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What is Hollow to Floor Measurement Used For? (Answered 2023)

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What is a hollow measurementYou’re looking to get the perfect dress fit but unsure what a hollow measurement is or how to measure it yourself? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered. When getting fitted for formalwear like dresses, the ‘hollow to hem’ measurement from your collarbone to the bottom of the garment is crucial.

Though professional measuring is ideal, you can DIY it with a soft tape measure. Stand tall in the undergarments and shoes you’ll actually wear, then measure from the hollow at the center of your collarbone vertically down to the floor.

This hollow-to-hem length will ensure the dress hem hits at just the right spot.

But don’t forget your waist, hips, and bust too – their measurements matter for the perfect silhouette. Follow our simple guide and you’ll ace measuring hollow-to-hem and more for a flawlessly fitted dress.

Now let’s explore hollow measurements and all they entail so you can shine confidently on your big day!

Key Takeaways

  • Hollow measurement refers to the measurement from the neck hollow to the hem while wearing shoes and standing in the posture that will be used for the event.
  • Combined with bust, waist, and hip measurements, it allows for a complete dress fitting.
  • It ensures the skirt length is perfect – not too short or too long.
  • It enables ordering and tailoring the dress in the proper size and length.

What is a Hollow Measurement?

What is a Hollow Measurement
You’ll sense the void where your heartbeat echoes, signaling the start of our sacred journey together. The hollow measurement is a key dimension needed when ordering a wedding dress. It is the length from the hollow at the base of your neck, down the center front of your body to the desired dress hem.

This measurement is taken while wearing the same style heels you plan to wear for your wedding.

Having a professional seamstress take this measurement is recommended to get it just right. She’ll account for your posture and any fullness in the skirt when measuring from your neck hollow straight down to the floor.

This length combined with your bust, waist and hip sizes gives the complete set of measurements to select your dream dress size.

What Does Hollow Mean in Dress Measurements?

What Does Hollow Mean in Dress Measurements
In dress measurements, hollow refers to the hollow at the base of your neck. This is where they start the hollow-to-hem measurement that determines the length of your dress. The hollow-to-hem measurement is taken from the hollow of your neck straight down to the floor.

While taking this measurement, you’ll want to stand straight with your arms at your sides, wearing the same heels you plan to wear for your wedding. The seamstress will account for your posture and any fullness in the skirt when measuring from your neck hollow to the floor.

This length combined with your bust, waist and hip measurements provides the full set of dimensions needed to select your perfect dress size.

What is Hollow to Floor Measurement Used For?

What is Hollow to Floor Measurement Used For
The hollow-to-floor measure ensures your gown’s just-right length, so trust the tape and let ‘er rip.

This critical dimension gives your seamstress the exact length needed from the hollow of your neck down to the floor in the heels you’ll be wearing. She’ll account for your posture and the skirt’s fullness, then cut the fabric to fall precisely at your desired hem.

Combined with the bust, waist and hip circumferences, the hollow-to-hem measurement completes your gown’s custom profile.

With all four key dimensions – bust, waist, hips, and length from hollow to floor – your dress will showcase your bridal beauty from top to bottom.

Your seamstress will use these numbers, not standard sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

How Do You Find Hollow to Hem?

How Do You Find Hollow to Hem
Stand tall and find it by measuring from the base of your neck straight down to the floor.

  1. Ask a friend to help take the measurement.
  2. Put on your wedding shoes, jewelry, headpiece – your full look.
  3. Stand on a flat surface with your heels together and arms at your sides.
  4. Have your helper measure from the hollow at the base of your neck down in one straight line to the floor.

This hollow-to-floor measurement completes your gown’s dimensions. Combined with bust, waist and hips, it gives your seamstress the exact length needed for your perfect fit. She will adjust for posture and fullness, cutting the fabric to fall just right.

With all four key measurements, your dress will showcase your beauty from top to bottom.

Is JJsHouse Safe?

Is JJsHouse Safe
You’ve got the hollow-to-hem measurement down. Now it’s time to find the perfect dress. JJsHouse is a safe bet for your big day. Their sizing is spot on when you follow their charts. Input your bust, waist, hips and length. Compare to their size guide, choosing the larger option if between.

Though a tad roomy at first, a few little tweaks by a local seamstress will perfect the fit.

Come wedding day, you’ll look and feel amazing. Trust the process. With accurate measurements and quality construction, JJsHouse delivers affordable elegance.

You’re worth it – enjoy this special time. Your guests will gasp at your graceful glow.

What is Armscye Measurement?

What is Armscye Measurement
You’d measure from the hollow of your collarbone down to the floor for the hollow-to-hem length.

  • Position the tape from armpit to armpit, crossing over the shoulder blades.
  • Keep the tape smooth and flat across the back.
  • For accuracy, have someone else take this measurement.
  • Compare to the designer’s size chart and select the best fit.

The armscye sets the bodice and sleeve fit. Getting this right ensures the dress hugs in all the right places. With the bust, waist, hips and armscye mapped, you’ve covered the core. The professionals will handle the fine details – trust their expertise.

Stay focused on the key dimensions, and let the magic unfold. Before you know it, you’ll be walking the aisle in couture confidence.

What is a Hollow to Hem Measurement?

What is a Hollow to Hem Measurement
From measuring your armscye, we shift focus to your center. The hollow-to-hem length sets the dress silhouette. Position the tape at the hollow of your collarbone. Drape it straight down over the bust, waist and hips to the floor.

For accurate length, wear the wedding heels you’ve chosen. Stand tall, with your arms relaxed at your sides. Avoid slouching, which shortens the measurement. Have a helper hold the tape taut but not tugging.

Compare the hollow-to-hem dimension to the designer’s size chart, selecting the length that best fits.

Though seemingly simple, this key measurement etches your silhouette. With bust, waist, hips and length defined, your dream takes shape.

How is Hem Size Measured?

How is Hem Size Measured
Stand tall in your wedding heels as we measure from the floor up to the hollow of your collarbone to determine the perfect hem length.

  • Position the measuring tape at the floor aligned vertically under the hollow of the collarbone.
  • Pull the tape up snugly along the body’s contours without distorting shape.
  • Note the tape’s height from floor to hollow for the back hem length.
  • For the front, bend forward slightly from hips to flare skirt as needed.
  • Record front length from floor to hollow with the adjusted flare.

The hollow-to-hem measures the dress length and sets the silhouette. Comparing to size charts, order extra length if between sizes. Though simple, this key dimension contours the waist, hips and bust into your dream dress.

What Does Dress Measurement Mean?

What Does Dress Measurement Mean
You’re measuring from the hollow at the base of your neck down to where you want the dress to fall.

Measurement Description Tips
Bust Around fullest part Not too tight
Waist Natural bend point Parallel to floor
Hips Widest part No sagging

Comparing your measurements to the designer’s size chart indicates the closest size. Select the larger size if between two sizes. Keep in mind wedding dress sizes tend to run bigger than normal clothing.

What is the Price of Circular Hollow Sections in India?

What is the Price of Circular Hollow Sections in India
Keep the focus on your big day and let the pros worry about cost. Hollow structural sections offer elegance and strength at affordable prices in India.

  • Circular hollow sections – sleek, rounded design
  • Square hollow sections – modern, geometric style
  • Rectangular hollow sections – versatile, adaptable shape
  • Elliptical hollow sections – flowing, curved silhouette

With quality materials like alloy steel, each section provides durability. Consult an engineer to determine the right hollow section specs for spanning your space. Focus on your vision while experts handle the details, providing structural support at reasonable rates.

Let hollow sections add beauty without busting budgets. Your special day deserves a setting that celebrates your love.

Where is Hollow to Floor Measure?

Where is Hollow to Floor Measure
Measure from the pit of your neck down the front of your body to the floor while wearing your wedding shoes to get the hollow to floor measurement. This key dimension ensures the perfect length and hem location for your gown. Stand straight with your arms at your sides.

Have a partner use a cloth measuring tape, keeping it parallel to the floor. For accuracy, wear undergarments and shoes similar to those you’ll have on your wedding day.

Compare your hollow-to-floor result to the designer’s standard length per size in their chart. Order extra length if needed or anticipate growth if pregnant. With this simple but important measurement, your dress will showcase you flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I get my hollow to hem measurement taken?

Get measured as often as your body changes, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Since dresses aren’t custom-made to your measurements, you need updated numbers for the best fit. Consulting size charts and professionals will ensure your gown fits perfectly when you walk down the aisle.

What are some tips for getting an accurate hollow to hem measurement?

When measuring hollow-to-hem, stand straight in your wedding heels. Have a professional take the measurement from the hollow of your neck to the floor, allowing for the flare of your skirt.

To get the most accurate hollow-to-hem measurement, make sure to stand with good posture in the heels you plan to wear on your wedding day. A professional seamstress or tailor can precisely measure from the hollow at the base of your neck down to the floor.

Be sure they account for the shape and flare of your wedding dress or skirt when taking the measurement. Finally, double check the length against the designer’s size chart for your dress and order the size that best matches your hollow-to-hem measurement.

Taking the time to get an accurate hollow-to-hem measurement will ensure the perfect fit and length for your wedding day look.

Is a hollow to hem measurement the same as an inseam measurement?

You need not confuse inseam with hollow-to-hem. They differ by measuring separate parts – the inseam runs along the inner leg while hollow-to-hem spans from collar to skirt. Though both determine fit, the latter ensures an overall flowing gown. Trust the professionals for accurate bridal measurements.

Should my hollow to hem measurement be taken while wearing heels?

Stand straight with heels on. Measure from the neck hollow straight down to the floor for an accurate dress length. The tape must be parallel to the floor, not pulled too tight. Have a professional take this measurement for the best fit.

How can I alter a dress if my hollow to hem measurement changes?

Don’t fret! With some strategic stitchwork, your gown will fit you flawlessly when you walk down the aisle. A skilled tailor can customize the fit by letting out the seam allowance or taking it in at the seams if your hollow to hem measurement changes before your big day.

By making adjustments at the seams, your dress can be tailored to your exact proportions so you feel comfortable and confident saying I do. Though sizing fluctuations may require a few alterations, have faith that with a few stitches here and there, your dress will complement your figure beautifully when you make your grand entrance.


Let’s break it down. Here are the key steps to crafting an effective conclusion for this article:

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  5. Provide reassurance on using reliable websites like JJsHouse when ordering dresses online.
  6. End by encouraging readers to contact a bridal shop for assistance in taking measurements – starting the journey off right leads to the perfect fit.

Through accurate hollow to floor measurements, you can find the gown that makes you feel like Cinderella at the ball.

Taking accurate measurements is the first step to finding your perfect dress. Reliable websites make ordering online easy. And assistance from dress experts helps ensure the right fit for your fairytale gown.

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