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FedEx Holidays 2023: What Days Off Do Employees Get?

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What holidays do FedEx employees get offAs the new year approaches, many of us are looking forward to taking some much-needed time off.

From New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Valentine’s Day and Christmas, this article outlines what holidays FedEx employees get off in 2023 as well as relevant information regarding service operations during these times.

Read on for more details about the upcoming holiday schedule at FedEx so that you can plan accordingly!

Key Takeaways

  • FedEx employees get New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day off.
  • FedEx provides limited pickup and delivery services on some holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  • FedEx Freight stays open on select holidays.
  • FedEx operates as usual on Veterans Day.

FedEx Holidays in 2023

FedEx Holidays in 2023
You’re probably wondering exactly which holidays FedEx observes each year and on which employees typically get the day off. While FedEx employees have New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day off, they typically work on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

New Year’s Day

FedEx will be closed on Monday, January 1st, 2023 for New Year’s Day, so you’ll need to ship your package by December 14th for Ground or December 20th for Express Saver if you want delivery before the holiday weekend.

FedEx Home Delivery will not deliver on New Year’s Day.

Drop boxes will not be collected on January 1st.

Most FedEx Office locations will be closed.

There will be no FedEx Express delivery, including FedEx SameDay City.

New Year’s Day is a paid holiday for FedEx employees. Closures help workers enjoy time off with their families.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Before you get wrapped up in President’s Day sales, remember Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and the fight for civil rights isn’t over. MLK Day celebrates his life, values, and accomplishments. This federal holiday honors a man who dedicated himself to justice and equality.

His inspirational messages still resonate today. Community events like parades and service projects keep his dream alive.

President’s Day

You’ll have the day off on President’s Day this year. As an employee of FedEx, you receive paid time off for major federal holidays like President’s Day. This holiday celebrates George Washington’s birthday and gives you an extra day to spend with family while still receiving your normal wages.

Taking advantage of holidays like President’s Day is one of the perks of working at FedEx.

Valentine’s Day

Don’t let your heart break, Valentine’s Day is open for business at FedEx. This holiday, known for romance, hasn’t affected FedEx employee benefits or holiday hours. You can ship romantic gifts on time with FedEx’s reliable service. Meet all shipping deadlines for your valentines with FedEx’s typical business hours, ensuring timely delivery amidst the season of love.

Memorial Day

Keep those shipments moving even on Memorial Day since FedEx Freight stays open. Although FedEx and USPS are closed, you still have options for Memorial Day package delivery. Redirect packages to holding locations, schedule pickups in advance, or use our virtual mailbox with package forwarding over the long weekend.

We’ll scan and forward your mail so you don’t miss a beat this Memorial Day. Reliable service and smart shipping solutions keep packages moving when post offices take a holiday.

Labor Day

Whoa Nelly, you’ll be bucking hay on Labor Day since FedEx hands out that holiday like candy! While others celebrate with BBQs or sales, FedEx employees work through peak shipping times. No holiday pay or time off for delivering your Labor Day packages. FedEx operations run as usual, keeping deliveries moving so you can enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day

You’ll have a turkey day off when Thanksgiving arrives.

  • Cook up a feast with family and friends.
  • Watch the big football game after eating.
  • Enjoy moments of gratitude and quality time.
  • Relax and give your mind and body a break.
  • Get a head start on holiday shopping deals.

FedEx closes on Thanksgiving Day so employees can fully enjoy the holiday with loved ones. Carriers do not pick up or deliver shipments, and service centers are closed. Customers should plan ahead for Thanksgiving shipping deadlines.

Christmas Day

Get ready to reschedule your FedEx deliveries, as they’re closed on Christmas Day. As one of FedEx’s major holidays, most services are suspended. While employees get to enjoy Christmas with their families, customers must plan around the holiday closure.

Ship early and utilize FedEx’s holiday services to ensure timely deliveries. Though Christmas leads to modified operations, FedEx’s holiday spirit remains as they prioritize employees and customers.

What Services Are Closed on Major Holidays?

What Services Are Closed on Major Holidays
On Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, FedEx closes most of its services. However, a few options like Saturday delivery and FedEx SameDay service remain open, so you can still ship packages on major holidays if needed.

Independence Day

Your Independence Day plans get put on hold since FedEx closes that day.

  1. FedEx closes for Independence Day every year.
  2. Employees receive PTO on this major U.S. holiday.
  3. No pickups or deliveries on July 4th.
  4. FedEx Freight operations are also closed.

No deliveries or operations run on Independence Day. FedEx employees receive paid time off to celebrate the federal holiday marking America’s declaration of independence from Britain.


Surprisingly, FedEx closes entirely on Thanksgiving Day, giving all employees a paid day off to spend the holiday with family. During this cherished time, the company shows its gratitude by allowing workers to take Thanksgiving off without using vacation days.

This generous policy enables FedEx staff to fully enjoy Thanksgiving traditions and quality time with loved ones.


You’ll have the day off when Christmas rolls around since FedEx closes its doors completely that day.

Here are 5 important things to know about FedEx on Christmas:

  1. All FedEx shipping services are closed on December 25th for Christmas.
  2. No pickups or deliveries take place on Christmas Day.
  3. FedEx Express, Ground, Home Delivery, Freight, and Office locations are closed.
  4. Employees get Christmas Day off as part of their holiday benefits package.
  5. Make sure to ship packages before the holiday deadlines to avoid delays.

The FedEx Christmas schedule provides employees with a well-deserved break during the busy holiday season.

Make sure you ship packages in time and have a happy holiday!

FedEx Holiday Schedule and Service Operations

FedEx Holiday Schedule and Service Operations
Welcome back. For the major holidays when FedEx has closed services, there are still some delivery options. Saturday Delivery continues for eligible FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages. FedEx SameDay provides urgent delivery services even on holidays. There is limited pickup and delivery on some holidays, and FedEx Freight has open operations on select holidays.

Saturday Delivery

Despite holidays, you can count on FedEx’s Saturday delivery to provide quick weekend service. FedEx delivers on Saturdays year-round, even on holidays, so you can still ship and receive packages over the weekend.

Their employee benefits include having major holidays off while operating special Saturday delivery for customers. Rely on FedEx for express shipping services and holiday package deliveries, thanks to their dedicated weekend operations.

FedEx SameDay® Service

FedEx’s SameDay Service delivers emergency packages on major holidays when regular FedEx operations are closed.

  • Provides urgent package delivery 365 days a year.
  • Offers delivery within hours for time-critical shipments.
  • Available in select locations across the U.S.
  • Higher cost than standard FedEx shipping options.
  • Useful when you need items delivered ASAP.

The FedEx SameDay® service is an excellent option for getting your most urgent packages delivered even when FedEx has limited holiday operations.

Limited Pickup and Delivery on Some Holidays

You can still receive limited pickup and delivery from FedEx on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Holiday Pickup Delivery
Christmas Day None None
Thanksgiving Day None None
New Year’s Day Limited Limited

Despite the limited service, FedEx continues to serve customers on holidays whenever possible. Planning ahead for deadlines will help ensure that your holiday packages arrive on time.

FedEx Freight Operations Open on Some Holidays

Envision those eighteen-wheelers hauling freight along interstates even on holidays like Presidents’ Day or Columbus Day when FedEx offices are closed.

  1. No disruption to supply chains.
  2. Reliability customers depend on.
  3. Consistency despite holidays.

FedEx Freight stays open on select holidays, providing businesses and consumers alike assurance of continuous service for shipping deadlines and delivery needs. Its industrial strength supports the economy’s flow during holidays most businesses observe.

With the capability to handle heavier loads on some holidays, FedEx Freight benefits companies coordinating heavier inventory and supply shipments.

Modified Hours at FedEx Office Locations Before Holidays

Unfortunately, your store’s operating hours will be reduced right before the holidays. FedEx Office locations often have modified hours before major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. You may see reduced hours starting 1-2 days prior, with locations closing early or opening later than normal.

Be sure to check your local FedEx Office hours online, as some locations may have expanded hours to accommodate holiday shipping. With many services like printing and packing, it’s best to plan ahead before the holiday closures.

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for New Year’s Day 2023

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines for New Year
The important holiday shipping deadlines for New Year’s Day 2023 are right around the corner. Make sure to get your packages sent out before December 14th for Ground and December 20th for Express Saver to ensure timely delivery by the start of the new year.

  • Ground Shipping – December 14
  • Express Saver Shipping – December 20
  • Three-Day Freight Shipping – December 20
  • International Shipping – December 19

Get your holiday packages shipped early to avoid any delays or service disruptions. Review FedEx holiday schedules and restrictions, and consider shipping insurance for added protection.

FedEx Holiday Exceptions and Modified Services

FedEx Holiday Exceptions and Modified Services
Let’s unpack FedEx holiday exceptions and modified services. FedEx operates modified services on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Columbus Day, and provides 24/7 virtual mailbox services for managing holiday mail.

Operations are normal on Veterans Day. Special services and deadlines apply for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day when FedEx is closed.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Have you considered how FedEx modifies services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Don’t they still deliver packages those weekends? Though FedEx Express and Office locations close, modified pickup and delivery operations operate on Good Friday.

During Easter, FedEx Ground and Home Delivery services run normally, while FedEx Freight is closed. Remember, ecommerce needs don’t stop for religious holidays, so virtual mailbox services keep package forwarding and mail scanning options going strong.

Columbus Day

Ya know, FedEx keeps on truckin’ even on Columbus Day. The carrier operates normally with regular pickup and delivery service throughout the weekday holiday. Employees don’t get the day off, as FedEx views it as a regular business day. But Columbus Day policies vary among companies, so some shippers may have modified hours that impact service.

Still, you can depend on FedEx for continued package handling and transit on the October holiday.

Veterans Day

You’re marching to the veterans’ beat on Veterans Day since FedEx operates as usual. FedEx honors veterans by conducting business as normal on November 11th. All services and hours remain the same. No early closures or modified operations occur. Shipments are delivered on time.

Customers and team members pause to reflect on veterans’ service and sacrifice. At FedEx, it’s full steam ahead on Veterans Day to serve customers and honor veterans with reliable logistics.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You’ll enjoy extra delivery hours from FedEx during the busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days.

  • Extended weekend hours on Black Friday for deliveries
  • Sunday deliveries available for Cyber Monday purchases
  • Expect vast online deals on the latest tech gadgets
  • Look for discounts on trendy clothing and stylish accessories
  • Shop small businesses for unique holiday gifts

With so many holiday sales, be sure to act fast and track all your online orders.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Come Christmas Eve, you should not expect full FedEx services, as locations close early and some employees get the day off.

Day FedEx Operating Hours Notes
Christmas Eve 8:30 am – 12 pm Modified hours
Christmas Day Closed Day off for employees
Dec 26 Normal hours resume Back to regular schedule

FedEx reduces services on Christmas Eve and closes locations entirely on Christmas to allow employees time off to spend the holidays with family.

FedEx Hours of Operation

FedEx Hours of Operation
As a customer, you should know that FedEx’s typical weekday hours are 8:30 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, FedEx locations are open from 9 am to 6 pm, while Sunday hours are from 11 am until 4 pm.

Weekday Hours

FedEx Offices close up shop on weekdays at 7pm, ensuring the last truck is out by 10.

  1. Open from 6am-7pm on weekdays.
  2. Process packages and fulfill orders.
  3. Employees work consistent schedules.
  4. Provide reliable service for customers.

FedEx prioritizes consistent weekday hours to support employees and reliably serve customers. Though hours are shortened before holidays, FedEx maintains weekday operations from 6am-7pm across locations.

This allows teams to process orders and shipments without disruption. Workers benefit from steady schedules, while customers trust in dependable service, even on the eve of holidays.

Saturday Hours

We pick up your packages on Saturdays from 6 am to the witching hour. Our dedicated employees make weekend deliveries possible by working Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm. This allows customers to ship and receive packages on weekends, even with modified hours.

Despite time off for major holidays, FedEx keeps business rolling on Saturdays for your convenience. Our Saturday service hours accommodate businesses and receivers needing weekend package transport. With staff clocking weekend shifts, FedEx maintains operations and facilitates timely deliveries.

Sunday Hours

They handle limited pickups and deliveries on Sundays. FedEx is open on Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm for pickup and delivery service at select locations. However, hours can vary by location, so customers should check with their local FedEx office for specific Sunday operating hours.

Though service is limited, FedEx does provide Sunday delivery options for urgent shipments during the holiday season. Knowing FedEx’s Sunday hours allows customers to plan ahead and ship items in time for weekend delivery.

FedEx Drop-off Hours

FedEx Drop-off Hours
Drop your package off on Saturday mornings before 6 am to ensure it ships out that day. FedEx offers extended drop-off hours on Saturdays, with locations opening as early as 6 am. This gives you the opportunity to ship packages over the weekend by getting them to the drop-off site early Saturday morning.

Take advantage of these Saturday early morning drop-offs, especially before holidays when packages and mail volume is high. FedEx wants to help you meet shipping deadlines and get your packages delivered on time.

So, bring your package to a FedEx shipping location before 6 am on Saturday to utilize those late-night and extended weekend drop-off times.

Getting your shipment to FedEx early Saturday morning ensures it gets processed and heads out that same day.

FedEx Money-Back Guarantee for Select Services

FedEx Money-Back Guarantee for Select Services
You’re ensured reimbursement with FedEx’s money-back pledge for selected expedited deliveries. This guarantee provides assurance that time-sensitive packages will arrive by the service date and time specific to your selected shipping option.

Should there be a service failure, FedEx will, at a minimum, refund or credit the charges for the shipment. Eligible FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Home Delivery services feature this pledge to stand behind service reliability.

Certain terms and restrictions apply, so review details carefully when leveraging FedEx’s delivery guarantees and potential shipping refunds.

Timely parcel transit relies on many factors, but this money-back promise offers customers delivery assurance for critical items. With FedEx’s service guarantees, your time-sensitive shipments have an extra layer of protection to reach their destination when promised.

Differences Between FedEx Ground and Home Delivery

Differences Between FedEx Ground and Home Delivery
You’ll wanna note that FedEx Ground handles business deliveries, while Home Delivery is for residential addresses only. FedEx Ground ships Monday through Saturday and offers cost-effective shipping for packages up to 150 lbs.

Home Delivery provides delivery Tuesday through Saturday for most residential packages under 70 lbs. Ground offers additional services like dangerous goods shipping and delivery guarantees. Home Delivery allows you to schedule a delivery window. Both have tracking available.

However, Home Delivery lacks shipping insurance options, while Ground has up to $100 declared value. Using a virtual mailbox with package forwarding is ideal to ensure receiving residential packages while traveling.

The USPS does not offer Sunday delivery for FedEx SmartPost packages, so ship FedEx Express for weekend deliveries.

Knowing the differences between FedEx Ground and Home Delivery allows you to choose the best option for your needs.

FedEx Freight and LTL Shipping

FedEx Freight and LTL Shipping
You’ve gotta scoot your booty and skedaddle ASAP if you wanna ship that massive shipment with FedEx Freight, their LTL saviors!

Need to transport bulky freight across the country? FedEx Freight offers affordable less-than-truckload shipping for freight that’s too big for regular parcel carriers but too small for a whole semi truck.

Save money compared to full truckload shipping. Get coverage against loss or damage. Avoid residential delivery fees and oversize charges. Virtual mailboxes provide a business address to ship LTL freight.

FedEx Freight restrictions apply for oversize freight, hazardous materials, loose items, and more.

Plan ahead and get freight moving quickly with FedEx Freight LTL shipping services.


Overall, FedEx employees are well taken care of when it comes to holidays, with days off for New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

They also feature modified services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

With the money-back guarantee for select services, Saturday delivery, FedEx SameDay® Service, limited pickup and delivery on some holidays, and FedEx Freight operations open on some holidays, FedEx employees can rest assured that their holidays will be taken care of.

Like a comforting blanket, the holidays at FedEx are sure to keep their employees warm and safe.

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