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What Happened to GAC on DISH Network? Channel Disappearance & Impact on Christmas Lineup (Answered 2023)

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What happened to GAC on DISH NetworkRecently, there has been a lot of buzz about GAC channel 165 disappearing from DISH Network and how it is impacting viewers’ access to their Christmas lineup. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at why GAC disappeared from DISH Network, what options are available for accessing Great American Family (GFAM) Channel instead, and how it affects Hallmark Media’s holiday programming.

We’ll also discuss which famous Hallmark stars have moved over to GFAM. As well as steps that can be taken if other channels go missing from your subscription too.

Get ready for some answers on the disappearance of GAC from DISH Network!

Key Takeaways

  • GAC channel 165 disappeared from DISH Network due to a dispute with Cox Media Group.
  • GAC underwent a rebranding to GFAM in August 2022.
  • Alternative providers for accessing GFAM programming include Cox, Frontier, Spectrum, and Xfinity.
  • Dish Network offers various viewing packages that include GFAM.

What Happened to GAC on DISH Network?

What Happened to GAC on DISH Network
Recently, DISH Network customers noticed that channel 165, which previously offered Great American Family programming, had disappeared from their channel lineup. This removal follows a dispute between DISH Network and Cox Media Group over financial demands, impacting viewers anticipating Great American Family’s Christmas movie lineup.

Channel 165 Disappearance

You may have noticed that one of your favorite channels, the beloved Channel 165, has vanished from your DISH Network lineup like a disappearing act in a magic show. The disappearance of Channel 165 is due to a dispute between DISH Network and Great American Media (GAM), the parent company of GAC.

This disagreement has led to missing channels and affected viewers who were eagerly anticipating GAM’s Christmas lineup. While this situation is frustrating for fans, there are alternative providers that offer access to GAM’s programming.

Dispute With Cox Medi Group

Explore the details of the ongoing dispute between DISH Network and Cox Media Group, which led to the removal of various network stations from your channel lineup. This included GAC (Great American Country) on Channel 165. The disagreement arose due to Cox Media Group’s demands for a rate increase and channels they didn’t own.

As a result, DISH Network had to remove GAC from its offerings, impacting viewers looking forward to GFAM’s Christmas lineup. DISH Network has addressed customer concerns and suggests exploring their channel guide for accessing GFAM programming.

Impact on Christmas Lineup

Don’t miss out on GFAM’s highly anticipated Christmas lineup, which has been impacted by the recent removal of channel 165 from DISH Network. Viewers who were looking forward to holiday specials and festive programming may need to explore alternative viewing options.

The absence of GAC on DISH Network affects access to popular shows and movies featured in their channel schedule. Consider checking Dish Anywhere or exploring other streaming services like the Hallmark Channel for your holiday entertainment fix.

How Can I Access Great American Family (GFAM) Channel?

How Can I Access Great American Family (GFAM) Channel
To access the Great American Family (GFAM) Channel, you can subscribe through distribution partners such as Cox, Frontier, Spectrum, and Xfinity. With availability in over 50 million homes, GFAM offers various packages and subscriptions to cater to different viewers’ preferences.

Distribution Partners

Discover that Great American Family (GFAM) channel is available to viewers through a variety of distribution partners, such as Cox Media Group, who bring this faith-driven network into millions of households across the country.

Alongside distributors like Frontier Communications LLC., Spectrum TV offers another way for subscribers to enjoy all the heartwarming content from Hallmark stars on GFAM’s impressive holiday movie lineup.

Xfinity customers can also find their favorite shows on this family-friendly network by subscribing directly or finding it in their package line-up provided by Comcast Cable Communications Inc. The collaboration with these respected companies ensures broad accessibility for fans eager to watch inspirational movies centered around Christian values.

By partnering with leading providers like Dish Network Corporation, which brings trusted services such as GAC Living Channel 248 into people’s homes nationwide, along with many others offering similar religious-themed channels among various genres, audiences can be sure they will always have something uplifting waiting just within reach no matter where they are located throughout America!

Distribution Partners

Available Homes

Immerse yourself in the warm glow of the Great American Family (GFAM) channel as it finds its way into over 50 million homes across the nation, like a comforting fireplace on a chilly winter evening. GFAM is available through various distribution partners such as Cox, Dish, Frontier, Spectrum, and Xfinity.

While DISH Network recently removed GFAM’s Channel 165 due to disputes with Cox Media Group, viewers can still access GFAM through other subscription options offered by these distribution partners. Despite viewer frustration over missing channels during broadcaster negotiations, GFAM remains readily available for those seeking heartwarming holiday programming.

Packages and Subscriptions

To access the Great American Family (GFAM) Channel, you can easily subscribe to one of DISH Network’s available packages. DISH offers a variety of viewing packages that include GFAM and other popular channels.

By subscribing to these packages, you’ll have access to GFAM’s faith-driven programming and holiday content. It’s important to note that GFAM is no longer available on channel 165 due to disputes with Cox Media Group.

However, by selecting the right package from DISH Network, you can still enjoy all the offerings of the Great American Family Channel.

Where Can I Find the GAC Channel Schedule on DISH?

Where Can I Find the GAC Channel Schedule on DISH
To access the GAC channel schedule on DISH Network, you have alternative viewing options such as the Dish website and Dish Anywhere app. Both options offer DVR recording capabilities so you can catch your favorite shows and movies at your convenience.

Alternative Viewing Options

Find your way to an alternative viewing experience and open the door to a world of entertainment beyond traditional channels.

  1. Online Streaming: Access GAC’s Christmas lineup by streaming it online through Dish’s website or Dish Anywhere app.
  2. DVR Options: Make use of DVR recording capabilities offered by both Dish’s website and Dish Anywhere app, so you never miss your favorite shows.
  3. Sling TV: Consider subscribing to Sling TV for savings on your TV bill and access to GAC, along with their promotions like 50% off the first month.

Enjoy all these alternative options while indulging in holiday movies from Great American Living or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

DVR Recording

Capture all your favorite shows on the GAC channel by using the DVR recording feature available through Dish Network. With DVR options, you can easily schedule recordings of your preferred programs and never miss an episode again.

Whether it’s classic shows like Columbo or Murder, She Wrote, or popular series on GAC Living such as Going RV and First Time Flippers, you can record them all with ease.

Channel Show
165 GAC

What is Great American Family (GFAM)?

What is Great American Family (GFAM)
Great American Family (GFAM) is a rebranded channel that was formerly known as Great American Country (GAC). It focuses on faith-driven programming and has made acquisitions such as Season 2 of When Hope Calls and reruns of Fuller House.

The network has faced controversies regarding its stance on films centered around same-sex couples, but it does not have a specific position on non-Christian holiday movies.

Rebranding and Acquisitions

Check out how Great American Family (GFAM) has undergone rebranding and made acquisitions in the past year. After originally being known as Great American Country (GAC), GFAM underwent a name change in August 2022 to better reflect its focus on faith-driven content.

Acquisitions include When Hope Calls Season 2 and reruns of Fuller House, expanding their programming lineup. The network has also attracted Hallmark stars like Trevor Donovan and Jen Lilley, bringing their talent to the GFAM channel.

Despite controversies surrounding certain film choices, GFAM continues to grow with distribution partners including Cox, Dish Network, Frontier, Spectrum, Xfinity, and more.

Focus on Faith-Driven Programming

Explore Great American Family’s commitment to faith-driven programming, featuring shows and movies that align with your values and beliefs. The network has faced controversies surrounding its focus on faith-driven content, but it remains dedicated to providing wholesome entertainment options for viewers.

With the addition of new programming and partnerships, Great American Family continues to expand its original series lineup. Despite mixed reactions from viewers, the network strives to create a community that embraces faith-based storytelling under the leadership of Bill Abbott and Candace Cameron Bure.

Controversies and Stances

Discover the controversies surrounding Great American Family’s stance on non-Christian holiday movies. GFAM, known for its faith-driven programming, has faced criticism for not airing same-sex couple-centered films but hasn’t taken a specific stance on non-Christian holiday movies.

The network’s distribution partners include Spectrum and Xfinity, expanding its reach to over 50 million homes. Bill Abbott, formerly of Hallmark Channel, plays a significant role in the network’s operations.

Actor reactions have been mixed regarding GFAM’s controversial decisions and stances among Television Critics Association members.

Which Hallmark Stars Are Now on Great American Family?

Which Hallmark Stars Are Now on Great American Family
Notable Hallmark stars have made their way to Great American Family (GFAM) after the removal of GAC from DISH Network. Trevor Donovan is involved in GFAM’s holiday programming, Jen Lilley has joined the network, and Candace Cameron Bure takes on a role as the chief creative officer.

Trevor Donovan’s Involvement

Take a trip down memory lane with Trevor Donovan, who you may remember from his Hallmark movie roles, as he brings his talent to Great American Family. Donovan’s involvement in the network showcases the transition of popular Hallmark stars to GFAM.

Alongside other notable actors like Jen Lilley and Candace Cameron Bure, Donovan contributes to the expansion of faith-based programming on GAF. His presence adds a familiar touch for viewers seeking heartfelt and family-friendly content on this new channel.

Jen Lilley’s Move

Find yourself captivated by Jen Lilley’s captivating performances as she makes her move to Great American Family, bringing her undeniable talent and charm to the network’s lineup. 1) Known for her roles in Hallmark movies, Lilley is no stranger to delivering heartwarming moments on screen.

2) Her transition from Hallmark to GFAM showcases her versatility as an actress and willingness to explore new opportunities. 3) While GFAM has faced controversy over its faith-based content and lack of LGBTQ+ storylines, Lilley’s addition adds star power and further diversifies their movie slate.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Role

Experience the influence of Candace Cameron Bure as she takes on the role of Chief Creative Officer for Great American Family. With her involvement, GAF Channel programming has shifted towards faith-driven content and family-friendly entertainment.

However, there have been controversies surrounding GAF’s decision not to air same-sex couple-centered films. Despite this, many notable actors from Hallmark and other networks have expressed their support for Candace Cameron Bure’s role and continue to collaborate with Great American Family in creating wholesome content that aligns with their values.

How Did Great American Family’s Rebranding Impact Hallmark Media?

How Did Great American Family
Moreover, the rebranding of Great American Country (GAC) to Great American Family (GAF) had significant impacts on Hallmark Media. These impacts include reactions to controversies surrounding GAF’s programming choices, changes in programming and scheduling that affected viewers’ access to GAC on DISH Network, and adjustments made by Hallmark stars who are now affiliated with GAF.

Reaction to Controversies

Explore the reactions of notable actors to the controversies surrounding Great American Family’s programming decisions, including their perspectives on representation and diversity in holiday movies. Many actors have expressed their disappointment with GAF’s decision not to air same-sex couple-centered films, citing a lack of inclusivity and progressiveness.

This controversy has sparked discussions about the importance of representing all types of relationships in holiday movies.

Despite these concerns, some viewers appreciate GAF’s faith-driven programming and its focus on family-friendly content.

  • Notable actors express disappointment over the lack of inclusivity.
  • Discussions about representation and diversity in holiday movies.
  • Some viewers appreciate GAF’s faith-driven programming.

Changes in Programming and Scheduling

Discover the exciting changes in programming and scheduling that have taken place since Great American Family’s rebranding. With a focus on faith-driven content, GAF has introduced new shows and made adjustments to their schedule.

Despite network controversies, viewers can still look forward to captivating programming updates. Whether you’re subscribed to DISH Network’s America’s Everything Pack or Flex Pack, these changes in programming and scheduling ensure a diverse range of shows for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

What Happened to Channel 165 on DISH Network?

What Happened to Channel 165 on DISH Network
One thing to note is that Channel 165 on DISH Network, which used to be GAC, is no longer available. According to DISH Network, this change was due to disputes with Cox Media Group and has resulted in the channel’s removal just as GFAM’s Christmas lineup was expected.

Explanation From DISH Network

Find out how DISH Network has addressed the disappearance of channel 165 on their platform and what alternatives they suggest for accessing GFAM’s programming. In response to viewer frustration, DISH Network explained that the removal of channel 165 was due to disputes with Cox Media Group.

The demands made by Cox Media Group affected various network stations, including GAC. While DISH encourages viewers to explore their channel guide for GFAM’s schedule, they also suggest buying specific packages to access the content previously available on GAC Channel 165.

Free Preview Period

During the free preview period, you had the opportunity to enjoy channel 165 on DISH Network and experience all that it had to offer. As a viewer, this allowed you to explore GAC’s lineup of Christmas programming and indulge in your favorite shows and movies.

However, with the expiration of the free preview period came concerns about the sudden disappearance of channel 165 from DISH Network. In response to these concerns, DISH Network has addressed customer inquiries by encouraging them to explore their channel guide for GFAM’s schedule and suggesting specific packages for access.

Dish Networks acknowledged these viewer concerns surrounding GFAM Channel vanishing from their platform. To address these issues, they encouraged customers through various channels like Twitter and website notes, stating they can turn towards exploring their program guides or considering buying additional packages.

They genuinely empathize with frustrated customers caught up during broadcaster negotiations.

Affect on GFAM’s Christmas Lineup

Explore GFAM’s Christmas lineup on DISH Network and immerse yourself in the festive holiday movies that will bring joy to your home this season, even without channel 165. Despite the dispute between GFAM and DISH Network, there is still plenty of holiday programming available for viewers to enjoy.

While it may be disappointing not to have access to channel 165, you can still find a wide variety of heartwarming Christmas movies on other channels. So gather your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and get ready for a cozy movie night filled with holiday cheer.

What Can I Do if I’m Missing Channels on DISH Network?

What Can I Do if I
If you’re missing channels on DISH Network, the company has responded to customer concerns by suggesting a few possible solutions. They encourage viewers to explore their channel guide for GFAM’s schedule and also recommend buying specific packages that provide access to the desired channels.

DISH Network’s Response

Check out DISH Network’s website for their note on missing channels and see how they have addressed the frustration of customers caught in broadcaster negotiations. They understand that losing access to certain channels can be disappointing, especially when it impacts popular programming like GAC.

To help alleviate these concerns, DISH Network suggests exploring alternative viewing options such as the Dish Anywhere app or Sling TV, which offers savings on your TV bill and access to GAC. They are actively working to resolve the broadcast negotiations and appreciate your patience during this time of transition.

Exploring the Channel Guide

Take a stroll through the channel guide to uncover a wide array of captivating shows and movies waiting to be discovered. With DISH Network’s channel guide, you have access to an extensive program schedule that includes popular channels like GAC.

Explore different genres, catch up on your favorite series with DVR recording capabilities, and never miss out on the latest episodes or live events. The channel guide is your gateway to endless entertainment options right at your fingertips.

Channel Program
165 GAC

Experience the convenience of browsing through hundreds of channels available on DISH Network’s comprehensive channel guide. From sports and news to movies and family-friendly programming, there’s something for everyone in the lineup.

Whether you’re looking for a specific show or simply want some inspiration for what to watch next, exploring the channel guide gives you access not only to GAC but also other exciting content from various networks.

With easy-to-use features like search functionality and filtering options by genre or time slot, finding what you want has never been easier! Plus, don’t forget about Dish Anywhere app where users can also explore their favorite programs even when they’re away from home!

So if you’re wondering what happened with GAC on DISH Network, don’t worry – it may just be a matter of navigating through their user-friendly channel guide interface!

Specific Packages for Access

To gain access to specific packages that include the Great American Family (GFAM) channel, you can simply opt for Dish’s premium offerings. By subscribing to these viewing plans, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy GFAM and all its holiday programming.

Whether it’s faith-driven content or classic shows like When Hope Calls Season 2 and Fuller House reruns, Dish Network has subscription options that cater to your preferences.

Explore their website or contact customer service for more information on channel access details.

  • Choose from Dish’s premium offerings
  • Enjoy GFAM and its holiday programming
  • Access faith-driven content
  • Watch When Hope Calls Season 2 and Fuller House reruns
  • Contact customer service for more information

What is the Complete Guide to Great American Family’s Lineup?

What is the Complete Guide to Great American Family
To access the complete guide to Great American Family’s lineup, head over to DISH’s website where you can find all the information about their programs and shows. From holiday movies to faith-driven programming, DISH provides an overview of what you can expect from this new channel.

Accessing the Guide on DISH’s Website

Explore DISH’s website to easily access the complete guide to Great American Family’s lineup and stay up-to-date with your favorite shows and holiday programming. The DISH website provides online program listings, allowing you to view the schedule for Great American Family (GFAM) and other channels.

With just a few clicks, you can find channel information, discover new shows, and plan your TV viewing accordingly.

Overview of Programs and Shows

Check out the exciting lineup of programs and shows on Great American Family’s channel, featuring a range of faith-driven content and holiday movies starring beloved actors like Trevor Donovan and Jen Lilley.

Here is an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Holiday Lineup: Get in the festive spirit with a variety of heartwarming Christmas movies that will bring joy to your family.
  2. Popular Shows: Enjoy original programming such as Going RV, First Time Flippers, and Log Cabin Kings for entertainment that showcases unique lifestyles.
  3. Weekend Marathons: Dive into captivating weekend marathons featuring classic shows like Murder, She Wrote and Columbo for hours of suspenseful storytelling.
  4. Original Programming: Great American Family offers a diverse array of original programming catered to viewers seeking uplifting content rooted in faith-based values.
  5. Overview Of Programs And Shows: From wholesome family-oriented series to inspiring stories centered around Christian beliefs, Great American Family provides an inclusive platform catering to those looking for positive entertainment options.

How Can I Stay Updated on Changes to GAC and GFAM?

How Can I Stay Updated on Changes to GAC and GFAM
Stay updated on any changes to GAC and GFAM by tuning in regularly and keeping an eye out for announcements during your favorite shows.

  • Follow the official social media accounts of Great American Family (GFAM) and Great American Country (GAC) for the latest updates on program modifications.
  • Check the websites of DISH Network, GFAM, and GAC for any news or announcements regarding channel changes.
  • Sign up for newsletters or email notifications from DISH Network to receive important updates directly in your inbox.
  • Contact DISH Network’s customer service if you have specific questions or concerns about recent developments.

By actively seeking information through these channels, you’ll be able to stay informed about any changes that may impact your viewing experience.


With over 50 million homes now receiving it, Great American Family (GFAM) has become a popular choice for holiday programming in just its first year of existence. However, its recent disappearance from the DISH Network due to a dispute with Cox Media Group has left viewers without access to its lineup of Christmas movies.

Fortunately, DISH Network still offers alternative ways to watch GFAM, as well as promotions like 50% off the first month and a free Amazon Fire Stick. All viewers need to do is explore their channel guide for GFAM’s schedule and consider buying specific packages to access the network.

So while some may be feeling disappointed at losing GAC on DISH, there are still plenty of ways to keep up with GFAM’s programming this holiday season.

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