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Jock: Meet Lady’s Protective Yet Misjudging Scottish Terrier in Lady and the Tramp (2023)

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What is the little black dog on Lady and the TrampHere, pal, we’re gonna show ya something special. What if I told ya the key to life is staring ya right in the muzzle?

It’s a little black pup called Jock, the feisty Scottish terrier from that toon Lady and the Tramp.

See, Jock’s a pup who’s got some growl in him. He’s mighty protective of his friend Lady, and won’t let just any ol’ stray come cozyin’ up.

But when Tramp comes along, Jock realizes he judged too quick. Tramp’s got heart under that scruffy fur.

The point is, friend, we all need a loyal pup like Jock to keep us in line. But don’t let your heckles rise too fast.

Stay open like Lady did, and you’ll find new friends in unlikely places. That’s the real tail waggin’ truth.

Key Takeaways

  • Jock is a Scottish terrier wearing a red plaid sweater who acts as Lady’s protector.
  • He initially misjudges Tramp but later accepts him, and they become friends.
  • Jock provides comic relief with his temperamental outbursts.
  • Embodying loyalty and friendship, he is part of the trio searching for Lady.

Who is Jock?

Who is Jock
Hello friend, allow me to introduce you to one of Disney’s most iconic canine characters. Jock is the feisty little Scottish terrier with a thick accent who acts as a loyal protector and comic relief in Lady and the Tramp.

Voiced by the talented Bill Thompson, Jock immediately judges the stray Tramp as bad news but comes to accept him over time.

Scottish Terrier

You see Jock’s black fur and plaid sweater as he scurries around the yard, the Scottish Terrier keeping a watchful eye over Lady and acting as her loyal protector.

  1. Jock speaks with a distinctive Scottish accent, matching his breed.
  2. His signature red plaid sweater sets him apart from the other dogs.
  3. Initially misjudging Tramp, Jock later redeems himself by accepting the stray.
  4. His friendship with Trusty the Bloodhound reveals his loyalty.

As a Scottish Terrier, Jock exhibits typical traits of his breed – sturdy, steadfast and devoted to his loved ones, especially Lady. Despite early uncertainties, this brave dog ultimately lives up to being the fearless guardian Lady deserves.

Voiced by Bill Thompson

Y’all, Jock was voiced by Bill Thompson in the original Lady and the Tramp film using vintage recording equipment. His voice really brought Jock’s Scottish Terrier personality to life for audiences back in the 1950s when the movie premiered.

As a Disney animator, I admire how Thompson captured Jock’s feisty Scottish accent and loyal, protective nature. Though small, Jock has a big heart, especially for Lady. Thompson’s vocal performance gives Jock so much spirit and pluck for a little black dog.

Voicing an animated Scottish Terrier requires talent to portray the breed’s traits authentically. Bill Thompson nailed it as the voice of the spirited Jock in Lady and the Tramp, bringing this delightful character to life through his voice acting skills and Scottish brogue.

Jock’s Personality

What a sweet little terrier Jock is! As Lady’s neighbor, he’s a fearless protector of her against strays like Tramp. Though at first Jock misunderstands Tramp’s intentions, the scrappy schnauzer eventually realizes his mistake and accepts the rascally mutt.


As his neighbor Lady’s protector, Jock’s a fearless defender though he misjudged Tramp at first. The loyal Scottish Terrier values his friendship with Trusty, yet dislikes exposing his prized bones or strays like Tramp.

As a fearless protector and little black dog in Lady and the Tramp, Jock swiftly misjudges Tramp’s intentions, yet later redeems himself by realizing his mistake.

Despite initially disapproving of the mischievous Schnauzer mix, Jock comes to accept the unlikely friendship between Lady and Tramp. The protective Scottie exemplifies devotion by safeguarding Lady and eventually begrudgingly accepting the rascally Tramp into their close-knit family.

Though wary at first, Jock’s steadfast fidelity to Lady prevails as he embraces Tramp.

Misjudges Tramp

Though initially skeptical, Jock soon realized he’d misjudged Tramp’s character. As Tramp charmed Lady, you felt your hackles rise in defense of your trusting friend.

But when Tramp proved his devotion by facing the dog catcher for Lady’s sake, you saw the loyal heart beating beneath Tramp’s carefree exterior. Though your protective streak flared at first, Tramp’s selfless act opened your eyes.

Now you know that friendship can bloom between two very different souls. Hard-working Terrier and freewheeling Schnauzer, you and Tramp make an unlikely pair.

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks? This little Scottish Terrier has found room in his heart for one more stray.

Jock’s Role in Lady and the Tramp

Jock’s that wee black Scottie who’s Lady’s neighbor and protector in Lady and the Tramp, though he misjudges Tramp at first. As the loyal and protective friend of Lady, Jock plays an integral role in the classic Disney film.

  1. Acts as Lady’s companion and guardian before she meets Tramp. He looks out for her wellbeing.
  2. Provides comic relief with his thick Scottish accent and temperamental outbursts.
  3. Serves as Tramp’s foil – initially antagonistic but eventually comes to respect him.
  4. Forms the Bucks trio with Trusty to scout for the missing Lady. Their teamwork pushes the story forward.

Despite misjudging the streetwise Tramp early on, Jock ultimately lives up to his role as Lady’s loyal defender from start to finish. He adds heart and humor to this tale of an unlikely friendship blooming into romance.

Other Dog Breeds in Lady and the Tramp

Other Dog Breeds in Lady and the Tramp
You’ll find quite an ensemble of precious pups in Lady and the Tramp! As an animator, I sought to capture the essence of each breed in our darling characters. Lady, as sweet as she is beautiful, embodies the gentle loyalty of the American Cocker Spaniel.

Tramp, ever the rogue, displays the scrappy charm of a Schnauzer mix. Trusty’s sagacious nature shines through his droopy Bloodhound jowls. Bull’s sturdy Bulldog frame matches his reliability. Feisty Chihuahua Pedro punctuates each scene with yaps aplenty! Though Jock’s territorial terrier tendencies cause some trouble initially, the brave Scottie becomes a trusted friend.

Each pup plays an important part in this tale of unlikely love. It was my privilege to help bring these creatures to life through the magic of animation. Their unique traits leap off the screen, whether waddling, wagging, or lending a paw.

This cast of delightful dogs will forever warm the hearts of Disney fans worldwide.

Lady: Cocker Spaniel

Lady: Cocker Spaniel
You’d be delighted to know Lady’s an American Cocker Spaniel, coincidentally the same cheerful and affectionate breed as your own pup.

  1. Cocker Spaniels are known for their sweet temperament, making Lady the perfect fit as an elegant house pet.
  2. Their beautiful, flowing coats and doll-like faces captured Walt Disney’s attention.
  3. Lady’s long, droopy ears flop adorably when she runs, adding charm to her movements.

As the prim and proper pet of an upper-class family, Lady captures the breed’s mild manners and loyal spirit. When Tramp comes into her life – rumored to be part Schnauzer with his scrappy, streetwise edge – it causes tension.

Jock’s protectiveness makes him mistrust the stray at first. But Tramp ultimately wins Jock over with his heart of gold. And Trusty’s steadfast loyalty never wavers. Lady sees the good in Tramp and opposites attract.

Her purebred polish paired with his lovable scruffiness makes for an unlikely romance full of fun and humor.

Tramp: Mongrel Dog

Tramp: Mongrel Dog
Didn’t realize Tramp’s that lovable mutt seen trotting alongside Lady. With his scruffy fur and streetwise charm, Tramp’s origins may be a mystery but his heart is true blue.

Though a rapscallion and scoundrel, he’s got spunk and spirit to spare. Tramp lives free as a bird, loyal only to himself until he crosses paths with Lady.

Love works in funny ways, leading Tramp to find friendship he never thought he needed. Jock and Trusty see Tramp’s not bad to the bone. He proves himself by rescuing Lady’s family.

Tramp trades his freedom for a forever home, showing how love can gentle even the wildest heart.

Tramp’s tale reminds us not to judge books by their cover. The best friends sometimes come from unexpected places if you let down your guard and give them a chance.

Tramp struts into our hearts, teaching us to embrace our differences on the way.

Trusty: Bloodhound

Trusty: Bloodhound
You’ve gotta imagine Trusty’s keen sense of smell guides Lady through many an adventure.

  1. Trusty is unfailingly loyal to Lady. He looks out for her like his own pup.
  2. Though wary at first, Trusty comes to accept Tramp once he realizes Tramp truly cares for Lady.
  3. Trusty acts protective when he thinks Tramp poses a threat. His instincts aim to keep Lady from harm.
  4. Despite his old age, Trusty’s nose never fails. He tracks Lady’s scent for miles when she goes missing.

In the end, Trusty loves Lady like his own family. His keen nose and loyal heart make him the perfect companion for a young cocker spaniel on the loose. Trusty proves you can’t judge a dog by his breed or his age – it’s what inside that counts.

Peg: Pekingese

Peg: Pekingese
You meet Peg when she saunters into Tony’s restaurant, her curled tail held high. As a Pekingese, she embodies the dignified yet courageous nature of the breed. Her jet-black fur shines under the lights, the long hair framing her flat face and big, bold eyes.

Though petite, Peg has no trouble holding her own with the bigger dogs like Jock. She enjoys gossiping and fancies herself quite the movie star. As Lady’s friend, Peg provides comic relief with her diva attitude, especially when she believes Tramp is flirting with her.

The animators capture the Pekingese’s confidence and sassy personality perfectly through Peg. She may be small, but her presence fills the room. Peg represents another distinct breed in Lady’s diverse circle of friends.

Her theatrics and boldness add memorable moments to the story. The Pekingese breed shines through this captivating character.

Bull: English Bulldog

Bull: English Bulldog
Dispassionately contrast the grace and calm of Bull’s breed with Tramp’s wily street smarts. As an English bulldog, Bull possesses a gentle and steady temperament that belies his gruff appearance. Though small, he moves with a lumbering dignity, his squat body and pushed-in face belying a sweet nature and reliability valued by his mistress.

Tramp, ever the cunning stray, relies on his wits and charm to survive, bounding through back alleys with an impish grin. Their breeds seem opposites, one refined and gentle despite his formidable looks, the other scrappy and cunning, concealing a good heart behind a rapscallion exterior.

In Lady and the Tramp, Bull inhabits the cozy world of hearth and home, tolerant of the pup Lady though possessive of his toys, while Tramp prowls the streets, hiding his loneliness behind bravado. An unlikely friendship develops between them, the bulldog sharing his world with the irrepressible schnauzer mix, proving gentle giants and rapscallions can find common ground.

Other Supporting Dogs

Other Supporting Dogs
Hello friend, as a Disney animator, I’d love to introduce you to some of the delightful supporting pups in Lady and the Tramp. Boris the Russian Greyhound brought his graceful, speedy nature to the screen, while Dachsie the Dachshund showed off his adorable, low-to-the-ground appeal.

Finally, Pedro the Chihuahua made every scene more lively with his tiny hyperactive presence.


Listen up, the graceful Russian Greyhound breezes through Lady and the Tramp! As a racing greyhound, Boris sports a slender yet muscular build with a narrow head, long legs, deep chest, and flexible spine.

Rescued racing greyhounds make wonderful pets if properly introduced to household living after the track. Notably timid, Boris represented the greyhound’s speed and elegance amidst Tramp and Lady’s colorful cast of canine characters like Jock, Trusty, Bull, and Pedro.

Though wary of Tramp initially, Boris eventually accepted the mixed breed into their circle of friends.


Our lives reflect the breeds we claim, so paws up for the playful dachshund who brightens each day’s hunt. With short legs, long body, and boundless spirit, this little black dynamo lights up Lady’s neighborhood.

Though small, Dachsie’s courage could fill a castle. He delights in games of chase and pouncing upon leaves. Quick to bark warnings, Dachsie guards his family fiercely. Fearless and fun-loving, he reminds us to find joy in simple pleasures.


I know Pedro the brave little Chihuahua may seem tiny, but he’s got a lotta spunk and won’t back down from helpin’ his friends. Despite their tiny size, Chihuahuas are feisty and full of attitude. Originating in Mexico, they’re one of the oldest breeds around.

Give your Chi lots of love and attention – they bond very closely with their people. You may recognize this sassy breed from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp and Oliver & Company. Though small like Oliver, Pedro proves he’s got just as much heart as Jock the irritable Scottish terrier with the strong accent.

Lady knows she can count on her little friend.


Viewers remember Jock as the most memorable mutt in Lady’s close-knit circle of canine companions. The little black Scottish Terrier was quick to judge, yet fiercely loyal. Although he initially misjudged the stray Tramp, Jock came to respect the mongrel’s devotion to Lady.

While Lady and Tramp danced to Bella Notte, audiences saw past Jock’s plaid sweater and terrier tenacity to the heart beneath. Ultimately, pedigree and polish mattered less than faithfulness and friendship. Jock embodied those qualities, which is why he remains so beloved.

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