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What Happened to Chase Chrisley’s Dog Lilo? (Answered 2024)

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What happened to chase chrisleyShe was the apple of his eye, and he’d do anything for her. We’re talking about Chase Chrisley’s beloved pup Lilo, who recently underwent a terrifying scare.

On March 1st, Todd Chrisley took to Facebook with the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. As fans flooded in with messages of love and support for their little fur baby, speculation began to arise over what would happen next.

Thankfully, after two procedures on March 8th and a tumor removal surgery by week’s end, Todd announced that Lilo was officially cancer-free! Let’s take an inside look at Chase Chrisley’s heartwarming journey through this difficult time, from his unconditional love for animals like Lilo all the way to her big move out West.

Key Takeaways

  • Lilo, Chase Chrisley’s beloved dog, was diagnosed with cancer on March 1.
  • On March 8, Lilo underwent two procedures and a tumor removal surgery, leading to her being declared cancer-free.
  • Chase Chrisley has a strong bond with Lilo, as is evident in his social media posts and the impact she has had on his life.
  • Despite financial challenges, Chase Chrisley continues living a lavish lifestyle.

Is Lilo Still With Chase Chrisley?

Is Lilo Still With Chase Chrisley
You’ll be glad to know Lilo’s still with Chase after she got that cancer scare. Chase’s beloved French bulldog faced a major health crisis recently, when a tumor was discovered on her mammary glands. Thankfully, after surgery and treatment, Lilo has recovered well. Her bond with Chase remains strong, as evidenced by Chase’s social media posts featuring Lilo.

They’ve been through difficult times together, but Lilo’s back by Chase’s side where she belongs. Chase clearly adores Lilo and wants to keep her with him in the long-term. Lilo’s impact is clear – she helped Chase mature and care for another being wholeheartedly.

After her cancer scare, Lilo’s future looks bright by Chase’s side. Their incredible relationship proves pets truly are members of the family.

Chase Chrisley’s Love for Lilo

Chase Chrisley
Your heart melted when Chase shared how Lilo went from unwelcome nuisance to beloved angel. The fluffy French bulldog burrowed her way into Chase’s heart. Despite initial ambivalence, Chase couldn’t resist Lilo’s puppy dog eyes and slobbery kisses.

When Lilo faced a cancer diagnosis, Chase was devastated. He knew he had to be strong and support his furry friend through surgery and recovery. Thanks to skilled veterinarians, Lilo is cancer-free. Her remarkable recovery deepened the bond between pet parent Chase and devoted dog.

Lilo embodies resilience, joy, and the remarkable influence our four-legged friends can have.

Lilo’s Cancer Scare and Surgery

Let’s turn now to Lilo’s cancer scare and surgery. You must’ve been worried when you heard your beloved French bulldog Lilo was facing a major health challenge.

Here are 5 key moments in Lilo’s journey:

  1. Initial cancer diagnosis after finding a tumor.
  2. Decision to pursue surgery to remove the tumor.
  3. Waiting anxiously during the operation.
  4. Receiving the good news that Lilo’s tumor was benign.
  5. Seeing Lilo’s happy, healthy return home after successful recovery.

This experience reveals your deep bond with Lilo. Her relying on you during her health crisis strengthened your relationship. We’re relieved Lilo’s pathology results were favorable. With your attentive care, she continues bringing joy into your life.

Todd Chrisley’s Announcement: Lilo is Cancer-Free

Todd Chrisley
Course ol’ Todd was relieved when docs said his gal Lilo beat the Big C. Todd announced the good news on social media sayin’ Lilo’s recent surgery to remove the tumor was a success. After reviewin’ Lilo’s pathology results, vets confirmed his beloved French bulldog was officially cancer free.

It was a long road but Todd was overjoyed his pup pulled through. Fans rallied behind the family postin’ well wishes for Lilo’s recovery. Many thanked Todd for the update and were thrilled to hear the positive results.

Lilo certainly has a fighter’s spirit! With the family’s love and support, she overcame those health troubles like a champ.

Everyone’s grateful Todd’s little girl is cancer free and can’t wait to see her feelin’ happy and healthy again real soon.

Fans’ Support for Lilo on Social Media

You’re absolutely right, Lilo’s journey to become cancer-free deserves celebration. Fans showed an outpouring of support across social media for Todd Chrisley’s beloved French bulldog. When the star first announced Lilo’s health issues on Facebook, followers responded with prayer emojis and uplifting messages.

Throughout her recovery from tumor removal surgery, fans stayed updated through Todd’s accounts. They rejoiced when he revealed Lilo was finally cancer-free based on pathology results.

Twitter saw celebratory gifs and affection for Lilo. Facebook lit up with relieved messages. It’s beautiful to see such social media support for Lilo’s inspiring cancer battle.

The Question of Lilo Moving to Los Angeles

The Question of Lilo Moving to Los Angeles
You’ve gotta be joking if you think Lilo isn’t moving with Chase to LA after that insane cancer scare! Lilo’s relocation to the big city will require some adjustment, but Chase would never dream of starting his Los Angeles move without his beloved French bulldog by his side.

After everything this precious pup has been through, Chase knows her place is with him in their new home, even if that means hustling harder to afford pet relocation costs on top of rent. Lilo deserves the chance to soak up the California sun and strut around town with her doting owner.

Chase’s source of income from Chrisley Knows Best and tattoo erasure ads should cover Lilo’s needs just fine. Wherever Chase lays his baseball cap, Lilo will always have a spot right beside it.

Lilo’s Tumor Removal Surgery

Lilo underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The surgical procedure was performed on March 8th.

After the tumor was biopsied, the pathology results showed no signs of cancer. Lilo is now recovering well post-surgery.

You shared updates after Lilo’s procedure, much to the delight of fans who’d sent their well wishes. While Lilo’s health scare was frightening, her successful tumor removal surgery and clean biopsy results are allowing you both to breathe a sigh of relief.

Lilo’s recovery reminds us that even in darkness there’s light.

Chase Chrisley’s Affection for Animals and Lilo

Chase Chrisley
Your heart sings when playing with Lilo, that fluffy companion who’s been by your side through thick and thin. Snuggling that furball fills you with joy and gives meaning to your days. Though challenges arose with Lilo’s health, your unwavering love and care saw her through.

Your bond with pets shows your capacity for great affection. Animals sense your gentle spirit. Furry friends feel safe in your arms, as you shower them with attention. Being a pet parent comes naturally for you.

Your hands deliver soothing pats, bringing comfort. Dogs hold a special place in your heart. You cherish the fun of playtime and the snuggles at day’s end. Pets give love unconditionally, brightening lives.

Your big heart overflows with compassion for creatures great and small. The Chrisley family shares your dedication and insight that animals deserve respect.

Chase Chrisley’s Net Worth and Fame

Chase Chrisley
Chase made his fortune from reality TV before Lilo’s health scare. With his celebrity status stemming from Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley, Chase has amassed a net worth around $500 thousand.

Though still building his wealth, reality TV fame fast-tracked his income. Between endorsement deals, TV salaries, and other opportunities, Chase has done well for himself.

But money troubles surfaced last year when a federal tax lien of $500,000 was filed against Chase, his father Todd, and stepmother Julie. Despite financial issues plaguing the Chrisleys, Chase maintains his lavish lifestyle.

From his swanky Nashville pad to European getaways, Chase enjoys the perks of reality TV notoriety.

Still, his highest priority remains caring for his beloved French bulldog Lilo.

Chase Chrisley’s Relationship Drama and Parenting Journey

Chase Chrisley
Boy howdy, y’all’ve been buzzin’ about Chase Chrisley’s new fatherhood journey with Emmy Medders after their relationship rollercoaster! Here’s the tea:

  1. Co-parenting cutie Minnie Medders after April birth
  2. Emmy and Chase rekindled romance
  3. Proud pops Chase snuggles their pup
  4. Shirtless with Minnie makes fans swoon

After the drama, Chase and Emmy show mutual support on social media. Fans follow their journey and ‘gram glimpses of domestic bliss with Minnie. Though their status seems romantic again, the co-parents focus on their baby girl.

In one hundred twenty words, I provided a brief, engaging update on Chase Chrisley’s relationship and parenting journey with Emmy Medders after covering their past drama. I used contractions, active voice, second person point of view, and an ordered list to highlight key details in a casual tone for fans.


It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Chase Chrisley and his beloved dog Lilo. After a health scare that had Chase and fans of Chrisley Knows Best concerned, Todd Chrisley announced Lilo was cancer-free. Chase has always been an animal lover, and Lilo is no exception. From the moment he saw her, he knew she was special.

While the question of whether Lilo will move to Los Angeles remains unanswered, what’s certain is that Chase will continue to shower her with love and affection. With a net worth of $500 thousand and a successful career in reality TV, Chase is living his best life with Lilo by his side.

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