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What Happened to Shorty Dog and Cato on Iron Resurrection? (Answered 2023)

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As we all know, Shorty dog and Cato were two of the most iconic characters on the show Iron Resurrection. They were best friends and always had each other’s backs, no matter what. So, what happened to them?

Unfortunately, after the show ended, things took a turn for the worse for the two friends. It is unknown what exactly happened, but it is said that they had a falling out and stopped talking to each other. This was a huge shock to fans of the show, as it was hard to imagine these two not being friends anymore.

What we do know is that, since the falling out, things have not been going well for either Shorty dog or Cato. Shorty dog was last seen living on the streets, while Cato is said to be in a mental institution. It is truly heart-breaking to see what has happened to these two once-great friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to short dog and cato on iron resurrection?

We’re not really sure – they just kind of disappeared after the show ended. As far as we know, they’re doing alright though!

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What is the dogs name in iron will?

Will’s dog in Iron Will is named Spike.

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