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Watch Fox Sports Southwest on DISH Network Full Guide of 2023

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What channel on dish is fox sports southwest sportsYour finger presses each button on the remote intentionally as you search for the source to watch on. Do not let frustration set in; patience is key when unraveling the mystery of channel locations. Though this conundrum seems to arise far too often, relax in knowing the answer waits just around the corner.

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The game awaits eager eyes, so grab your snacks and get ready to cheer on your favorite team!

Key Takeaways

  • DISH Network and Fox have been in a contract dispute since October 1.
  • DISH subscribers are missing Fox channels, including Fox Sports Southwest, and potentially missing 62 Dallas Stars games.
  • There is uncertainty for DISH customers regarding the availability of Dallas Stars content until a deal is reached between DISH and Fox.
  • Switching providers, such as AT&T, Charter, DirecTV, or Verizon FiOS, is recommended for Dallas Stars fans to ensure coverage.

The DISH Network and FOX Contract Dispute

The DISH Network and FOX Contract Dispute
You’re likely aware that DISH Network and Fox are currently involved in a contract dispute that has prevented DISH subscribers from accessing certain Fox channels and programs since October 1st. This stalemate with Fox means DISH users could miss up to 62 Dallas Stars games broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest this season, creating major headaches for fans hoping to enjoy Stars action in HD.

Reasons for the Contract Dispute

You’re missing out on Dallas Stars games on FOX Sports Southwest this month because of the fight between DISH and Fox over costs. The two sides can’t agree on how much DISH should pay Fox for the right to broadcast its channels and shows.

Fox wants more money from DISH, but DISH doesn’t want to raise prices for customers. Until they reach a deal, DISH has dropped Fox channels like FOX Sports Southwest. This standoff means DISH users can’t watch certain sports events and Fox programming.

Impact on Dallas Stars Game Coverage

Y’all might miss the Stars games this month if Dish and Fox don’t resolve their contract dispute soon.

  1. 62 Stars games on FOX Sports Southwest could be unavailable.
  2. HD broadcasts for all 82 games are now at risk without a deal.

Longtime announcers Ralph Strangis and Daryl Reaugh’s job will be impacted.

  1. Fans are unsure if they can watch games on Dish beyond October.
  2. DISH customers could miss significant Stars content until an agreement is reached.

The contract standoff puts the Dallas Stars’ game broadcasts in limbo. DISH subscribers may lose access to broadcasts if the dispute continues. A resolution between Dish Network and Fox is needed to restore normal Stars’ programming.

Alternatives for DISH Network Customers

Alternatives for DISH Network Customers
With their FOX stations dropped by Dish, Dallas Stars fans can explore other alternatives like switching to DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Charter, or Verizon FiOS to enjoy uninterrupted access to Fox Sports Southwest.

AT&T U-verse offers channel 754 in HD to get Fox Sports Southwest and keep watching Stars games.

Charter Cable also carries Fox Sports Southwest on channel 300 so Dish customers can switch.

DirecTV is an alternative to Dish that provides Fox Sports Southwest on channel 676-1 so fans don’t miss broadcasts.

As the contract dispute continues, Dish customers have options to switch providers and still enjoy Fox Sports Southwest’s Dallas Stars coverage and other programming this season. Competitors like AT&T U-verse, Charter, DirecTV, and Verizon FiOS are ready to offer similar channel packages and access.


Don’t let this contract dispute stop your Stars game nights! With other cable and satellite providers ready to welcome you, switching services gives you game coverage plus FOX programming. Consider the Dish alternatives in your area like DIRECTV or Spectrum to get Fox Sports Southwest.

Visit their websites, compare channel lineups, and pricing. Then enjoy the hockey season uninterrupted. By choosing a new provider like DIRECTV, you can tune into Fox Sports Southwest for every Dallas Stars game.

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