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What Does Chel Mean on Letterkenny? Uncover the Meaning & Slang! (Answered 2023)

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Welcome to the strange and hilarious world of Letterkenny, a Canadian comedy TV series based on a small rural community in Canada named Letterkenny. This show is filled with unique slang like Chel, which has viewers scratching their heads trying to figure out what it means.

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind Chel and other common terms from Letterkenny so you can join in on conversations about these characters without feeling left out! Along the way, we’ll also uncover why Mennonites are called Nappers, how Dan feels about them driving black cars, and even whether Wayne really got Tanis pregnant – all while learning more about this fascinating series.

So strap yourself into your seat because it’s time for an adventure through some of Canada’s most beloved slang!

Key Takeaways

What does chel mean on letterkenny?

  • Chel is a slang term used in Letterkenny that originated from Mennonite culture and refers to hockey players and gym terms.
  • Chel slang includes phrases like Donkey Juice, Worm Pickers, and 10-ply, which are unique to the show.
  • The use of Chel slang has spread across North America due to the popularity of Letterkenny.
  • Understanding the slang in Letterkenny allows viewers to fully appreciate the humor and cultural references in the show.

What Are Rips?

What Are Rips?
You may have heard the term chel on Letterkenny, which is short for hoser and refers to someone who acts in an obnoxious or crass manner. In this context, rips are slang terms used by the characters of Letterkenny and typically mean something funny or ridiculous.

The use of rips has become a part of the show’s culture as they often refer to common occurrences such as hockey games, Mennonites, core exercises at birthday parties, etc. Rips differ from normal slang words because they contain both longer cryptic phrases and shorter ones that require more context to understand their meaning.

For example, Verda variations is a riotously funny rip referring specifically to Verda’s character, while appy appreciation refers generally to expressing admiration for appetizers like chips with spicy dip found in local bars around town!

So if you ever find yourself confused by some strange lingo when watching Letterkenny, don’t worry – it just might be another one of those hilarious rips!

Why Are Mennonites Called Nappers?

Why Are Mennonites Called Nappers?
You’ve probably heard of the Mennonites on Letterkenny, but did you know they’re sometimes called Nappers? This is because their traditional dress includes a white prayer covering that looks like someone taking a nap!

The Mennonite lifestyle and Amish beliefs are often seen in the town of Letterkenny. Bonnie McMurray often talks about tarp etiquette, which seems to be another way for her to say Chel slang. 10-ply meaning is also something that she brings up quite frequently when talking about ground game or worm pickers.

The Mennonites’ use of language can seem strange at first, but it’s all part and parcel with their way of life. 5-11s mean average people, while apple means assist in hockey lingo. Little dab’ll do ya means only a small amount will suffice.

Airball refers to an awkward conversation topic or joke. Bar down describes an impressive shot into the bottom corner of goal netting.

What Does Not Ferda Mean?

What Does Not Ferda Mean?
One of the most prominent slang terms used in Letterkenny is Chel. This phrase originated from Mennonite culture, which often features prominently in the show.

In short, it’s a term that refers to hockey players and gym terms. For example, Wayne dating Bonnie McMurray may have been described as someone taking their tarp off – a reference to removing protective equipment on ice rinks or gyms.

On top of this are other phrases such as 10-ply meaning ground game or worm pickers and 5-11s being an insult referring to average people. Then there’s apple for assist when talking about hockey shots and bad gas for gossiping around town; not forgetting allons-y which literally translates as ‘let’s go’.

All these words make up part of chel slang but they also form part of everyday life in Letterkenny! To truly understand what goes on behind closed doors with its inhabitants one needs only listen out for popular phrases like those mentioned above!

What is a Chel?

What is a Chel?
Experience the chaotic charm of Letterkenny and get a taste of its slang by learning what it means to be a ‘Chel’! The phrase originated from Mennonite culture, which is often featured in the show.

A few examples include:

  • Donkey Juice – an energy drink
  • Worm Pickers – various gym exercises such as bent press barbell side bend or cable rope pulls
  • 10-ply – ground game

When talking about hockey shots, Chel can also refer to Apple for assist or Bar Down for an impressive shot that hits the bottom of the crossbar into the net.

Whatever you need help with in Letterkenny, chances are someone will say Chel first before offering their assistance – proof that this term isn’t just limited to language but part of everyday life there too.

What is Chel Slang For?

What is Chel Slang For?
Immerse yourself in the slang of Letterkenny and explore what it means to be a ‘Chel’! The term originated from Mennonite culture, which is featured often in the show. Chel has become popularly used when referring to hockey players, gym terms, and beyond.

A few examples include Donkey Juice for an energy drink, Worm Pickers for exercises like bent press barbell side bend or cable rope pulls, and 10-ply for ground game. In hockey shots, Apple stands for an assist while Bar Down refers to an impressive shot that hits the bottom of the crossbar into the net! Bad Gas describes negative gossip while Allons-y translates as Let’s go.

Term Meaning
Donkey Juice Energy Drink
Worm Pickers Exercise
Big City Slams Alternate Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Specific Gym Exercises
People Who Talk Trash About Opponents
Most Impressive Moves In Hockey
Hockey Terms
Beyond Sports

Whatever you need help with in Letterkenny, chances are someone will say Chel first before offering their assistance – proof that this term isn’t just limited to language but part of everyday life there too.

What Does Letterkenny Stand For?

What Does Letterkenny Stand For?
Discover what it’s like to be part of the Letterkenny culture and uncover the meaning behind its name! The Mennonite beliefs, Amish traditions, and Chel slang terms are all deeply rooted in this small town.

From Puppers Premium Lager to worm pickers, there is something unique about every aspect of life here. Not only do residents have their own hockey slang and full-size candy bars, but they also use a Canadian version of a bloody mary known as ‘the Caesar’.

From 5-11 insults suggesting someone is unremarkable or average to Allons-y which translates as let’s go – Letterkenny has its own set of words that everyone understands.

Term Meaning
Puppers Premium Lager Beer
Worm Picker People Exercise Enthusiasts
Canadian Version Of A Bloody Mary The Caesar
Backdooring Deceiving/Swindling Someone

Why Does Dan Hate Mennonites?

Why Does Dan Hate Mennonites?
As you transition from the previous subtopic, it’s important to understand why Dan specifically dislikes Mennonites. While they share many of the same customs and beliefs as the Amish, there are a few differences that set them apart.

For one, they don’t shun modern technologies like electricity and cars; instead, their culture embraces them wholeheartedly.

The U.S distribution of Letterkenny has made popular Chel Slang phrases known around North America; however, with its use comes vicious insults like 5-11 (meaning someone is unremarkable/average) or hit of cocaine (as an allusion).

Do Mennonites Really Say Once?

Do Mennonites Really Say Once?
You’ve certainly heard it—the infamous Mennonite slang term, ‘once’. This phrase is often used to describe the laid-back lifestyle of this religious group. Pitter patter meaning that things are done at a slow pace and tarp off culture referring to their peaceful way of life.

There’s even more history behind the word than just its modern use in Letterkenny dialogue. Since Mennonites did not have access to electricity for much longer than other communities, they developed a unique set of phrases that were specific only to them! The most famous being ‘once’, which means something is going on or happening slowly over time with no hurry involved.

Other popular terms include ‘lifter’s head’ (to be overly proud), ‘side high’ (a good amount of chin waggin’), ‘worm pickers people’ (those who take advantage by getting away with little effort), and ‘tomato juice’ as an expression for luckiness or success in one’s endeavors.

So next time you hear someone say ‘once’ – remember what it really stands for: A relaxed attitude towards life that values taking your sweet old time!

Why Do Mennonites Drive Black Cars?

Why Do Mennonites Drive Black Cars?
Have you ever wondered why Mennonites drive black cars? It’s all part of the culture and beliefs that make up the Mennonite community.

These people, nicknamed Nappers by their Amish neighbors, are proud to live a traditional lifestyle. From their belief in God to driving black cars as a sign of humility, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this unique religious group.

The Ferda Boys often joke about how slow life can be for Nappers, but they also recognize that faith plays an important role in defining who they are and what sets them apart from other communities around them.

Mennonites take pride in sticking with tradition no matter where they go – even if it means driving black cars instead of flashy ones! The color serves not only as a reminder of their values but also symbolizes modesty and respect towards others – something we could all benefit from learning more about today!

What Does Verda Mean in Letterkenny?

What Does Verda Mean in Letterkenny?
Moving on from the Mennonites’ black cars, Verda is another character that adds to Letterkenny’s unique culture. She was introduced as Wayne and Daryl’s neighbor who had a kind heart but also an affinity for gossiping – something she would do while tending her garden in full traditional attire.

But where did this woman come from? Verda has been around since the early days of Letterkenny, and it turns out she comes from a long line of worm pickers – people nicknamed Moles by their Amish neighbors.

This group speaks with deep southern drawls, loves ripping bicep curls at any opportunity, and never skips leg day or abdominal exercises! They’re known for wearing overalls when they go into town, even if it means using dipping tobacco now instead of chewing grasshoppers like back in the old days.

But despite these differences between them, Wayne quickly grew close to Verda over time.

And today, we know them both as characters who make us laugh every episode with their witty banter about life in rural Ontario, Canada – proving once again why Letterkenny is worth watching each week!

What Does It Mean if Someone is 10 Ply?

What Does It Mean if Someone is 10 Ply?
In Letterkenny, if someone is 10-ply, it means they are tough and resilient. Not unlike the tires of a car that need to be able to withstand various conditions like rain, snow, mud, and dirt – being 10-ply in Letterkenny implies strength and durability.

It can mean having the ability to stay strong through difficult times or an understanding of how life works – always coming out on top no matter what gets thrown at you.

Here’s a list of ways this term applies:

  1. Tire Thickness – A tire’s ply rating refers directly to its thickness as well as its weight capacity; higher plies indicate thicker tires with greater endurance capabilities for longer trips over rough terrain without the risk of puncture or blowout.
  2. Tire Durability – Lower plies indicate thinner tires which may not offer enough protection against sharp objects such as rocks during off-road adventures but will still provide excellent handling characteristics while driving on paved roads; higher ply ratings often signify more durable construction materials used for increased longevity under demanding circumstances compared with lighter models.
  3. Tire Safety – Since different areas have varying road safety standards in place (e.g., speed limit signs), cars equipped with lower-rated tires might find themselves unable to keep up when traveling through hazardous parts where drivers must remain vigilant throughout their journey.

What is a Skid in Letterkenny?

What is a Skid in Letterkenny?
You’re a skid in Letterkenny when you can’t keep up with the locals – their slang, customs, and attitudes. The chel culture is unique to this rural town; it’s an amalgamation of hockey terms, Canadian slang, rural humor, and Tough Guy Attitude™.

Skids need to know the rules if they want to fit in. Disco Biscuits are off-limits (unless you’ve got some secret stash). Never back down from a fight (even if it’s just words) and always have something clever or funny ready for any situation.

Every group of Letterkenny residents has its own set of trends too. Most common among them are quick wit and creative comebacks that stay true to the chel spirit at all times! When it comes to skid slang, there’s no shortage either – from “5-11” meaning an average or unremarkable person, “a little dab’ll do ya” which means not much is needed for success, and even an insult like “Airball” referring to failed jokes/topics.

Whether you choose your style wisely or buckle under pressure, only time will tell.

Who Does Wayne Date in Letterkenny?

Who Does Wayne Date in Letterkenny?
Transitioning from skid slang to Wayne’s love life, we can see that he certainly has a certain type. He enjoys taking risks and going against the grain when it comes to dating. From the beautiful local bar server Tanis, to Katie and her parents’ disapproval of his romance style, to Mennonites’ beliefs on relationships – it’s clear who Wayne likes.

When it comes down to what kind of girl is right for Wayne, well, there are many opinions. But one thing is for sure: she must be able to enjoy all aspects of chel culture. From worm pickers people (who love venison pepperette miniature), to playing the whole game without fear or hesitation.

Is Jared Keeso Married?

Is Jared Keeso Married?
So, have you ever wondered if Letterkenny star Jared Keeso is married? Well, the answer to that question is a bit complicated. While he may not be married in real life, his character Wayne on the show has had some interesting romantic liaisons over time.

From Tanis and her charming attractiveness to Katie’s parents’ disapproval of their relationship – it’s clear that he likes taking risks when it comes to love! Plus, with how well-versed Wayne seems in chel culture – from ripin’ bicep curls at Caesar’s Gymnasium to wooing women during the pilot episode states – we can only assume he knows what type of woman would suit him best!

There are even rumors circulating about who his current wife could possibly be…but so far, nothing has been confirmed yet. As for his net worth and other details surrounding Jared himself? That remains an unknown mystery for now as one of the series stars continues being entertainingly mysterious both on and off-screen.

What Does Wayne Do in Letterkenny?

What Does Wayne Do in Letterkenny?
Discover how Wayne applies his knowledge of chel culture to navigate the Letterkenny social scene! From knowing that Katy’s relationship with Dan is doomed due to his grudge against her, to understanding Tanis’ pregnancy and Mennonite traditions, Wayne has a deep understanding of the town.

At Caesar’s Gymnasium, he can be found ripin’ bicep curls and one-arm dumbbell preacher curls while enjoying some Gus N’ Bru or venison pepperettes. His ability to mix in lifestyles from both Letterkenny locals as well as city folk gives him an edge when trying new things out or confronting difficult people.

Whether it’s impressing someone on their first date or diffusing a sticky situation between friends, Wayne knows exactly what needs to be done – all while keeping an eye towards his future prospects in mind! He remains ever aware of changes around him but never falters when it comes to making tough decisions for himself and those he cares about most deeply.

What Happened to Wayne and Katie’s Parents on Letterkenny?

What Happened to Wayne and Katie
You’re probably wondering what happened to Wayne and Katie’s parents on Letterkenny. In the fifth episode of season one, it’s revealed that Wayne’s dad was a hockey player.

Tanis’ pregnancy also plays an important role in the show as it brings up questions about Mennonite culture and how children are raised within this community.

As for Katie’s childhood, she had a rough upbringing due to her father’s bad gas running around town regarding her relationship with Dan, which ultimately ended their friendship.

Caesar plays an influential role in helping bring understanding between all parties involved; his wisdom provides much-needed guidance during difficult times.

All these elements continually weave throughout each season, creating some of the best running gags on Letterkenny!

How Old is Katy in Letterkenny?

How Old is Katy in Letterkenny?
Katy is a young woman in her early twenties, living in Letterkenny. She’s a bit of an outsider compared to the rest of the gang, but she makes up for it with her fierce loyalty and sense of humor.

Her family history is full of mystery: we don’t know much about where she came from or who raised her prior to arriving at Letterkenny.

As far as dating life goes, Katy has had some ups and downs – most notably with Dan before he moved away.

In terms of character development over time on Letterkenny, Katy has gone through many changes; she was once afraid to stand up for herself but now speaks out against injustice and oppressive behavior fearlessly!

Her friendships are strong too – especially those with Wayne and Daryl who always have each other’s backs no matter what situation arises – even if that means getting into trouble with the Worm Pickers or Red Light District ladies!

When it comes to career choices on Letterkenny, Katy isn’t sure what path she wants to take yet – playing hockey at The Barn remains one option while being part owner/manager of Best Things could be another possibility down the line.

Did Wayne Get Tanis Pregnant?

Did Wayne Get Tanis Pregnant?
Rumors have been swirling that Wayne got Tanis pregnant, but it’s never been confirmed whether they had a child or not.

While the specifics of their relationship remain unknown, one thing is clear: if true, there could be serious social and legal implications to consider.

Not only would this affect both Tanis’ and Wayne’s characters in Letterkenny, but it would also alter how their respective parental relationships are perceived by society at large.

Caesar has already weighed in on the matter with his signature body movements – but who knows what else will come out about this situation?

The book of Revelation might seem like an unlikely source for answers here…unless you’re talking about a venison pepperette from The Harvey Wallbanger!

Why Do Mennonites Cover Their Hair?

Why Do Mennonites Cover Their Hair?
The Mennonites are a religious group that has been around for centuries, and their customs have remained relatively unchanged. One of those traditions is the covering of the hair by married women in order to show modesty.

This custom has been passed down from generation to generation, with some variations depending on denomination or region.

Chel, meaning Cover or Wrap in German, is used as a term for this practice among Mennonite communities throughout North America. However, it can also refer to other practices, such as worm pickers being placed over clothes while working outside during cold weather seasons.

Although many Amish adhere to similar standards when it comes to attire and modesty codes within marriage relationships, there are still subtle differences between them and the more relaxed attitude toward marriage roles among traditional Mennonites.

These differences may be attributed to cultural norms rather than solely religion-related beliefs.

In short, Chel does not only mean cover but reflects much deeper into how different religious sects interact within society, pertaining specifically to Mennonite religious culture.

Why Do Mennonites Wear Dresses?

Why Do Mennonites Wear Dresses?
You might see Mennonites wearing dresses, which is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries as part of their modesty codes. From daily life to hilarious pop culture references, the Mennonite dress code reflects beliefs and customs unique to this religious group.

  1. The main aim of the dress code is more than just modest attire – it serves as a way for members to recognize each other in public settings such as church or events like Caeser or Venison Pepperette festivals.
  2. Generally speaking, married women wear long skirts while unmarried women may opt for ankle-length shorts under their skirts.
  3. Standing Lifter Curls are considered appropriate hairstyles among traditional Mennonites and are normally kept covered with hats or bonnets when outside the home.

The general consensus within these communities remains that dressing modestly demonstrates an outward display of faith by respecting God’s laws on clothing and lifestyle choices – something many continue to practice today!

Who Plays the Mennonite in Letterkenny?

Who Plays the Mennonite in Letterkenny?
Experience the thrill of Letterkenny when you watch Jacob Tierney’s spot-on portrayal of a Mennonite in his unforgettable performance! Submerge yourself in the Mennonite lifestyle and beliefs, as well as Amish traditions.

You’ll hear them speaking Chel slang throughout, which adds to its comedic value. Wayne’s dating life is always a source of hilarity, especially when it comes to his local team and small-town mentality.

With so many endless slang words and phrases used throughout this hilarious Canadian comedy series, you won’t be able to contain your laughter! From 5-11 being an insult suggesting someone is unremarkable or average to Allons-y meaning Let’s go – there are plenty of terms that will keep you entertained from start to finish with each episode.

So join the cast on their journey through rural Ontario culture for some great entertainment that can only be found here at Letterkenny!

Are Amish Girls Allowed to Swim?

Are Amish Girls Allowed to Swim?
Immerse yourself in the Amish culture and explore whether their strict faith allows girls to partake in swimming activities.

  • Chel slang is prohibited.
  • Tarp off any areas that could lead to immodesty when swimming.
  • Caesar or Worm Pickers are not allowed at pools.
  • Venison pepperette and large marijuana joints should be kept out of sight!

Despite having some rigid regulations, Amish girls can enjoy a refreshing dip on hot summer days if these rules are followed.

Despite all these restrictions, some have found creative ways to make sure they get time away from their daily chores while still observing all customs and beliefs – making sure no one steps outside Mennonite values.

Can Anyone Join the Mennonites?

Can Anyone Join the Mennonites?
You’ve heard the rumors about Letterkenny, and now you want to know if it’s true that anyone can join the Mennonites. Well, while they are certainly open to newcomers, there is a certain lifestyle that comes along with being part of this community.

To start off with, all members must abide by their customs, which include avoiding slang like chel as well as tarping off any area where immodesty could occur when swimming.

But for those who observe these rules closely enough and embrace an Amish lifestyle, Rosie’s fate may become different from what one expects because no matter age, religion, or race, everyone is welcome in Letterkenny.

As for drinks of choice, passionate opinions run strong but often fall on deaf ears.

What Does a Guy With His Tarp Off Mean?

What Does a Guy With His Tarp Off Mean?
Be ready to have your mind blown when you find out what it means to tarp off in Letterkenny! Tarping is the act of covering up a pool or other body of water with an opaque sheet. It’s done for many reasons, such as reducing sun exposure and keeping bugs away.

But in Letterkenny, tarping has become popular among locals and visitors alike for its own unique set of rules. The key rule is that the stick side should always be high – meaning that if someone puts their stick on top of the tarp while they are swimming underneath it, then they will not get into trouble.

Another rule involves using Caesar instead of beer at Christmas parties; this helps avoid any awkwardness between family members who don’t drink alcohol but still want to join in on the festivities!

Lastly, Reilly’s recurring slogan Chel can also be used when referring to someone who has taken their shirt off underwater – giving them a hysterical title fittingly derived from a Canadian hockey term!

So whether you’re looking for how-to tips or just want some insight on local customs, following these basic rules will help ensure everyone enjoys themselves safely during any aquatic activity involving tarps – no matter what time of year it may be!

What is a Ferda Boy?

What is a Ferda Boy?
It’s no secret that the Ferda Boys of Letterkenny have their own unique look and culture, but where did it come from? The origins of this group can be traced back to farming friends who wanted to express themselves with a different style.

As time went on, they adopted more trends like Caesar haircuts and even worm-pickers! The Ferda Boys are also known for their traditions, which include eating venison pepperette sandwiches while drinking beer at Ag Hall or having bonfires in the woods.

These activities bring them closer together as friends and help instill a sense of belonging within the group.

In addition to creating strong bonds between members, these traditions allow them to pass down stories through generations so they won’t ever forget who they really are – best friends living life by their own set of rules!

What is 10ply Letterkenny?

What is 10ply Letterkenny?
Discover what 10-ply Letterkenny is and why it’s become a popular phrase in the hockey culture!

10-ply Letterkenny refers to an episode of Hulu’s comedy series where two characters, Daryl and Squirrely Dan, use the term 10-ply as slang for something that goes beyond expectations or exceeds expectations.

This phrase has since been adopted by fans of hockey who use it when referring to someone performing above average on the ice. It can also be used in reference to other things such as tires, toilet paper, or even a person’s attitude.

The origin of this slang is unclear, but some argue that it comes from either an episode following ‘Letterkeny Problems’ which featured Caesar haircuts and worm pickers eating venison pepperette sandwiches while drinking beer at Ag Hall; or possibly from another show entirely different altogether like Trailer Park Boys.

No matter its origins, 10-Ply Letterkeny remains alive today within Canadian Hockey circles as well as those looking for something more than 511 (unremarkable) – instead opting for excellence with every attempt they make.

Allons Y!

What is the Strongest Ply Tire?

What is the Strongest Ply Tire?
You can achieve excellence with the strongest ply tire – 10-ply – for unparalleled performance. Whether you’re driving on or off the road, a 10-ply tire will give you superior traction and durability to take your ride to new heights.

With its deeper treads and higher weight capacity, these tires are designed to last longer than their 5-, 6-, or 8-ply counterparts while still providing a smooth ride every time. And thanks to its increased sidewall strength, it’s perfect for even the toughest terrains, like those found in rural Canadian small towns such as Letterkenny.

In places like Letterkenny, where Caesar haircuts and worm pickers eat venison pepperette sandwiches while drinking much donkey juice at Ag Hall, 10-ply tires are essential.

What’s the Highest Ply of Toilet Paper?

Experience the softest feel and highest ply of toilet paper for your comfort and convenience. 10-ply is the strongest, most durable option available for those looking to get the job done right.

Plus, its increased sidewall strength means it’ll last longer than 5-, 6-, or 8-ply options without compromising quality.

So if you’re looking to upgrade from Caesar haircuts while having venison pepperette sandwiches with much donkey juice at Ag Hall, then 10-ply is definitely worth considering – give it a try today!

What Happened to Rosie on Letterkenny?

What Happened to Rosie on Letterkenny?
Find out what happened to Rosie on Letterkenny, the hockey-playing beauty who suddenly disappeared after a heated beaking match with her teammates!

Life in a Mennonite community isn’t easy, and Rosie had been feeling particularly isolated. She was struggling to find balance between her relationships with family, friends, and team members. With increasing pressure from all sides, she decided that it was time for a change of scenery.

It turns out that she joins an elite hockey camp in some far-off land where no one knows of Caesar haircuts or worm pickers eating venison pepperette sandwiches at Ag Hall, nor does anyone talk about bad gas or great Christmas episodes!

There’s still hope, however; if you listen closely enough, you might catch whispers of what eventually became of Rosie.

What is Pitter Patter Lets Get at ER?

What is Pitter Patter Lets Get at ER?
Discover what Pitter Patter Lets Get at ER is all about – a hilarious catchphrase that’s become synonymous with Letterkenny! This phrase originated from the Mennonite traditions of ferda boys having 10-ply tires on their cars.

‘Chel’ means ‘Let’s go!’ in this context, and it has been used as a rallying cry by many characters throughout the show. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and camaraderie among friends who are ready to tackle whatever life throws their way together.

The main list of slang words associated with Letterkenny also includes terms such as caesar (pronounced see-zer), worm pickers (people who eat venison pepperette sandwiches at Ag Hall), and bad gas (negative rumors or gossip).

So next time you hear someone say Pitter patter lets get at er, don’t be confused; they simply want everyone to join forces against any obstacles they may face!


To sum up, Letterkenny is full of slang terms that can be quite confusing. From 5-11 meaning someone is unremarkable, to 10-ply meaning something is very tough, it’s important to know the slang to understand the dialogue.

There are also terms related to the Mennonites, such as nappers meaning Mennonites and verda meaning please. The term Chel is a shortened version of the hockey term ice hockey and ferda boy is a term used to describe someone who is tough and brave.

Knowing the slang of Letterkenny will help you better understand the conversations and characters of the show.

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