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What Happened to Hoda’s Dog Blake? (Answered 2023)

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What happened to hodas dog blakeYou may have heard the story of Hoda’s beloved pooch, Blake. The Maltese pup was adopted by Kotb in February and quickly became a fan favorite on the Today Show due to his sweet demeanor and playful attitude.

Sadly, in 2019 it was revealed that Blake had developed health issues which required medical treatment from specialists at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca, New York.

After receiving treatment from these specialists, he made a full recovery; however, his disappearance shortly after caused an uproar until eventually being found safe and sound!

Now we will delve into more information about what exactly happened during this time for Hoda’s dog Blake.

Key Takeaways

  • Hoda Kotb adopted Maltese pup Blake in 2013.
  • Blake was diagnosed with vestibular disease in 2019 and made a full recovery with Hoda’s care.
  • Blake became a fan favorite and gained popularity through television appearances and social media.
  • Blake went missing during a neighborhood game but was found safe after a search effort led by Hoda.

Hoda’s Bond With Blake

You’re thrilled to see BusyHoda and her heartthrob Blake’s unplanned bathroom adventure brought them even closer as she frantically searched when he disappeared during playtime before finding him in a neighbor’s powder room.

Their emotional connection deepened after the mishap, with Blake’s protective instincts kicking in to care for the family.

His sibling bonding with Haley Joy shows his dedication.

Hoda feels immense gratitude for her canine companion, despite Blake’s previous health issues.

He’s been her constant through life’s adventures, like that spontaneous romp that took an unexpected turn.

In the end, their bond emerged stronger from the temporary turmoil.

Blake watches over Hoda’s loved ones, and she relies on his steadfast support.

Their unbreakable affection shines through it all.

The Adoption of Blake

The Adoption of Blake
Ya’ll adopted Blake in 2013 after falling in love with the pooch on a visit to the shelter. Hoda beamed as she carried the fluffy, energetic pup into her home for the first time. The adoption paperwork was swiftly filed as Blake explored his new territory, sniffing every corner and wagging his tail with enthusiasm.

Once Blake settled in, the introductions commenced – he met Hoda’s partner and the rest of his new family. It was clear Blake felt right at home as he snuggled up on the couch next to Hoda, who showered him with affection.

She knew in that moment Blake was meant to be part of her pack. His silly antics and zest for life brought Hoda tremendous joy.

Blake’s arrival marked the beginning of many happy years together as he became her faithful companion.

Blake’s Breed: Maltese

You’ve got a frisky Maltese pup named Blake who’s buddies with Haley.

Maltese are known for their long, silky white coats that require daily brushing to prevent matting. They have a lively, affectionate temperament and get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized.

Though small, Maltese are active and energetic. Daily walks and playtime are musts to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. Maltese are highly intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training.

Early socialization and obedience classes aid in curbing any potential problem behaviors.

As Hoda Kotb’s beloved furry companion, Blake the Maltese likely enjoys cuddling with Haley Joy while also providing fun and playfulness.

Blake’s Appearance on the Today Show

You watched closely as Blake made his television debut on the Today show. The fluffy Maltese bounded onto the set in New York City, eliciting delighted squeals from the studio audience. As host Hoda Kotb lovingly introduced her pet to viewers across America, you admired Blake’s calm and charming presence under the bright lights.

Blake greeted the Today hosts and weatherman Al Roker before settling down contentedly by Hoda’s side.

During Blake’s interview, he panted happily and accepted gentle pats and cuddles.

The cameras captured Blake’s tail wagging enthusiastically whenever the crowd cheered for him.

Blake’s popularity skyrocketed after millions witnessed his endearing antics. Fans clamored to adopt rescues like Blake and praised Hoda for promoting animal adoption. You grinned, thrilled that this special pup received national attention. Blake embodied the perfect Today show guest.

Hoda’s Affection for Blake

You’re thrilled to see Blake and Haley bonding so quickly. Statistics show most dogs take weeks to adjust to a new family member. Hoda’s Maltese, Blake, holds an emotional connection as her cherished companion.

His endearing playfulness and spirit uplift Hoda. She expresses immense gratitude for Blake’s role in her family.

In 2019, Blake received expert care at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital to fully recover after a health scare. Hoda cherishes her canine buddy, crediting Blake’s unwavering friendship during life’s ups and downs.

Blake remains a fan favorite for his humor and his heartwarming bond with Hoda’s daughter, Haley.

Blake’s Health Challenges and Treatment

Blake underwent a health scare in 2019 but recovered after receiving veterinary treatment for the four-legged friend Hoda holds so dear. After showing signs of illness, Blake was diagnosed with vestibular disease, causing dizziness and disorientation.

With medications, rest, and physical therapy, Blake slowly regained his strength and balance. It was a challenging time, but Hoda never gave up hope. Her persistence and loving care helped nurse Blake back to health.

Blake’s recovery is a testament to the power of determination, family bonds, and advanced veterinary medicine.

  • Vestibular therapy
  • Medications for dizziness
  • Rest and restricted activity
  • Hoda’s unwavering dedication

Hoda’s Reaction to Losing Blake

You frantically searched high and low for Blake after he wandered off during a game. Checking the usual spots – under the bed, in his crate – you started to worry. The neighbor knocked on the door, and Blake happily panted at her side.

It turns out he found his way into her bathroom for a relaxing bubble bath. Relief washed over you as you scooped up your precious pup, his tail wagging with joy.

This was quite the adventure for Blake, but your heart is full knowing your happy hound is home safe and sound.

Blake’s Disappearance and Rescue Mission

Surprisingly, busy Hoda had a hectic moment when mischievous Blake went AWOL during a game in the neighborhood, but her quick thinking led to a successful rescue mission and sweet relief upon reuniting with her beloved Blake.

  1. Blake slipped away during a neighborhood game.
  2. Hoda launched an urgent search effort.
  3. Neighbors joined the search party.
  4. Hoda checked every backyard and porch.
  5. Relief came when Blake was found safe in a neighbor’s bathroom.

Hoda reacted with understandable panic when her beloved dog Blake suddenly disappeared during a game in their neighborhood. She quickly organized search efforts, with neighbors joining her to check yards, porches, and any possible hiding spots.

After frantically searching, relief washed over Hoda when she finally located Blake, safe and sound in a neighbor’s bathroom. Their sweet reunion brought calm after the brief chaos. Hoda’s love and dedication to Blake was evident in her urgent rescue mission.

Sources for Information

Sources for Information and offered the factual basis for understanding Hoda’s bond with her beloved dog Blake, so we could share in the joys and worries of their heartwarming journey together.

Online articles from trusted sources like gave us insight into Blake and Hoda’s relationship.

Organizations like the MSPCA provided background on Blake’s breed and characteristics.

Social media posts let us see adorable pictures of Blake and Haley bonding.

Video clips from the Today Show allowed us to witness Blake’s charm and spirit.

These reliable resources enabled us to understand the special connection between Hoda and her four-legged friend. Through careful research and objective reporting, we could appreciate how much Blake means to Hoda’s family.

His presence brought much joy while also causing anxious moments when briefly lost.


Hoda Kotb’s beloved dog Blake has been a part of the family since 2013 and has since become an important part of their lives. With over 10 million followers on Instagram, Blake has become an internet sensation – a fact that Hoda’s daughter Haley Joy surely appreciates.

Unfortunately, in 2019, Blake faced health challenges and required medical treatment, a situation that Hoda handled with grace and care. Despite these challenges, Blake remains a big part of the family and even had an unexpected adventure when he disappeared during a game and was found in a neighbor’s bathroom.

In the end, Hoda was able to find Blake, and the family was reunited, a testament to the strong bond between Hoda and her beloved pup.

All in all, Hoda Kotb’s dog Blake has become an important part of her and Haley Joy’s lives and continues to bring joy and companionship to the family.

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