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What Happened to Rob Dyrdek’s Dog Meaty? (Answered 2023)

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What happened to robIt’s no secret that Rob Dyrdek is a big-time dog lover. He was over the moon when he welcomed his new puppy, Beefy into his life – making him the proud dad of two bulldogs! But what happened to Rob’s first pup, Meaty?

In its heyday, this beloved English Bulldog served as an integral part of MTV’s hit show ROB & BIG and gained fame for being one heck of a lovable character. Even though Meaty has passed away now and lives on in our hearts forevermore, it’s time we take a look back at all that made this furry friend so special to Rob Dyrdek and fans alike.

From discovering how they met right down to reminiscing about their happiest moments together – let us walk you through everything there is to know about them both! Rob adopted Meaty from a shelter when he was just a puppy.

Meaty quickly became Rob’s furry sidekick, accompanying him on skate sessions and appearing in various stunts and pranks on Rob & Big. Fans fell in love with Meaty’s silly antics and squishy face. He brought laughter and joy to everyone he met.

Though Meaty passed away in 2010 at the age of 12, his memory lives on. Rob got a tattoo to commemorate his beloved pup. Meaty played a special role in Rob’s life and made a lasting impact on pop culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Rob Dyrdek owned two bulldogs, Meaty and Mini.
  • Meaty, adopted from a shelter as a puppy, was Rob’s loyal sidekick on Rob & Big.
  • Meaty gained fame for his silly antics and stunts on the show.
  • Meaty’s passing in 2010 due to plane depressurization left a meaningful legacy in pop culture.

Rob Dyrdek’s New Puppy, Beefy

Rob Dyrdek
Rob Dyrdek’s new puppy, Beefy, got back home with his signature sloppiness as Meaty’s legacy lives on in spirit despite the misfortune that befell him during that one flight. Beefy’s arrival marks a new chapter, his outgoing personality and adventures with Rob sure to provide joyful impact.

Though Rob mourns Meaty, Beefy’s future looks bright. The English bulldog puppy will make his own mark with slobber and snorts, Rob welcoming him into the family. Beefy has big paws to fill as Rob’s new sidekick, but the skater-turned-entrepreneur knows Beefy’s heart is as big as the drool that will coat the floors.

Rob looks forward to Beefy’s antics; his estate built for canine exploration. Bonding through play, Beefy’s presence reinvigorates Rob. The pup embodies Meaty’s spirit, Rob at peace knowing his dear friend lives on through Beefy’s slobbery kisses and snuggles.

The Passing of Rob Dyrdek’s Dog Meaty

The Passing of Rob Dyrdek
I understand you are inquiring about the passing of Rob Dyrdek’s dog Meaty. Meaty was adopted during the filming of Rob & Big and became a loyal companion to Dyrdek over 14 years. Unfortunately, Meaty passed away on a plane due to a depressurization oversight that Dyrdek deeply mourns.

Meaty’s Role in Rob’s Life

Though you cherished Mini and welcomed Beefy, Meaty remained Rob’s most loyal companion through the highs and lows.

  • Meaty’s Legacy – As Rob’s first English bulldog, Meaty paved the way for future pups and left a lasting legacy.
  • Rob’s Companion – Meaty stood by Rob’s side through life’s adventures, providing companionship and comfort.
  • Meaty’s Influence – With his big personality, Meaty made his mark on Rob’s career and became a reality TV star.
  • Pet Connection – Their bond went beyond owner and pet to a deep friendship and source of joy.
  • Meaty’s Impact – Meaty brought laughter, messy kisses and endless entertainment into Rob’s daily routine.

Meaty was an integral part of Rob’s life and his passing left a void that could never be completely filled. Though future dogs would be welcomed into the family, Meaty’s spirit would continue impacting Rob forever.

The Circumstances of Meaty’s Passing

So the biggest issue here is that sweet Meaty passed away at 14 years old due to a depressurization oversight on the plane. But we can take comfort knowing this loyal companion enriched Rob’s life for over a decade.

The plane incident stemming from a depressurization oversight led to Meaty’s untimely passing. Although Rob grieves this loss, Meaty’s legacy lives on through the years of companionship and joy he brought.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Meaty found his proper home with Rob in the Hollywood Hills.

Rob Dyrdek’s Fond Memories of Meaty

Rob Dyrdek
Losin’ Meaty still breaks your heart, don’t it? That doggone pup sure left a hole in your life. Meaty was more than just a pet – he was your best bud and loyal companion. You’ll never forget those slobbery kisses, goofy antics, and heartfelt cuddles.

Meaty’s devotion reminds you that the love of a dog is a precious gift. Cherish those special moments forever. The bond between man and dog can’t be beat. No doubt losin’ Meaty was a bitter pill to swallow.

The key is to celebrate the time you shared. Focus on the happy times. Keep Meaty’s memory alive.

Rob Dyrdek’s Pets: Meaty and Mini

Rob Dyrdek
You know how one day your bulldog’s just chillin’ on a plane, slobberin’ away like they do, and the next they’re gone before their time ’cause someone screwed up with the pressurization. For over 14 years, Meaty blessed Rob Dyrdek’s life and home with unconditional love and loyalty.

His legacy lives on through Rob’s fond memories of lazy days on the couch and playful walks around the neighborhood.

While Meaty can never be replaced, Rob finds comfort knowing his mini horse Mini now roams free under the nurturing care of trainer Flame. New animal friends can’t fill the void left by a beloved pet, but they can bring joy and purpose to each new day.

Rob cherishes the special bonds he’s forged, remembering Meaty’s slobbering face and envisioning Mini’s mane flowing in the wind.

Rob Dyrdek’s Continuing Love for Animals

Rob Dyrdek
The heartbreaking news that Meaty, Rob Dyrdek’s beloved English bulldog companion, passed away during a flight is tragic, despite Dyrdek’s enduring affection for animals. Though the loss was tragic, Dyrdek’s advocacy for rescue animals remains steadfast.

Perhaps Meaty’s memory will inspire Dyrdek’s next mission – shining light where it’s needed most. Many hip hop stars value flashy wealth, but Dyrdek’s humility and care for animals reveal character. He gave Mini the mini horse away to meet the animal’s needs. Though fame comes and goes, Dyrdek’s values endure.

As Meaty brought him joy in life, may the dog’s memory move others to show compassion. Our animal friends rely on us, so let’s honor them as family. Dyrdek would want that for all creatures, great and small.


Rob Dyrdek’s love for animals is clear in his fond memories of his beloved dog Meaty. Sadly, Meaty passed away on a plane – the circumstances of that day serve as a reminder of how quickly life can be taken.

Meaty was more than a pet to Rob; he was a loyal companion that provided comfort and joy when Rob needed it. Rob’s new puppy, Beefy, shows his continued love for animals. Meaty’s passing is a reminder to cherish our furry friends, as they’re truly irreplaceable.

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