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What Happened to JB Taco From Bar Rescue? (Answered 2023)

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What happened to JB taco from Bar RescueOver 400 thousand dollars invested and two homes on the line—that was the dire situation John Willis and Bert Novey were facing when they called in Bar Rescue to help their Richardson, Texas sports bar Harbor Point Club & Grill.

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer worked tirelessly to save JB Taco – as he renamed it – from its financial woes.

You’ll be surprised by what happened next: under new ownership, the bar underwent yet another rebranding before landing on its current status as Good Vibes Bar & Grill.

Tune in for all the details about this incredible transformation that occurred at JB Taco thanks to Bar Rescue!

Key Takeaways

  • Over $400k was invested and two homes were at risk
  • Jon Taffer worked to save the bar, which he renamed JB Taco
  • There was positive customer feedback on the service, tacos, and atmosphere
  • A dangerous grease fire forced a shutdown

JB Taco Update – What Happened Next?

JB Taco Update - What Happened Next
You’ll recall JB Taco from Bar Rescue. Last we heard, the struggling bar had closed down for good after briefly reopening under new management.

After the closure in early 2020, JB Taco found new owners willing to give the neighborhood pub a fresh start. They renovated the tired interior, revamped the menu to highlight Tex-Mex favorites, and rebranded as Good Vibes Bar and Grill.

Early customer feedback has been positive, with patrons praising the friendly service, tasty tacos, and lively atmosphere. While the future remains uncertain, the new owners seem determined to leave JB Taco’s troubled past behind by delivering solid drinks, food, and fun to Richardson regulars.

Only time will tell if Good Vibes can overcome JB Taco’s legacy, but the encouraging early reception bodes well.

Under New Ownership

Under New Ownership
After changing hands multiple times, the building that once housed JB Taco has been purchased and renovated by new owners unrelated to the Bar Rescue show. They implemented a fresh business strategy and menu, focusing more on classic bar food and daily drink specials to draw in customers.

Early feedback on the renovations and new offerings from both new and returning patrons has been overwhelmingly positive so far. The new team made some staffing changes as well, keeping on a few familiar faces from before but bringing in a new general manager and mixologist to spearhead the revived operation.

While time will tell if this latest incarnation is there to stay, the owners seem committed to making it work through smart business practices tailored to the neighborhood. With an inviting atmosphere and reasonable prices, they hope to establish it as a go-to local spot.

A Closer Look

A Closer Look
Take a virtual drive past that faded sign to see a shuttered storefront where a promising concept once drew excited customers inside. Struggles plagued the establishment from the start, as owners invested life savings and cashed in 401ks to launch their taco dream.

But an outdated interior and uncleaned kitchen led to a dangerous grease fire, forcing a shutdown.

A fiery makeover sparked hope, as the menu expanded taco varieties and positive reviews poured in. Customers raved about scrumptious food and friendly staff. But mixed reactions followed rapid rebranding attempts, losing the magic.

Unable to bounce back from behind-the-scenes troubles, the doors soon closed for good – another small business couldn’t beat the odds. Though regulars still reminisce on social media about favorite tacos, losses reached beyond the restaurant’s walls, costing them homes.

The Rebranding: Rocket’s Sports Bar & Grill

The Rebranding: Rocket
Moving on from the short stint as JB Taco, you’d then encounter Rocket’s Sports Bar & Grill arising in its place, a fanciful shift leaving mixed impressions on returning patrons. The tap selection expanded, live music and big screens created a fun environment suitable for sports bar aficionados.

However, the drastic rebranding alienated some loyal customers who enjoyed JB Taco’s street-style tacos.

With neither concept fully realized before pivoting again, the trajectory seemed aimless despite earnest efforts by staff to deliver quality service. While certainly an ambitious undertaking, success would require consistency, focused vision, and strategic marketing to truly lift this fledgling establishment into an energetic neighborhood fixture.

Though the door revolved once more, the potential remained. Should future proprietors thoughtfully fuse the establishment’s strengths into an alluring, cohesive brand identity.

The Current Status: Good Vibes Bar and Grill

The Current Status: Good Vibes Bar and Grill
You’ll find Good Vibes Bar and Grill in its place now. Walking through the doors, you’re greeted with a relaxed, beachy atmosphere. The new owners have revamped the menu, focusing on fresh seafood and island-inspired dishes.

Under new management, Good Vibes has worked hard to become a staple in the community. Regulars rave about the daily happy hour specials, karaoke nights, and shuffleboard tables. While sales started slowly, they’ve seen steady growth as word has spread about the tasty food and great entertainment.

The owners remain optimistic about the future and have plans to expand the outdoor patio area. With an inviting vibe and tasty dishes, Good Vibes has s쳮ded in transforming the former Harbor Point into a bright spot in Richardson.


The saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After Bar Rescue’s makeover of JB Taco, the Richardson, Texas restaurant went through a series of owners before landing with Good Vibes Bar and Grill in 2020.

Despite the rollercoaster of changes, the restaurant has maintained its popularity and success in the local community. Even though the original owners, John Willis and Bert Novey, are no longer in the bar business, their reimagined and renamed establishment, JB Taco, continues to thrive.

The restaurant has been able to stand the test of time and continues to serve up delicious tacos, drinks, and good vibes to the Richardson community.

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