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Jake From Pit Bulls and Parolees Tragically Died by Suicide During Police Raid Full Guide of 2023

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What happened to jake from pitbulls and paroleesYou meet life’s challenges head-on when you care for those who can’t speak for themselves. Pit bulls get a bad rap, but Jake Gardner saw their potential. He worked at Villalobos Rescue Center on Pit Bulls and Parolees, giving second chances to dogs and parolees alike.

Though he has moved on, his passion still drives him to lift up the underdogs. The world needs more people like Jake, whose heart for service helps the helpless find hope.

Key Takeaways

  • Worked at Villalobos Rescue Center and later founded his own pit bull rescue in North Carolina.
  • James Scurlock was fatally shot by Jake Gardner during protests in Omaha, Nebraska after Gardner asked Scurlock to leave a bar area.
  • Gardner was indicted for manslaughter but argued the shooting was self-defense. He died by suicide before surrendering to face charges.
  • Scurlock’s family sued the prosecutor claiming an unfair trial led to Gardner’s suicide, but a judge dismissed the case after finding no evidence of a conspiracy to deny a fair trial.

Jake Gardner’s Pit Bull Rescue

Jake Gardner
You’re still focused on giving pit bulls a second chance through your non-profit rescue in North Carolina, despite leaving Pit Bulls & Parolees years ago. Fighting pit bull overpopulation and breed discrimination, you provide alternatives to euthanasia through local shelter partnerships.

Your spay/neuter outreach combats the root of the problem. Although Jake Gardner was indicted for killing James Scurlock, his family claimed an unfair trial led to his suicide. Refusing to lose hope, you continue rescuing pit bulls and educating the public on their worth.

Jake’s Time on Pit Bulls & Parolees

Jake was once a star on Pit Bulls & Parolees with Tia Torres before starting his own rescue. Interestingly, over 90% of dogs entering North Carolina shelters are euthanized in gas chambers. After gaining experience managing operations at Villalobos Rescue Center and appearing on the show, Jake decided to start his own pit bull focused rescue in North Carolina due to the overcrowding and high euthanasia rates.

He named it Jake Gardner Rescue and aimed to provide more humane options for pit bulls and other breeds entering shelters. His goal has been to promote education, adoptions, and rehabilitation while reducing euthanasia rates.

Though no longer affiliated with the show, Jake’s time on Pit Bulls & Parolees helped prepare him for running his own rescue and promoting pit bull adoptions.

Jake’s Work After Leaving the Show

After leaving Pit Bulls & Parolees, Jake Gardner used his TV experience to start his own nondiscriminatory pit bull rescue in North Carolina called Jake Gardner Rescue. Gardner was motivated by his beliefs on humane animal rescue and no-kill policies.

He took action in North Carolina due to the area’s shelter overcrowding and continued use of gas chamber euthanasia.

Through his rescue, Gardner aimed to:

  • Promote spaying/neutering to reduce overpopulation
  • Provide humane euthanasia options if needed
  • Educate on the importance of rescue and adoption

Gardner worked with shelters, other local rescues, and the community to build kennels and help as many dogs as possible find loving homes. He relied on donations and sponsorships to fund operations. His goal was establishing a permanent Randolph County facility for the rescue.

Gardner felt all dogs deserved a chance, not just pit bulls.

Jake Gardner’s Death

Jake Gardner
Jakes fatal shooting during protests proved too much for Jake, leading to his tragic end from suicide. The controversial shooting occurred amidst protests following the death of George Floyd. Jake was accused of manslaughter by a grand jury and special prosecutor Don Kleine.

Though Jakes disputed the cases portrayal, he was set to surrender to face charges before taking his own life. The situation highlighted issues like pit bull discrimination, euthanasia ethics, and shelter overcrowding that Jakes rescue aimed to address.

His family pursued legal action alleging denied due process, but a judge dismissed claims as legally unviable. This developing story shows how complex factors surrounding Jakes work and death remain. While the full truth may never emerge, Jakes rescue legacy continues serving overlooked dogs.

Theres always more to learn when serving others.

The Shooting of James Scurlock

The Shooting of James Scurlock
The fatal shooting of James Scurlock occurred during protests following George Floyd’s death, leading to manslaughter charges that Jake Gardner would never face before his own tragic end. Amid the recent protests, Gardner fatally shot Scurlock in an altercation after asking the victim and others to leave the area around his bar.

A grand jury indicted Gardner for manslaughter, but he argued the shooting was justified in self-defense. With the victim’s background subject to scrutiny and jurors potentially influenced by media coverage of the justice system’s response, Gardner lost faith that due process would fairly weigh his self-defense claim.

Facing a traumatic brain injury and believing the jury pool was tainted, Gardner died by suicide before he was set to surrender to authorities on the indictment. The case highlighted issues of justified force and due process during a time of civil unrest over perceived systemic injustices.

Lawsuit Over Jake’s Death Dismissed

Lawsuit Over Jake
You’ll rue the day the judge tossed out Gardner’s family’s case over his demise amidst the furor.

  1. The family sought damages from the prosecutor and county attorney.
  2. They claimed the prosecutor’s comments caused Gardner to lose faith in the justice system.
  3. The judge found their claims were not legally viable.
  4. He ruled there was no evidence of a conspiracy to deprive Gardner of a fair trial.

The family disputed the characterization of the case and the refusal to disclose alleged racist comments. However, the judge found their claims were moot since Gardner had no right to a fair trial violated.

There was no legal basis for liability over the prosecutor’s remarks that led to Gardner’s preventable suicide after the shooting during protests following George Floyd’s death. The former Pit Bulls & Parolees star faced manslaughter charges in James Scurlock’s death amidst conflict with law and prosecution denouncement.

But the judge’s ruling analysis found the wrongful death lawsuit not viable despite the family response.

Prosecutor’s Alleged Racist Comments

You should hear the prosecutor’s alleged racist remarks that supposedly pushed Jake over the edge. Details remain private regarding the prosecutor’s comments during the grand jury indictment process for Jake’s manslaughter charge.

His defense team sought to obtain both transcripts and recordings which the court refused to disclose. While the family feels certain damning racism was behind the prosecutor’s pursuit of charges, no concrete evidence has emerged to validate those accusations.

The refusal to release the prosecutor’s actual statements prevents definitive analysis of their impact.

Jake’s supporters still believe racial bias pushed him to suicide, denying due process.

Jake’s legacy lives on through his North Carolina rescue, inspired by his time at Villalobos with Kanani Chock, spreading the mission of pit bulls and parolees. The prosecutor’s remarks, real or rumored, shaped Jake’s final days after the fateful shooting during chaotic protests.

Family Disputes Case Details

Family Disputes Case Details
Moving forward from the concerns around alleged racist remarks, the family behind the lawsuit had strong objections to how the case was being characterized. They disputed multiple aspects of the prosecutor’s statements and justifications for not releasing details about the alleged comments.

Most centrally, they alleged the denial of due process stemming from the prosecutor’s public remarks directly led to Gardner’s suicide. However, the presiding judge ultimately ruled these claims didn’t have legal viability to move forward.

He found no evidence of a conspiracy to deprive Gardner of a fair trial, and that any impact of the prosecutor’s comments was moot since Gardner died before actually facing the charges in court. The judge determined the family’s arguments didn’t demonstrate a violation of Gardner’s rights or provide grounds for liability against the county and prosecutor.

While certainly grieving a tragic loss, the family’s desired legal remedies weren’t deemed viable by the court.

Here are 5 notable aspects the family objected to in the case:

  1. Claims Gardner was an initial aggressor in the shooting
  2. Refusal to disclose alleged racist remarks by prosecutor
  3. Assertions Gardner was fleeing capture when he died
  4. Lack of due process protections after indictment
  5. Characterization of Gardner as a criminal before trial


You watch as Jake’s pit bull rescue fades in the rearview mirror. The dogs’ barks grow fainter while his memory lingers. Though gone, his mission lives on through each adoption. As the van rounds the bend, you know his love rescued countless dogs from cruel fates.

Now they enjoy lives filled with playtime, cozy beds, and someone who cares. They conquered together against all odds. His enduring spirit marches beside them still, leading the charge against cruelty and indifference.

So long as just one underdog finds safety, Jake’s legacy endures. That feeling, knowing he made all the difference for them? That’s Jake smiling down from doggy heaven.

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