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POC PCC Charting: Enhancing Efficiency, Streamlining Process (2023)

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What is POC PCCDiscover how Point of Care (POC) charting can revolutionize the way your business cares for its residents. Streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, POC charting technology has become an essential tool in many long-term care centers.

NetSolutions built-in Kardex makes it easy to print and access information. Advanced reporting allows for more accurate data entry and comprehensive reporting options. With user-defined buttons that allow for customized data entry techniques, multilingual support providing improved communication capabilities, as well as resident selection tools with pinpoint pain locations on a body graphic, POC Charting offers everything you need to maximize the quality of care delivered to your residents.

Key Takeaways

  • POC charting revolutionizes resident care in long-term care centers.
  • NetSolutions provides easy information retrieval through its built-in Kardex tool.
  • Advanced reporting enhances data accuracy and analysis.
  • POC charting offers customized data entry options and multilingual support.

Enhancing Efficiency With POC Charting

Enhancing Efficiency With POC Charting
You’ll save time with POC’s intuitive dashboards that consolidate resident data at a glance. The user-defined buttons and icons allow customizable data entry to fit your workflow. Access resident information on any device – PC, wall-mount, or tablet – for data collection on the go.

The Kardex view grants a comprehensive snapshot of needs so critical information is always available. Multilingual text entry even permits charting in Spanish to serve diverse populations. Advanced reporting allows data analysis from multiple angles to identify areas for quality improvement.

The system captures timestamps on care tasks like CNA ADLs, restorative nursing, therapy, and mood checks so you can monitor progress. By integrating paperwork into one streamlined digital system, POC eliminates duplication and ensures completeness.

The pop-up alerts and correlation with MDS 3.0 guide data entry for optimal CMS reimbursement.

Overall, POC’s accessibility, customization, and smart features enhance efficiency so you can devote more time to resident care.

Streamlining CNA POC Charting Process

Streamlining CNA POC Charting Process
Pal, our point of care charting system simplifies your data collection like a hot knife through butter, so you can focus on what matters most – caring for your residents.

No more slogging through mountains of paper or hunting for info across multiple systems. This intuitive software centralizes resident data and care activities in one place for streamlined charting.

Customization allows configuring buttons, icons, and data fields to match your workflow.

The system tracks ADLs, therapies, moods, and more to give a comprehensive view of each resident. Features like highlighting pain on body maps and real-time alerts boost accuracy.

With the time savings and efficiency benefits, you can dedicate more care time per resident. The bottom line? Our POC system revolutionizes CNA processes to help you deliver the compassionate care your residents deserve.

The Benefits of NetSolutions Built-in Kardex

The Benefits of NetSolutions Built-in Kardex
With NetSolutions’ built-in Kardex tool, you can easily print comprehensive resident charts in color or black and white and efficiently collect and report data using the advanced worklist feature. These key features allow for effortless accessibility to critical resident information and streamlined data collection to enhance CNA workflow.

Easy Printing and Accessibility

You can effortlessly print resident charts in color or black and white with NetSolutions’ built-in Kardex tool.

  • Improved resident care through readily available documentation
  • Convenient data access from any location
  • Clear custom printing in full color or black and white
  • Quick report generation for multidisciplinary team coordination
  • Simple sharing of charts through print or digital file export

NetSolutions offers flexible resident chart printing and accessibility on different devices. Whether at a workstation, wall-mounted kiosk, tablet, or networked printer, the Kardex tool enables effortless documentation for coordinated care.

Efficient Work List for Data Collection

Buddy, NetSolutions’ advanced worklist simplifies CNA data collection and reporting for residents’ POC charting. This powerful tool optimizes your workflow, boosts productivity, and ensures accurate resident data capture.

With customized data fields and easy navigation, you can swiftly document care activities like ADLs, vitals, and mood observations. The system streamlines POC paperwork and integrates critical data right into the software for efficient POC and PCC charting.

Bid farewell to cumbersome processes and say hello to faster Medicare reimbursement! This innovative worklist reduces documentation fatigue so you can focus on what matters most – delivering top-notch care.

Advanced Reporting in Point of Care Charting

Advanced Reporting in Point of Care Charting
You’ll love the on-demand and user-defined reports in Point of Care charting for comprehensive data analysis. As a public health official, I’m impressed by the advanced analytics and data visualization tools that provide instant insights into patient care.

The customizable reporting gives you access to the metrics you need like ADLs, care plans, and mood tracking. Drill down into the data with charts and graphs to spot trends and identify areas for improvement.

Export reports or print full-color charts to share findings across your organization.

With a few clicks, you can analyze care delivery, staff performance, resident acuity, and Medicaid and PDPM reimbursements. The reporting unclogs data bottlenecks, so you’re never blindsided by problems. Instead, you’ll have the up-to-the-minute information to optimize operations, staffing, and finances.

This powerful reporting transforms data into actionable insights to enhance care.

Simplifying Data Entry for MDS 3.0 and ADLs

Simplifying Data Entry for MDS 3.0 and ADLs
Darla, pre-loaded correlations within the software simplify your MDS 3.0 and ADL documentation. The system eliminates redundant data entry and ensures compliance by using built-in logic to link assessments to care areas.

The benefits include:

  • Streamlined MDS 3.0 completion with automated item correlations.
  • Reduced documentation time through linked ADL assessments.
  • Improved data accuracy with real-time validation alerts.
  • Customizable forms and assessments to match clinical workflow.
  • Effortless regulatory reporting and analytics.

By leveraging interdependencies in our point-of-care charting, you can work more efficiently. Automated workflows and validated data offer the insight needed to provide quality care.

Customizing POC Charting With User-Defined Buttons

Customizing POC Charting With User-Defined Buttons
You can customize the POC charting system with user-defined buttons and icons for your specific data collection needs. The system allows you to create customized buttons with your facility’s commonly used phrases and terms to streamline charting.

For instance, you may design a button for Eat breakfast – 100% in dining room to quickly note meal locations and intake. Icons can also be added to represent repetitive actions like showering or medication administration.

Tailoring the system to your workflow optimizes data entry and ensures consistency across users. The end result is personalized charting that captures details unique to your residents and community.

Here is a 3 column and 5 row table to showcase some potential custom button ideas:

Button Text Icon Idea Usage Case
Eat breakfast – 100% in dining room Fork and knife image Quickly note standard meal details
Shower – stand-by assist Water droplets image Log common shower aid level
Turned q2h Bed image Document routine repositioning
Medication given – no side effects Pill bottle image Record med admin without reactions
Ambulated 30 feet with walker Walker image Log ambulation exercise details

Multilingual Data Entry for Improved Communication

Multilingual Data Entry for Improved Communication
As we discussed, customizing POC charting with user-defined buttons enhances efficiency. Now let’s explore multilingual data entry. This empowers diverse patient populations by removing communication barriers.

Our POC system allows data entry in multiple languages, including Spanish. This facilitates real-time documentation for non-English speaking patients and caregivers, leading to improved care quality.

  1. Eliminates language gaps during critical care activities.
  2. Allows nursing staff to chart in their preferred language.
  3. Improves understanding between patients, families, and providers.
  4. Reduces errors caused by language and cultural differences.
  5. Promotes inclusivity for diverse populations.

Language diversity is rapidly increasing globally. Our multilingual POC system promotes health equity by bridging language divides. Clear communication and cultural competency are crucial for positive outcomes. An inclusive approach improves access and quality of care.

Time-Saving Data Entry Techniques

Time-Saving Data Entry Techniques
Built-in user-defined buttons provide efficient data entry and support workflow for CNAs. The POC system allows creating custom buttons with icons for fast, accurate data collection aligned to care needs.

Time-Saving Data Input Features:

  • User-defined buttons: Quick clicks for common entries.
  • Body maps: Rapidly point to affected areas.
  • Voice transcription: Hands-free data input.
  • Pre-loaded items: Saves lookup time.
  • Auto-saving: No lost work from timeouts.

With customized buttons for high-frequency items, care teams can input data in just seconds. Intuitive body maps let CNAs instantly indicate pain sites or skin issues. Voice transcription and auto-saving prevent rework.

Smart features like pre-loaded items eliminate redundant lookups. The POC system transforms charting with efficient shortcuts for quick, accurate data capture.

Selecting Residents for POC Charting

Selecting Residents for POC Charting
With our system, you can flexibly select residents for POC charting by room, hallway, unit, diagnosis, or other custom filters to quickly focus on the required individuals. For example, you could select all residents in the memory care wing who have a dementia diagnosis to efficiently document their moods and behaviors.

  • Select residents by room, unit, or diagnosis.
  • Utilize custom filters for quick selection.
  • Focus charting on specific residents.
  • Efficiently document symptoms and care.
  • Optimize workflow with flexible options.

Resident Selection and flexible charting options allow you to optimize your workflow for efficient and accurate data collection. You can use custom filters and select residents based on their diagnosis or unit to hone in on the required charting tasks.

The system is designed to facilitate fast and focused charting, enhancing your productivity, care coordination, and documentation accuracy. Additionally, the system offers multi-language accessibility, which further aids care teams in providing attentive service.

Pinpointing Pain Locations on a Body Graphic

Pinpointing Pain Locations on a Body Graphic
You can directly pinpoint residents’ pain locations on a graphic body chart in the POC system to easily track and report pain. This visual pain assessment allows for precise pain localization and identification.

With just a few taps, caregivers can chart pain areas on a full body graphic to capture pain locations.

This intuitive body mapping facilitates pain tracking over time. Body charting streamlines pain documentation while enabling thorough visual representation. The graphics empower caregivers to efficiently communicate residents’ pain patterns.

The POC system’s dynamic body charts boost comprehension of each resident’s pain profile.

Proximal Distal
Shoulder Fingers
Hip Toes
Lower Back Feet

Key Features of NetSolutions POC Charting Software

Key Features of NetSolutions POC Charting Software
As we transition from pinpointing pain locations, let’s explore the key features of NetSolutions point of care charting. This innovative software enhances your efficiency and accuracy through intuitive dashboards, alerts, and KPIs that streamline care activities like ADLs, therapy, and mood observation.

Access comprehensive resident data on any device – workstation, wall-mounted kiosk, or tablet.

Benefit from built-in Kardex and pre-loaded MDS 3.0 correlations for at-a-glance insights.

Enjoy multilingual data entry, including Spanish. Remove language barriers standing between you and optimal care.

Personalize and maximize your documentation experience with customizable buttons, icons, and workflows.

With quick access to integrated, up-to-date resident information, you can provide more proactive and personalized care.

Comprehensive Reporting Options for POC Charting

Comprehensive Reporting Options for POC Charting
On-demand and user-defined reports give you comprehensive data analysis with the POC system. Our advanced reporting features allow you to quickly generate the reports you need to extract meaningful insights from your resident data.

Custom report builder tools let you design reports tailored to your facility’s specific requirements.

Report Type: Standard Reports

Key Benefits: Effortlessly generate commonly used reports with a single click. Examples include ADL, MDS 3.0, Therapy, and many more.

Report Type: Ad-Hoc Reports

Key Benefits: Instantly pull data using flexible filtering and sorting options. View real-time custom reports.

Report Type: Graphical Reports

Key Benefits: Visualize trends and patterns in charts and graphs. Interactive display options.

Report Type: Dashboard Reports

Key Benefits: Customize widgets to show critical metrics and KPIs at a glance.

Leverage pre-defined reports or create your own using the intuitive report builder. Our flexible solution allows generating reports in multiple languages using custom data fields and labels. Advanced mapping features let you visualize pain locations on a graphic body image.

Seamlessly integrate with the hardware of your choice for efficient data analysis and reporting. The POC system offers the reporting tools you need to unlock transformative insights from resident data.

Hardware and Specifications for POC Charting

Hardware and Specifications for POC Charting
My friend, the chariot that drives this care journey has wheels of steel and sinews of silicon, ready to carry you swiftly to your destination. Our POC charting system offers versatile hardware options to meet your unique needs.

Choose from wall-mounted kiosks, desktop PCs, or handheld tablets with long battery life. Each device undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, with quad-core processors and HD touchscreens for speed and responsiveness.

Stay future-proof through regular technology upgrades. As your needs evolve, we continually enhance our software’s capabilities and device compatibility. With enterprise-grade security protocols and compliance with healthcare regulations, you can trust our system’s resilience.

Let this agile chariot transport your care team seamlessly down the road ahead. Together we will harness technology’s power to provide personalized, dignified care. The destination is insight; the vehicles are innovation and dedication. Climb aboard for this journey of possibilities.

Available Point of Care Software Options

Available Point of Care Software Options
NetSolutions offers a robust POC charting system tailored for long-term care. It provides tools like customizable data collection forms, alerts, and reporting.

PointClickCare is another industry leader, providing EHR, analytics, and financial solutions.

MatrixCare focuses on senior living communities and offers features for resident records, care coordination, therapy, and analytics.

SoftWriters FrameworkLTC delivers integrated clinical, financial, and business intelligence solutions specific for skilled nursing facilities.

Compare these top POC systems to determine the best fit for your organization’s workflows and needs. The right software will enhance staff efficiency, resident care, and data analysis to help drive better outcomes.

Integrating POC Charting With AccuNurse

You’ll find real-time communication and documentation with integrated POC charting and AccuNurse.

  • Seamless documentation workflows
  • Real-time resident data sharing
  • Streamlined communication
  • Increased efficiency

Together, these solutions create a comprehensive system for managing care tasks, documentation, and communication.

The integrated POC charting allows CNAs to document care events at the bedside using mobile devices. This data seamlessly flows into AccuNurse for streamlined nursing workflows. Nurses can immediately view CNA documentation and current resident status.

With integrated solutions, all care providers access the same up-to-date information. This reduces redundant documentation and potential errors from data silos. Communication tools connect the care team for on-demand collaboration.

Overall, integrating POC charting and AccuNurse improves productivity and accuracy. Most importantly, it enhances resident care through coordinated workflows and shared access to real-time data.


The Point of Care (POC) Charting System for Long-Term Care is an invaluable tool for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to ensure accuracy and efficiency. With NetSolutions’ Built-In Kardex, caregivers have access to comprehensive patient data, effortless printing, and pop-up alerts to never miss important information.

Advanced work lists and user-defined buttons make data collection and reporting a breeze, while data entry in multiple languages facilitates communication. With the help of POC PCC Charting, CNAs can quickly and accurately capture MDS 3.

0, ADLs, and PDPM payment rates data, and enjoy the benefits of time-saving data entry techniques.

In short, POC PCC Charting is a reliable and effective solution for long-term care professionals. Like an arrow to its target, POC PCC Charting guides caregivers to the success they need.

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