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What Secret Did Meliodas Whisper to His Brother Zeldris About Gelda in Seven Deadly Sins? (Answered 2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Zeldris’s attack on Meliodas revealed deep-seated sibling rivalry and hidden motives.
  • Meliodas’s revelation about Gelda challenged Zeldris’s beliefs and sparked hope.
  • Gelda’s significance to Zeldris was showcased through their romantic relationship and sacrifices made for each other.
  • The post-Demon King defeat developments set the stage for Zeldris and Gelda’s journey, including their anticipated reunion and the complexity added by the revelation about Meliodas and Elizabeth’s child.

Brothers’ Confrontation

When you pinned Zeldris down during your heated rivalry over the Demon King position, he attacked you in a blind rage, forcing you to subdue him and whisper crucial information to impact his stance.

This confrontation between brothers was filled with intense dynamics and emotional impact. The deep-rooted sibling rivalry came to light as hidden motives were unveiled amidst the clash of swords. In that moment, secrets were whispered into Zeldris’ ear about Gelda’s fate—a revelation that would leave him questioning everything he thought he knew.

The meeting between Meliodas and Zeldris became a turning point in their relationship, as emotions ran high and long-held grudges gave way to understanding. It was a pivotal moment where power shifted not only within their battle for the Demon King throne but also within their hearts and minds.

Meliodas’ Revelation

In their confrontation, Meliodas revealed a crucial piece of information to his brother Zeldris about Gelda. This revelation had a profound impact on Zeldris, causing emotional turmoil and setting the stage for future repercussions.

Here are three key points related to Meliodas’ revelation:

  1. Revelation Impact:

    The knowledge that Gelda wasn’t deceased but sealed away shook Zeldris to his core. It challenged everything he believed and ignited a spark of hope within him.

  2. Emotional Turmoil:

    With this revelation, Zeldris found himself torn between rage towards Meliodas and the overwhelming desire to reunite with his beloved Gelda. Conflicting emotions raged inside him as he grappled with what this newfound information meant for his own path forward.

  3. Future Repercussions:

    The disclosure of Gelda’s true fate would have lasting consequences on both the dynamics between Meliodas and Zeldris as well as their individual journeys moving forward in the war against the Demon King.

As we delve deeper into Seven Deadly Sins’ intricate storyline, it will be fascinating to witness how Gelda reacts upon learning about Melodias’ promise regarding her release from captivity at long last.

Importance of Gelda to Zeldris

Importance of Gelda to Zeldris
Gelda holds immense significance in Zeldris’ life and choices. Their romantic relationship is marked by love’s influence, sealed devotion, and a deep emotional bond.

Despite being a member of the Vampire Clan from the Kingdom of Edinburgh, Gelda chose to follow Zeldris and betray her own kind during the great holy war. When her actions went against her father’s orders, she was sealed away by Zeldris himself as an act of sacrifice for their love.

The unveiling affection between Gelda and Zeldris is a testament to their unwavering commitment to one another. Throughout the Demon Realm arc, we witness how their reunion brings about liberation from past circumstances that kept them apart.

Zeldris’ decisions are heavily influenced by his love for Gelda. He fought alongside Meliodas not only for power but also with hopes of releasing his beloved from captivity once he became the new Demon King.

Their romantic relationship showcases themes of emotional sacrifice and redemption while adding depth to both characters’ development within The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Post-Demon King Defeat Developments

Post-Demon King Defeat Developments
Now that the Demon King has been defeated, it’s time to explore what happens next for Zeldris and Gelda.

The reunion of these lovers after Gelda’s release from her seal is sure to be a significant development in their relationship.

Additionally, the surprise revelation about Meliodas and Elizabeth having a child adds another layer of complexity to this post-Demon King era.

Reunion of Lovers


You’re able to reunite with Zeldris once Meliodas fulfills his promise to release you from your seal after gaining the power to become the new Demon King.

  • Rekindled Love: The reunion between Zeldris and Gelda ignites a love that was previously forbidden.
  • Unveiled Emotions: Their time apart has allowed them both to express their true feelings for each other without fear or restrictions.
  • Shared Redemption: Through their reconnection, they find solace and redemption in each other’s arms, healing old wounds and finding forgiveness.

The triumph of affection over adversity is exemplified in this long-awaited reunion of lovers in the demon realm.

Surprise Revelation

As you continue reading about the surprise revelation in the post-Demon King defeat developments, it becomes evident that Meliodas’s whispered secret to Zeldris had a profound impact on their relationship.

The unveiled truth surrounding Gelda played a pivotal role in the transformation of their emotional dynamics. This revelation not only showcased Gelda’s significant role but also highlighted the depth of love between Zeldris and his demon king lover.

It was through these secret meetings and hidden truths that their relationship underwent a remarkable metamorphosis.

Revelation Impact Emotional Dynamics
– Transformed Zeldris’ perspective – Heightened emotional intensity
– Prompted introspection and internal struggle – Conflicting feelings of anger, love, and redemption
– Forced reevaluation of priorities – Tested bonds between brothers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Zeldris react to Meliodas’ whispered revelation?

Upon hearing Meliodas’s whispered revelation, Zeldris was shaken to his core. The knowledge that Gelda, his beloved, was alive and sealed away ignited a fierce internal struggle within him.

What was the significance of Meliodas promising to release Gelda?

The significance of Meliodas promising to release Gelda is like a key unlocking Zeldris’s heart.

It offers redemption, hope, and the chance for their love to flourish once again.

Liberation from past mistakes brings them closer together.

How did Gelda’s actions impact the relationship between Meliodas and Zeldris?

Gelda’s past actions created complexity between the brothers, but her potential future catalyzed growth. Though her secrecy originally fueled Zeldris’ rage towards Meliodas, the promise of her release prompted reflection, compromising hardened stances.

In the end, the hope she embodied nurtured reconciliation, not further division.

What were the consequences of Gelda’s release from her seal?

You gaze in wonder as Gelda emerges, freed at last. Her return transforms Zeldris, reigniting long dormant passions.

Together you blaze a new trail, unfettered, bonds reforged.

The future, once shrouded in darkness, now glimmers with hope.

How did Zeldris and Gelda’s relationship evolve after the defeat of the Demon King?

After the Demon King’s defeat, Zeldris and Gelda’s forbidden relationship was finally able to blossom without restraint.

No longer forced to meet in secret, their romance entered a new chapter as Gelda supported Zeldris while he recovered from injuries sustained battling his father.

Their future together seemed brighter than ever before.


As you delve deeper into the mysterious world of The Seven Deadly Sins, you can’t help but wonder about the enigmatic secret that Meliodas whispered to his brother Zeldris.

The tension between the brothers reaches its peak, and when Meliodas finally reveals the truth about Gelda, everything changes.

The importance of Gelda to Zeldris becomes clear, and their reunion after the defeat of the Demon King brings about a surprising revelation.

What exactly did Meliodas whisper? The answer lies within the complex web of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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