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Find Marquee Sports Network Channel on AT&T U-verse for Chicago Cubs Games Full Guide of 2024

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What channel is marquee sports network on att uverseYou’re flipping through channels trying to find the Cubs game, but you can’t seem to locate Marquee Sports Network. Don’t sweat it, buddy. We’ll get you tuned in to see the Cubbies in no time. As a DirecTV, AT&T TV or U-verse subscriber in Chicago, finding Marquee is easy.

Just check your channel lineup for the exact channel number based on your zip code. If you still don’t see it, call your provider and subscribe directly. With a quick call, you’ll be ready for the first pitch.

Key Takeaways

  • Marquee Sports Network launched in February 2020 for Chicago Cubs fans.
  • AT&T U-verse was one of the initial video providers to offer Marquee Sports Network when it launched.
  • On AT&T U-verse, viewers can find Marquee Sports Network on channel 1864 in high definition and channel 792 in standard definition.
  • If Marquee Sports Network is unavailable through a provider, subscribers can sign up directly through the Marquee website or mobile application.

Marquee Sports Network Launch Information

Marquee Sports Network Launch Information
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new era for Chicago Cubs baseball! On February 22, 2020, Marquee Sports Network officially launched, debuting with a Spring Training game against the Oakland Athletics.

This historic cable network marks a milestone for the North Side faithful, bringing Cubs action exclusively to televisions across Chicagoland.

Launch Date and Debut

You could access Marquee Sports Network on AT&T U-verse when it first launched on February 22, 2020, as AT&T was one of the initial 40 video providers to partner with the network at its debut. The channel premiered by airing the Chicago Cubs’ Spring Training game against the Oakland Athletics.

U-verse subscribers gained access right away on launch day. More details on Marquee’s debut and early availability are available through your provider or on getmarqueesportsnetwork.

Available Providers

Simply put, my friend, Marquee Sports Network can be found on AT&T U-verse for local Chicago Cubs lovers. AT&T U-Verse provides access to Marquee Sports in the Chicago market on channel 1864 in HD, with standard definition on channel 792.

Chicago-area AT&T U-Verse subscribers can tune to those channels to access live Cubs games and other exclusive Marquee Network programming. Streaming options are also available through their provider credentials on the Marquee Sports app and website.

Streaming Options

Those wishing to stream Marquee Sports Network content can utilize the network’s app or website, with authentication required through provider credentials. Access the Cubs anytime, anywhere with streaming options like the Marquee Sports Network app, which is compatible with AT&T Uverse for live games and on-demand video.

Hulu subscribers can watch the action through Live TV in the Chicago area. You can stream it live on Roku or use provider logins to authenticate access on the app and website. Streaming gives fans gameday excitement and Cubs content with just a few clicks.

Authentication Required

Though you’d expect the Marquee Sports Network app to be freely accessible, most providers restrict it to authenticated subscribers only. Authentication using provider-issued credentials is required to access live streaming and video-on-demand Cubs content in the app.

Steps to authenticate via your pay-TV provider account may involve entering your username and password or scanning a QR code. While inconvenient, these access requirements verify that you’re an eligible subscriber and prevent unauthorized usage of premium sports programming.

App and Website Access

You’ll gain access to the Marquee Sports Network app and website through your AT&T U-Verse credentials, viewing live and on-demand Cubs content from anywhere. Just log in with your provider username and password on the app or website to unlock video streaming.

The Marquee app is accessible across mobile and streaming devices while live streaming and VOD is enabled at With proper credentials, AT&T U-Verse subscribers can take Chicago Cubs programming on the go through straightforward app and website access.

Ownership and Partners

Ownership and Partners
Sinclair Broadcast Group and the beloved Chicago Cubs baseball franchise joined forces to create the Marquee Sports Network. This gives Chicago-area fans a place to access exclusive Cubs coverage, analysis and behind-the-scenes content.

Check with your TV provider to confirm the Marquee Sports Network is included in your channel lineup.

  1. Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 23 regional sports network brands.
  2. They operate 191 television stations in 89 markets.
  3. Sinclair is a leading local news provider.
  4. Their content is delivered via multiple platforms.

Sinclair Company Information

Sinclair Company Information
Here, Sinclair Broadcasting Group runs multiple stations and serves local news across its communities. Sinclair owns and controls 191 TV stations in 89 areas across the U.S. This makes Sinclair a prime local news source in many places.

Sinclair’s range and variety in media are:

Category Details
TV Stations 191 stations, 89 markets
Regional Sports Nets 23 nets, Sinclair brands
Digital Media Big digital presence
Streaming Content on streaming platforms
Multimedia Uses multimedia channels

With major coverage nationwide, Sinclair provides localized shows and trusted reports to millions. The firm’s an expert at running sports and local channels. More on Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s at sbgi.

Finding Marquee Sports Network

Finding Marquee Sports Network
Looking for Marquee Sports Network? Let’s find out where to tune in. Check your zip code on the Marquee Sports Network website to confirm availability through local providers in your area. If your provider isn’t listed, subscribe directly to get access to every Chicago Cubs game and exclusive Cubs content.

Ensure that you check the provider listings for your area so you know the best options to access Marquee Sports Network and can enjoy Chicago Cubs games and content. Direct subscription may be the best choice if your local provider does not carry the network.

Check by Zip Code

Looking for the Marquee Sports Network channel? Just enter your zip code on to see which providers offer it in your area. AT&T U-verse, DIRECTV, Spectrum and more may carry the exclusive home of the Cubs depending on location.

Don’t see your provider listed? No worries, you can still subscribe directly and stream the network through the website or mobile app. With Marquee’s zip code lookup, finding access to exciting Cubs content is just a few clicks away.

Subscribe Directly if Unavailable

You’re in luck! Even if your provider doesn’t carry Marquee Sports Network yet, you can subscribe directly as an in-market viewer:

  • Check the website to confirm zip code eligibility.
  • Select a subscription option that works for you.
  • Access live Cubs games and content.

The direct subscription opens up alternative access for local fans to enjoy Marquee programming.

Confirm With Provider

Double-check availability with your provider before getting too excited, even if your zip code matches. Provider information can change, so contact your service representative directly to confirm Marquee’s channel before subscribing.

Do not assume it is available; verify your subscription plan includes this sports network gem. Allow representatives to walk you through signing up, rather than relying solely on unclear maps. Channel verification takes mere minutes and saves headaches later. Confirm with your provider before tuning in to the Cubs game.

Limitations and Considerations

Limitations and Considerations
Looking to tune into the Chicago Cubs this season? Before grabbing the remote, keep in mind that Marquee Sports Network has limited availability on certain providers like AT&T U-verse, where you’ll only find it on Channel 1649 in HD.

Consider checking your provider’s channel lineup to see if you have access to Marquee Sports Network before trying to watch the Cubs. The network’s limited reach could prevent you from tuning in if you don’t have the right subscription.

Provider Availability Varies

Access depends on your zip code, so punch yours in to pinpoint your options. Here are 5 ways to get access:

  1. Check with your cable or satellite provider to see if they carry it.
  2. Consider switching providers if yours does not carry it.
  3. Subscribe directly through Marquee if you are in-market but your provider is not listed.
  4. Explore streaming options like Hulu Live TV.
  5. Use the Marquee Sports Network app if you have provider credentials.

Availability varies by location, so use the zip code checker and explore creative ways to access Marquee’s Cubs content.

Offerings Can Change

Certain restrictions may apply depending on your location, as offerings frequently change. Amazingly, over 40 video providers partnered with Marquee Sports Network at launch.

DirectTV YouTube TV Hulu Live
Sling TV FuboTV AT&T TV
Philo Frndly TV Vidgo

The Chicago Cubs games are known for their thrilling performances. As channel lineup and availability shifts occur, you can stay updated through your provider or the Marquee Sports Network site. Service updates help accommodate baseball fans desiring to catch America’s favorite pastime.


You’ve been waiting since February for this moment. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd—Cubs baseball is finally here! Though the Boys in Blue may be starting the season on the road, you can still catch all the action from the comfort of your own home.

Just check for channel 664 in your AT&T U-verse lineup to find Marquee Sports Network.

Tune in and let the sights and sounds of Wrigley wash over you. Feel the excitement build with each pitch as this young Cubbies team embarks on a new era of Chicago baseball.

You don’t have to miss a minute of the action—Marquee Sports Network on AT&T U-verse has you covered all season long.

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