally Sports Midwest, you’ll simply need to have an active CHOICE or above TV package from DirecTV, then tune to channel 671 to enjoy the games in high definition.

Access With CHOICE Package

You can access Bally Sports Midwest on channel 671 with the CHOICE package, so cheer on the Cards & Blues in crisp HD. Catch all your favorite regional sports and events live with the CHOICE package on DirecTV.

Compare packages online to find the best deal for streaming your hometown teams. Use the channel finder to locate Bally Sports in your area without missing a minute of the action.

Channel 671 in HD

Though channel numbers may vary, Bally Sports Midwest can be found on channel 671 in high-definition on DirecTV, just like a baseball soaring out of Busch Stadium over the center field wall. Enjoy the Blues, Cardinals, Mizzou, and more in crystal clear HD on channel 671, as long as you have the CHOICE package or a higher package.

Login online to stream games on the go using your DirecTV credentials. Regional networks may have different channel numbers, but in the Midwest, it’s channel 671 for Bally Sports and your favorite teams.

Can I Watch Bally Sports Midwest on ?

Can I Watch Bally Sports Midwest on
Seeing the Blues skate onto the ice lights up your evening when watching Bally Sports Midwest on your DirecTV. With a CHOICE package or above, you can tune into channel 671 in HD to catch all the Cardinals, Blues, and MVC action.

The Bally Sports regional networks replaced Fox Sports channels on DirecTV but retain the same channel numbers, so no lineup change is needed. While a CHOICE package subscription is required, you can then stream games on BallySports.

com or the Bally Sports app by signing in with your DirecTV credentials. Blackout restrictions may apply based on your location.

With access to your favorite teams through your satellite service and compatible streaming devices, DirecTV makes it easy to watch Bally Sports Midwest games all season long.

How Can I Watch Bally Sports Ohio?

How Can I Watch Bally Sports Ohio
You can only watch Bally Sports Ohio on DirecTV STREAM streaming. The channel number varies depending on your location, so check the DirecTV website or app and enter your zip code to find the correct Bally Sports Ohio channel on DirecTV STREAM in your area.

Only on DirecTV STREAM Streaming

View the team in Cleveland only through streaming on DirecTV. Streaming provides Bally Sports Ohio to watch the Cavaliers, Blue Jackets, Guardians pre- and post-game. Get access with streaming packages and log in to view on mobile. Pricing varies, so check for current rates.

Channel Number Varies

You’d find the Bally Sports Ohio channel number changes on DirecTV depending on your package, wouldn’t it?

  • Lineup constantly changes, so check channel finder
  • Streaming availability varies
  • Use online tool to find the correct channel

The Bally Sports Ohio channel number isn’t static on DirecTV. Be sure to use the channel finder before tuning in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What DirecTV package do I need to get Bally Sports?

To get Bally Sports channels on DirecTV, you’ll need the CHOICE package or higher. The CHOICE package unlocks regional Bally Sports channels such as Bally Sports South and Bally Sports Midwest. Without CHOICE, you won’t be able to watch your local teams on Bally Sports in your area.

Check the DirecTV channel lineup for your zip code to see exactly which Bally Sports network you’ll receive based on your location.

Can I get a discount on DirecTV if I only want Bally Sports channels?

Sorry, DirecTV does not offer discounts if you only want the Bally Sports regional networks. Their packages are set, and you’d need their CHOICE package at a minimum to access Bally Sports channels. Consider checking if streaming services like DIRECTV STREAM have more flexibility for a custom package.

Does DirecTV offer any deals for new customers to get Bally Sports?

Unfortunately, DirecTV doesn’t currently offer any special deals for new customers looking to get Bally Sports. You’ll have to pay the standard price for whatever TV package includes the Bally Sports regional sports networks you want.

The good news is DirecTV carries all the Bally Sports RSNs, so you can access your favorite local and regional live sports once you subscribe.

How can I watch Bally Sports if I don’t have cable or satellite TV?

You can stream Bally Sports without cable by subscribing to DirecTV STREAM. They offer a package with Bally Sports channels and provide access to stream on mobile devices.

What is the best way to watch Bally Sports if I live outside my favorite team’s region?

You can watch Bally Sports out-of-region by subscribing to a live TV streaming service that includes the channel, such as DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV. Check the channel lineups as regional sports network availability varies. A VPN may also help you access local team coverage if you’re traveling.


After scanning DirecTV’s channel lineup, you’ll find Bally Sports offers regional sports across the South, Midwest, and West. With the CHOICE package or above, you’re all set to catch your favorite teams on the correct Bally Sports channel.

Simply enter your zip code on to pinpoint your regional network. Whether you prefer watching on TV or streaming with your DirecTV login, you can easily access Bally Sports programming.

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