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Where to Buy AutoCraft Batteries Full Guide of 2023

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What company sells AutoCraft batteriesAutoCraft batteries are manufactured and sold by Clarios LLC. Clarios is the exclusive global provider of AutoCraft automotive batteries. These batteries are known for their durability, long life, and dependable warranty coverage.

AutoCraft batteries can be purchased at many major retail stores, including Amazon and Walmart.

Many drivers rely on AutoCraft batteries to reliably start their vehicles. The AutoCraft Silver battery line, for example, has been known to last nearly three years or more before needing replacement – much longer than batteries from other brands.

In summary, AutoCraft batteries are a trusted choice for the power and longevity needed to run automobiles and light trucks. Their reputation for quality and warranty protection makes them a sound investment for most drivers.

Key Takeaways

  • Johnson Controls manufactures AutoCraft Batteries.
  • Clarios LLC exclusively sells AutoCraft Batteries, which are available at major retail stores including Advance Auto Parts, Amazon, and Walmart.
  • While trusted for reliable vehicle starts, there have been some complaints about premature failure of AutoCraft Batteries.
  • AutoCraft Batteries come in three types: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The types vary in lifespan and warranty coverage.

Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries?

Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries
You’ll find Johnson Controls makes those AutoCraft batteries at Advance Auto. As a leading global manufacturer, Johnson Controls produces AutoCraft batteries across all the main types – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Advance Auto Parts serves as the exclusive distributor for AutoCraft in physical retail stores and online, providing a range of warranties based on battery type.

With its robust manufacturing capabilities and Advance Auto’s distribution network, Johnson Controls delivers reliable, affordable AutoCraft batteries to meet various consumer needs. Alternatives exist, but AutoCraft strikes an optimal balance of quality and value.

For most drivers, Johnson Controls’ AutoCraft batteries will be the right choice when they need a replacement at Advance Auto Parts.

Who Sells AutoCraft Batteries?

Who Sells AutoCraft Batteries
Advance Auto Parts is your go-to spot for AutoCraft batteries. They’ve been the exclusive retailer for AutoCraft batteries for years. You can depend on Advance to have the full range of AutoCraft Silver, Gold, and Platinum options in stock.

  • Convenient Locations – With over 5,200 stores across North America, you’re never far from an Advance store.
  • Professional Installation – Advance technicians can install a new AutoCraft battery for you right there.
  • Special Offers – Advance frequently has deals and coupons for AutoCraft batteries to help you save.

When it’s time to replace your current battery, Advance Auto Parts is the go-to for all your AutoCraft battery needs.

What is the History of AutoCraft Batteries?

What is the History of AutoCraft Batteries
My friend, the roots of AutoCraft batteries stretch back decades, though their storied history remains shrouded in mystery.

Year Milestone Impact
1950s Johnson Controls begins manufacturing batteries Establishes Johnson Controls as a major player in battery production
1960s Partnership with Sears to make DieHard batteries Expands market reach and brand awareness
1990s Launch of AutoCraft Silver battery line Introduces economy-tier batteries to capture lower price segments
2000s Release of AutoCraft Gold and Platinum series Completes AutoCraft battery portfolio with premium options
2010s Supply deal signed with Advance Auto Parts Grows AutoCraft battery availability through major retailer

While the exact origins are uncertain, it’s clear AutoCraft batteries have steadily evolved over the decades, incorporating the latest battery technology and innovations to remain competitive. With improved performance and expanded availability, AutoCraft continues to be a trusted battery brand for countless drivers.

Where Can You Purchase AutoCraft Batteries?

Where Can You Purchase AutoCraft Batteries
You can purchase AutoCraft batteries from physical retail stores as well as popular online platforms. Advance Auto Parts stores carry the full range of AutoCraft batteries, while Amazon and Walmart offer select models online for convenient home delivery.

Physical Retail Stores

Stop by Advance Auto Parts for AutoCraft batteries. They’re the exclusive retailer in the U.S. Visit to find a store with their locator. You can also buy online and pick up in-store.

Here are key Advance locations for AutoCraft batteries:

City State Store Count
Raleigh NC 243
Philadelphia PA 179
Atlanta GA 173
Chicago IL 159
Dallas TX 140

So go to your local Advance for all your AutoCraft battery needs. Their staff can help find the right one for your vehicle.

Online Platforms (e.g., Amazon, Walmart)

Click, click, hear the keys go as you browse trusted online sites for AutoCraft batteries. Amazon offers a wide selection of AutoCraft batteries with Prime shipping. Search for your specific model and use customer reviews to guide your purchase.

Walmart also carries AutoCraft batteries online with in-store pickup options. Compare pricing and shipping across retailers. Online platforms provide convenience, competitive pricing, and purchase protections when buying your next AutoCraft battery.

How Do AutoCraft Batteries Compare to Other Brands?

How Do AutoCraft Batteries Compare to Other Brands
You can compare AutoCraft batteries to brands like Everstart, Optima, and ACDelco when deciding which one fits your needs and budget best.

  • AutoCraft Silver batteries are most comparable to Everstart Maxx batteries in cost and performance.
  • For premium power, Optima batteries outperform AutoCraft Platinum with their Spiralcell AGM technology.
  • ACDelco batteries provide solid overall quality that’s similar to AutoCraft Gold batteries.
  • AutoCraft batteries generally provide good value for the price. But brands like Optima and ACDelco may outlast AutoCraft in extreme weather or when more power’s needed.
  • Consider your vehicle, climate, and budget when choosing between AutoCraft and competitors to find the right fit.

What Are the Key Features and Benefits of AutoCraft Batteries?

What Are the Key Features and Benefits of AutoCraft Batteries
AutoCraft batteries come in three main types: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You’ll find the Silver batteries are best suited for small to medium vehicles operating in mild climates, while the Gold batteries offer higher cold cranking amps, making them ideal for larger vehicles and harsh weather.

The Platinum batteries utilize absorbed glass mat technology, giving them excellent power output and longevity.

Silver AutoCraft Batteries

My friend, you’d be pleased to find the Silver AutoCraft battery, made by Advance Auto Parts, offers basic performance at a budget price – though its longevity leaves something to desired.

With lower CCA and power output than Gold models, these entry-level batteries best suit small engines and mild climates.

With modest power reserves, proper maintenance helps Silver batteries reach their potential. For longer battery life or extreme weather, upgrade to Gold or explore brands like Optima.

Though affordable, Silver AutoCraft batteries demand diligence to extract their full value.

Gold AutoCraft Batteries

With Gold AutoCraft batteries, you really get your money’s worth in performance and longevity. These batteries are tailored for harsh conditions and larger vehicles, making them a top choice.

Here are some key features and benefits:

  • High Performance: Gold AutoCraft batteries offer exceptional cold weather performance, ensuring a reliable start even in the harshest winters.
  • Long Lifespan: With a lifespan of 5-6 years, they outlast many competitors in their category.
  • Warranty Assurance: Backed by a 3-year warranty, you have peace of mind.
  • Maintenance Tips: Regular maintenance is essential to maximize their lifespan; check terminals and keep them clean.
  • Consider Alternatives: While Gold AutoCraft batteries excel, it’s worth comparing them to alternatives like Optima and Duralast Gold for specific needs.

Platinum AutoCraft Batteries

As the best of the best, AutoCraft’s coveted platinum batteries offer exceptional durability and power thanks to their high-quality AGM construction. Utilizing absorbent glass mat technology, AutoCraft platinum batteries are spill-proof with faster recharging abilities.

Ideal for vehicles with heavy electrical loads, the premium platinums deliver top-tier cranking power, vibration resistance, and efficient energy storage. Outperforming conventional lead-acid batteries, these AGM marvels provide reliable starts in harsh conditions for 7+ years when properly maintained.

Promising unmatched power and longevity, AutoCraft’s pinnacle platinum batteries bring elite performance to your vehicle.

How Long Do AutoCraft Batteries Typically Last?

How Long Do AutoCraft Batteries Typically Last
AutoCraft batteries, distributed exclusively by Clarios LLC, offer lifespans tailored to your vehicle needs. The Silver variant averages 3-5 years, while the Gold sees 5-6 years; however, for longevity, the Platinum generally lasts beyond 7 years in most cases.

Lifespan of Silver AutoCraft Batteries

The Silver Autocraft battery that you choose can last up to 3 years under typical usage and mild weather conditions before needing replacement.

  • Sealed design prevents leakage and corrosion.
  • Consistent starting power if maintained properly.
  • Average lifespan of 2-3 years in mild climates.

To summarize, Autocraft Silver batteries offer reliable starting power for small and medium-sized vehicles when properly maintained and used in mild conditions. Their sealed construction helps prevent common battery failures. However, their limited lifespan means you may need to budget for replacement every 2-3 years on average.

Choosing the right Silver battery for your vehicle and climate is key for good performance.

Lifespan of Gold AutoCraft Batteries

You’d be amazed to hear AutoCraft Gold batteries can last up to a million years with proper maintenance! The Gold batteries offer a balance of longevity, performance, and value. With regular care – including cleaning terminals, checking connections, and avoiding deep discharges – you can maximize their lifespan.

These mid-tier batteries deliver ample starting power and reliability across changing temperatures. While the Platinum line edges ahead in total lifespan, the Gold batteries present a compelling option for most drivers seeking robust electrical performance year after year.

Battery Type Average Lifespan
AutoCraft Gold 5-6 years
AutoCraft Platinum 7+ years

Lifespan of Platinum AutoCraft Batteries

You’re right, those platinum AutoCraft batteries can keep going strong for 7+ years if you take good care of them.

  • Check water levels monthly and use distilled water to top it off as needed
  • Regularly clean any corrosion from the posts and connections
  • Avoid completely discharging the battery to prolong its overall lifespan

Platinum AGM AutoCraft batteries are built tough to last. With proper maintenance like routine cleaning and timely recharges, you can expect reliable starts for years, even in extreme weather. They may not be quite as robust as an Optima, but these American-made batteries still offer impressive longevity.

Do AutoCraft Batteries Come With Warranty Periods?

Do AutoCraft Batteries Come With Warranty Periods
AutoCraft batteries come with warranty periods that cover defects and failure. AutoCraft Silver batteries have a limited 2-year warranty. AutoCraft Gold batteries have a 3-year warranty. AutoCraft Platinum batteries also include a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, Advance Auto Parts.

The warranty periods provide consumers protections should an AutoCraft battery fail or become defective during the specified time.

Warranty Coverage for Silver AutoCraft Batteries

Have faith, your Silver AutoCraft battery’s got you covered with a solid two-year warranty. This provides you reassurance for two years against defects. Just ensure proper maintenance – like regular cleaning and keeping connections tight.

Still, with the average Silver battery life around 3 years, you may need a replacement before the warranty expires. But two years of coverage means you can drive with confidence in your Silver AutoCraft battery’s reliability.

Warranty Coverage for Gold AutoCraft Batteries

You’ll be powered up for the long haul since Gold AutoCraft batteries have a robust 5-6 year lifespan, like a camel trekking across the desert with sufficient humps to complete the journey. The warranty covers any defects in materials or manufacture for a full 3 years after purchase.

This coverage provides you with complete peace of mind that your Gold battery is guaranteed for the long term. With their superior longevity and comprehensive warranty, AutoCraft Gold batteries supply the reliable energy you want to keep going strong.

Warranty Coverage for Platinum AutoCraft Batteries

The AutoCraft Platinum batteries you’ve chosen come with a generous 3-year warranty from Advance Auto Parts, offering peace of mind with your premium purchase.

  1. The warranty period is 3 years from the date of purchase.
  2. It covers both parts and labor for defects.
  3. The warranty is void if the battery is damaged due to misuse.
  4. The original receipt is required for claims.
  5. The battery can be replaced at any Advance Auto Parts store.

With this robust warranty protection, you can rest assured your investment in a top-tier Platinum battery is well covered.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction With AutoCraft Batteries

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction With AutoCraft Batteries
You’ll find most customers are quite happy with AutoCraft batteries, especially considering the reasonable price and warranty periods. However, some users report issues like premature failure in extreme weather and feel the brand trails premium options in terms of longevity and performance.

Positive Feedback

Feeling reassured, friend? AutoCraft batteries come with warranties to guarantee quality and longevity.

Feature Benefit
Designed Durability Long-lasting performance
High CCA Ratings Reliable starts in harsh weather
Sealed AGM Technology Spill-proof and maintenance-free

Quality is not compromised for these competitively priced batteries. AutoCraft provides the power and dependability drivers seek when starting their vehicles.

Negative Feedback

Despite Johnson Controls manufacturing AutoCraft batteries, some customers report issues with premature failure and questionable longevity.

  1. Faulty or inconsistent build quality leading to early failure
  2. Plating issues and loose internal connections resulting in voltage drops
  3. Questionable longevity not aligning with rated lifespan
  4. Premature aging and loss of cranking amps within 1-2 years

Some AutoCraft batteries appear to have problems meeting expected quality and lifespan claims based on customer complaints. This may stem from substandard manufacturing or component quality concerns in certain production batches.

Shoppers are advised to thoroughly test new batteries and retain receipts when longevity is a priority.


AutoCraft batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls and distributed by Advance Auto Parts. They are available in Silver, Gold, and Platinum variants at physical retail stores, online platforms like Amazon and Walmart, and are often favorably compared to brands like Everstart, Optima, ACDelco, Diehard, and Duralast Gold.

With lifespans ranging from 3-7 years and warranty periods from 2-3 years, AutoCraft batteries offer a great balance of price and quality. When properly maintained and used, they can provide reliable, long-lasting power.

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