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What Channel is ROOT Sports on DirecTV? (Answered 2024)

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What channel is root sports on directvAre you a fan of the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Kraken, or Portland Trail Blazers? If so, then you’re likely familiar with ROOT SPORTS Northwest and its coverage of all your favorite teams.

This article will provide helpful information about finding the channel number for ROOT SPORTS Northwest on DirecTV as well as other regional networks such as ATT SportsNet that feature Gonzaga Bulldogs games.

We’ll also discuss how to stream these games from DirecTV in order to stay up-to-date with all your favorite teams.

So read on if you want to know more about watching PNW sports using DirecTV’s services!

Key Takeaways

  • ROOT SPORTS Northwest can be found on DirecTV channel 687-1 in HD and 687-2 in SD.
  • To access ROOT SPORTS and other sports coverage, DirecTV CHOICE package or above is required.
  • Out-of-market fans can stream ROOT SPORTS games via DirecTV Stream, MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and
  • Gonzaga Men’s Basketball games are available on ROOT Sports Plus, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, and Southwest.

What Channel is ROOT Sports on DirecTV?

What Channel is ROOT Sports on DirecTV
You can watch your favorite Pacific Northwest teams on ROOT Sports by tuning to channel 687-1 in HD or 687-2 in SD on DirecTV.

As the regional sports network for the Northwest, ROOT Sports provides coverage of the Seattle Mariners, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Kraken NHL team, and Gonzaga basketball.

With DirecTV’s CHOICE package or above, you’ll have access to ROOT Sports to catch live games in-market.

Out-of-market fans can stream through DirecTV Stream or with a subscription to MLB.

With the Gonzaga Bulldogs joining the Big 12 conference soon, having access to ROOT Sports will let you cheer on the Zags through every exciting matchup this season and beyond.

How to Find the Channel Number for ROOT Sports on DirecTV

How to Find the Channel Number for ROOT Sports on DirecTV
To find ROOT Sports on DirecTV, you’ll need to know the specific channel numbers. ROOT Sports Northwest is on channel 687, while ROOT Sports Plus is on channel 687-1. With these channel numbers, you can easily tune in to ROOT Sports and catch your favorite regional sports action on DirecTV.

Channel Number for ROOT Sports Northwest on DirecTV

Fans can find ROOT Sports Northwest on channel 687-1 in high definition on DirecTV, allowing viewers to enjoy Kraken, Mariners, and Gonzaga basketball games in crystal-clear quality this season. DirecTV subscribers with the proper package can tune to channel 687-1 to catch all the thrilling sports action on ROOT Sports Northwest in vivid HD.

With ROOT Sports available on DirecTV, fans have access to the regional sports coverage they crave, from Kraken hockey to Gonzaga basketball, thanks to DirecTV’s regional sports fee.

Channel Number for ROOT Sports Plus on DirecTV

Viewers can find ROOT Sports Plus on channel 687-1 or 687-2 with DIRECTV.

Check the DIRECTV channel guide for the exact channel number in your area.

ROOT Sports Plus is only available with certain DIRECTV packages.

It provides additional live sports coverage beyond the main ROOT Sports channel.

Features include Gonzaga basketball, Seattle Mariners, and Portland Trail Blazers.

Use DIRECTV Genie DVR to record your favorite teams and replay games.

The ROOT Sports Plus channel number on DIRECTV provides access to extra regional sports coverage for subscribers.

Check your DIRECTV guide to locate ROOT Sports Plus in your programming lineup.

What Channel is ATT SportsNet on DirecTV?

What Channel is ATT SportsNet on DirecTV
Seeking sports on DirecTV? Simply tune into channel 676 for AT&T SportsNet’s regional coverage. AT&T SportsNet offers live games and original programming for local fans. On DirecTV, find it on channel 676 (HD/SD).

The network features pro and college matchups from top regional teams. Expect coverage of the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Gonzaga Bulldogs, and more.

AT&T SportsNet is also available streaming on DIRECTV STREAM or with an AT&T TV CHOICE package and above.

With AT&T SportsNet, DirecTV subscribers can easily access their favorite regional sports and commentary.

Where to Watch Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Games on DirecTV

Where to Watch Gonzaga Men
Looking to watch Gonzaga Men’s basketball on DirecTV? A few of their remaining games are available on ROOT Sports Plus, although channel availability varies depending on your location and subscription package.

You will also find select games on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain and Southwest.

Availability of Gonzaga Games on ROOT Sports Plus

You’ll find several remaining Gonzaga men’s basketball games on ROOT Sports Plus this season, with the next matchup against San Francisco available in HD on channel 650 for BendBroadband subscribers. Availability of ROOT Sports Plus varies by provider, so check your local listings.

Gonzaga games are also streamed on the ROOT Sports website and app, though blackout restrictions apply. RSN availability depends on your TV package and location. With the right subscription, you can catch exciting Gonzaga matchups and other college sports coverage on ROOT Sports Plus.

Availability of Gonzaga Games on ATT SportsNet

Catch Gonzaga’s Thursday game on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain or AT&T SportsNet Southwest when outside of the ROOT Sports Plus broadcast region. Fans can also stream the games on Stadium with a TV provider login when not available on a regional sports network.

Check listings for channel availability through DirecTV as some Gonzaga games air on AT&T SportsNet’s regional networks. Out-of-market supporters can stream matchups on Stadium’s website or app, providing a great option when regional broadcasts aren’t accessible.

How to Stream Gonzaga Games on DirecTV

How to Stream Gonzaga Games on DirecTV
While DirecTV offers access to ROOT Sports on various channel packages, streaming remains an excellent option for watching Gonzaga basketball matchups this season.

  • DIRECTV STREAM: Customers can use credentials to access ROOT Sports on directvstream.
  • FOX Sports GO: This app allows streaming of ROOT with a DirecTV subscription. Download on mobile devices, computers, and connected TVs.
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs website: Select games are free on
  • Stadium: Some additional games stream on this platform.

By leveraging these streaming options, DirecTV subscribers can conveniently watch Gonzaga push for another deep tournament run this spring.


Symbolically, DirecTV is the gateway to your favorite sports teams and games. With ROOT Sports and ATT SportsNet, DirecTV subscribers have access to a wide variety of sports coverage, including Gonzaga Men’s Basketball.

ROOT Sports is available on DirecTV channel 687-1 and 687-2, while ATT SportsNet is available on various channels depending on the region.

Gonzaga fans can watch games on ROOT Sports Plus, which is available on various local providers, or on ATT SportsNet.

DirecTV also offers streaming options, so you can watch your favorite teams and games from anywhere. With DirecTV, the possibilities are endless and every fan can find their sports fix.

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